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version9.txt  For Vim version 9.1.  Last change: 2024 Jul 15

                  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL    by Bram Moolenaar

                                vim-9.0 vim-9 version-9.0 version9.0
Welcome to Vim 9!  Several years have passed since the previous release.
A large number of bugs have been fixed, many nice features have been added
and the Vim9 script syntax is here!  This file mentions all the new things and
changes to existing features since Vim 8.2.0. The patches up to Vim 8.2 can be
found here: vim-8.2.

Use this command to see the full version and features information of the Vim
program you are using:

NEW FEATURES                                    new-9
   Vim script enhancements                      new-vim-script-9
   Command line completion in a popup menu      new-popup-compl
   Updated colorschemes                         new-colorschemes-9
   Various new items                            new-items-9

INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES                            incompatible-9

IMPROVEMENTS                                    improvements-9

COMPILE TIME CHANGES                            compile-changes-9

PATCHES                                         patches-9

VERSION 9.1                                     version-9.1
Changed                                         changed-9.1
Added                                           added-9.1
Patches                                         patches-9.1

See vi_diff.txt for an overview of differences between Vi and Vim 9.0.
See version4.txtversion5.txtversion6.txtversion7.txt and
version8.txt for differences between Vim versions.

You can find an overview of the most important changes (according to Martin
Tournoij) on this site:

Vim version 9.0 is dedicated to Sven Guckes, who passed away in February 2022
when the release was being prepared.  Sven was a long time supporter of Vim.
He registered the domain and created the first Vim website.  We will
remember him!

                                                 Bram Moolenaar Bram-Moolenaar
Vim version 9.1 is dedicated to Bram Moolenaar, who passed away on August 3rd
2023 while still working full-time on Vim.  The Vim project would not exist
without his ongoing passion to lead and develop Vim and the community for more
than 30 years.  Bram was also passionate about his ICCF foundation to help
children in Uganda.  If you enjoy using Vim, please consider donating! We will
miss his guidance, passion and leadership.

Obituary Articles:
Say Farewell:

NEW FEATURES                                            new-9

First an overview of the more interesting new features.  A comprehensive list
is below.

Vim9 script
The Vim script language has been changed step by step over many years,
preserving backwards compatibility.  Several choices made in the early days
got in the way of making it work better.  At the same time, Vim script is
being used much more often, since there are so many plugins being used.

Vim9 script provides a syntax that is much more similar to other languages.
In other words: "less weird".  Compiled functions are introduced which allow
for a large speed improvement.  You can expect around ten times faster
execution, or even more.  The price to pay is that Vim9 script is not
backwards compatible.  But don't worry, you can still use your old scripts,
the new script language is added, it does not replace the legacy script.

Information about Vim9 script can be found in the Vim9 help file.

Command line completion in a popup menu
Before there was the 'wildmenu' option, which uses the space of one line above
the statusline to show matches.  Only a few matches fit there.

Now a popup menu can be used by setting 'wildoptions' to "pum".  This allows
for showing many more matches.  This requires redrawing more of the display,
but since computers are fast enough that is not a problem.

Updated colorschemes
Colorschemes from have been included.
They were made to work consistently across many types of terminals.  Although
generally an improvement, a lot of personal preference is involved.  You can
always get the old version if you prefer it, look here:

Various new items

'autoshelldir'          change directory to the shell's current directory
'cdhome'                change directory to the home directory by ":cd"
'cinscopedecls'         words that are recognized by 'cino-g'
'guiligatures'          GTK GUI: ASCII characters that can form shapes
'mousemoveevent'        report mouse moves with <MouseMove>
'quickfixtextfunc'      function for the text in the quickfix window
'spelloptions'          options for spell checking
'thesaurusfunc'         function to be used for thesaurus completion
'xtermcodes'            request terminal codes from an xterm

Ex commands:

:abstract             (reserved for future use)
:argdedupe            remove duplicates from the argument list
:balt                 like ":badd" but also set the alternate file
:class                (reserved for future use)
:def                  define a Vim9 user function
:defcompile           compile Vim9 user functions in current script
:disassemble          disassemble Vim9 user function
:echoconsole          like :echomsg but write to stdout
:endinterface         (reserved for future use)
:endclass             (reserved for future use)
:enddef               end of a user function started with :def
:endenum              (reserved for future use)
:enum                 (reserved for future use)
:eval                 evaluate an expression and discard the result
:export               Vim9: export an item from a script
:final                declare an immutable variable in Vim9
:import               Vim9: import an item from another script
:interface            (reserved for future use)
:static               (reserved for future use)
:type                 (reserved for future use)
:var                  variable declaration in Vim9
:vim9script           indicates Vim9 script file

Ex command modifiers:

:legacy               make following command use legacy script syntax
:vim9cmd              make following command use Vim9 script syntax

New and extended functions:

assert_nobeep()       assert that a command does not cause a beep
autocmd_add()         add a list of autocmds and groups
autocmd_delete()      delete a list of autocmds and groups
autocmd_get()         return a list of autocmds
blob2list()           get a list of numbers from a blob
charclass()           class of a character
charcol()             character number of the cursor or a mark
charidx()             character index of a byte in a string
digraph_get()         get digraph
digraph_getlist()     get all digraphs
digraph_set()         register digraph
digraph_setlist()     register multiple digraphs
echoraw()             output characters as-is
exists_compiled()     like exists() but check at compile time
extendnew()           make a new Dictionary and append items
flatten()             flatten a List
flattennew()          flatten a copy of a List
fullcommand()         get full command name
getcharpos()          get character position of cursor, mark, etc.
getcharstr()          get a character from the user as a string
getcmdcompltype()     return current cmdline completion type
getcmdscreenpos()     return the current cursor position in the cmdline
getcursorcharpos()    get character position of the cursor
getmarklist()         list of global/local marks
getreginfo()          get information about a register
gettext()             lookup message translation
hlget()               get highlight group attributes
hlset()               set highlight group attributes
isabsolutepath()      check if a path is absolute
list2blob()           get a blob from a list of numbers
maplist()             list of all mappings, a dict for each
mapnew()              make a new List with changed items
mapset()              restore a mapping
matchfuzzy()          fuzzy matches a string in a list of strings
matchfuzzypos()       fuzzy matches a string in a list of strings
menu_info()           get information about a menu item
popup_list()          get list of all popup window IDs
prompt_getprompt()    get the effective prompt text for a buffer
prop_add_list()       attach a property at multiple positions
prop_find()           search for a property
readblob()            read a file into a Blob
readdirex()           get a List of file information in a directory
reduce()              reduce a List to a value
searchcount()         get number of matches before/after the cursor
setcellwidths()       set character cell width overrides
setcharpos()          set character position of cursor, mark, etc.
setcursorcharpos()    set character position of the cursor
slice()               take a slice of a List
strcharlen()          length of a string in characters
terminalprops()       properties of the terminal
test_gui_event()      generate a GUI event for testing
test_null_function()  return a null Funcref
test_srand_seed()     set the seed value for srand()
test_unknown()        return a value with unknown type
test_void()           return a value with void type
typename()            type of a variable as text
virtcol2col()         byte index of a character on screen
win_gettype()         get type of window
win_move_separator()  move window vertical separator
win_move_statusline() move window status line
windowsversion()      get MS-Windows version

New Vim variables:

v:numbermax           maximum value of a number
v:numbermin           minimum value of a number (negative)
v:numbersize          number of bits in a Number
v:collate             current locale setting for collation order
v:exiting             vim exit code
v:colornames          dictionary that maps color names to hex color strings
v:sizeofint           number of bytes in an int
v:sizeoflong          number of bytes in a long
v:sizeofpointer       number of bytes in a pointer
v:maxcol              maximum line length

New autocommand events:

CompleteDonePre       after Insert mode completion done, before clearing info
DirChangedPre         before the working directory will change
InsertLeavePre        just before leaving Insert mode
ModeChanged           after changing the mode
SigUSR1               after the SIGUSR1 signal has been detected
WinClosed             after closing a window
WinScrolled           after scrolling or resizing a window
VimSuspend            when suspending Vim
VimResume             when Vim is resumed after being suspended

New operators:

>>                    bitwise right shift
<<                    bitwise left shift
??                    falsy operator

New runtime files:

Too many to list here.

INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES                            incompatible-9

There is only one change that is incompatible with previous releases:

- Lua arrays are now one-based, they used to be zero-based.

Note that when using Vim9 script several things work differently, see

IMPROVEMENTS                                            improvements-9

Various small and useful improvements have been made since Vim 8.2, here is a

Many memory leaks, invalid memory accesses and crashes have been fixed.
See the list of patches below: bug-fixes-9.

Support for Vim expression evaluation in a string. interpolated-string
Support for evaluating Vim expressions in a heredoc. :let-heredoc

Support for fuzzy matching:
- a string in a List of strings. fuzzy-matching
- completion support for command line completion using 'wildoptions'.
- for :vimgrep.

Added support for the Haiku OS.

Support for "lsp" channel mode to simplify LSP server RPC communication
language-server-protocol.  Support for using a Unix domain socket with a
channel.  IPv6 support in channels channel-address.

Support for sourcing lines from the current buffer. :source-range

Terminal window improvements:
- Support for opening a terminal in a popup window. popup-terminal
- Allow setting underline color in terminal.
- Detect focus events in terminal (FocusGained and FocusLost).
- Add bell support for the terminal window. ('belloff')
- Support mouse left-right scrolling in a terminal window.

Support for stopping profiling a Vim script: :profile stop and dumping the
report to a file: :profile dump .  :profile

Completion improvements:
- Argument completion support for the :breakadd:breakdel:diffget,
  :diffput:profile:profdel and :scriptnames commands.
- Support using any Vim type for user_data with the completion functions
- Stop insert mode completion without changing text (i_CTRL-X_CTRL-Z).
- Add the "cmdline" option to getcompletion() to return the command line

Support for setting the 'foldtext''completefunc''omnifunc',
'imactivatefunc' and 'imstatusfunc' options to a function reference or a
lambda function or a script-local function.

Support directly setting the 'balloonexpr''charconvert' 'foldexpr',
'modelineexpr''diffexpr' and 'printexpr' options to a script-local function.

Improvements in 'fillchars':
- Support for configuring the character used to mark the beginning of a fold,
  show a closed fold and show a fold separator using "foldopen", "foldclose"
  and "foldsep" respectively in 'fillchars'.
- Support for configuring the character displayed in non existing lines using
  "eob" in 'fillchars'.
- Support for using multibyte items with the "stl", "stlnc", "foldopen",
  "foldclose" and "foldsep" items in the 'fillchars' option.

Support for the XChaCha20 encryption method. 'cryptmethod'

Spell checking:
- Spell check current word with z= even when 'spell' is off.
- Add "timeout" to 'spellsuggest' to limit the searching time for spell
- Add support for spell checking CamelCased words by adding "camel" to

Support for executing Ex commands in a map without changing the current mode
<Cmd> and <ScriptCmd>.

Add optional error code to :cquit.

Recognize numbers as unsigned when "unsigned" is set in 'nrformats'.

Expand script ID using expand('<SID>') and script name using
expand('<script>'). expand()

Jump to the last accessed tab page using g<Tab> and support using the
last accessed tab page in :tabnext et al.

Locale aware sorting using :sort and sort().

Hide cursor when sleeping using :sleep!.

Add "multispace" to 'listchars' to show two or more spaces no matter where
they appear.  Add "leadmultispace" to 'listchars' to show two or more leading
spaces.  Add "lead" to 'listchars' to set the character used to show leading
spaces.  Support specifying a character using the hexadecimal notation in
'listchars' (\x, \u and \U).

Make 'listchars''virtualedit' and 'thesaurusfunc' global-local options.

Support for looping over a string using :for.

Don't reset 'wrap' for diff windows when "followwrap" is set in 'diffopt'.

Support for re-evaluating the 'statusline' expression as a statusline format
string (%{% expr %})

Add zp and zP to paste in block mode without adding trailing white space.
Add zy to yank without trailing white space in block mode.

Add the 'P' command in visual mode to paste text in Visual mode without
yanking the deleted text to the unnamed register.  put-Visual-mode

Add \%.l, \%<.l and \%>.l atoms to match the line the cursor is currently on.
See /\%l for more information.

Add "list" to 'breakindentopt' to add additional indent for lines that match
a numbered or bulleted list.  Add "column" to 'breakindentopt' to indent
soft-wrapped lines at a specific column.

Add the hl-CursorLineSign and hl-CursorLineFold default highlight groups to
adjust sign highlighting for 'cursorline'.

Add the hl-CurSearch default highlight group for the current search match.

Add support for logging on Vim startup (--log).

Add support for customizing the quickfix buffer contents using
'quickfixtextfunc'.  Support for the "note" error type (%t) in errorformat.
Add support for parsing the end line number (%e) and end column number (%k)
using 'errorformat'.

Support truncating the tag stack using settagstack().

Display every option in a separate line when "!" is used with :set.

Add "nostop" to 'backspace' to allow backspacing over the start of insert for
CTRL-W and CTRL-U also.

Sync the undo file if 'fsync' is set.

Support excluding the 'runtimepath' and 'packpath' options from a session file
using "skiprtp" in 'sessionoptions'.

Support for getting the number of lines (line count) in a buffer using

Support filter() and map() for blob and string types.

Support for using a multi-byte character for the tag kind. tags-file-format

Add support for checking whether a function name is valid using exists().

Update xdiff to version 2.33.  Update libvterm to revision 789.

Support 'trim' for Python/Lua/Perl/Tcl/Ruby/MzScheme interface heredoc.

Add the t_AU and t_8u termcap codes for underline and undercurl.  Add the
t_fd and t_fe termcap codes for detecting focus events.

Support for indenting C pragmas like normal code. (cino-P)

Add support for defining the syntax fold level. (:syn-foldlevel)

Add support for using \<*xxx> in a string to prepend a modifier to a
character. (expr-quote)

Add support trimming characters at the beginning or end of a string using

Make ":verbose pwd" show the scope of the directory. :pwd-verbose

Add the "0o" notation for specifying octal numbers. scriptversion-4

Support for changing to the previous tab-local and window-local directories
using the "tcd -" and "lcd -" commands. (:tcd- and :lcd-)

Add support for skipping an expression using search().

Add support for sorting the directory contents returned by the readdir()
and readdirex() functions by case.

Add support for executing (:@) a register containing line continuation.

Lua support:
- Call Vim functions from Lua ( and vim.fn()).
- Convert a Lua function and a closure to a Vim funcref so that it can be
  accessed in a Vim script (lua-funcref).
- Not backwards compatible: Make Lua arrays one based.
- Add support for using table.insert() and table.remove() functions with Vim
- Support for running multiple Ex-mode commands using vim.command().
- Add vim.lua_version to get the Lua version.
- Add support for accessing Vim namespace dictionaries from Lua

Support for new UTF-8 characters from Unicode release 13.

Support for using a command block (:command-repl) when defining a :command
or an :autocmd.

Support for using :z! to use the Vim display height instead of the current
window height.

Support for deleting a buffer-local command using ":delcommand -buffer {cmd}".

When formatting a // comment after a statement, find the start of the line
comment, insert the comment leader and indent the comment properly (fo-/).

Add the "numhl" argument to :sign define to use a separate highlight group
for the line number on a line where a sign is placed.  :sign-define

When $SHELL ends in "nologin" or "false", start Vim in restricted mode.

TermDebug enhancements:
- Support for showing the disassembled code in a separate window.
- Support for the GDB until command.
- Use a separate group for the signs.

xxd: Support for showing offset as a decimal number (-d).

The C omni-complete plugin (ft-c-omni), the file type detection script
(ft.vim) and the syntax menu generation script (makemenu.vim) have been
rewritten using the Vim9 script syntax.

A large number of tests have been added to verify the Vim functionality.  Most
of the old style tests have been converted to new style tests using the new
style assert_* functions.

Many Coverity static analysis warnings have been fixed.

COMPILE TIME CHANGES                                    compile-changes-9

The following features are now enabled in all the builds:

The following features have been removed.  They are either obsolete or didn't
work properly:
  - Athena and neXTaw GUI support (use Motif instead)
  - EBCDIC support
  - Atari MiNT and BeOS
  - Mac Carbon GUI (use MacVim instead)

The rgb.txt file is no longer included, use colors/lists/default.vim instead.

Several large source files were split, mainly to make it easier to inspect
code coverage information.  Source files have also been refactored for

Support for building Vim with Mingw64 clang compiler on MS-Windows.

Support for building Vim with Python 3.10, Lua 5.4.4, Perl 5.34 and
Ruby 3.1.0.

PATCHES                                         patches-9 bug-fixes-9

The list of patches that got included since 8.2.0.  This includes all the new
features, but does not include runtime file changes (syntax, indent, help,

Patch 8.2.0001
Problem:    #endif comments do not reflect corresponding #ifdef.
Solution:   Update the comments. (Rene Nyffenegger, closes #5351)
Files:      src/ui.c

Patch 8.2.0002
Problem:    "dj" only deletes first line of closed fold.
Solution:   Adjust last line of operator for linewise motion. (closes #5354)
Files:      src/ops.c, src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.0003
Problem:    Build file dependencies are incomplete.
Solution:   Fix the dependencies. (Ken Takata, closes #5356)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms,

Patch 8.2.0004
Problem:    Get E685 and E931 if buffer reload is interrupted.
Solution:   Do not abort deleting a dummy buffer. (closes #5361)
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_trycatch.vim,
            src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_getln.c, src/misc2.c, src/quickfix.c,
            src/window.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0005
Problem:    Duplication in version info.
Solution:   Use preprocessor string concatenation. (Ken Takata, closes #5357)
Files:      src/version.h

Patch 8.2.0006
Problem:    Test using long file name may fail. (Vladimir Lomov)
Solution:   Limit the name length. (Christian Brabandt, closes #5358)
Files:      src/testdir/test_display.vim

Patch 8.2.0007
Problem:    Popup menu positioned wrong with folding in two tabs.
Solution:   Update the cursor line height. (closes #5353)
Files:      src/move.c, src/proto/, src/popupmenu.c,

Patch 8.2.0008
Problem:    Test72 is old style.
Solution:   Convert to new style test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5362)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test72.ok,

Patch 8.2.0009
Problem:    VMS: terminal version doesn't build.
Solution:   Move MIN definition.  Adjust #ifdefs. (Zoltan Arpadffy)
Files:      src/bufwrite.c, src/fileio.c, src/ui.c, src/xxd/Make_vms.mms

Patch 8.2.0010
Problem:    Test64 is old style.
Solution:   Convert to new style test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5363)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test64.ok,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_regexp_latin.vim

Patch 8.2.0011
Problem:    Screen updating wrong when opening preview window.
Solution:   Redraw the window when the preview window opens.
Files:      src/popupmenu.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,

Patch 8.2.0012
Problem:    Some undo functionality is not tested.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5364)
Files:      src/testdir/test_undo.vim

Patch 8.2.0013
Problem:    Not using a typedef for condstack.
Solution:   Add a typedef.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/ex_cmds.h, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0014
Problem:    Test69 and test95 are old style.
Solution:   Convert to new style tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5365)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test69.ok,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test95.ok,
            src/testdir/test_regexp_utf8.vim, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim

Patch 8.2.0015
Problem:    Not all modeline variants are tested.
Solution:   Add modeline tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5369)
Files:      src/testdir/test_modeline.vim

Patch 8.2.0016
Problem:    Test name used twice, option not restored properly.
Solution:   Rename function, restore option with "&".
Files:      src/testdir/test_textformat.vim

Patch 8.2.0017
Problem:    OS/2 and MS-DOS are still mentioned, even though support was
            removed long ago.
Solution:   Update documentation. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5368)
Files:      runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, runtime/doc/change.txt,
            runtime/doc/cmdline.txt, runtime/doc/editing.txt,
            runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/gui.txt, runtime/doc/insert.txt,
            runtime/doc/options.txt, runtime/doc/print.txt,
            runtime/doc/quickfix.txt, runtime/doc/repeat.txt,
            runtime/doc/starting.txt, runtime/doc/usr_01.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_05.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt,
            runtime/doc/vi_diff.txt, runtime/gvimrc_example.vim,
            runtime/tools/README.txt, runtime/vimrc_example.vim, src/feature.h

Patch 8.2.0018
Problem:    :join does not add white space where it should. (Zdenek Dohnal)
Solution:   Handle joining multiple lines properly.
Files:      src/ops.c, src/testdir/test_join.vim

Patch 8.2.0019
Problem:    Cannot get number of lines of another buffer.
Solution:   Add "linecount" to getbufinfo(). (Yasuhiro Matsumoto,
            closes #5370)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_bufwintabinfo.vim,

Patch 8.2.0020
Problem:    Mouse clicks in the command line not tested.
Solution:   Add tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5366)
Files:      src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.0021
Problem:    Timer test fails too often on Travis with macOS.
Solution:   Be less strict with the time.
Files:      src/testdir/test_timers.vim

Patch 8.2.0022
Problem:    Click in popup window doesn't close it in the GUI. (Sergey Vlasov)
Solution:   When processing the selection also send a button release event.
            (closes #5367)
Files:      src/gui.c

Patch 8.2.0023
Problem:    Command line editing not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5374)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_alot.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim

Patch 8.2.0024
Problem:    Filetype Rego not recognized.
Solution:   Add *.rego. (Matt Dunford, closes #5376)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0025
Problem:    Repeated word in comment.
Solution:   Remove one. (Rene Nyffenegger, closes #5384)
Files:      src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.0026
Problem:    Still some /* */ comments.
Solution:   Convert to // comments.
Files:      src/message.c, src/message_test.c, src/misc1.c, src/misc2.c,

Patch 8.2.0027
Problem:    Still some /* */ comments.
Solution:   Convert to // comments.
Files:      src/iid_ole.c, src/indent.c, src/insexpand.c, src/iscygpty.c,

Patch 8.2.0028
Problem:    Searchpairpos() is not tested.
Solution:   Add tests.  Also improve searchpair() testing. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #5388)
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.0029
Problem:    MS-Windows: crash with empty job command.
Solution:   Check for NULL result. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, closes #5390)
Files:      src/channel.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0030
Problem:    "gF" does not work on output of "verbose command".
Solution:   Recognize " line " and translations. (closes #5391)
Files:      src/globals.h, src/eval.c, src/findfile.c, src/testdir/test_gf.vim

Patch 8.2.0031 (after 8.2.0029)
Problem:    MS-Windows: test for empty job fails
Solution:   Check for error message, make it also fail on Unix.
Files:      src/channel.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0032 (after 8.2.0031)
Problem:    MS-Windows: test for blank job fails
Solution:   Check before escaping.
Files:      src/channel.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0033
Problem:    Crash when make_extmatch() runs out of memory.
Solution:   Check for NULL. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5392)
Files:      src/regexp_bt.c, src/regexp_nfa.c

Patch 8.2.0034
Problem:    Missing check for out of memory.
Solution:   Check for NULL after vim_strsave(). (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #5393)
Files:      src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.0035
Problem:    Saving and restoring called_emsg is clumsy.
Solution:   Count the number of error messages.
Files:      src/message.c, src/buffer.c, src/channel.c, src/drawscreen.c,
            src/ex_cmds2.c, src/gui.c, src/highlight.c, src/main.c,
            src/regexp.c, src/search.c, src/testing.c, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.0036
Problem:    Not enough test coverage for match functions.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases.  (Dominique Pellé, closes #5394)
            Add error number.
Files:      src/testdir/test_match.vim

Patch 8.2.0037
Problem:    Missing renamed message.
Solution:   Now really add the error number.
Files:      src/highlight.c

Patch 8.2.0038
Problem:    Spell suggestions insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add spell suggestion tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5398)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spell.vim

Patch 8.2.0039
Problem:    Memory access error when "z=" has no suggestions.
Solution:   Check for negative index.
Files:      src/testdir/test_spell.vim, src/spellsuggest.c

Patch 8.2.0040
Problem:    Timers test is still flaky on Travis for Mac.
Solution:   Run separately instead of as part of test_alot.
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_alot.vim

Patch 8.2.0041
Problem:    Leaking memory when selecting spell suggestion.
Solution:   Free previous value at the right time.
Files:      src/spellsuggest.c

Patch 8.2.0042
Problem:    Clearing funccal values twice.
Solution:   Remove clearing individual fields.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0043
Problem:    Timers test is still flaky on Travis for Mac.
Solution:   Increase maximum expected time.
Files:      src/testdir/test_timers.vim

Patch 8.2.0044
Problem:    Expression type is used inconsistently.
Solution:   Add "ETYPE_IS" and "ETYPE_ISNOT" as separate enum values.  Rename
            "TYPE_" to "ETYPE_" to avoid confusion.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/debugger.c

Patch 8.2.0045 (after 8.2.0044)
Problem:    Script test fails.
Solution:   For numbers "is" and "isnot" work like "==" and "!=".
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.0046
Problem:    Tests for spell suggestions are slow.
Solution:   Use shorter words. Test with latin1 and utf-8 to cover more code.
            (Dominique Pellé, closes #5399)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spell.vim

Patch 8.2.0047
Problem:    Cannot skip tests for specific MS-Windows platform.
Solution:   Add windowsversion().
Files:      src/os_win32.c, src/globals.h, src/evalfunc.c,
            runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim,

Patch 8.2.0048
Problem:    Another timers test is flaky on Travis for Mac.
Solution:   Increase maximum expected time.
Files:      src/testdir/test_timers.vim

Patch 8.2.0049
Problem:    Command line completion not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases.  Make help sorting stable. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #5402)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_cd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_help.vim,
            src/testdir/test_menu.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,

Patch 8.2.0050
Problem:    After deleting a file mark it is still in viminfo.
Solution:   When a file mark was deleted more recently than the mark in the
            merged viminfo file was updated, do not store the mark. (Pavol
            Juhas, closes #5401, closes #1339)
Files:      src/mark.c, src/testdir/test_marks.vim,
            src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim, src/viminfo.c

Patch 8.2.0051 (after 8.2.0049)
Problem:    Command line completion test skipped. (Christian Brabandt)
Solution:   Invert condition.
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.0052
Problem:    More-prompt not properly tested.
Solution:   Add a test case. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5404)
Files:      src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0053
Problem:    windowsversion() does not always return the right value.
Solution:   Add a compatibility section in the manifest. (Ken Takata,
            closes #5407)
Files:      src/gvim.exe.mnf

Patch 8.2.0054
Problem:    :diffget and :diffput don't have good completion.
Solution:   Add proper completion. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5409)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/buffer.c, src/cmdexpand.c,
            src/testdir/test_diffmode.vim, src/usercmd.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0055
Problem:    Cannot use ":gui" in vimrc with VIMDLL enabled.
Solution:   Change the logic, check "gui.starting". (Ken Takata, closes #5408)
Files:      src/gui.c

Patch 8.2.0056
Problem:    Execution stack is incomplete and inefficient.
Solution:   Introduce a proper execution stack and use it instead of
            sourcing_name/sourcing_lnum.  Create a string only when used.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/globals.h, src/autocmd.c, src/buffer.c
            src/debugger.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/highlight.c,
            src/main.c, src/map.c, src/message.c, src/proto/,
            src/scriptfile.c, src/option.c, src/profiler.c, src/spellfile.c,
            src/term.c, src/testing.c, src/usercmd.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/kword_test.c, src/testdir/test_debugger.vim

Patch 8.2.0057 (after 8.2.0056)
Problem:    Cannot build with small features.
Solution:   Add #ifdefs.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.0058
Problem:    Running tests changes ~/.viminfo.
Solution:   Make 'viminfo' empty when summarizing tests results. (closes #5414)
Files:      src/testdir/summarize.vim

Patch 8.2.0059
Problem:    Compiler warnings for unused variables in small build. (Tony
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.0060
Problem:    Message test only runs with one encoding. (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Run the test with "utf-8" and "latin1".  Fix underflow. (related
            to #5410)
Files:      src/message_test.c, src/message.c

Patch 8.2.0061
Problem:    The execute stack can grow big and never shrinks.
Solution:   Reduce the size in garbage collect.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.0062
Problem:    Memory test is flaky on FreeBSD.
Solution:   Add a short sleep before getting the first size.
Files:      src/testdir/test_memory_usage.vim

Patch 8.2.0063
Problem:    Wrong size argument to vim_snprintf(). (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Reduce the size by the length. (related to #5410)
Files:      src/ops.c

Patch 8.2.0064
Problem:    Diffmode completion doesn't use per-window setting.
Solution:   Check if a window is in diff mode. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5419)
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/testdir/test_diffmode.vim

Patch 8.2.0065
Problem:    Amiga and alikes: autoopen only used on Amiga OS4.
Solution:   Adjust #ifdefs. (Ola Söder, closes #5413)
Files:      src/os_amiga.c

Patch 8.2.0066
Problem:    Some corners of vim_snprintf() are not tested.
Solution:   Add a test in C. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5422)
Files:      src/message_test.c

Patch 8.2.0067
Problem:    ERROR_UNKNOWN clashes on some systems.
Solution:   Rename ERROR_ to FCERR_. (Ola Söder, closes #5415)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0068
Problem:    Crash when using Python 3 with "utf32" encoding. (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Use "utf-8" whenever enc_utf8 is set. (closes #5423)
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim, src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.0069
Problem:    ETYPE_ is used for two different enums.
Solution:   Rename one to use EXPR_.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/eval.c, src/debugger.c

Patch 8.2.0070
Problem:    Crash when using Python 3 with "debug" encoding. (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Use "euc-jp" whenever enc_dbcs is set.
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim, src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.0071
Problem:    Memory test often fails on Cirrus CI.
Solution:   Allow for more tolerance in the upper limit.  Remove sleep.
Files:      src/testdir/test_memory_usage.vim

Patch 8.2.0072 (after 8.2.0071)
Problem:    Memory test still fails on Cirrus CI.
Solution:   Allow for a tiny bit more tolerance in the upper limit.
Files:      src/testdir/test_memory_usage.vim

Patch 8.2.0073
Problem:    Initializing globals with COMMA is clumsy.
Solution:   Use INIT2(), INIT3(), etc.
Files:      src/vim.h, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.0074
Problem:    Python 3 unicode test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Make 'termencoding' empty.  Correct number of error message.
Files:      src/change.c, runtime/doc/options.txt, runtime/doc/message.txt,

Patch 8.2.0075
Problem:    Python 3 unicode test still sometimes fails.
Solution:   Skip the test when 'termencoding' is not empty.
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.0076
Problem:    Python 3 unicode test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Do not set 'encoding' to "debug" on MS-Windows.
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.0077
Problem:    settagstack() cannot truncate at current index.
Solution:   Add the "t" action. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5417)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/tag.c,

Patch 8.2.0078
Problem:    Expanding <sfile> works differently the second time.
Solution:   Keep the expanded name when redefining a function. (closes #5425)
Files:      src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim, src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0079
Problem:    Python 3 unicode test still fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Do not set 'encoding' to "euc-tw" on MS-Windows.
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.0080
Problem:    Globals using INIT4() are not in the tags file.
Solution:   Adjust the tags command.
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.0081
Problem:    MS-Windows also need the change to support INIT4().
Solution:   Add the ctags arguments. (Ken Takata)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0082
Problem:    When reusing a buffer listeners are not cleared. (Axel Forsman)
Solution:   Clear listeners when reusing a buffer. (closes #5431)
Files:      src/testdir/test_listener.vim, src/buffer.c

Patch 8.2.0083
Problem:    Text properties wrong when tabs and spaces are exchanged.
Solution:   Take text properties into account. (Nobuhiro Takasaki,
            closes #5427)
Files:      src/edit.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.0084
Problem:    Complete item "user_data" can only be a string.
Solution:   Accept any type of variable. (closes #5412)
Files:      src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim, src/insexpand.c, src/dict.c,
            src/proto/, src/eval.c, runtime/doc/insert.txt

Patch 8.2.0085
Problem:    Dead code in builtin functions.
Solution:   Clean up the code.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/sound.c, src/textprop.c

Patch 8.2.0086 (after 8.2.0084)
Problem:    Build error for small version. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Only use "user_data" with the +eval feature. Remove unused
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/dict.c

Patch 8.2.0087
Problem:    Crash in command line expansion when out of memory.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer.  Also make ExpandGeneric() static.
            (Dominique Pellé, closes #5437)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0088
Problem:    Insufficient tests for tags; bug in using extra tag field when
            using an ex command to position the cursor.
Solution:   Fix the bug, add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5439)
Files:      runtime/doc/tagsrch.txt, src/tag.c,
            src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim, src/testdir/test_tagfunc.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_taglist.vim

Patch 8.2.0089
Problem:    Crash when running out of memory in :setfiletype completion.
Solution:   Do not allocate memory. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5438)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c

Patch 8.2.0090
Problem:    Generated files show up in git status.
Solution:   Ignore a few more files.
Files:      .gitignore

Patch 8.2.0091
Problem:    Compiler warnings for size_t / int types.
Solution:   Change type to size_t. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.0092
Problem:    Tags functionality insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tags tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5446)
Files:      src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim

Patch 8.2.0093
Problem:    win_splitmove() can make Vim hang.
Solution:   Check windows exists in the current tab page. (closes #5444)
Files:      src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim, src/evalwindow.c

Patch 8.2.0094
Problem:    MS-Windows: cannot build with Strawberry Perl 5.30.
Solution:   Define __builtin_expect() as a workaround. (Ken Takata,
            closes #5267)
Files:      src/if_perl.xs

Patch 8.2.0095
Problem:    Cannot specify exit code for :cquit.
Solution:   Add optional argument. (Thinca, Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5442)
Files:      runtime/doc/quickfix.txt, src/ex_cmds.h, src/ex_docmd.c,

Patch 8.2.0096
Problem:    Cannot create tiny popup window in last column. (Daniel Steinberg)
Solution:   Remove position limit. (closes #5447)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.0097
Problem:    Crash with autocommand and spellfile. (Tim Pope)
Solution:   Do not pop exestack when not pushed. (closes #5450)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/spellfile.c

Patch 8.2.0098
Problem:    Exe stack length can be wrong without being detected.
Solution:   Add a check when ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERROR is defined.
Files:      src/macros.h, src/autocmd.c, src/buffer.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/main.c, src/map.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/spellfile.c,

Patch 8.2.0099
Problem:    Use of NULL pointer when out of memory.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5449)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c

Patch 8.2.0100
Problem:    Macros for Ruby are too complicated.
Solution:   Do not use DYNAMIC_RUBY_VER, use RUBY_VERSION. (Ken Takata,
            closes #5452)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/auto/configure,
            src/, src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.0101
Problem:    Crash when passing null object to ":echomsg".
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, closes #5460)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0102
Problem:    Messages test fails in small version.
Solution:   Only use test_null_job() when available.
Files:      src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0103
Problem:    Using null object with execute() has strange effects.
Solution:   Give an error message for Job and Channel.
Files:      src/testdir/test_execute_func.vim, src/globals.h, src/eval.c,

Patch 8.2.0104
Problem:    Using channel or job with ":execute" has strange effects.
Solution:   Give an error message for Job and Channel.
Files:      src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim, src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.0105
Problem:    Vim license not easy to find on github.
Solution:   Add a separate LICENCE file. (closes #5458)
Files:      LICENSE, Filelist

Patch 8.2.0106
Problem:    Printf formats are not exactly right.
Solution:   Adjust signed/unsigned conversions. (Frazer Clews, closes #5456)
Files:      runtime/tools/ccfilter.c, src/libvterm/src/parser.c,
            src/libvterm/src/pen.c, src/ui.c

Patch 8.2.0107
Problem:    Hgignore is out of sync from gitignore.
Solution:   Add lines to hgignore. (Ken Takata)
Files:      .hgignore

Patch 8.2.0108
Problem:    When sign text is changed a manual redraw is needed. (Pontus
Solution:   Redraw automatically. (closes #5455)
Files:      src/testdir/test_signs.vim, src/sign.c,

Patch 8.2.0109
Problem:    Corrupted text properties when expanding spaces.
Solution:   Reallocate the line. (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #5457)
Files:      src/edit.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.0110
Problem:    prop_find() is not implemented.
Solution:   Implement prop_find(). (Ryan Hackett, closes #5421, closes #4970)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/test_textprop.vim, src/textprop.c,

Patch 8.2.0111
Problem:    VAR_SPECIAL is also used for booleans.
Solution:   Add VAR_BOOL for better type checking.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/evalvars.c, src/if_lua.c, src/if_mzsch.c, src/if_py_both.h,
            src/if_ruby.c, src/json.c, src/popupmenu.c, src/proto/,
            src/testing.c, src/vim.h, src/viminfo.c

Patch 8.2.0112
Problem:    Illegal memory access when using 'cindent'.
Solution:   Check for NUL byte. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5470)
Files:      src/cindent.c, src/testdir/test_cindent.vim

Patch 8.2.0113 (after 8.2.0095)
Problem:    "make cmdidxs" fails.
Solution:   Allow address for ":cquit".  Add --not-a-term to avoid a delay.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/Makefile, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak,

Patch 8.2.0114
Problem:    Info about sourced scripts is scattered.
Solution:   Use scriptitem_T for info about a script, including s: variables.
            Drop ga_scripts.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/evalvars.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.0115
Problem:    Byte2line() does not work correctly with text properties. (Billie
Solution:   Take the bytes of the text properties into account.
            (closes #5334)
Files:      src/testdir/test_textprop.vim, src/memline.c

Patch 8.2.0116
Problem:    BufEnter autocmd not triggered on ":tab drop". (Andy Stewart)
Solution:   Decrement autocmd_no_enter for the last file. (closes #1660,
            closes #5473)
Files:      src/arglist.c, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim

Patch 8.2.0117
Problem:    Crash when using gettabwinvar() with invalid arguments. (Yilin
Solution:   Use "curtab" if "tp" is NULL. (closes #5475)
Files:      src/evalwindow.c, src/testdir/test_getvar.vim

Patch 8.2.0118
Problem:    Crash when cycling to buffers involving popup window.
Solution:   Do not decrement buffer reference count.
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.0119
Problem:    Message test fails on some platforms. (Elimar Riesebieter)
Solution:   Add type cast to vim_snprintf() argument. (Dominique Pellé)
Files:      src/message_test.c

Patch 8.2.0120
Problem:    virtcol() does not check arguments to be valid, which may lead to
            a crash.
Solution:   Check the column to be valid.  Do not decrement MAXCOL.
            (closes #5480)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_marks.vim

Patch 8.2.0121
Problem:    filter() and map() on blob don't work.
Solution:   Correct the code. (closes #5483)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_blob.vim

Patch 8.2.0122
Problem:    Readme files still mention MS-DOS.
Solution:   Update readme files. (Ken Takata, closes #5486)
Files:, README.txt, READMEdir/README_dos.txt,
            READMEdir/README_srcdos.txt, READMEdir/README_w32s.txt,

Patch 8.2.0123
Problem:    complete_info() does not work when CompleteDone is triggered.
Solution:   Trigger CompleteDone before clearing the info.
Files:      src/insexpand.c, runtime/doc/autocmd.txt,

Patch 8.2.0124
Problem:    Compiler warnings for variable types.
Solution:   Change type, add type cast. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/memline.c

Patch 8.2.0125
Problem:    :mode no longer works for any system.
Solution:   Always give an error message.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, runtime/doc/quickref.txt, src/os_amiga.c,
            src/proto/, src/os_mswin.c, src/proto/,
            src/os_unix.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0126 (after 8.2.0124)
Problem:    Textprop test fails.
Solution:   Fix sign in computation.
Files:      src/memline.c

Patch 8.2.0127
Problem:    Some buffer commands work in a popup window.
Solution:   Disallow :bnext, :bprev, etc. (Naruhiko Nishino, closes #5494)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0128
Problem:    Cannot list options one per line.
Solution:   Use ":set!" to list one option per line.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/option.c, src/proto/, src/vim.h,
            src/ex_cmds.h, src/optiondefs.h, src/testdir/test_options.vim,

Patch 8.2.0129
Problem:    MS-Windows installer doesn't use Turkish translations.
Solution:   Enable the Turkish translations and fix a few. (Emir Sarı,
            closes #5493)
Files:      nsis/gvim.nsi, nsis/lang/turkish.nsi

Patch 8.2.0130
Problem:    Python3 ranges are not tested.
Solution:   Add test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5498)
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.0131
Problem:    Command line is not cleared when switching tabs and the command
            line height differs.
Solution:   Set the "clear_cmdline" flag when needed. (Naruhiko Nishino,
            closes #5495)
Files:      src/testdir/dumps/Test_cmdlineclear_tabenter.dump,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.0132
Problem:    Script may be re-used when deleting and creating a new one.
Solution:   When the inode matches, also check the file name.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/testdir/test_source.vim

Patch 8.2.0133
Problem:    Invalid memory access with search command.
Solution:   When :normal runs out of characters in bracketed paste mode break
            out of the loop.(closes #5511)
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/edit.c

Patch 8.2.0134
Problem:    Some map functionality not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5504)
Files:      src/testdir/test_maparg.vim, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim

Patch 8.2.0135 (after 8.2.0133)
Problem:    Bracketed paste can still cause invalid memory access. (Dominique
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer.
Files:      src/edit.c, src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.0136
Problem:    Stray ch_logfile() call.
Solution:   Remove it. (closes #5503)
Files:      src/testdir/test_source.vim

Patch 8.2.0137
Problem:    Crash when using win_execute() from a new tab.
Solution:   Set the tp_*win pointers. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5512)
Files:      src/testdir/test_winbuf_close.vim, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.0138
Problem:    Memory leak when starting a job fails.
Solution:   Free the list of arguments. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5510)
Files:      src/channel.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0139
Problem:    MS-Windows: default for IME is inconsistent.
Solution:   Also make IME default enabled with MVC. (Ken Takata, closes #5508)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0140
Problem:    CI does not test building doc tags.
Solution:   Add the vimtags/gcc build. Cleanup showing version. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #5513)
Files:      .travis.yml, Filelist, ci/if_ver-1.vim, ci/if_ver-2.vim,
            ci/if_ver-cmd.vim, runtime/doc/Makefile, runtime/doc/doctags.vim,
            src/testdir/if_ver-1.vim, src/testdir/if_ver-2.vim

Patch 8.2.0141
Problem:    No swift filetype detection.
Solution:   Add swift, swiftgyb and sil. (Emir Sarı, closes #5517)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0142
Problem:    Possible to enter popup window with CTRL-W p. (John Devin)
Solution:   Check entered window is not a popup window. (closes #5515)
Files:      src/window.c, src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.0143
Problem:    Coverity warning for possible use of NULL pointer.
Solution:   Check argv is not NULL.
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0144
Problem:    Some mapping code is not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5519)
Files:      src/testdir/test_langmap.vim, src/testdir/test_maparg.vim,

Patch 8.2.0145
Problem:    Using #error for compilation errors should be OK now.
Solution:   Use #error. (Ken Takata, closes #5299)
Files:      src/blowfish.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0146
Problem:    Wrong indent when 'showbreak' and 'breakindent' are set and
            'briopt' includes "sbr".
Solution:   Reset "need_showbreak" where needed. (Ken Takata, closes #5523)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/test_breakindent.vim

Patch 8.2.0147
Problem:    Block Visual mode operators not correct when 'linebreak' set.
Solution:   Set w_p_lbr to lbr_saved more often. (Ken Takata, closes #5524)
Files:      src/ops.c, src/testdir/test_listlbr.vim

Patch 8.2.0148
Problem:    Mapping related function in wrong source file.
Solution:   Move the function.  Add a few more test cases. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #5528)
Files:      src/map.c, src/proto/, src/term.c,

Patch 8.2.0149
Problem:    Maintaining a Vim9 branch separately is more work.
Solution:   Merge the Vim9 script changes.
Files:,, runtime/doc/Makefile,
            runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/options.txt, runtime/doc/tags,
            runtime/doc/vim9.txt, runtime/ftplugin/vim.vim,
            runtime/indent/vim.vim, runtime/syntax/vim.vim,
            src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Makefile, src/blob.c,
            src/channel.c, src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/evalbuffer.c,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_cmdidxs.h, src/ex_cmds.h,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/filepath.c, src/globals.h,
            src/gui.c, src/if_lua.c, src/if_py_both.h, src/insexpand.c,
            src/json.c, src/list.c, src/macros.h, src/main.c, src/message.c,
            src/misc1.c, src/proto.h, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/scriptfile.c, src/session.c, src/structs.h, src/syntax.c,
            src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testing.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/vim.h, src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/viminfo.c

Patch 8.2.0150
Problem:    Cannot define python function when using :execute. (Yasuhiro
Solution:   Do not recognize "def" inside "function.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0151
Problem:    Detecting a script was already sourced is unreliable.
Solution:   Do not use the inode number.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0152
Problem:    Restoring ctrl_x_mode is not needed.
Solution:   Remove restoring the old value, it's changed again soon.
Files:      src/insexpand.c

Patch 8.2.0153
Problem:    Warning shows when listing version info.
Solution:   Use "-u NONE". (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5534)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.0154
Problem:    Reallocating the list of scripts is inefficient.
Solution:   Instead of using a growarray of scriptitem_T, store pointers and
            allocate each scriptitem_T separately.  Also avoids that the
            growarray pointers change when sourcing a new script.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/profiler.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.0155
Problem:    Warnings from MinGW compiler. (John Marriott) Json test fails when
            building without +float feature.
Solution:   Init variables. Fix Json parsing. Skip a few tests that require
            the +float feature.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/if_py_both.h, src/json.c, src/testdir/test_method.vim

Patch 8.2.0156
Problem:    Various typos in source files and tests.
Solution:   Fix the typos. (Emir Sarı, closes #5532)
Files:      Makefile, src/INSTALLvms.txt, src/Make_vms.mms, src/beval.h,
            src/buffer.c, src/charset.c, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_cmds.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/getchar.c, src/gui.c, src/gui_mac.c,
            src/gui_photon.c, src/if_perl.xs,
            src/libvterm/t/41screen_unicode.test, src/mbyte.c, src/memline.c,
            src/normal.c, src/ops.c, src/option.c, src/option.h,
            src/os_unix.c, src/os_win32.c, src/quickfix.c, src/register.c,
            src/spell.c, src/tag.c, src/term.c,
            src/testdir/test_breakindent.vim, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cindent.vim, src/testdir/test_digraph.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_registers.vim,
            src/testdir/test_stat.vim, src/ui.c, src/xxd/xxd.c

Patch 8.2.0157
Problem:    Vim9 script files not in list of distributed files.
Solution:   Add the entries.
Files:      Filelist

Patch 8.2.0158 (after 8.2.0123)
Problem:    Triggering CompleteDone earlier is not backwards compatible.
            (Daniel Hahler)
Solution:   Add CompleteDonePre instead.
Files:      src/insexpand.c, runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, src/autocmd.c,
            src/vim.h, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim

Patch 8.2.0159
Problem:    Non-materialized range() list causes problems. (Fujiwara Takuya)
Solution:   Materialize the list where needed.
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_python3.vim,
            src/userfunc.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/highlight.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/popupmenu.c, src/insexpand.c, src/json.c, src/channel.c,

Patch 8.2.0160 (after 8.2.0159)
Problem:    Range test fails.
Solution:   Include change in list code. (#5541)
Files:      src/list.c

Patch 8.2.0161
Problem:    Not recognizing .gv file as dot filetype.
Solution:   Add *.gv to dot pattern. (closes #5544)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0162
Problem:    Balloon test fails in the GUI.
Solution:   Skip test in the GUI.
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0163
Problem:    Test hangs on MS-Windows console.
Solution:   use feedkeys() instead of test_feedinput(). (Ken Takata)
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testing.c

Patch 8.2.0164
Problem:    Test_alot takes too long.
Solution:   Run several tests individually.
Files:      src/testdir/test_alot.vim, src/testdir/Make_all.mak

Patch 8.2.0165
Problem:    Coverity warning for using NULL pointer.
Solution:   Add missing "else".
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0166
Problem:    Coverity warning for using uninitialized variable.
Solution:   Check for failure.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0167
Problem:    Coverity warning for ignoring return value.
Solution:   Check the return value and jump if failed.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0168
Problem:    Coverity warning for assigning NULL to an option.
Solution:   Use empty string instead of NULL.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0169
Problem:    Coverity warning for dead code.
Solution:   Check if inside try-finally.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0170
Problem:    Coverity warning for ignoring return value.
Solution:   Check the return value and return if failed.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0171
Problem:    Coverity warning for using uninitialized buffer.
Solution:   Check the skip flag.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0172
Problem:    Coverity warning for not restoring character.
Solution:   Restore the character also in case of failure.
Files:      src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.0173
Problem:    Build fails with old compiler.
Solution:   Do not use anonymous unions. (John Marriott)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c, src/list.c, src/structs.h,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/channel.c, src/if_mzsch.c, src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.0174
Problem:    Various commands not completely tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5551)
Files:      src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_fnameescape.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ga.vim, src/testdir/test_global.vim,
            src/testdir/test_move.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,
            src/testdir/test_packadd.vim, src/testdir/test_sort.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim,

Patch 8.2.0175
Problem:    Crash when removing list element in map().
Solution:   Lock the list. (closes #2652)
Files:      src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim, src/list.c

Patch 8.2.0176
Problem:    Generating os headers does not work for Swedish.
Solution:   Set the locale to C. (Christian Brabandt, closes #5258)
Files:      src/

Patch 8.2.0177
Problem:    Memory leak in get_tags().
Solution:   Free matches when finding a pseudo-tag line. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #5553)
Files:      src/tag.c

Patch 8.2.0178
Problem:    With VTP the screen may not be restored properly.
Solution:   Add another set of saved RGB values. (Nobuhiro Takasaki,
            closes #5548)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0179
Problem:    Still a few places where range() does not work.
Solution:   Fix using range() causing problems.
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/popupwin.c, src/tag.c,
            src/testdir/dumps/Test_popup_settext_07.dump, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.0180
Problem:    Test for wrapmargin fails if terminal is not 80 columns.
Solution:   Vertical split the window. (Ken Takata, closes #5554)
Files:      src/testdir/test_textformat.vim

Patch 8.2.0181
Problem:    Problems parsing :term arguments.
Solution:   Improve parsing, fix memory leak, add tests. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #5536)
Files:      src/channel.c, src/proto/, src/structs.h,
            src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0182
Problem:    Min() and max() materialize a range() list.
Solution:   Compute the result without materializing the list. (#5541)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0183
Problem:    Tests fail when the float feature is disabled.
Solution:   Skip tests that don't work without float support.
Files:      src/testdir/shared.vim, src/testdir/test_blob.vim,
            src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_cscope.vim,
            src/testdir/test_execute_func.vim, src/testdir/test_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_lambda.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_lua.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_partial.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ruby.vim, src/testdir/test_sort.vim,
            src/testdir/test_timers.vim, src/testdir/test_true_false.vim,
            src/testdir/test_user_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim, src/testdir/test_regexp_latin.vim,

Patch 8.2.0184
Problem:    Blob test fails.
Solution:   Check for different error when float feature is missing.
Files:      src/testdir/test_blob.vim

Patch 8.2.0185
Problem:    Vim9 script: cannot use "if has()" to skip lines.
Solution:   Evaluate constant expression at runtime.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0186
Problem:    A couple of tests may fail when features are missing.
Solution:   Check for features. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5561)
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_highlight.vim

Patch 8.2.0187
Problem:    Redundant code.
Solution:   Remove unused assignments. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5557)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0188
Problem:    Check commands don't work well with Vim9 script.
Solution:   Improve constant expression handling.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/check.vim,

Patch 8.2.0189
Problem:    cd() with NULL argument crashes.
Solution:   Check for NULL. (Ken Takata, closes #5558)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cd.vim, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0190
Problem:    Kotlin files are not recognized.
Solution:   Detect Kotlin files. (Alkeryn, closes #5560)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0191
Problem:    Cannot put a terminal in a popup window.
Solution:   Allow opening a terminal in a popup window.  It will always have
            keyboard focus until closed.
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/proto/, src/terminal.c,
            src/proto/, src/macros.h, src/mouse.c,
            src/highlight.c, src/drawline.c, src/optionstr.c, src/window.c,

Patch 8.2.0192 (after 8.2.0191)
Problem:    Build failure without +terminal feature.
Solution:   Add #ifdefs.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.0193 (after 8.2.0191)
Problem:    Still build failure without +terminal feature.
Solution:   Add more #ifdefs.
Files:      src/macros.h

Patch 8.2.0194 (after 8.2.0193)
Problem:    Some commands can cause problems in terminal popup.
Solution:   Disallow more commands.
Files:      src/macros.h, src/popupwin.c, src/proto/,
            src/arglist.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/window.c,

Patch 8.2.0195
Problem:    Some tests fail when run in the GUI.
Solution:   Make sure the window width is enough.  In the GUI run terminal Vim
            in the terminal, if possible.
Files:      src/testdir/test_highlight.vim, src/testdir/check.vim,

Patch 8.2.0196
Problem:    Blocking commands for a finished job in a popup window.
Solution:   Do not block commands if the job has finished.  Adjust test.
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/window.c,
            src/terminal.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0197
Problem:    Some Ex commands not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5565)
Files:      src/testdir/test_global.vim, src/testdir/test_help.vim,
            src/testdir/test_help_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim,

Patch 8.2.0198
Problem:    No tests for y/n prompt.
Solution:   Add tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5564)
Files:      src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0199
Problem:    Vim9 script commands not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix script-local function use.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0200
Problem:    Vim9 script commands not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix storing global variable.  Make script
            variables work.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,
            src/misc1.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0201
Problem:    Cannot assign to an imported variable.
Solution:   Make it work.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0202
Problem:    When 'lazyredraw' is set the window title may not be updated.
Solution:   Set "do_redraw" before entering the main loop. (Jason Franklin)
Files:      src/main.c

Patch 8.2.0203
Problem:    :helptags and some other functionality not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5567)
Files:      src/testdir/test_compiler.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_filechanged.vim,
            src/testdir/test_help.vim, src/testdir/test_help_tagjump.vim,
            src/testdir/test_timers.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0204
Problem:    Crash when using winnr('j') in a popup window.
Solution:   Do not search for neighbors in a popup window. (closes #5568)
Files:      src/window.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/evalwindow.c

Patch 8.2.0205
Problem:    Error code E899 used twice.
Solution:   Use E863 for the terminal in popup error.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.0206
Problem:    Calling Vim9 function using default argument fails.
Solution:   Give an appropriate error. (closes #5572)
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.0207
Problem:    Crash when missing member type on list argument.
Solution:   Check for invalid type. (closes #5572)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0208
Problem:    Fnamemodify() does not apply ":~" when followed by ":.".
Solution:   Don't let a failing ":." cause the ":~" to be skipped. (Yasuhiro
            Matsumoto, closes #5577)
Files:      runtime/doc/cmdline.txt, src/filepath.c,

Patch 8.2.0209
Problem:    Function a bit far away from where it's used.
Solution:   Move function close to where it's used. (Ken Takata, closes #5569)
Files:      src/fileio.c, src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.0210
Problem:    Coverity complains about uninitialized field.
Solution:   Initialize the field.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0211
Problem:    Test for ANSI colors fails without an "ls" command.
Solution:   Use "dir". (Ken Takata, closes #5582)
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0212
Problem:    Missing search/substitute pattern hardly tested.
Solution:   Add test_clear_search_pat() and tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5579)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/testing.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/regexp.c,
            src/search.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,
            src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/testdir/test_sort.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testing.c

Patch 8.2.0213
Problem:    Configure does not recognize gcc 10.0 and later.
Solution:   Adjust the pattern matching the version number. (Sergei
            Trofimovich, closes #5580)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.0214
Problem:    A popup window with a terminal can be made hidden.
Solution:   Disallow hiding a terminal popup.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/popupwin.c,

Patch 8.2.0215 (after 8.2.0208)
Problem:    Wrong file name shortening. (Ingo Karkat)
Solution:   Better check for path separator. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto,
            closes #5583, closes #5584)
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_fnamemodify.vim

Patch 8.2.0216
Problem:    Several Vim9 instructions are not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. Fix :disassemble output. Make catch with pattern
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0217 (after 8.2.0214)
Problem:    Terminal test fails on Mac.
Solution:   Add a short wait.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0218
Problem:    Several Vim9 instructions are not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0219 (after 8.2.0217)
Problem:    Terminal test still fails on Mac.
Solution:   Skip part of the test on Mac.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0220
Problem:    Terminal test did pass on Mac.
Solution:   Remove the skip again.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0221
Problem:    No test for Vim9 += and ..=.
Solution:   Add tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0222
Problem:    Vim9: optional function arguments don't work yet.
Solution:   Implement optional function arguments.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0223
Problem:    Some instructions not yet tested.
Solution:   Disassemble more instructions.  Move tests to a new file.  Compile
            call to s:function().
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0224
Problem:    compiling :elseif not tested yet.
Solution:   Add test for :elseif.  Fix generating jumps.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.0225
Problem:    compiling lambda not tested yet.
Solution:   Add test for lambda and funcref. Drop unused instruction arg.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim, src/vim9.h,

Patch 8.2.0226
Problem:    Compiling for loop not tested.
Solution:   Add a test.  Make variable initialization work for more types.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0227
Problem:    Compiling a few instructions not tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0228
Problem:    Configure does not recognize gcc version on BSD.
Solution:   Do not use "\+" in the pattern matching the version number. (Ozaki
            Kiichi, closes #5590)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.0229
Problem:    Compare instructions not tested.
Solution:   Add test cases.  Fix disassemble with line continuation.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0230
Problem:    Terminal popup test is flaky.
Solution:   Increase wait time a bit.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0231
Problem:    Silent system command may clear the screen.
Solution:   Do not clear the screen in t_te.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0232
Problem:    The :compiler command causes a crash. (Daniel Steinberg)
Solution:   Do not use the script index if it isn't set.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_compiler.vim

Patch 8.2.0233
Problem:    Crash when using garbagecollect() in between rand().
Solution:   Redesign the rand() and srand() implementation. (Yasuhiro
            Matsumoto, closes #5587, closes #5588)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_random.vim,
            runtime/doc/testing.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt

Patch 8.2.0234
Problem:    Message test fails on SunOS.
Solution:   Adjust expectation for printf "%p". (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5595)
Files:      src/message_test.c

Patch 8.2.0235
Problem:    Draw error when an empty group is removed from 'statusline'.
Solution:   Do not use highlighting from a removed group.
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/testdir/test_statusline.vim,

Patch 8.2.0236
Problem:    MS-Windows uninstall doesn't delete vimtutor.bat.
Solution:   Change directory before deletion. (Ken Takata, closes #5603)
Files:      src/uninstall.c

Patch 8.2.0237
Problem:    Crash when setting 'wincolor' on finished terminal window.
Solution:   Check that the vterm is not NULL. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, closes
            #5607, closes #5610)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0238
Problem:    MS-Windows: job_stop() results in exit value zero.
Solution:   Call TerminateJobObject() with -1 instead of 0. (Yasuhiro
            Matsumoto, closes #5150, closes #5614)
Files:      src/os_win32.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0239
Problem:    MS-Windows: 'env' job option does not override existing
            environment variables.  (Tim Pope)
Solution:   Set the environment variables later. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto,
            closes #5485, closes #5608)
Files:      src/os_win32.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0240
Problem:    Using memory after it was freed. (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Do not mix conversion buffer with other buffer.
Files:      src/viminfo.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0241
Problem:    Crash when setting 'buftype' to "quickfix".
Solution:   Check that error list is not NULL. (closes #5613)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.0242
Problem:    Preview popup window test fails with long directory name. (Jakub
Solution:   Use "silent cd". (closes #5615)
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0243
Problem:    Insufficient code coverage for ex_docmd.c functions.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5618)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_arglist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_buffer.vim, src/testdir/test_cd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_search.vim,
            src/testdir/test_sort.vim, src/testdir/test_source.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testdir/test_undo.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim,

Patch 8.2.0244
Problem:    Compiler warning in Lua interface.
Solution:   Add type cast. (Ken Takata, closes #5621)
Files:      src/if_lua.c

Patch 8.2.0245
Problem:    MSVC: error message if the auto directory already exists.
Solution:   Add "if not exists". (Ken Takata, closes #5620)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0246
Problem:    MSVC: deprecation warnings with Ruby.
Solution:   Move _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE to build file. (Ken Takata,
            closes #5622)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak, src/if_ruby.c, src/os_win32.h, src/vim.h,

Patch 8.2.0247
Problem:    Misleading comment in NSIS installer script.
Solution:   Negate the meaning of the comment. (Ken Takata, closes #5627)
Files:      nsis/gvim.nsi

Patch 8.2.0248
Problem:    MS-Windows: dealing with deprecation is too complicated.
Solution:   Use io.h directly. Move _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE to the build
            file. Suppress C4091 warning by setting "_WIN32_WINNT". (Ken
            Takata, closes #5626)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak, src/dosinst.h, src/vim.h, src/vimio.h,
            src/winclip.c, Filelist

Patch 8.2.0249
Problem:    MS-Windows: various warnings.
Solution:   Set the charset to utf-8. Add _WIN32_WINNT and _USING_V110_SDK71_.
            (Ken Takata, closes #5625)
Files:      src/GvimExt/Makefile, src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0250
Problem:    test_clear_search_pat() is unused.
Solution:   Remove the function. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5624)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/testing.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/regexp.c,
            src/search.c, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim, src/testing.c

Patch 8.2.0251
Problem:    A couple of function return types can be more specific.
Solution:   Use a better return type. (Ken Takata, closes #5629)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.0252
Problem:    Windows compiler warns for using size_t.
Solution:   Change to int. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0253
Problem:    Crash when using :disassemble without argument. (Dhiraj Mishra)
Solution:   Check for missing argument. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5635,
            closes #5637)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.0254
Problem:    Compiler warning for checking size_t to be negative.
Solution:   Only check for zero. (Zoltan Arpadffy)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0255
Problem:    VMS: missing files in build.
Solution:   Add the files. (Zoltan Arpadffy)
Files:      src/Make_vms.mms

Patch 8.2.0256
Problem:    Time and timer related code is spread out.
Solution:   Move time and timer related code to a new file. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #5604)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_cmds2.c, src/main.c,
            src/memline.c, src/misc1.c, src/misc2.c, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/time.c

Patch 8.2.0257
Problem:    Cannot recognize a terminal in a popup window.
Solution:   Add the win_gettype() function.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/evalwindow.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,

Patch 8.2.0258
Problem:    ModifyOtherKeys cannot be temporarily disabled.
Solution:   Add echoraw() with an example for modifyOtherKeys.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.0259
Problem:    Terminal in popup test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Clear the command line.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0260
Problem:    Several lines of code are duplicated.
Solution:   Move duplicated code to a function. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5330)
Files:      src/option.c, src/os_unix.c, src/os_win32.c, src/proto/,
            src/quickfix.c, src/regexp.c, src/regexp_bt.c, src/regexp_nfa.c,

Patch 8.2.0261
Problem:    Some code not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5645)
Files:      src/testdir/test_buffer.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_exists.vim, src/testdir/test_filechanged.vim,
            src/testdir/test_fileformat.vim, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim,
            src/testdir/test_marks.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_plus_arg_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim, src/testdir/test_visual.vim,
            src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.0262 (after 8.2.0261)
Problem:    Fileformat test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Set fileformat of buffer.
Files:      src/testdir/test_fileformat.vim

Patch 8.2.0263
Problem:    A few new Vim9 messages are not localized.
Solution:   Add the gettext wrapper. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5647)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0264 (after 8.2.0262)
Problem:    Fileformat test still fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Set fileformat of buffer in the right place.
Files:      src/testdir/test_fileformat.vim

Patch 8.2.0265
Problem:    "eval" after "if 0" doesn't check for following command.
Solution:   Add "eval" to list of commands that check for a following command.
            (closes #5640)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0266
Problem:    Terminal in popup test sometimes fails on Mac.
Solution:   Add a short delay.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0267
Problem:    No check for a following command when calling a function fails.
Solution:   Also check for a following command when inside a try block.
            (closes #5642)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_user_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0268 (after 8.2.0267)
Problem:    Trycatch test fails.
Solution:   When calling function fails only check for following command, do
            not give another error.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0269
Problem:    Vim9: operator after list index does not work. (Yasuhiro
Solution:   After indexing a list change the type to the list member type.
            (closes #5651)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0270
Problem:    Some code not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5649)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_buffer.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_expand.vim,
            src/testdir/test_filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_findfile.vim,
            src/testdir/test_join.vim, src/testdir/test_move.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_registers.vim,
            src/testdir/test_source.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,
            src/testdir/test_visual.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim,

Patch 8.2.0271
Problem:    The "num64" feature is available everywhere and building without
            it causes problems.
Solution:   Graduate the "num64" feature. (James McCoy, closes #5650)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/feature.h, src/message.c, src/structs.h,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_largefile.vim,
            src/testdir/test_sort.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,

Patch 8.2.0272
Problem:    ":helptags ALL" gives error for directories without write
            permission. (Matěj Cepl)
Solution:   Ignore errors for ":helptags ALL". (Ken Takata, closes #5026,
            closes #5652)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_help.vim

Patch 8.2.0273
Problem:    MS-Windows uninstall may delete wrong batch file.
Solution:   Add specific marker in the generated batch file. (Ken Takata,
            closes #5654)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak, src/dosinst.c, src/dosinst.h, src/uninstall.c

Patch 8.2.0274
Problem:    Hang with combination of feedkeys(), Ex mode and :global.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Add the pending_exmode_active flag.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/globals.h, src/getchar.c,

Patch 8.2.0275
Problem:    Some Ex code not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5659)
Files:      src/testdir/test_arglist.vim, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,
            src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/testdir/test_swap.vim,

Patch 8.2.0276
Problem:    Vim9: not allowing space before ")" in function call is too
            restrictive. (Ben Jackson)
Solution:   Skip space before the ")".  Adjust other space checks.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0277
Problem:    Vim9: not all instructions covered by tests.
Solution:   Add more test cases.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0278
Problem:    Channel test is flaky on Mac.
Solution:   Reset variable before sending message.
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0279
Problem:    Vim9: no test for deleted :def function.
Solution:   Add a test.  Clear uf_cleared flag when redefining a function.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0280
Problem:    Vim9: throw in :def function not caught higher up.
Solution:   Set "need_rethrow".
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0281
Problem:    Two placed signs in the same line are not combined.  E.g. in the
            terminal debugger a breakpoint and the PC cannot be both be
Solution:   Combine the sign column and line highlight attributes.
Files:      src/sign.c, src/testdir/test_signs.vim,

Patch 8.2.0282
Problem:    Vim9: setting number option not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.   Fix assigning to global variable.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0283
Problem:    Vim9: failing to load script var not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.   Fix using s: in old script.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.0284
Problem:    Vim9: assignment test fails.
Solution:   Avoid duplicating "s:".
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0285
Problem:    Unused error message. Cannot create s:var.
Solution:   Remove the error message. Make assignment to s:var work.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0286
Problem:    Cannot use popup_close() for a terminal popup.
Solution:   Allow using popup_close(). (closes #5666)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, runtime/doc/popup.txt,

Patch 8.2.0287
Problem:    Vim9: return in try block not tested; catch with pattern not
Solution:   Add tests.  Make it work.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0288
Problem:    Vim9: some float and blob operators not tested.
Solution:   Add float and blob tests.  Fix addition.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0289
Problem:    Vim9: :echo did not clear the rest of the line.
Solution:   Call msg_clr_eos(). (Ken Takata, closes #5668)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0290
Problem:    Running individual test differs from all tests.
Solution:   Pass on environment variables. (Yee Cheng Chin, closes #5672)
Files:      src/testdir/Makefile, src/testdir/README.txt

Patch 8.2.0291
Problem:    Vim9: assigning [] to list<string> doesn't work.
Solution:   Use void for empty list and dict. (Ken Takata, closes #5669)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0292
Problem:    Vim9: CHECKNR and CHECKTYPE instructions not tested.
Solution:   Add tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0293
Problem:    Various Ex commands not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5673)
Files:      src/testdir/test_arglist.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim, src/testdir/test_excmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expand.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim,
            src/testdir/test_filter_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_global.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_plus_arg_edit.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_trycatch.vim,

Patch 8.2.0294
Problem:    Cannot use Ex command that is also a function name.
Solution:   Recognize an Ex command by a colon prefix.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0295
Problem:    Highlighting for :s wrong when using different separator.
Solution:   Use separate argument for search direction and separator. (Rob
            Pilling, closes #5665)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_getln.c, src/gui.c, src/normal.c,
            src/proto/, src/quickfix.c, src/search.c, src/spell.c,
            src/tag.c, src/testdir/dumps/Test_incsearch_substitute_15.dump,

Patch 8.2.0296
Problem:    Mixing up "long long" and __int64 may cause problems. (John
Solution:   Pass varnumber_T to vim_snprintf().  Add v:numbersize.
Files:      src/message.c, src/eval.c, src/fileio.c, src/json.c, src/ops.c,
            src/vim.h, src/structs.h, src/evalvars.c, runtime/doc/eval.txt,
            runtime/doc/various.txt, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim

Patch 8.2.0297
Problem:    Compiler warnings for the Ruby interface.
Solution:   Undefine a few macros, fix initialization. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #5677)
Files:      src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.0298
Problem:    Vim9 script: cannot start command with a string constant.
Solution:   Recognize expression starting with '('.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, runtime/doc/vim9.txt

Patch 8.2.0299
Problem:    Vim9: ISN_STORE with argument not tested.  Some cases in tv2bool()
            not tested.
Solution:   Add tests.  Add test_unknown() and test_void().
Files:      src/testing.c, src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, runtime/doc/eval.txt,

Patch 8.2.0300
Problem:    Vim9: expression test fails without channel support.
Solution:   Add has('channel') check.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0301
Problem:    Insufficient testing for exception handling and the "attention"
Solution:   Add test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5681)
Files:      src/testdir/test_swap.vim, src/testdir/test_trycatch.vim

Patch 8.2.0302
Problem:    Setting 'term' may cause error in TermChanged autocommand.
Solution:   Use aucmd_prepbuf() to switch to the buffer where the autocommand
            is to be executed. (closes #5682)
Files:      src/term.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0303
Problem:    TermChanged test fails in the GUI.
Solution:   Skip the test when running the GUI.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0304
Problem:    Terminal test if failing on some systems.
Solution:   Wait for the job to finish. (James McCoy)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0305
Problem:    Relativenumber test fails on some systems. (James McCoy)
Solution:   Clear the command line.
Files:      src/testdir/test_number.vim,

Patch 8.2.0306
Problem:    Vim9: :substitute(pat(repl does not work in Vim9 script.
Solution:   Remember starting with a colon. (closes #5676)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0307
Problem:    Python 3 vim.eval not well tested.
Solution:   Add a test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5680)
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.0308
Problem:    'showbreak' does not work for a very long line. (John Little)
Solution:   Check whether 'briopt' contains "sbr". (Ken Takata, closes #5523,
            closes #5684)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/test_breakindent.vim

Patch 8.2.0309
Problem:    Window-local values have confusing name.
Solution:   Rename w_p_bri* to w_briopt_*.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/indent.c, src/drawline.c

Patch 8.2.0310
Problem:    Autocmd test fails on a slow system.
Solution:   Adjust the expectations. (James McCoy, closes #5685)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0311
Problem:    Vim9: insufficient script tests.
Solution:   Add tests.  Free imports when re-using a script.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.0312
Problem:    Vim9: insufficient script tests.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Make "import * as Name" work.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/vim9script.c,
            src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0313
Problem:    Vim9: insufficient script tests.
Solution:   Add tests.  Make import of alphanumeric name work.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.0314
Problem:    Short name not set for terminal buffer.
Solution:   Set the short name. (closes #5687)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0315
Problem:    Build failure on HP-UX system.
Solution:   Use LONG_LONG_MIN instead of LLONG_MIN.  Add type casts for switch
            statement. (John Marriott)
Files:      src/structs.h, src/json.c

Patch 8.2.0316
Problem:    ex_getln.c code has insufficient test coverage.
Solution:   Add more tests. Fix a problem. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5693)
Files:      src/cmdhist.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_history.vim,

Patch 8.2.0317
Problem:    MSVC: _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE not defined on DEBUG build.
Solution:   Move where CFLAGS is updated. (Ken Takata, closes #5692)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0318
Problem:    Vim9: types not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add tests with more types.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0319
Problem:    File missing in distribution, comments outdated.
Solution:   Correct path of README file.  Update comments.
Files:      Filelist, src/evalvars.c, src/register.c, src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.0320
Problem:    No Haiku support.
Solution:   Add support for Haiku. (Emir Sarı, closes #5605)
Files:      Filelist, runtime/doc/Makefile, runtime/doc/eval.txt,
            runtime/doc/gui.txt, runtime/doc/help.txt,
            runtime/doc/options.txt, runtime/doc/os_haiku.txt,
            runtime/doc/starting.txt, runtime/doc/tags,
            runtime/gvimrc_example.vim, runtime/vimrc_example.vim,
            src/INSTALL, src/Makefile, src/auto/configure, src/,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/feature.h, src/fileio.c, src/globals.h,
            src/gui.c, src/gui.h, src/, src/gui_haiku.h,
            src/mbyte.c, src/menu.c, src/misc1.c, src/mouse.c, src/option.h,
            src/os_haiku.h, src/os_haiku.rdef, src/os_unix.c, src/os_unix.h,
            src/, src/proto.h, src/proto/, src/pty.c,
            src/screen.c, src/structs.h, src/term.c, src/version.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0321
Problem:    Vim9: ":execute" does not work yet.
Solution:   Add ISN_EXECUTE. (closes #5699) Also make :echo work with more
            than one argument.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0322
Problem:    Vim9: error checks not tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases.  Avoid error for function loaded later.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0323
Problem:    Vim9: calling a function that is defined later is slow.
Solution:   Once the function is found update the instruction so it can be
            called directly.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0324
Problem:    Text property not updated correctly when inserting/deleting.
Solution:   Use the right column when deleting. Make zero-width text
            properties respect start_incl and end_incl. (Axel Forsman,
            closes #5696, closes #5679)
Files:      src/change.c, src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_listener.vim,

Patch 8.2.0325
Problem:    Ex_getln.c code not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5702)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_history.vim,

Patch 8.2.0326
Problem:    Compiler warning for using uninitialized variable. (Yegappan
Solution:   Do not jump to failed but return.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0327
Problem:    Crash when opening and closing two popup terminal windows.
Solution:   Check that prevwin is valid. (closes #5707)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0328
Problem:    No redraw when leaving terminal-normal mode in a terminal popup
Solution:   Redraw the popup window. (closes #5708)
Files:      src/macros.h, src/vim.h, src/terminal.c, src/drawscreen.c,
            src/move.c, src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0329
Problem:    Popup filter converts 0x80 bytes.
Solution:   Keep 0x80 bytes as-is. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5706)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0330
Problem:    Build error with popup window but without terminal.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.0331
Problem:    Internal error when using test_void() and test_unknown().
            (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Give a normal error.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,

Patch 8.2.0332
Problem:    Some code in ex_getln.c not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5710)
Files:      src/testdir/test_arabic.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.0333
Problem:    Terminal in popup test is flaky.
Solution:   Make sure redraw is done before opening the popup.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0334
Problem:    Abort called when using test_void(). (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Only give an error, don't abort.
Files:      src/message.c, src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/eval.c, src/json.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0335
Problem:    No completion for :disassemble.
Solution:   Make completion work.  Also complete script-local functions if the
            name starts with "s:".
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,

Patch 8.2.0336
Problem:    Vim9: insufficient test coverage for compiling.
Solution:   Add more tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,
            src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0337
Problem:    Build fails on a few systems.
Solution:   Use vim_snprintf() instead of snprintf().
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c

Patch 8.2.0338
Problem:    Build failure without the channel feature.
Solution:   Add #ifdef
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0339
Problem:    Vim9: function return type may depend on arguments.
Solution:   Instead of a fixed return type use a function to figure out the
            return type.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/evalbuffer.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0340
Problem:    Vim9: function and partial types not tested.
Solution:   Support more for partial, add tests.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0341
Problem:    Using ":for" in Vim9 script gives an error.
Solution:   Pass the LET_NO_COMMAND flag. (closes #5715)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0342
Problem:    Some code in ex_getln.c not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5717)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_history.vim, src/testdir/test_iminsert.vim

Patch 8.2.0343
Problem:    Vim9: using wrong instruction, limited test coverage.
Solution:   Use ISN_PUSHJOB.  Add a few more tests.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0344
Problem:    ":def" not skipped properly.
Solution:   Add CMD_def to list of commands the require evaluation even when
            not being executed.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0345
Problem:    Compiler warning when building without the float feature.
Solution:   Add #ifdef. (John Marriott)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0346
Problem:    Vim9: finding common list type not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix listing function.  Fix overwriting type.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/runtest.vim,

Patch 8.2.0347
Problem:    Various code not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add more test coverage. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5720)
Files:      src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_digraph.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim, src/testdir/test_history.vim

Patch 8.2.0348
Problem:    Vim9: not all code tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. fix using "b:" in literal dictionary.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0349
Problem:    Vim9: constant expression not well tested.
Solution:   Add tests for "if" with constant expression.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0350
Problem:    Vim9: expression tests don't use recognized constants.
Solution:   Recognize "true" and "false" as constants.  Make skipping work for
            assignment and expression evaluation.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0351
Problem:    Terminal in popup test is still a bit flaky.
Solution:   Clear and redraw before opening the popup.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0352
Problem:    FreeBSD: test for sourcing utf-8 is skipped.
Solution:   Run the matchadd_conceal test separately to avoid that setting
            'term' to "ansi" causes problems for other tests. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #5721)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_alot_utf8.vim,

Patch 8.2.0353
Problem:    Vim9: while loop not tested.
Solution:   Add test with "while", "break" and "continue"
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0354
Problem:    Python 3.9 does not define _Py_DEC_REFTOTAL. (Zdenek Dohnal)
Solution:   Remove it, it was only for debugging.
Files:      src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.0355
Problem:    Vim9: str_val is confusing, it's a number
Solution:   Rename to stnr_val.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0356
Problem:    MS-Windows: feedkeys() with VIMDLL cannot handle CSI correctly.
Solution:   Modify mch_inchar() to encode CSI bytes. (Ozaki Kiichi, Ken
            Takata, closes #5726)
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/os_win32.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0357
Problem:    Cannot delete a text property matching both id and type. (Axel
Solution:   Add the "both" argument.
Files:      src/textprop.c, runtime/doc/textprop.txt,

Patch 8.2.0358
Problem:    Insufficient testing for indent.c.
Solution:   Add indent tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5736)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expand_func.vim, src/testdir/test_indent.vim,
            src/testdir/test_lispwords.vim, src/testdir/test_smartindent.vim,

Patch 8.2.0359
Problem:    popup_atcursor() may hang. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
Solution:   Take the decoration into account. (closes #5728)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0360
Problem:    Yaml files are only recognized by the file extension.
Solution:   Check for a line starting with "%YAML". (Jason Franklin)
Files:      runtime/scripts.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0361
Problem:    Internal error when using "0" for a callback.
Solution:   Give a normal error. (closes #5743)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_timers.vim

Patch 8.2.0362
Problem:    MS-Windows: channel test fails if grep is not available.
Solution:   Use another command. (Ken Takata, closes #5739)
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0363
Problem:    Some Normal mode commands not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5746)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cindent.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_indent.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim,
            src/testdir/test_virtualedit.vim, src/testdir/test_visual.vim

Patch 8.2.0364
Problem:    Printf test failing on Haiku.
Solution:   Make a difference between int and short. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #5749)
Files:      src/message.c

Patch 8.2.0365
Problem:    Tag kind can't be a multibyte character. (Marcin Szamotulski)
Solution:   Recognize multibyte character. (closes #5724)
Files:      src/tag.c, src/testdir/test_taglist.vim

Patch 8.2.0366
Problem:    Hardcopy command not tested enough.
Solution:   Add tests for printing. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5748)
Files:      src/testdir/test_hardcopy.vim

Patch 8.2.0367
Problem:    Can use :pedit in a popup window.
Solution:   Disallow it.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0368
Problem:    Vim9: import that redefines local variable does not fail.
Solution:   Check for already defined symbols.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0369
Problem:    Various Normal mode commands not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5751)
Files:      src/testdir/test_arglist.vim, src/testdir/test_changelist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_charsearch.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_gf.vim,
            src/testdir/test_iminsert.vim, src/testdir/test_increment.vim,
            src/testdir/test_marks.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim, src/testdir/test_put.vim,
            src/testdir/test_registers.vim, src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim,

Patch 8.2.0370
Problem:    The typebuf_was_filled flag is sometimes not reset, which may
            cause a hang.
Solution:   Make sure typebuf_was_filled is reset when the typeahead buffer is
Files:      src/edit.c, src/getchar.c,

Patch 8.2.0371
Problem:    Crash with combination of terminal popup and autocmd.
Solution:   Disallow closing a popup that is the current window.  Add a check
            that the current buffer is valid. (closes #5754)
Files:      src/macros.h, src/buffer.c, src/popupwin.c, src/terminal.c,

Patch 8.2.0372
Problem:    Prop_find() may not find text property at start of the line.
Solution:   Adjust the loop to find properties. (Axel Forsman, closes #5761,
            closes #5663)
Files:      src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.0373
Problem:    Type of term_sendkeys() is unknown.
Solution:   Just return zero. (closes #5762)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0374
Problem:    Using wrong printf directive for jump location.
Solution:   Change "%lld" to "%d". (James McCoy, closes #5773)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0375
Problem:    Coverity warning for not using return value.
Solution:   Move error message to separate function.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.0376
Problem:    Nasty callback test fails on some systems.
Solution:   Increase the sleep time.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0377
Problem:    No CI test for a big-endian system.
Solution:   Test with s390x. (James McCoy, closes #5772)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.0378
Problem:    prop_find() does not find all props.
Solution:   Check being in the start line. (Axel Forsman, closes #5776)
Files:      src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.0379
Problem:    Gcc warns for ambiguous else.
Solution:   Add braces. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5778)
Files:      src/textprop.c

Patch 8.2.0380
Problem:    Tiny popup when creating a terminal popup without minwidth.
Solution:   Use a default minimum size of 5 lines of 20 characters.
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0381
Problem:    Using freed memory with :lvimgrep and autocommand. (extracted from
            POC by Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Avoid deleting a dummy buffer used in a window. (closes #5777)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.0382
Problem:    Some tests fail when run under valgrind.
Solution:   Increase timeouts.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_debugger.vim,
            src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,

Patch 8.2.0383
Problem:    Wrong feature check causes test not to be run.
Solution:   Use CheckFunction instead of CheckFeature. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #5781)
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0384
Problem:    Travis CI has warnings.
Solution:   Avoid warnings, clean up the config. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5779)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.0385
Problem:    Menu functionality insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add tests.  Add menu_info(). (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5760)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/gui.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/menu.c, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/test_menu.vim, src/testdir/test_popup.vim,

Patch 8.2.0386 (after 8.2.0385)
Problem:    Part from unfinished patch got included.
Solution:   Undo that part.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0387
Problem:    Error for possible NULL argument to qsort().
Solution:   Don't call qsort() when there is nothing to sort. (Dominique
            Pellé, closes #5780)
Files:      src/spellsuggest.c

Patch 8.2.0388
Problem:    Printmbcharset option not tested.
Solution:   Add a test.  Enable PostScript for AppVeyor build. (Dominique
            Pellé, closes #5783)
Files:      appveyor.yml, src/testdir/test_hardcopy.vim

Patch 8.2.0389
Problem:    Delayed redraw when shifting text from Insert mode.
Solution:   Use msg_attr_keep() instead of msg(). (closes #5782)
Files:      src/ops.c

Patch 8.2.0390
Problem:    Terminal postponed scrollback test is flaky.
Solution:   Add delay in between sending keys.  Rename dump files.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0391 (after 8.2.0377)
Problem:    CI test coverage dropped.
Solution:   Set $DISPLAY also for non-GUI builds. (James McCoy, closes #5788)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.0392
Problem:    Coverity warns for using array index out of range.
Solution:   Add extra "if" to avoid warning.
Files:      src/menu.c

Patch 8.2.0393
Problem:    Coverity warns for not using return value.
Solution:   Add (void).
Files:      src/popupmenu.c

Patch 8.2.0394
Problem:    Coverity complains about using NULL pointer.
Solution:   Use empty string when option value is NULL.
Files:      src/optionstr.c

Patch 8.2.0395
Problem:    Build fails with FEAT_EVAL but without FEAT_MENU.
Solution:   Add #ifdef. (John Marriott)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0396
Problem:    Cmdexpand.c insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5789)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_taglist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_usercommands.vim

Patch 8.2.0397
Problem:    Delayed screen update when using undo from Insert mode.
Solution:   Update w_topline and cursor shape before sleeping. (closes #5790)
Files:      src/normal.c

Patch 8.2.0398
Problem:    Profile test fails when two functions take same time.
Solution:   Add a short sleep in once function. (closes #5797)
Files:      src/testdir/test_profile.vim

Patch 8.2.0399
Problem:    Various memory leaks.
Solution:   Avoid the leaks. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5803)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_getln.c, src/menu.c, src/message.c,
            src/scriptfile.c, src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0400
Problem:    Not all tests using a terminal are in the list of flaky tests.
Solution:   Introduce the test_is_flaky flag.
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/testdir/term_util.vim,
            src/testdir/screendump.vim, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0401
Problem:    Not enough test coverage for evalvars.c.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5804)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_const.vim,
            src/testdir/test_diffmode.vim, src/testdir/test_excmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_let.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_spell.vim,
            src/testdir/test_unlet.vim, src/testdir/test_user_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.0402 (after 8.2.0401)
Problem:    Setting local instead of global flag.
Solution:   Prepend "g:" to "test_is_flaky".
Files:      src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/screendump.vim,

Patch 8.2.0403
Problem:    When 'buftype' is "nofile" there is no overwrite check.
Solution:   Also check for existing file when 'buftype' is set.
            (closes #5807)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.0404
Problem:    Writefile() error does not give a hint.
Solution:   Add remark about first argument.
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.0405
Problem:    MSVC: build fails with some combination of features.
Solution:   Enable CHANNEL if TERMINAL is enabled. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0406
Problem:    FileReadCmd event not well tested.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0407
Problem:    No early check if :find and :sfind have an argument.
Solution:   Add EX_NEEDARG.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/testdir/test_findfile.vim,

Patch 8.2.0408
Problem:    Delete() commented out for testing.
Solution:   Undo commenting-out.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0409
Problem:    Search test leaves file behind.
Solution:   Delete the file.  Also use Check commands.
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.0410
Problem:    Channel test fails too often on slow Mac.
Solution:   Increase waiting time to 10 seconds.
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0411
Problem:    Mac: breakcheck is using a value from the stone ages.
Solution:   Delete BREAKCHECK_SKIP from the Mac header file. (Ben Jackson)
Files:      src/os_mac.h

Patch 8.2.0412
Problem:    MS-Windows: cannot use vimtutor from the start menu.
Solution:   Better check for writable directory. Use the right path for the
            executable. (Wu Yongwei, closes #5774, closes #5756)
Files:      vimtutor.bat

Patch 8.2.0413
Problem:    Buffer menu does not handle special buffers properly.
Solution:   Keep a dictionary with buffer names to reliably keep track of
            Also trigger BufFilePre and BufFilePost for command-line and
            terminal buffers when the name changes.
Files:      src/testdir/test_alot.vim, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,
            runtime/menu.vim, src/ex_getln.c, src/terminal.c,

Patch 8.2.0414
Problem:    Channel connect_waittime() test is flaky.
Solution:   Set the test_is_flaky flag.  Use test_is_flaky for more tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0415
Problem:    Bsdl filetype is not detected.
Solution:   Add an entry in the filetype list. (Daniel Kho, closes #5810)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0416
Problem:    Test leaves file behind.
Solution:   Delete the file.
Files:      src/testdir/test_indent.vim

Patch 8.2.0417
Problem:    Travis CI config can be improved.
Solution:   Remove COVERAGE variable. Add load-snd-dummy script. add "-i NONE"
            to avoid messages about viminfo. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5813)
Files:      .travis.yml, ci/

Patch 8.2.0418
Problem:    Code in eval.c not sufficiently covered by tests.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5815)
Files:      src/testdir/test_blob.vim, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_job_fails.vim, src/testdir/test_lambda.vim,
            src/testdir/test_let.vim, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim,
            src/testdir/test_marks.vim, src/testdir/test_method.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_unlet.vim,
            src/testdir/test_usercommands.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,

Patch 8.2.0419
Problem:    Various memory leaks in Vim9 script code.
Solution:   Fix the leaks. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5814)
Files:      src/proto/, src/scriptfile.c, src/structs.h,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.0420
Problem:    Vim9: cannot interrupt a loop with CTRL-C.
Solution:   Check for CTRL-C once in a while.  Doesn't fully work yet.
Files:      src/misc1.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0421
Problem:    Interrupting with CTRL-C does not always work.
Solution:   Recognize CTRL-C while modifyOtherKeys is set.
Files:      src/ui.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0422
Problem:    Crash when passing popup window to win_splitmove(). (john Devin)
Solution:   Disallow moving a popup window. (closes #5816)
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/evalwindow.c

Patch 8.2.0423
Problem:    In some environments a few tests are expected to fail.
Solution:   Add $TEST_MAY_FAIL to list tests that should not cause make to
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim

Patch 8.2.0424
Problem:    Checking for wrong return value. (Tom)
Solution:   Invert the check and fix the test.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0425
Problem:    Code for modeless selection not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add tests.  Move mouse code functionality to a common script file.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5821)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim,
            src/testdir/mouse.vim, src/testdir/test_edit.vim,
            src/testdir/test_global.vim, src/testdir/test_modeless.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_selectmode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim, src/testdir/test_visual.vim,

Patch 8.2.0426
Problem:    Some errors were not tested for.
Solution:   Add tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5824)
Files:      src/testdir/test_buffer.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tcl.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0427
Problem:    It is not possible to check for a typo in a feature name.
Solution:   Add an extra argument to has().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/check.vim,

Patch 8.2.0428
Problem:    Buffer name may leak.
Solution:   Free the buffer name before overwriting it.
Files:      src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.0429
Problem:    No warning when test checks for option that never exists.
Solution:   In tests check that the option can exist.
Files:      src/testdir/check.vim

Patch 8.2.0430
Problem:    Window creation failure not properly tested.
Solution:   Improve the test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5826)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0431
Problem:    Some compilers don't support using \e for Esc. (Yegappan
Solution:   use \033 instead.
Files:      src/ui.c

Patch 8.2.0432
Problem:    A few tests fail in a huge terminal.
Solution:   Make the tests pass. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5829)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,
            src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0433
Problem:    INT signal not properly tested.
Solution:   Add a test.  Also clean up some unnecessary lines. (Dominique
            Pellé, closes #5828)
Files:      src/testdir/test_display.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_messages.vim,

Patch 8.2.0434
Problem:    MS-Windows with VTP: Normal color not working.
Solution:   After changing the Normal color update the VTP console color.
            (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #5836)
Files:      src/highlight.c

Patch 8.2.0435
Problem:    Channel contents might be freed twice.
Solution:   Call either channel_free_channel() or channel_free(), not both.
            (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #5835)
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0436
Problem:    No warnings for incorrect printf arguments.
Solution:   Fix attribute in declaration.  Fix uncovered mistakes. (Dominique
            Pellé, closes #5834)
Files:      src/proto.h, src/eval.c, src/ops.c, src/spellfile.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/viminfo.c, src/gui.c

Patch 8.2.0437
Problem:    MS-Windows installer contains old stuff.
Solution:   Rely on Windows NT. (Ken Takata, closes #5832)
Files:      src/dosinst.c

Patch 8.2.0438
Problem:    Terminal noblock test is very flaky on BSD.
Solution:   Change WaitFor() to WaitForAssert() to be able to see why it
            failed.  Add a short wait in between sending keys.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0439
Problem:    :disassemble has minor flaws.
Solution:   Format the code.  Use (int) instead of (char) for %c.
            (also by James McCoy, closes #5831)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0440
Problem:    Terminal noblock test is still very flaky on BSD.
Solution:   Increase the waiting time.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0441
Problem:    Terminal noblock test is still failing on BSD.
Solution:   Reduce the amount of text.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0442
Problem:    Channel contents might be used after being freed.
Solution:   Reset the job channel before freeing the channel.
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0443
Problem:    Clipboard code is spread out.
Solution:   Move clipboard code to its own file. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5827)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/clipboard.c, src/ops.c, src/proto.h, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/register.c, src/ui.c

Patch 8.2.0444
Problem:    Swap file test fails on some systems.
Solution:   Preserve the swap file. Send NL terminated keys.
Files:      src/testdir/test_swap.vim

Patch 8.2.0445
Problem:    Png and xpm files not in MS-Windows zip file.
Solution:   Move files to shared between Unix and Windows target.
Files:      Filelist

Patch 8.2.0446
Problem:    Listener with undo of deleting all lines not tested.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_listener.vim

Patch 8.2.0447
Problem:    Terminal scroll tests fails on some systems.
Solution:   Remove the fixed 100msec wait for Win32.  Add a loop to wait until
            scrolling has finished. (James McCoy, closes #5842)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0448
Problem:    Various functions not properly tested.
Solution:   Add more tests, especially for failures. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5843)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/testdir/test_blob.vim,
            src/testdir/test_breakindent.vim, src/testdir/test_charsearch.vim,
            src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_exists.vim, src/testdir/test_expand_func.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_file_perm.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_gui.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_marks.vim,
            src/testdir/test_partial.vim, src/testdir/test_registers.vim,
            src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/testdir/test_spell.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testdir/test_syn_attr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_syntax.vim, src/testdir/test_taglist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_utf8.vim, src/testdir/test_vartabs.vim,

Patch 8.2.0449
Problem:    Vim9: crash if return type is invalid. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Always return some type, not NULL.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0450
Problem:    Not enough testing for restricted mode and function calls.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5847)
Files:      src/testdir/test_method.vim, src/testdir/test_restricted.vim,

Patch 8.2.0451
Problem:    Win32: double-width character displayed incorrectly.
Solution:   First move the cursor to the first column. (Nobuhiro Takasaki,
            closes #5848)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0452
Problem:    channel_parse_messages() fails when called recursively.
Solution:   Return for a recursive call. (closes #5835)
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0453
Problem:    Trailing space in job_start() command causes empty argument.
Solution:   Ignore trailing space. (closes #5851)
Files:      src/misc2.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0454
Problem:    Some tests fail when the system is slow.
Solution:   Make the run number global, use in the test to increase the
            waiting time. (closes #5841)
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0455
Problem:    Cannot set the highlight group for a specific terminal.
Solution:   Add the "highlight" option to term_start(). (closes #5818)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/structs.h, src/channel.c,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, runtime/doc/terminal.txt,

Patch 8.2.0456
Problem:    Test_confirm_cmd is flaky.
Solution:   Add a term_wait() call. (closes #5854)
Files:      src/testdir/test_excmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0457
Problem:    Test_quotestar() often fails when run under valgrind.
Solution:   Wait longer for the GUI to start.
Files:      src/testdir/test_quotestar.vim

Patch 8.2.0458
Problem:    Missing feature check in test function.
Solution:   Add check commands.
Files:      src/testdir/test_excmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0459
Problem:    Cannot check if a function name is correct.
Solution:   Add "?funcname" to exists().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_exists.vim,

Patch 8.2.0460 (after 8.2.0459)
Problem:    Build failure because of wrong feature name.
Solution:   Correct feature name.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0461
Problem:    Confirm test fails on amd64 system. (Alimar Riesebieter)
Solution:   Add an extra WaitForAssert(). (Dominique Pellé)
Files:      src/testdir/test_excmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0462
Problem:    Previewwindow test fails on some systems. (James McCoy)
Solution:   Wait a bit after sending the "o". (closes #5849)
Files:      src/testdir/test_popup.vim,

Patch 8.2.0463
Problem:    Build error without float and channel feature. (John Marriott)
Solution:   Define return types always.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0464
Problem:    Typos and other small problems.
Solution:   Fix the typos.  Add missing files to the distribution.
Files:      Filelist, src/buffer.c, src/drawline.c, src/gui_gtk_x11.c,
            src/os_unixx.h, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0465
Problem:    Vim9: dead code and wrong return type.
Solution:   Remove dead code.  Fix return type.  Add more tests.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0466 (after 8.2.0452)
Problem:    Not parsing messages recursively breaks the govim plugin.
Solution:   When called recursively do handle messages but do not close
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0467
Problem:    Vim9: some errors are not tested
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix that Vim9 script flag is not reset.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/dict.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0468
Problem:    GUI: pixel dust with some fonts and characters.
Solution:   Always redraw the character before the cursor. (Nir Lichtman,
            closes #5549, closes #5856)
Files:      src/gui.c, src/proto/, src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.0469
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing ] after list.
Solution:   Add error message. Add more tests.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/list.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_lambda.vim

Patch 8.2.0470
Problem:    Test_confirm_cmd_cancel() can fail on a slow system.
Solution:   Use WaitForAssert(). (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5861)
Files:      src/testdir/test_excmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0471
Problem:    Missing change to compile_list().
Solution:   Add error message.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0472
Problem:    Terminal highlight name is set twice, leaking memory.
Solution:   Delete one.
Files:      src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.0473
Problem:    Variables declared in an outer scope.
Solution:   Declare variables only in the scope where they are used.
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.0474 (after 8.2.0403)
Problem:    Cannot use :write when using a plugin with BufWriteCmd.
Solution:   Reset BF_NOTEDITED after BufWriteCmd. (closes #5807)
Files:      src/fileio.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0475
Problem:    Channel out_cb test still fails sometimes on Mac.
Solution:   Use an even longer timeout.
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0476
Problem:    Terminal nasty callback test fails sometimes.
Solution:   use term_wait() instead of a sleep. (Yee Cheng Chin, closes #5865)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0477
Problem:    Vim9: error messages not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0478
Problem:    New buffers are not added to the Buffers menu.
Solution:   Turn number into string. (Yee Cheng Chin, closes #5864)
Files:      runtime/menu.vim, src/testdir/test_menu.vim

Patch 8.2.0479
Problem:    Unloading shared libraries on exit has no purpose.
Solution:   Do not unload shared libraries on exit.
Files:      src/if_lua.c, src/if_perl.xs, src/if_python.c, src/if_python3.c,
            src/if_ruby.c, src/if_tcl.c

Patch 8.2.0480
Problem:    Vim9: some code is not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0481
Problem:    Travis is still using trusty.
Solution:   Adjust config to use bionic. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5868)
Files:      .travis.yml, src/testdir/lsan-suppress.txt

Patch 8.2.0482
Problem:    Channel and sandbox code not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5855)
Files:      src/option.h, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_excmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim,
            src/testdir/test_restricted.vim, src/testdir/test_smartindent.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_textformat.vim, src/testdir/test_visual.vim

Patch 8.2.0483
Problem:    Vim9: "let x = x + 1" does not give an error.
Solution:   Hide the variable when compiling the expression.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0484
Problem:    Vim9: some error messages not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0485 (after 8.2.0483)
Problem:    Vim9 script test fails.
Solution:   Stricter condition for adding new local variable.
Files:      Stricter condition for adding new local variable.

Patch 8.2.0486
Problem:    Vim9: some code and error messages not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.0487
Problem:    Vim9: compiling not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix bug with PCALL.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h,

Patch 8.2.0488
Problem:    Vim9: Compiling can break when using a lambda inside :def.
Solution:   Do not keep a pointer to the dfunc_T for longer time.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h

Patch 8.2.0489
Problem:    Vim9: memory leaks.
Solution:   Free memory in the right place.  Add hints for using asan.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/lsan-suppress.txt, src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0490
Problem:    Win32: VTP doesn't respect 'restorescreen'.
Solution:   Use escape codes to switch to alternate screen. (Nobuhiro
            Takasaki, closes #5872)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0491
Problem:    Cannot recognize a <script> mapping using maparg().
Solution:   Add the "script" key. (closes #5873)
Files:      src/map.c, runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/testdir/test_maparg.vim

Patch 8.2.0492
Problem:    Vim9: some error messages not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Remove dead code.  Fix uncovered bugs.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0493
Problem:    Vim9: some error messages not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix uncovered bugs.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/testing.c, src/eval.c,
            src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c, runtime/doc/eval.txt,
            runtime/doc/testing.txt, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0494
Problem:    Vim9: asan error.
Solution:   Only get the type when there is one.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0495
Problem:    Vim9: some code not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Support more const expressions.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0496
Problem:    Vim9: disassemble test fails.
Solution:   Separate test cases with recognized constant expressions.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0497
Problem:    Too verbose output from the asan build in Travis.
Solution:   Filter out suppression messages. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5874)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.0498
Problem:    Coverity complains about uninitialized field.
Solution:   Initialize the whole typval_T.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0499
Problem:    Calling a lambda is slower than evaluating a string.
Solution:   Make calling a lambda faster. (Ken Takata, closes #5727)
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0500
Problem:    Using the same loop in many places.
Solution:   Define more FOR_ALL macros. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5339)
Files:      src/arglist.c, src/autocmd.c, src/buffer.c, src/change.c,
            src/channel.c, src/cmdexpand.c, src/diff.c, src/eval.c,
            src/evalbuffer.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/evalwindow.c, src/ex_cmds2.c, src/filepath.c, src/globals.h,
            src/gui.c, src/if_py_both.h, src/if_ruby.c, src/insexpand.c,
            src/list.c, src/misc2.c, src/netbeans.c, src/popupwin.c,
            src/quickfix.c, src/screen.c, src/sign.c, src/spell.c,
            src/spellfile.c, src/spellsuggest.c, src/tag.c, src/terminal.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.0501
Problem:    Vim9: script test fails when channel feature is missing.
Solution:   Add a has() condition.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0502
Problem:    Vim9: some code is not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix uncovered problems.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/regexp.c, src/proto/,
            src/cmdexpand.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_eval.c,
            src/ex_getln.c, src/highlight.c, src/search.c, src/syntax.c,
            src/tag.c, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0503
Problem:    Vim9: some code is not tested.
Solution:   Add tests.  Fix uncovered problems.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0504
Problem:    Vim9: leaking scope memory when compilation fails.
Solution:   Cleanup the scope list.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0505
Problem:    term_gettty() not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more asserts. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5877)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0506
Problem:    Coverity complains about ignoring return value.
Solution:   Add (void).
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0507 (after 8.2.0472)
Problem:    Getbufvar() may get the wrong dictionary. (David le Blanc)
Solution:   Check for empty name. (closes #5878)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0508
Problem:    Vim9: func and partial types not done yet
Solution:   Fill in details about func declaration, drop a separate partial
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/globals.h,
            src/structs.h, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.0509
Problem:    various code is not properly tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5871)
Files:      src/main.c, src/testdir/check.vim, src/testdir/shared.vim,
            src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim, src/testdir/test_expand.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,
            src/testdir/test_startup.vim, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim,
            src/testdir/test_trycatch.vim, src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim

Patch 8.2.0510
Problem:    Coverity complains about using uninitialized variable.
Solution:   Assign a value to "scol".  Move code inside NULL check.
Files:      src/beval.c, src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.0511
Problem:    Cscope code not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5886)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cscope.vim

Patch 8.2.0512
Problem:    Vim9: no optional arguments in func type.
Solution:   Check for question mark after type.  Find function reference
            without function().
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/structs.h,
            src/globals.h, src/vim.h, src/vim9.h, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.0513
Problem:    Reading past allocated memory when using varargs.
Solution:   Fix copying function argument types.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0514
Problem:    Several global functions are used in only one file.
Solution:   Make the functions static. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5884)
Files:      src/drawscreen.c, src/evalvars.c, src/getchar.c, src/list.c,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0515
Problem:    Some compilers cannot add to "void *".
Solution:   Cast to "char *".
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0516
Problem:    Client-server code is spread out.
Solution:   Move client-server code to a new file. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5885)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/clientserver.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/main.c, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0517
Problem:    Vim9: cannot separate "func" and "func(): void".
Solution:   Use VAR_ANY for "any" and VAR_UNKNOWN for "no type".
Files:      src/structs.h, src/globals.h, src/eval.c, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/evalvars.c, src/testing.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/viminfo.c, src/if_py_both.h, src/json.c,

Patch 8.2.0518
Problem:    A terminal falls back to setting $TERM to "xterm".
Solution:   Use "xterm-color" if more than 16 colors are supported and
            "xterm-256color" if at least 256 colors are supported.
            (closes #5887)
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0519
Problem:    Vim9: return type not properly checked.
Solution:   Check type properly, also at runtime.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0520
Problem:    Tests are not listed in sorted order.
Solution:   Move test_ex_mode. (Doug Richardson, closes #5889)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak

Patch 8.2.0521
Problem:    Crash when reading a blob fails.
Solution:   Avoid keeping a pointer to a freed blob object. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #5890)  Adjust error messages.
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_blob.vim

Patch 8.2.0522
Problem:    Several errors are not tested for.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5892)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim,
            src/testdir/test_digraph.vim, src/testdir/test_expand.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_gui.vim, src/testdir/test_highlight.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim, src/testdir/test_lambda.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_preview.vim,
            src/testdir/test_user_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0523
Problem:    Loops are repeated.
Solution:   Use FOR_ALL_ macros. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5882)
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/drawscreen.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/evalwindow.c,
            src/globals.h, src/gui_athena.c, src/gui_gtk.c, src/gui_motif.c,
            src/gui_w32.c, src/list.c, src/menu.c, src/popupmenu.c,
            src/popupwin.c, src/quickfix.c, src/syntax.c, src/time.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0524
Problem:    Win32: searching for file matches is slow.
Solution:   Instead of making another round to find any short filename, check
            for the short name right away. Avoid using an ordinary file like a
            directory.  (Nir Lichtman, closes #5883)
Files:      src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.0525 (after 8.2.0524)
Problem:    Win32: typo in assignment and misplaced paren.
Solution:   Fix the syntax.
Files:      src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.0526
Problem:    Gcc 9 complains about empty statement.
Solution:   Add {}. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5894)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0527
Problem:    Vim9: function types insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix white space check.  Add "test_vim9" target.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/Makefile,
            src/testdir/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak

Patch 8.2.0528
Problem:    Vim9: function arguments insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Check types.  Add more tests.  Fix function with varargs only.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0529
Problem:    Vim9: function argument with default not checked.
Solution:   Check type of argument with default value.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0530
Problem:    Test crashes on s390. (James McCoy)
Solution:   Explicitly define an 8 big signed type. (closes #5897)
Files:      src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.0531
Problem:    Various errors not tested.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5895)
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/testdir/test_source.vim,
            src/testdir/test_syntax.vim, src/testdir/test_user_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.0532
Problem:    Cannot use simplify() as a method.
Solution:   Add FEARG_1. (closes #5896)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.0533
Problem:    Tests using term_wait() can still be flaky.
Solution:   Increase the wait time when rerunning a test. (James McCoy,
            closes #5899)  Halve the initial times to make tests run faster
            when there is no rerun.
Files:      src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/test_arglist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_balloon.vim,
            src/testdir/test_bufline.vim, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_conceal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cursorline.vim, src/testdir/test_debugger.vim,
            src/testdir/test_diffmode.vim, src/testdir/test_display.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_highlight.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim,
            src/testdir/test_match.vim, src/testdir/test_matchadd_conceal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_messages.vim, src/testdir/test_number.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popup.vim, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,
            src/testdir/test_profile.vim, src/testdir/test_search.vim,
            src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim, src/testdir/test_startup.vim,
            src/testdir/test_statusline.vim, src/testdir/test_suspend.vim,
            src/testdir/test_swap.vim, src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal_fail.vim,
            src/testdir/test_timers.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.0534
Problem:    Client-server test fails under valgrind.
Solution:   Use WaitForAssert().
Files:      src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim

Patch 8.2.0535
Problem:    Regexp patterns not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more regexp tests and others. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5901)
Files:      src/testdir/test_marks.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,
            src/testdir/test_regexp_latin.vim, src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.0536
Problem:    Vim9: some compilation code not tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.0537
Problem:    Vim9: no check for sandbox when setting v:var.
Solution:   Check for sandbox.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0538
Problem:    Vim9: VAR_PARTIAL is not used during compilation.
Solution:   Remove VAR_PARTIAL.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0539
Problem:    Comparing two NULL list fails.
Solution:   Change the order of comparing two lists.
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_assert.vim

Patch 8.2.0540
Problem:    Regexp and other code not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5904)
Files:      src/testdir/test_backspace_opt.vim, src/testdir/test_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_increment.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_regexp_latin.vim,
            src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/testdir/test_substitute.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_virtualedit.vim

Patch 8.2.0541
Problem:    Travis CI does not give compiler warnings.
Solution:   Add flags for warnings.  Fix uncovered problems. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #5898)
Files:      .travis.yml, ci/, ci/,
            ci/, src/if_perl.xs, src/if_ruby.c,

Patch 8.2.0542
Problem:    No test for E386.
Solution:   Add a test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5911)
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.0543
Problem:    Vim9: function with varargs does not work properly.
Solution:   Improve function type spec and add tests.  Fix bugs.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0544
Problem:    Memory leak in search test.
Solution:   Free msgbuf. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5912)
Files:      src/search.c

Patch 8.2.0545
Problem:    Unused arguments ignored in non-standard way.
Solution:   Add UNUSED instead of (void).
Files:      src/libvterm/t/harness.c

Patch 8.2.0546
Problem:    Vim9: varargs implementation is inefficient.
Solution:   Create list without moving the arguments.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0547
Problem:    Win32: restoring screen not always done right.
Solution:   Use a more appropriate method. (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #5909)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0548
Problem:    Vim9: not all possible func type errors tested.
Solution:   Add more tests.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0549
Problem:    User systemd files not recognized.
Solution:   Add filetype patterns. (Kevin Locke, closes #5914)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0550
Problem:    Some changes in the libvterm upstream code.
Solution:   Include some changes.
Files:      src/libvterm/t/harness.c

Patch 8.2.0551
Problem:    Not all code for options is tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5913)
Files:      src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_python3.vim,
            src/testdir/test_undo.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.0552
Problem:    Vim9: some errors not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Check Funcref argument types.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0553 (after 8.2.0550)
Problem:    Error for unused argument.
Solution:   Add UNUSED.
Files:      src/libvterm/t/harness.c

Patch 8.2.0554
Problem:    The GUI doesn't set t_Co.
Solution:   In the GUI set t_Co to 256 * 256 * 256. (closes #5903)
Files:      src/term.c, src/proto/, src/gui.c,

Patch 8.2.0555
Problem:    Vim9: line continuation is not always needed.
Solution:   Recognize continuation lines automatically in list and dict.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0556
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when finding common type.
Solution:   Store allocated memory in type growarray.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0557
Problem:    No IPv6 support for channels.
Solution:   Add IPv6 support. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5893)
Files:      .travis.yml, runtime/doc/channel.txt, runtime/doc/various.txt,
            src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/auto/configure,
            src/channel.c, src/, src/, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/check.vim,
            src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/testdir/test_cdo.vim,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_escaped_glob.vim,
            src/testdir/test_getcwd.vim, src/testdir/test_hide.vim

Patch 8.2.0558
Problem:    Vim9: dict code not covered by tests.
Solution:   Remove dead code, adjust test case.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0559
Problem:    Clearing a struct is verbose.
Solution:   Define and use CLEAR_FIELD() and CLEAR_POINTER().
Files:      src/vim.h, src/blowfish.c, src/channel.c, src/charset.c,
            src/clipboard.c, src/diff.c, src/eval.c, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/ex_cmds2.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_getln.c, src/findfile.c,
            src/gui_gtk_f.c, src/gui_mac.c, src/gui_motif.c, src/gui_w32.c,
            src/gui_x11.c, src/hardcopy.c, src/hashtab.c, src/highlight.c,
            src/if_mzsch.c, src/insexpand.c, src/kword_test.c, src/list.c,
            src/main.c, src/map.c, src/memfile.c, src/message_test.c,
            src/misc1.c, src/netbeans.c, src/normal.c, src/ops.c,
            src/option.c, src/os_mswin.c, src/os_win32.c, src/popupmenu.c,
            src/quickfix.c, src/regexp.c, src/regexp_bt.c, src/regexp_nfa.c,
            src/search.c, src/sign.c, src/spell.c, src/spellfile.c,
            src/spellsuggest.c, src/syntax.c, src/tag.c, src/terminal.c,
            src/time.c, src/undo.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.0560
Problem:    Compiler warning in tiny build.
Solution:   Move declaration inside #ifdef. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5915)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0561
Problem:    Vim9: cannot split function call in multiple lines.
Solution:   Find more arguments in following lines.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.0562
Problem:    Vim9: cannot split an expression into multiple lines.
Solution:   Continue in next line after an operator.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/macros.h, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.0563
Problem:    Vim9: cannot split a function line.
Solution:   Continue in next line so long as the function isn't done.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0564
Problem:    Vim9: calling a def function from non-vim9 may fail.
Solution:   Convert varargs to a list.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0565
Problem:    Vim9: tests contain superfluous line continuation.
Solution:   Remove line continuation no longer needed.  Skip empty lines.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0566
Problem:    Vim9: variable can be used uninitialized.
Solution:   Jump to after where variable is used.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0567
Problem:    Vim9: cannot put comments halfway expressions.
Solution:   Support # comments in many places.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.0568
Problem:    The man filetype plugin overwrites the unnamed register.
Solution:   Use the black hole register. (Jason Franklin)
Files:      runtime/ftplugin/man.vim, src/testdir/test_man.vim

Patch 8.2.0569
Problem:    Build failure with tiny version.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0570
Problem:    Vim9: no error when omitting type from argument.
Solution:   Enforce specifying argument types.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.0571
Problem:    Double free when passing invalid argument to job_start().
Solution:   Clear the argument when freed. (Masato Nishihata, closes #5926)
Files:      src/misc2.c, src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.0572 (after 8.2.0571)
Problem:    Using two lines for free and reset.
Solution:   Use VIM_CLEAR() instead. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Files:      src/misc2.c

Patch 8.2.0573
Problem:    using :version twice leaks memory
Solution:   Only initialize variables once. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5917)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_alot.vim,
            src/testdir/test_version.vim, src/version.c, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.0574
Problem:    Ipv6 feature not shown in :version output.
Solution:   Add ipv6 in :version output. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5924)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/version.c

Patch 8.2.0575
Problem:    :digraph! not tested.
Solution:   Add a test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5925)
Files:      src/testdir/test_digraph.vim

Patch 8.2.0576
Problem:    Some errors are not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #5920)
Files:      src/testdir/test_buffer.vim, src/testdir/test_digraph.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0577
Problem:    Not all modifiers supported for :options.
Solution:   Use all cmdmod.split flags. (closes #4401)
Files:      src/usercmd.c, src/proto/, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_usercommands.vim

Patch 8.2.0578
Problem:    Heredoc for interfaces does not support "trim".
Solution:   Update the script heredoc support to be same as the :let command.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5916)
Files:      runtime/doc/if_lua.txt, runtime/doc/if_mzsch.txt,
            runtime/doc/if_perl.txt, runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt,
            runtime/doc/if_ruby.txt, runtime/doc/if_tcl.txt, src/evalvars.c,
            src/ex_getln.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_lua.vim,
            src/testdir/test_perl.vim, src/testdir/test_python2.vim,
            src/testdir/test_python3.vim, src/testdir/test_pyx2.vim,
            src/testdir/test_pyx3.vim, src/testdir/test_ruby.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tcl.vim, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0579
Problem:    Coverity warns for unused value.
Solution:   Change order and use "else if".
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0580
Problem:    Window size wrong if 'ea' is off and 'splitright' is on and
            splitting then closing a window.
Solution:   Put abandoned window space in the right place. (Mark Waggoner)
Files:      src/testdir/test_winbuf_close.vim, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.0581 (after 8.2.0547)
Problem:    Win32 console: the cursor position is always top-left.
Solution:   Revert the patch for restoring screen.
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0582
Problem:    Color ramp test does not show text colors.
Solution:   Add a row of 16 text colors and 16 bold text colors.
Files:      src/testdir/color_ramp.vim

Patch 8.2.0583
Problem:    Vim9: # comment not recognized in :def function.
Solution:   Recognize and skip # comment.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0584
Problem:    Viminfo file uses obsolete function file_readable().
Solution:   Use filereadable(). (closes #5934)
Files:      src/session.c

Patch 8.2.0585
Problem:    Vim9: # comment not recognized after :vim9script.
Solution:   Check script type. Make comment after ":echo" work.  And in
            several other places.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/, src/eval.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0586
Problem:    Vim9: # comment not sufficiently tested
Solution:   Check for preceding white space.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0587
Problem:    Compiler warning for unused variable.
Solution:   Add UNUSED.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0588
Problem:    Putty does not use "sgr" 'ttymouse' by default.
Solution:   Make "sgr" the default for Putty. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #5942)
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0589
Problem:    .bsd file type not recognized.
Solution:   Recognize .bsd as BSDL. (Daniel Kho, closes #5945)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0590
Problem:    No 'backspace' value allows ignoring the insertion point.
Solution:   Add the "nostop" and 3 values. (Christian Brabandt, closes #5940)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/edit.c, src/option.c, src/option.h,
            src/optionstr.c, src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim,

Patch 8.2.0591
Problem:    MS-Windows: should always support IPv6
Solution:   Add build flag. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5944)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0592
Problem:    MS-Windows with VTP: cursor is not made invisible.
Solution:   Output the code to make the cursor visible or invisible. (Nobuhiro
            Takasaki, closes #5941)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0593
Problem:    Finding a user command is not optimal.
Solution:   Start further down in the list of commands.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0594
Problem:    MS-Windows: cannot build with WINVER set to 0x0501.
Solution:   Only use inet_ntop() when available. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #5946)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/auto/configure,
            src/channel.c, src/, src/

Patch 8.2.0595
Problem:    Vim9: not all commands using ends_excmd() tested.
Solution:   Find # comment after regular commands. Add more tests.  Report
            error for where it was caused.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/usercmd.c,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0596
Problem:    Crash in test49.
Solution:   Check the right pointer.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_eval.ok

Patch 8.2.0597
Problem:    Test_eval is old style.
Solution:   Change some tests to a new style test.
Files:      src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_eval.ok,

Patch 8.2.0598
Problem:    Test_eval_stuff fails in normal terminal.
Solution:   Close the new window.
Files:      src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim

Patch 8.2.0599
Problem:    Netbeans interface insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5921)
Files:      runtime/doc/netbeans.txt, src/netbeans.c, src/os_win32.c,
            src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/testdir/,

Patch 8.2.0600
Problem:    Vim9: cannot read or write w:, t: and b: variables.
Solution:   Implement load and store for w:, t: and b: variables.
            (closes #5950)
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,
            src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0601
Problem:    Vim9: :unlet is not compiled.
Solution:   Implement :unlet instruction and check for errors.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/vim9.h,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/evalvars.c, src/proto/,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0602
Problem:    :unlet $VAR does not work properly.
Solution:   Make ":lockvar $VAR" fail.  Check the "skip" flag.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.0603
Problem:    Configure does not detect moonjit.
Solution:   Add check for moonjit. (Shlomi Fish, closes #5947)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.0604
Problem:    :startinsert in a terminal window used later.
Solution:   Ignore :startinsert in a terminal window. (closes #5952)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0605
Problem:    Vim9: cannot unlet an environment variable.
Solution:   Implement unlet for $VAR.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0606
Problem:    Several syntax HL errors not checked.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5954)
Files:      src/testdir/test_syntax.vim

Patch 8.2.0607
Problem:    Gcc warns for using uninitialized variable. (John Marriott)
Solution:   Set name_end also for environment variables.
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.0608
Problem:    Warning from clang when building message test.
Solution:   Use a void pointer.  (Dominique Pellé, closes #5958)
Files:      src/message_test.c

Patch 8.2.0609
Problem:    Configure does not detect moonjit correctly.
Solution:   Double the brackets. (Ozaki Kiichi)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.0610
Problem:    Some tests are still old style.
Solution:   Convert to new style tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5957)
Files:      src/testdir/test_blob.vim, src/testdir/test_cursor_func.vim,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_eval.ok,
            src/testdir/test_eval_func.vim, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim,
            src/testdir/test_sort.vim, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim,
            src/testdir/test_utf8.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.0611
Problem:    Vim9: no check for space before #comment.
Solution:   Add space checks.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_docmd.c,

Patch 8.2.0612
Problem:    Vim9: no check for space before #comment.
Solution:   Add space checks.
Files:      src/ex_eval.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/regexp.c, src/proto/,
            src/gui.c, src/highlight.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0613
Problem:    Vim9: no check for space before #comment.
Solution:   Add space checks.
Files:      src/highlight.c, src/menu.c, src/syntax.c,

Patch 8.2.0614
Problem:    Get ml_get error when deleting a line in 'completefunc'. (Yegappan
Solution:   Lock the text while evaluating 'completefunc'.
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/globals.h, src/edit.c, src/ex_getln.c,
            src/undo.c, src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_excmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_gf.vim, src/testdir/test_popup.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim, runtime/doc/insert.txt

Patch 8.2.0615
Problem:    Regexp benchmark test is old style.
Solution:   Make it a new style test.  Fix using a NULL list.  Add more tests.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5963)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/Make_dos.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_ming.mak, src/testdir/Makefile,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/bench_re_freeze.vim,
            src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_bench_regexp.vim,
            src/testdir/test_blob.vim, src/testdir/test_bufline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0616
Problem:    Build error when disabling the diff feature.
Solution:   Move parenthesis outside of #ifdef. (Tom Ryder)
Files:      src/drawline.c

Patch 8.2.0617
Problem:    New error check triggers in Swedish menu.
Solution:   Insert backslash. (Mats Tegner, closes #5966)
Files:      runtime/lang/menu_sv_se.latin1.vim

Patch 8.2.0618
Problem:    Echoing a null list results in no output. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Return "[]" instead of NULL in echo_string_core().
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0619
Problem:    Null dict is not handled like an empty dict.
Solution:   Fix the code and add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5968)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_blob.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim,
            src/testdir/test_let.vim, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim,
            src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/testdir/test_unlet.vim,
            src/testdir/test_usercommands.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.0620
Problem:    Error in menu translations.
Solution:   Insert a backslash before a space.
Files:      runtime/lang/menu_it_it.latin1.vim,

Patch 8.2.0621
Problem:    After running tests asan files may remain.
Solution:   Clean up asan files with "make testclean".
Files:      src/testdir/Makefile, src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0622
Problem:    Haiku: GUI does not compile.
Solution:   Various fixes. (Emir Sarı, closes #5961)
Files:      Filelist,, READMEdir/README_haiku.txt,
            runtime/doc/os_haiku.txt, src/Makefile, src/beval.h,
            src/, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0623
Problem:    Typo in test comment. (Christ van Willegen)
Solution:   Avoid mixing up a data structure with a body part.
Files:      src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.0624
Problem:    Vim9: no check for space before #comment.
Solution:   Add space checks.  Fix :throw with double quoted string.
Files:      src/usercmd.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.0625
Problem:    Vim9: confusing error when calling unknown function.
Solution:   Give error while compiling.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0626
Problem:    Vim9: wrong syntax of function in Vim9 script.
Solution:   Give error for missing space. Implement :echomsg and :echoerr.
            (closes #5670)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h, src/userfunc.c,
            src/eval.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.0627
Problem:    Vim9: error message does not work. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Swap lines.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0628
Problem:    Error in menu translations.
Solution:   Insert a backslash before a space in one more file. (Shun Bai,
            Emir Sarı)
Files:      runtime/lang/menu_zh_cn.utf-8.vim,
            runtime/lang/menu_no_no.latin1.vim, runtime/lang/menu_pt_br.vim,
            runtime/lang/menu_tr_tr.utf-8.vim, runtime/lang/menu_vi_vn.vim

Patch 8.2.0629
Problem:    Setting a boolean option to v:false does not work.
Solution:   Do not use the string representation of the value. (Christian
            Brabandt, closes #5974)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.0630
Problem:    "make tags" does not cover Haiku GUI file.
Solution:   Add *.cc files.
Files:      src/Make_all.mak

Patch 8.2.0631
Problem:    Haiku file formatted with wrong tabstop.
Solution:   Use normal tabstop. Fix white space.
Files:      src/

Patch 8.2.0632
Problem:    Crash when using Haiku.
Solution:   Lock the screen. (closes #5975, closes #5973)
Files:      src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.0633
Problem:    Crash when using null partial in filter().
Solution:   Fix crash.  Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5976)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_blob.vim,
            src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim,
            src/testdir/test_execute_func.vim, src/testdir/test_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim, src/testdir/test_fold.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_let.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_partial.vim,

Patch 8.2.0634
Problem:    Crash with null partial and blob.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer.  Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5984)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/list.c, src/testdir/test_blob.vim,
            src/testdir/test_bufwintabinfo.vim, src/testdir/test_cd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_cursor_func.vim,
            src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim, src/testdir/test_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim, src/testdir/test_fnamemodify.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_getvar.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_messages.vim,
            src/testdir/test_partial.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,
            src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_window_id.vim,

Patch 8.2.0635
Problem:    When using 256 colors DarkYellow does not show expected color.
Solution:   Use color 3 instead of 130. (Romain Lafourcade, closes #5985)
Files:      src/highlight.c

Patch 8.2.0636
Problem:    :messages does not show the maintainer when $LANG is unset.
Solution:   Call get_mess_lang() if available. (closes #5978)
Files:      src/message.c

Patch 8.2.0637
Problem:    Incsearch highlighting does not work for ":sort!".
Solution:   Skip over the exclamation point. (closes #5983)
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_search.vim,

Patch 8.2.0638
Problem:    MS-Windows: messages test fails.
Solution:   Clear environment variables.
Files:      src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0639
Problem:    MS-Windows: messages test still fails.
Solution:   Filter out the maintainer message.
Files:      src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0640
Problem:    Vim9: expanding =expr does not work.
Solution:   Find wildcards in not compiled commands.  Reorganize test files.
Files:      Filelist, src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/testdir/vim9.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0641
Problem:    Vim9: =expr not expanded in :hardcopy and "syntax include".
Solution:   Add the EX_EXPAND flag.  Expend "syntax include".
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0642
Problem:    Vim9: using invalid index.
Solution:   Check index for being valid.  Fix memory leak.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/clientserver.c

Patch 8.2.0643 (after 8.2.0635)
Problem:    Terminal uses brown instead of dark yellow. (Romain Lafourcade)
Solution:   Use color index 3 instead of 130. (closes #5993)
Files:      src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.0644
Problem:    Insufficient testing for invalid function arguments.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5988)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/testdir/test_bufline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listener.vim, src/testdir/test_match.vim,
            src/testdir/test_menu.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,
            src/testdir/test_registers.vim, src/testdir/test_reltime.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim,
            src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_window_id.vim,

Patch 8.2.0645
Problem:    MS-Windows terminal: CTRL-C does not get to child job.
Solution:   Remove CREATE_NEW_PROCESS_GROUP from CreateProcessW(). (Nobuhiro
            Takasaki, closes #5987)
Files:      src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.0646
Problem:    t_Co uses the value of $COLORS in the GUI. (Masato Nishihata)
Solution:   Ignore $COLORS for the GUI. (closes #5992)
Files:      src/os_unix.c, src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0647
Problem:    MS-Windows: repeat count for events was not used.
Solution:   Check the repeat count. (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #5989)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0648
Problem:    Semicolon search does not work in first line.
Solution:   Allow the cursor to be in line zero. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #5996)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.0649
Problem:    Undo problem when an InsertLeave autocommand resets undo. (Kutsan
Solution:   Do not create a new undo block when leaving Insert mode.
Files:      src/edit.c, src/testdir/test_edit.vim

Patch 8.2.0650
Problem:    Vim9: script function can be deleted.
Solution:   Disallow deleting script function.  Delete functions when sourcing
            a script again.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9script.c,
            src/scriptfile.c, src/testing.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0651
Problem:    Old style benchmark test still in list of distributed files.
Solution:   Remove the files from the list.
Files:      Filelist

Patch 8.2.0652 (after 8.2.0650)
Problem:    Compiler warning for char conversion.
Solution:   Use unsigned char buffer.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0653 (after 8.2.0650)
Problem:    using uninitialized pointer.
Solution:   Move assignment up. (John Marriott)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0654
Problem:    Building with Python fails.
Solution:   Add missing argument.
Files:      src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.0655
Problem:    Search code not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5999)
Files:      src/testdir/test_charsearch.vim, src/testdir/test_gn.vim,
            src/testdir/test_goto.vim, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_search.vim,
            src/testdir/test_textformat.vim, src/testdir/test_textobjects.vim,

Patch 8.2.0656
Problem:    MS-Windows: redrawing right screen edge may not be needed.
Solution:   Check the build version. (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #6002)
Files:      src/drawscreen.c, src/os_win32.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0657
Problem:    Vim9: no check if called variable is a FuncRef.
Solution:   Add a type check.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0658 (after 8.2.0646)
Problem:    HP-UX build fails when setenv() is not defined.
Solution:   Change "colors" to "t_colors". (John Marriott)
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0659
Problem:    Vim9: no test for equal func type.
Solution:   Add a test.  Improve type check.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0660
Problem:    The search.c file is a bit big.
Solution:   Split off the text object code to a separate file. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #6007)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/proto.h, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/search.c, src/textobject.c

Patch 8.2.0661
Problem:    Eval test is still old style.
Solution:   Change into new style tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6009)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_eval.ok,

Patch 8.2.0662
Problem:    Cannot use input() in a channel callback.
Solution:   Reset vgetc_busy. (closes #6010)
Files:      src/globals.h, src/ex_getln.c, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.0663
Problem:    Not all systemd temp files are recognized.
Solution:   Add two more patterns. (Jamie Macdonald, closes #6003)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0664
Problem:    Included undesired changes in Makefile.
Solution:   Revert the changes.
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0665
Problem:    Wrongly assuming Python executable is called "python".
Solution:   Use detected python command. (Ken Takata, closes #6016)
            Also use CheckFunction if possible.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/check.vim

Patch 8.2.0666
Problem:    Ruby test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Remove the "maintainer" line. (Ken Takata, closes #6015)
Files:      src/testdir/shared.vim, src/testdir/test_messages.vim,

Patch 8.2.0667
Problem:    Cannot install Haiku version from source.
Solution:   Update Makefile and rdef file. (Emir Sarı, closes #6013)
Files:      Filelist, READMEdir/README_haiku.txt, runtime/doc/os_haiku.txt,
            src/Makefile, src/, src/os_haiku.rdef

Patch 8.2.0668
Problem:    Compiler warning for int/size_t usage.
Solution:   Change "int" to "size_t". (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0669
Problem:    MS-Windows: display in VTP is a bit slow.
Solution:   Optimize the code. (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #6014)
Files:      src/os_win32.c, src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.0670
Problem:    Cannot change window when evaluating 'completefunc'.
Solution:   Make a difference between not changing text or buffers and also
            not changing window.
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/beval.c, src/change.c, src/edit.c, src/eval.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/insexpand.c, src/globals.h, src/indent.c,
            src/map.c, src/window.c, src/proto/, src/register.c,
            src/undo.c, src/testdir/test_edit.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim, src/testdir/test_popup.vim

Patch 8.2.0671
Problem:    Haiku: compiler warnings.
Solution:   Avoid the warnings. Drop display_errors() copy. (Emir Sarı,
            closes #6018)
Files:      .gitignore, src/gui.c, src/

Patch 8.2.0672
Problem:    Heredoc in scripts does not accept lower case marker.
Solution:   Allow lower case only in non-Vim scripts. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6019)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_lua.vim,
            src/testdir/test_perl.vim, src/testdir/test_python2.vim,
            src/testdir/test_python3.vim, src/testdir/test_pyx2.vim,
            src/testdir/test_pyx3.vim, src/testdir/test_ruby.vim

Patch 8.2.0673
Problem:    Cannot build Haiku in shadow directory.
Solution:   Add symlink. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6023)
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0674
Problem:    Some source files are too big.
Solution:   Move text formatting functions to a new file. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #6021)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/edit.c, src/getchar.c, src/ops.c, src/option.c, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/textformat.c

Patch 8.2.0675
Problem:    Vim9: no support for closures.
Solution:   Do not re-use stack entries.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,
            src/evalvars.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0676
Problem:    Pattern in list of distributed files does not match.
Solution:   Drop "testdir/test_[a-z]*.ok".  Add CI sed files.
Files:      Filelist

Patch 8.2.0677
Problem:    Vim9: no support for closures.
Solution:   Find variables in the outer function scope, so long as the scope
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/userfunc.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/structs.h, src/vim9.h,

Patch 8.2.0678
Problem:    Rare crash for popup menu.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer. (Nobuhiro Takasaki, closes #6027)
Files:      src/popupmenu.c

Patch 8.2.0679
Problem:    Vim9: incomplete support for closures.
Solution:   At the end of a function copy arguments and local variables if
            they are still used by a referenced closure.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0680
Problem:    PTYGROUP and PTYMODE are unused.
Solution:   Remove from autoconf. (closes #6024)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure, src/

Patch 8.2.0681
Problem:    Pattern for 'hlsearch' highlighting may leak. (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Call end_search_hl() to make sure the previous pattern is freed.
            (closes #6028)
Files:      src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.0682
Problem:    Vim9: parsing function argument type can get stuck.
Solution:   Bail out when not making progress.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0683
Problem:    Vim9: parsing type does not always work.
Solution:   Handle func type without return value.  Test more closures.
            Fix type check offset.  Fix garbage collection.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/proto/,
            src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0684
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when using lambda.
Solution:   Move the funccal context to the partial. Free the function when
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/structs.h, src/vim9execute.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0685 (after 8.2.0684)
Problem:    Build failure.
Solution:   Include missing changes.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0686
Problem:    Formatoptions not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6031)
Files:      src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim

Patch 8.2.0687
Problem:    Some tests do not work on FreeBSD.
Solution:   Enable modeline.  Use WaitFor() in more cases. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #6036)
Files:      src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0688
Problem:    Output clobbered if setting 'verbose' to see shell commands.
Solution:   Only output "Searching for" when 'verbose' is 11 or higher.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, runtime/doc/options.txt

Patch 8.2.0689
Problem:    When using getaddrinfo() the error message is unclear.
Solution:   Use gai_strerror() to get the message. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #6034)
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0690
Problem:    Line number of option set by modeline is wrong.
Solution:   Do not double the line number. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6035)
Files:      src/option.c, src/testdir/test_modeline.vim

Patch 8.2.0691
Problem:    Startup test fails.
Solution:   Adjust expected output from -V2 argument.
Files:      src/testdir/test_startup.vim

Patch 8.2.0692
Problem:    Startup test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Allow for any path.
Files:      src/testdir/test_startup.vim

Patch 8.2.0693
Problem:    Closure using argument not tested.
Solution:   Add a test, make it work.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0694
Problem:    Haiku: channel and terminal do not work.
Solution:   Close files when the job has finished. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #6039)
Files:      src/channel.c, src/getchar.c, src/, src/misc1.c

Patch 8.2.0695
Problem:    Vim9: cannot define a function inside a function.
Solution:   Initial support for :def inside :def.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0696
Problem:    Vim9: nested function does not work properly
Solution:   Create a function reference.  Check argument count.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0697
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when using nested function.
Solution:   Unreference function when deleting instructions. Adjust reference
            count for local variables.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0698
Problem:    Insert mode completion not fully tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6041)
Files:      src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,

Patch 8.2.0699
Problem:    Vim9: not all errors tested.
Solution:   Add test for deleted function.  Bail out on first error.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/vim9.vim

Patch 8.2.0700
Problem:    Vim9: converting error message to exception not tested.
Solution:   Test exception from error.  Do not continue after :echoerr.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0701
Problem:    Vim9 test fails without job feature.
Solution:   Add feature check.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0702
Problem:    Running channel tests may leave running process behind.
Solution:   Make Python client exit when running into EOF. (Kurtis Rader,
            part of #6046)
Files:      src/testdir/

Patch 8.2.0703
Problem:    Vim9: closure cannot store value in outer context.
Solution:   Make storing value in outer context work.  Make :disassemble
            accept a function reference.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h, src/eval.c,
            src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.0704
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak in disassemble test.
Solution:   Decrement refcount when creating funccal.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0705
Problem:    Indent tests don't run on CI for FreeBSD.
Solution:   Set modeline. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6048)
Files:      .cirrus.yml, runtime/indent/testdir/runtest.vim

Patch 8.2.0706
Problem:    Vim9: using assert_fails() causes function to finish.
Solution:   Check did_emsg instead of called_emsg.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.0707
Problem:    Vim9 function test fails.
Solution:   Adjust expected error code.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0708
Problem:    Vim9: constant expressions are not simplified.
Solution:   Simplify string concatenation.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.0709
Problem:    MS-Windows: compiler warning for int vs size_t.
Solution:   Add type cast. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0710
Problem:    Netbeans test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Mark any test using an external command as flaky.
Files:      src/testdir/shared.vim

Patch 8.2.0711
Problem:    With a long running Vim the temp directory might be cleared on
            some systems.
Solution:   Lock the temp directory. (closes #6044)
Files:      src/, src/, src/auto/configure,
            src/fileio.c, src/globals.h, src/os_unix.h

Patch 8.2.0712
Problem:    Various code not fully tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6049)
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_options.vim,
            src/testdir/test_system.vim, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.0713
Problem:    The pam_environment file is not recognized.
Solution:   Add a filetype pattern for pamenv. (closes #6051)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0714
Problem:    Vim9: handling constant expression does not scale.
Solution:   Use another solution, passing typval_T.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0715
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory.
Solution:   Free strings after concatenating them.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0716
Problem:    Vim9: another memory leak.
Solution:   Clear typval when failing.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0717
Problem:    Vim9: postponed constant expressions does not scale.
Solution:   Add a structure to pass around postponed constants.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0718
Problem:    Gcc warning for returning pointer to local variable. (John
Solution:   Return another pointer.
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.0719
Problem:    Vim9: more expressions can be evaluated at compile time
Solution:   Recognize has('name').
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.0720
Problem:    Occasional exit when encountering an X error. (Manfred Lotz)
Solution:   On an X error do not exit, do preserve files.
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0721
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory when skipping.
Solution:   Disable skipping in generate_ppconst().
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0722
Problem:    Vim9: not handling constant expression for elseif.
Solution:   Use postponed constants.  Delete the code for evaluating a
            constant expression.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0723
Problem:    Vim9: nested constant expression not evaluated compile time.
Solution:   Use compile_expr1() for parenthesis.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0724
Problem:    Vim9: appending to buffer/window/tab variable not tested
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0725
Problem:    Vim9: cannot call a function declared later in Vim9 script.
Solution:   Make two passes through the script file.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/proto/, src/vim9script.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/proto/,
            src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/vim.h,

Patch 8.2.0726
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory when calling not compiled :def function.
Solution:   Check if function is compiled earlier.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0727
Problem:    MS-Windows: new gcc compiler does not support scanf format.
Solution:   Use "%ll" instead of "%I". (Ken Takata)
Files:      src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0728
Problem:    Messages about a deadly signal are not left aligned.
Solution:   Output a CR before the NL. (Dominique Pellé, #6055)
Files:      src/misc1.c, src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0729
Problem:    Vim9: When reloading a script variables are not cleared.
Solution:   When sourcing a script again clear all script-local variables.
Files:      src/dict.c, src/proto/, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.0730
Problem:    Vim9: Assignment to dict member does not work.
Solution:   Parse dict assignment. Implement getting dict member.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/globals.h,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,

Patch 8.2.0731
Problem:    Vim9: parsing declarations continues after :finish.
Solution:   Bail out when encountering :finish.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0732
Problem:    Vim9: storing value in dict messes up stack.
Solution:   Correct item count of stack.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0733
Problem:    Vim9: assigning to dict or list argument does not work.
Solution:   Recognize an argument as assignment target.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0734
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory when using :finish.
Solution:   Do not check for next line in third pass.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.0735
Problem:    Vim9: using uninitialized memory.
Solution:   Clear the arg_lvar field.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0736
Problem:    Some files not recognized as pamenv.
Solution:   Add pam_inv.conf. (closes #6065)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0737
Problem:    When shell doesn't support CTRL-Z Vim still handles it.
Solution:   Ignore the STOP signal if it was ignored on startup.
            (Kurtis Rader, closes #5990, closes #6058)
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0738
Problem:    Mouse handling in a terminal window not well tested.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6052)
Files:      src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/test_gui.vim,
            src/testdir/test_modeless.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0739
Problem:    Incomplete profiling when exiting because of a deadly signal.
Solution:   Call __gcov_flush() if available.
Files:      src/os_unix.c, src/Makefile, .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.0740
Problem:    Minor message mistakes.
Solution:   Change vim to Vim and other fixes.
Files:      src/if_py_both.h, src/if_tcl.c, src/main.c

Patch 8.2.0741
Problem:    Python tests fail because of changed message.
Solution:   Adjust the expected messages (Dominique Pellé, closes #6066)
Files:      src/testdir/test86.ok, src/testdir/test87.ok

Patch 8.2.0742
Problem:    Handling of a TERM signal not tested.
Solution:   Add a test for SIGTERM. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6055)
Files:      src/testdir/test_signals.vim

Patch 8.2.0743
Problem:    Can move to another buffer from a terminal in popup window.
Solution:   Do not allow "gf" or editing a file. (closes #6072)
Files:      src/normal.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0744
Problem:    The name vim is not capitalized in a message.
Solution:   Use "Vim" instead of "vim".
Files:      src/main.c

Patch 8.2.0745
Problem:    Crash on exit when not all popups are closed.
Solution:   Close popups when freeing all memory.  Disable checking for popup
            when editing a file for now.
Files:      src/misc2.c, src/ex_cmds.c

Patch 8.2.0746
Problem:    popup_clear() hangs when a popup can't be closed.
Solution:   Bail out when a popup can't be closed.
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0747
Problem:    Cannot forcefully close all popups.
Solution:   Add the "force" argument to popup_clear().  Use it after running a
            test.  Put back the check for a popup when editing a file.
Files:      runtime/doc/popup.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/popupwin.c,
            src/proto/, src/tag.c, src/window.c, src/misc2.c,
            src/ex_cmds.c, src/channel.c, src/testdir/runtest.vim,

Patch 8.2.0748
Problem:    Cannot get a list of all popups.
Solution:   Add popup_list().  Use it in the test runner.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/popup.txt, src/popupwin.c,
            src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/runtest.vim

Patch 8.2.0749
Problem:    TERM signal test fails on FreeBSD.
Solution:   Do not check the messages, the may appear anywhere. (Dominique
            Pellé, closes #6075)
Files:      src/testdir/test_signals.vim

Patch 8.2.0750
Problem:    Netbeans test is a bit flaky.
Solution:   Allow for standard sign to be defined.  Use WaitForAssert().
Files:      src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim

Patch 8.2.0751
Problem:    Vim9: performance can be improved.
Solution:   Don't call break.  Inline check for list materialize.  Make an
            inline version of ga_grow().
Files:      src/macros.h, src/evalfunc.c, src/misc2.c,
            src/proto/, src/channel.c, src/eval.c, src/evalbuffer.c,
            src/evalvars.c, src/filepath.c, src/highlight.c, src/insexpand.c,
            src/json.c, src/list.c, src/popupmenu.c, src/popupwin.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.0752
Problem:    Terminal in popup window test is a bit flaky.
Solution:   Wait for shell job status to be "run".  Mark as flaky test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0753
Problem:    Vim9: expressions are evaluated in the discovery phase.
Solution:   Bail out if an expression is not a constant.  Require a type for
            declared constants.
Files:      src/vim.h, src/evalvars.c, src/eval.c, src/ex_eval.c,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/userfunc.c, src/dict.c, src/list.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0754
Problem:    Vim9: No test for forward declaration.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0755
Problem:    Vim9: No error when variable initializer is not a constant.
Solution:   Return FAIL when trying to get a variable value.  Do not execute a
            script when an error is detected in the first or second phase.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9script.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0756 (after 8.2.0249)
Problem:    MS-Windows: still a compiler warning.
Solution:   Move flag to another place in the Makefile. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6083)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0757
Problem:    Vim9: no test for MEMBER instruction.
Solution:   Add a test.  Make matches stricter.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0758
Problem:    Vim9: no test for STORELIST and STOREDICT.
Solution:   Add a test.  Make matches stricter.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.0759 (after 8.2.0751)
Problem:    Vim9: missing changes for performance improvements
Solution:   Use GA_GROW().  Don't call breakcheck so often.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0760
Problem:    Vim9: dict member errors not tested.
Solution:   Delete unreachable error.  Add tests.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0761
Problem:    Vim9: instructions not tested
Solution:   Use a variable instead of a constant.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0762
Problem:    Buffer is not considered modified after setting crypt key.
Solution:   Set the modified flag. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6082)
Files:      src/optionstr.c, src/testdir/test_crypt.vim

Patch 8.2.0763
Problem:    GUI test fails without the terminal feature.
Solution:   Check the terminal feature is supported. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6084)
Files:      src/testdir/test_gui.vim

Patch 8.2.0764
Problem:    Vim9: assigning to option not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases. Allow using any type for assignment.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.0765
Problem:    In the GUI can't use all the modifiers. (Andri Möll)
Solution:   Do not apply Alt/Meta early, do it later like with the terminal.
            Avoid the Motif test from crashing.
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c, src/gui_x11.c, src/gui_mac.c, src/gui_w32.c,

Patch 8.2.0766
Problem:    Display error when using 'number' and 'breakindent'.
Solution:   Adjust extra spaces in the first row. (Ken Takata, closes #6089,
            closes #5986)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/test_breakindent.vim

Patch 8.2.0767
Problem:    ModifyOtherKeys active when using a shell command in autocmd.
Solution:   Output T_CTE when going to cooked mode. (closes 5617)
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0768
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak in script test.
Solution:   Clear typval before giving an error message.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.0769
Problem:    VimLeavePre not triggered when Vim is terminated.
Solution:   Unblock autocommands.
Files:      src/main.c, src/testdir/test_signals.vim

Patch 8.2.0770
Problem:    Cannot map CTRL-B when using the GUI.
Solution:   Reset the CTRL modifier when used. (closes #6092)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.0771
Problem:    Vim9: cannot call a compiled closure from not compiled code.
Solution:   Pass funcexe to call_user_func().
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/proto/,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.0772
Problem:    Vim9: some variable initializations not tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0773
Problem:    Switching to raw mode every time ":" is used.
Solution:   When executing a shell set cur_tmode to TMODE_UNKNOWN, so that the
            next time TMODE_RAW is used it is set, but not every time.
Files:      src/term.h, src/os_unix.c, src/term.c, src/os_amiga.c,

Patch 8.2.0774
Problem:    t_TI and t_TE are output when using 'visualbell'. (Dominique
Solution:   Do not change the terminal mode for a short sleep.  Do not output
            t_TI and t_TE when switching to/from TMODE_SLEEP. Make tmode an
Files:      src/os_unix.c, src/proto/, src/os_amiga.c,
            src/proto/, src/os_mswin.c, src/proto/,
            src/os_vms.c, src/proto/, src/os_win32.c,
            src/proto/, src/term.c, src/term.h, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.0775
Problem:    Not easy to call a Vim function from Lua.
Solution:   Add and vim.fn(). (Prabir Shrestha, closes #6063)
Files:      runtime/doc/if_lua.txt, src/if_lua.c, src/testdir/test_lua.vim

Patch 8.2.0776
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revision 719.
Files:      Filelist, src/libvterm/README, src/libvterm/Makefile,
            src/libvterm/, src/libvterm/src/,

Patch 8.2.0777 (after 8.2.0776)
Problem:    Terminal test fails.
Solution:   Adjust character position for double-wide characters.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0778
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 720 - 723.
Files:      src/libvterm/t/10state_putglyph.test, src/libvterm/Makefile,
            src/libvterm/t/, src/libvterm/src/state.c,

Patch 8.2.0779
Problem:    Tmode_T not used everywhere.
Solution:   Also use tmode_T for settmode().
Files:      src/term.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0780
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 724 - 726.
Files:      Filelist, src/libvterm/t/40screen_ascii.test,
            src/libvterm/t/68screen_termprops.test, src/libvterm/t/30pen.test,
            src/libvterm/t/30state_pen.test, src/libvterm/t/92lp1805050.test,
            src/libvterm/t/31state_rep.test, src/libvterm/doc/seqs.txt

Patch 8.2.0781 (after 8.2.0775)
Problem:    Compiler warning for not using value in Lua.
Solution:   Add "(void)".
Files:      src/if_lua.c

Patch 8.2.0782
Problem:    Cannot build with Lua on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Add DLL symbol for luaL_Loadstring. (Ken Takata)
Files:      src/if_lua.c

Patch 8.2.0783
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 728 - 729.
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Makefile,
            src/libvterm/src/keyboard.c, src/libvterm/t/25state_input.test,
            src/libvterm/t/harness.c, src/libvterm/src/vterm.c,

Patch 8.2.0784
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 730 - 733.
Files:      src/libvterm/src/vterm.c, src/libvterm/src/state.c,
            src/libvterm/include/vterm.h, src/libvterm/src/vterm_internal.h,

Patch 8.2.0785
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 734 - 740.
Files:      src/libvterm/include/vterm.h, src/libvterm/src/pen.c,
            src/libvterm/src/vterm.c, src/libvterm/doc/seqs.txt,
            src/libvterm/t/30state_pen.test, src/libvterm/t/,
            src/libvterm/Makefile, src/libvterm/CONTRIBUTING

Patch 8.2.0786
Problem:    Channel test is flaky on FreeBSD.
Solution:   Set the socket TCP_NODELAY option. Adjust expected line count in
            netbeans test. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6097)
Files:      src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim

Patch 8.2.0787
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 741 - 742.
Files:      Filelist, src/libvterm/src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.0788
Problem:    Memory leak in libvterm.
Solution:   free tmpbuffer.
Files:      src/libvterm/src/vterm.c

Patch 8.2.0789
Problem:    Vim9: expression testing lost coverage using constants.
Solution:   Use a few variables instead of constants.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.0790
Problem:    Vim9: list index not well tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0791
Problem:    A second popup window with terminal causes trouble.
Solution:   Disallow opening a second terminal-popup window. (closes #6101,
            closes #6103) Avoid defaulting to an invalid line number.
Files:      runtime/doc/popup.txt, src/popupwin.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0792
Problem:    Build failure with small features.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.0793
Problem:    MS-Windows: cannot build GUI with small features. (Michael Soyka)
Solution:   Add #ifdef around use of windowsVersion. (Ken Takata)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.0794
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 743 - 747.
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c, src/libvterm/src/screen.c,
            src/libvterm/src/vterm_internal.h, src/libvterm/include/vterm.h,
            src/libvterm/t/67screen_dbl_wh.test, src/libvterm/t/

Patch 8.2.0795
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 748 - 754.
Files:      src/libvterm/include/vterm.h, src/libvterm/src/screen.c,
            src/libvterm/src/state.c, src/libvterm/t/32state_flow.test,
            src/libvterm/t/63screen_resize.test, src/libvterm/t/harness.c,

Patch 8.2.0796
Problem:    MS-Windows: compiler can't handle C99 construct in libvterm.
Solution:   Change to C90 construct.
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c

Patch 8.2.0797
Problem:    MS-Windows: compiler still can't handle C99 construct.
Solution:   Change to C90 construct. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6106)
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c

Patch 8.2.0798
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 755 - 758.
Files:      src/libvterm/t/, src/libvterm/src/screen.c,
            src/libvterm/t/harness.c, src/libvterm/include/vterm.h,
            src/libvterm/src/parser.c, src/libvterm/src/state.c,
            src/libvterm/src/vterm.c, src/libvterm/src/vterm_internal.h,
            src/libvterm/t/68screen_termprops.test, src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.0799
Problem:    Build fails if snprintf is not available.
Solution:   Use vim_snprintf().
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c

Patch 8.2.0800
Problem:    Errors from failing test are unclear.
Solution:   Include text where parsing failed.
Files:      src/json.c, src/testdir/test_json.vim

Patch 8.2.0801
Problem:    Terminal test fails on Mac.
Solution:   Concatenate OSC pieces.
Files:      src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.0802
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 759 - 762.
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/libvterm/doc/seqs.txt,
            src/libvterm/include/vterm.h, src/libvterm/src/pen.c,
            src/libvterm/src/screen.c, src/libvterm/src/state.c,
            src/libvterm/src/vterm.c, src/libvterm/src/vterm_internal.h,
            src/libvterm/t/harness.c, src/libvterm/t/12state_scroll.test

Patch 8.2.0803
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revisions 764 - 767
Files:      src/Makefile, src/libvterm/src/parser.c,
            src/libvterm/src/vterm_internal.h, src/libvterm/t/02parser.test,
            src/libvterm/t/, src/libvterm/,

Patch 8.2.0804
Problem:    Libvterm code lags behind the upstream version.
Solution:   Include revision 727, but add the index instead of switching
            between RGB and indexed.
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/term.c, src/libvterm/include/vterm.h,
            src/libvterm/src/pen.c, src/libvterm/src/screen.c,
            src/libvterm/t/harness.c, src/libvterm/src/state.c,

Patch 8.2.0805
Problem:    Terminal key codes test fails on some systems.
Solution:   Skip keypad 3 and 9. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6070)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0806
Problem:    using "func!" after vim9script gives confusing error.
Solution:   Give E477. (closes #6107)
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0807
Problem:    Cannot easily restore a mapping.
Solution:   Add mapset().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/map.c, src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0808
Problem:    Not enough testing for the terminal window.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6069)  Fix memory
Files:      src/testdir/test_gui.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.0809
Problem:    Build failure with small features. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Move "expr" inside #ifdef.
Files:      src/map.c

Patch 8.2.0810
Problem:    Error when appending "tagfile" to 'wildoptions'.
Solution:   use flags P_ONECOMMA and P_NODUP. (Dmitri Vereshchagin,
            closes #6105)
Files:      src/optiondefs.h, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.0811
Problem:    Terminal keycode test is flaky.
Solution:   Use WaitForAssert()
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0812
Problem:    mapset() does not properly handle <> notation.
Solution:   Convert <> codes. (closes #6116)
Files:      src/map.c, src/testdir/test_maparg.vim

Patch 8.2.0813
Problem:    libvterm code is slightly different from upstream.
Solution:   Use upstream text to avoid future merge problems.  Mainly comment
            style changes.
Files:      src/libvterm/include/vterm.h, src/libvterm/src/rect.h,
            src/libvterm/src/utf8.h, src/libvterm/src/vterm_internal.h,
            src/libvterm/src/encoding.c, src/libvterm/src/keyboard.c,
            src/libvterm/src/mouse.c, src/libvterm/src/parser.c,
            src/libvterm/src/pen.c, src/libvterm/src/screen.c,
            src/libvterm/src/state.c, src/libvterm/src/unicode.c,

Patch 8.2.0814
Problem:    Clang warning for implicit conversion.
Solution:   Add type cast. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6124)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0815
Problem:    maparg() does not provide enough information for mapset().
Solution:   Add "lhsraw" and "lhsrawalt" items.  Drop "simplified"
Files:      src/map.c, runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/testdir/test_maparg.vim

Patch 8.2.0816
Problem:    Terminal test fails when compiled with Athena.
Solution:   Do give an error when the GUI is not running. (hint by Dominique
            Pellé, closes #5928, closes #6132)
Files:      src/globals.h, src/gui.c, src/term.c, src/channel.c,

Patch 8.2.0817
Problem:    Not enough memory allocated when converting string with special
Solution:   Reserve space for modifier code. (closes #6130)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0818
Problem:    Vim9: using a discovery phase doesn't work well.
Solution:   Remove the discovery phase, instead compile a function only when
            it is used.  Add :defcompile to compile def functions earlier.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9script.c, src/structs.h,
            src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/eval.c,
            src/evalvars.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c, src/ex_cmds.h,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_cmdidxs.h, src/vim.h, src/testdir/vim9.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0819
Problem:    Compiler warning for unused variable.
Solution:   Remove the variable.
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.0820
Problem:    Vim9: function type isn't set until compiled.
Solution:   Set function type early.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/userfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.0821
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak in expr test.
Solution:   Do not decrement the length of the list of functions if the
            current function is not at the end.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.0822
Problem:    Vim9: code left over from discovery phase.
Solution:   Remove the dead code.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/proto/, src/ex_cmds.h,
            src/evalvars.c, src/proto/, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0823
Problem:    Vim9: script reload test is disabled.
Solution:   Compile a function in the context of the script where it was
            defined.  Set execution stack for compiled function.  Add a test
            that an error is reported for the right file/function.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/proto/, src/userfunc.c, src/globals.h,
            src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_eval.c,

Patch 8.2.0824 (after 8.2.0817)
Problem:    Still not enough memory allocated when converting string with
            special character.
Solution:   Reserve space for expanding K_SPECIAL. (closes #6130)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0825
Problem:    def_function() may return pointer that was freed.
Solution:   Set "fp" to NULL after freeing it.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0826
Problem:    Vim9: crash in :defcompile.
Solution:   Restart the loop after a call to compile_def_function() caused the
            hash table to resize.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0827
Problem:    Vim9: crash in :defcompile.
Solution:   Fix off-by-one error.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.0828
Problem:    Travis: regexp pattern doesn't work everywhere.
Solution:   Use [:blank:] instead of \b. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6146)
Files:      .travis.yml, ci/, ci/,
            ci/, src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.0829
Problem:    filter() may give misleading error message.
Solution:   Also mention Blob as an allowed argument.
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim

Patch 8.2.0830
Problem:    Motif: can't map "!". (Ben Jackson)
Solution:   Remove the shift modifier if it's already included in the key.
            (closes #6147)
Files:      src/gui_x11.c

Patch 8.2.0831
Problem:    Compiler warnings for integer sizes.
Solution:   Add type casts. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/libvterm/src/pen.c, src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.0832
Problem:    Compiler warning for uninitialized variable. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Add initial value.
Files:      src/map.c

Patch 8.2.0833
Problem:    Mapping <C-bslash> doesn't work in the GUI.
Solution:   Reset seenModifyOtherKeys when starting the GUI. (closes #6150)
Files:      src/gui.c

Patch 8.2.0834
Problem:    :drop command in terminal popup causes problems.
Solution:   Check for using a popup window. (closes #6151)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0835
Problem:    Motif: mapping <C-bslash> still doesn't work.
Solution:   Accept CSI for K_SPECIAL.  Do not apply CTRL to the character
            early.  (closes #6150)
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/gui_x11.c

Patch 8.2.0836
Problem:    Not all :cdo output is visible.
Solution:   Reset 'shortmess' temporarily. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6155)
Files:      src/ex_cmds2.c, src/testdir/test_cdo.vim

Patch 8.2.0837
Problem:    Compiler warning for value set but not used.
Solution:   Move variable inside #ifdef.
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0838
Problem:    MS-Windows: compiler warning for uninitialized variables.
Solution:   Initialize variables.
Files:      src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.0839
Problem:    Dropping modifier when putting a character back in typeahead.
Solution:   Add modifier to ins_char_typebuf(). (closes #6158)
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/proto/, src/message.c, src/normal.c,
            src/terminal.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0840
Problem:    Search match count wrong when only match is in fold.
Solution:   Update search stats when in a closed fold. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #6160, closes #6152)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/dumps/Test_searchstat_3.dump,

Patch 8.2.0841
Problem:    'verbose' value 16 causes duplicate output.
Solution:   Combine levels 15 and 16 into one message. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #6153)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0842 (after 8.2.0837)
Problem:    MS-Windows: channel tests fail.
Solution:   Adjust #ifdefs. (closes #6162)
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.0843
Problem:    Filetype elm not detected.
Solution:   Recognize *.elm files. (closes #6157)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0844
Problem:    Text properties crossing lines not handled correctly.
Solution:   When saving for undo include an extra line when needed and do not
            adjust properties when undoing. (Axel Forsman, closes #5875)
Files:      src/memline.c, src/proto/, src/undo.c, src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.0845
Problem:    Text properties crossing lines not handled correctly.
Solution:   When joining lines merge text properties if possible.
            (Axel Forsman, closes #5839, closes #5683)
Files:      src/testdir/test_textprop.vim, src/memline.c, src/ops.c,
            src/proto/, src/textprop.c,

Patch 8.2.0846
Problem:    Build failure with small features.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/undo.c

Patch 8.2.0847
Problem:    Typval related code is spread out.
Solution:   Move code to new typval.c file. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6093)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/eval.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/globals.h, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/proto/, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0848
Problem:    MS-Windows: the Windows terminal code has some flaws.
Solution:   Do not redraw the right edge of the screen.  Remove the background
            color trick.  Flush the screen output buffer often.  (Nobuhiro
            Takasaki, #5546)
Files:      src/os_win32.c, src/proto/, src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0849
Problem:    BeOS code is not maintained and probably unused.
Solution:   Remove the BeOS code. (Emir Sarı, closes #5817)
Files:      Filelist, src/Makefile, src/, src/auto/configure,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/normal.c, src/os_beos.c, src/os_beos.h,
            src/os_beos.rsrc, src/os_unix.c, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/pty.c, src/screen.c, src/term.c,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/ui.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.0850
Problem:    MS-Windows: exepath() works differently from cmd.exe.
Solution:   Make exepath() work better on MS-Windows. (closes #6115)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/os_win32.c,

Patch 8.2.0851 (after 8.2.0833)
Problem:    Can't distinguish <M-a> from accented "a" in the GUI.
Solution:   Use another way to make mapping <C-bslash> work. (closes #6163)
Files:      src/gui.c, src/gui_gtk_x11.c, src/getchar.c

Patch 8.2.0852
Problem:    Cannot map CTRL-S on some systems.
Solution:   Do not use CTRL-S for flow control.
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0853
Problem:    ml_delete() often called with FALSE argument.
Solution:   Use ml_delete_flags(x, ML_DEL_MESSAGE) when argument is TRUE.
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/change.c, src/diff.c, src/evalbuffer.c,
            src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/fileio.c, src/if_lua.c,
            src/if_mzsch.c, src/if_ruby.c, src/if_tcl.c, src/normal.c,
            src/popupmenu.c, src/popupwin.c, src/quickfix.c, src/spell.c,
            src/terminal.c, src/if_perl.xs, src/if_py_both.h, src/memline.c,

Patch 8.2.0854
Problem:    Xxd cannot show offset as a decimal number.
Solution:   Add the "-d" flag. (Aapo Rantalainen, closes #5616)
Files:      src/testdir/test_xxd.vim, src/xxd/xxd.c

Patch 8.2.0855
Problem:    GUI tests fail because the test doesn't use a modifier.
Solution:   Add "\{xxx}" to be able to encode a modifier.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/typval.c, src/misc2.c, src/vim.h,
            src/proto/, src/gui_mac.c, src/option.c, src/highlight.c,
            src/term.c, src/testdir/test_backspace_opt.vim,
            src/testdir/test_mapping.vim, src/testdir/test_messages.vim

Patch 8.2.0856 (after 8.2.0852)
Problem:    CTRL-S stops output.
Solution:   Invert the IXON flag. (closes #6166)
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.0857
Problem:    GTK cell height can be a pixel too much.
Solution:   Subtract 3 instead of 1 when rounding. (closes #6168)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.0858
Problem:    Not easy to require Lua modules.
Solution:   Improve use of Lua path. (Prabir Shrestha, closes #6098)
Files:      Filelist, src/if_lua.c, src/optionstr.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0859
Problem:    No Turkish translation of the manual.
Solution:   Add Turkish translations. (Emir Sarı, closes #5641)
Files:      Filelist, runtime/doc/Makefile, runtime/doc/evim-tr.1,
            runtime/doc/evim-tr.UTF-8.1, runtime/doc/vim-tr.1,
            runtime/doc/vim-tr.UTF-8.1, runtime/doc/vimdiff-tr.1,
            runtime/doc/vimdiff-tr.UTF-8.1, runtime/doc/vimtutor-tr.1,
            runtime/doc/vimtutor-tr.UTF-8.1, src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0860
Problem:    Cannot use CTRL-A and CTRL-X on unsigned numbers.
Solution:   Add "unsigned" to 'nrformats'. (Naruhiko Nishino, closes #6144)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/ops.c, src/optionstr.c,

Patch 8.2.0861
Problem:    Cannot easily get all the current marks.
Solution:   Add getmarklist(). (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6032)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/mark.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_marks.vim

Patch 8.2.0862
Problem:    ":term ++curwin" makes the current buffer hidden. (Harm te
Solution:   Do not hide the current buffer. (closes #6170)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.0863
Problem:    Cannot set a separate color for underline/undercurl.
Solution:   Add the t_AU and t_8u termcap codes. (Timur Celik, closes #6011)
Files:      runtime/doc/syntax.txt, runtime/doc/term.txt, src/globals.h,
            src/highlight.c, src/optiondefs.h, src/proto/,
            src/screen.c, src/structs.h, src/term.c, src/term.h,

Patch 8.2.0864
Problem:    Pragmas are indented all the way to the left.
Solution:   Add an option to indent pragmas like normal code. (Max Rumpf,
            closes #5468)
Files:      runtime/doc/indent.txt, src/cindent.c, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.0865
Problem:    Syntax foldlevel is taken from the start of the line.
Solution:   Add ":syn foldlevel" to be able to use the minimal foldlevel in
            the line. (Brad King, closes #6087)
Files:      runtime/doc/syntax.txt, src/structs.h, src/syntax.c,

Patch 8.2.0866
Problem:    Not enough tests for buffer writing.
Solution:   Add more tests. Use CheckRunVimInTerminal in more places.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6167)
Files:      src/testdir/test_arglist.vim, src/testdir/test_match.vim,
            src/testdir/test_messages.vim, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim, src/testdir/test_search.vim,
            src/testdir/test_signals.vim, src/testdir/test_signs.vim,
            src/testdir/test_startup.vim, src/testdir/test_startup_utf8.vim,
            src/testdir/test_syntax.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,
            src/testdir/test_timers.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,

Patch 8.2.0867
Problem:    Using \{xxx} for encoding a modifier is not nice.
Solution:   Use \<*xxx> instead, since it's the same as \<xxx> but producing a
            different code.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/typval.c, src/misc2.c, src/vim.h,
            src/testdir/test_backspace_opt.vim, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim,

Patch 8.2.0868
Problem:    trim() always trims both ends.
Solution:   Add an argument to only trim the beginning or end. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #6126)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.0869
Problem:    It is not possible to customize the quickfix window contents.
Solution:   Add 'quickfixtextfunc'. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #5465)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/options.txt,
            runtime/doc/quickfix.txt, src/option.h, src/optiondefs.h,
            src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.0870
Problem:    MS-Windows: Control keys don't work in the GUI.
Solution:   Don't set seenModifyOtherKeys for now. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto,
            closes #6175)
Files:      src/gui.c

Patch 8.2.0871
Problem:    Cannot use getmarklist() as a method.
Solution:   Make getmarklist() work as a method.  Add one to the column
            number to match getpos(). (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6176)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/mark.c,

Patch 8.2.0872
Problem:    XIM code is mixed with multibyte code.
Solution:   Move the XIM code to a separate file. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6177)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/gui_xim.c,
            src/mbyte.c, src/proto.h, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0873
Problem:    A .jl file can be sawfish (lisp) or Julia.
Solution:   Do not recognize *.jl as lisp, since it might be Julia.
            (closes #6178)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0874
Problem:    Signals test is a bit flaky.
Solution:   Flush the XautoOut file.  Delete files that may be left behind
            from a failure. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6179)
Files:      src/testdir/test_signals.vim

Patch 8.2.0875
Problem:    Getting attributes for directory entries is slow.
Solution:   Add readdirex(). (Ken Takata, closes #5619)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/fileio.c, src/filepath.c, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0876
Problem:    :pwd does not give a hint about the scope of the directory
Solution:   Make ":verbose pwd" show the scope. (Takuya Fujiwara, closes #5469)
Files:      runtime/doc/editing.txt, src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_cd.vim

Patch 8.2.0877
Problem:    Cannot get the search statistics.
Solution:   Add the searchcount() function. (Fujiwara Takuya, closes #4446)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/macros.h,
            src/proto/, src/search.c,

Patch 8.2.0878
Problem:    No reduce() function.
Solution:   Add a reduce() function. (closes #5481)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/globals.h, src/list.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.0879
Problem:    Compiler warning for unused function argument.
Solution:   Add UNUSED.
Files:      src/search.c

Patch 8.2.0880 (after 8.2.0877)
Problem:    Leaking memory when using searchcount().
Solution:   Free the last used search pattern.
Files:      src/search.c

Patch 8.2.0881
Problem:    Compiler warning for argument type.
Solution:   Add type cast. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/ops.c

Patch 8.2.0882
Problem:    Leaking memory when using reduce().
Solution:   Free the intermediate value.
Files:      src/list.c

Patch 8.2.0883
Problem:    Memory leak in test 49.
Solution:   Free "sfile" from the exception.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.0884
Problem:    Searchcount() test fails on slower systems.
Solution:   Set a longer timeout.
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim

Patch 8.2.0885
Problem:    "make shadow" does not link new lua test dir.
Solution:   Also link testdir/testluaplugin. (Elimar Riesebieter)
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0886
Problem:    Cannot use octal numbers in scriptversion 4.
Solution:   Add the "0o" notation. (Ken Takata, closes #5304)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/charset.c, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,

Patch 8.2.0887
Problem:    Searchcount().exact_match is 1 right after a match.
Solution:   Use LT_POS() instead of LTOREQ_POS(). (closes #6189)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim

Patch 8.2.0888
Problem:    Readdirex() returns size -2 for a directory.
Solution:   Add missing "else". (Ken Takata, closes #6185)
Files:      src/fileio.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0889
Problem:    Using old style comments.
Solution:   Use // comments. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6190)
Files:      src/gui_xim.c

Patch 8.2.0890
Problem:    No color in terminal window when 'termguicolors' is set.
Solution:   Clear the underline color. (closes #6186)
Files:      src/highlight.c

Patch 8.2.0891
Problem:    Clang warns for invalid conversion.
Solution:   Use zero instead of INVALCOLOR.
Files:      src/highlight.c

Patch 8.2.0892
Problem:    Ubsan warns for undefined behavior.
Solution:   Use unsigned instead of signed variable. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #6193)
Files:      src/regexp_nfa.c

Patch 8.2.0893
Problem:    Assert_equalfile() does not take a third argument.
Solution:   Implement the third argument. (Gary Johnson)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/testing.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_assert.vim, src/testing.c

Patch 8.2.0894
Problem:    :mkspell can take very long if the word count is high.
Solution:   Use long to avoid negative numbers.  Increase the limits by 20% if
            the compression did not have effect.
Files:      src/spellfile.c

Patch 8.2.0895
Problem:    :mkspell output does not mention the tree type.
Solution:   Back out increasing the limits, it has no effect.  Mention the
            tree being compressed.  Only give a message once per second.
Files:      src/spellfile.c

Patch 8.2.0896
Problem:    Crash when calling searchcount() with a string.
Solution:   Check the argument is a dict. (closes #6192)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim

Patch 8.2.0897
Problem:    List of functions in patched version is outdated.
Solution:   Update the function lists only.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt

Patch 8.2.0898
Problem:    Missing help for a function goes unnoticed.
Solution:   Add a test. (Gary Johnson)
Files:      src/testdir/test_function_lists.vim, src/testdir/Make_all.mak

Patch 8.2.0899
Problem:    Assert_equalfile() does not give a hint about the difference.
Solution:   Display the last seen text.
Files:      src/testing.c, src/testdir/test_assert.vim

Patch 8.2.0900
Problem:    Function list test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Make sure the fileformat is "unix"
Files:      src/testdir/test_function_lists.vim

Patch 8.2.0901
Problem:    Formatting CJK text isn't optimal.
Solution:   Properly break CJK lines. (closes #3875)
Files:      runtime/doc/change.txt, src/mbyte.c, src/ops.c, src/option.h,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/textformat.c,

Patch 8.2.0902
Problem:    Using searchcount() in 'statusline' causes an error.
Solution:   Avoid saving/restoring the search pattern recursively.
            (closes #6194)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim,

Patch 8.2.0903
Problem:    comparing WINVER does not work correctly.
Solution:   Use arithmetic expansion. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6197)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak

Patch 8.2.0904
Problem:    Assuming modifyOtherKeys for rhs of mapping.
Solution:   Ignore seenModifyOtherKeys for mapped characters. (closes #6200)
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/testdir/test_gui.vim

Patch 8.2.0905
Problem:    Test coverage could be better.
Solution:   Add a couple of tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6202)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_ga.vim

Patch 8.2.0906
Problem:    When setting 'termguicolors' SpellBad is no longer red.
Solution:   Only use the RGB guisp color for cterm when using the "underline"
            or "undercurl" attributes to avoid the background color to be
            cleared. Also make t_8u empty when the termresponse indicates a
            real xterm. (closes #6207)
Files:      src/highlight.c, src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0907
Problem:    When using :global clipboard isn't set correctly.
Solution:   Set "clip_unnamed_saved" instead of "clip_unnamed". (Christian
            Brabandt, closes #6203, closes #6198)
Files:      src/clipboard.c, src/testdir/test_global.vim

Patch 8.2.0908
Problem:    Crash when changing the function table while listing it.
Solution:   Bail out when the function table changes. (closes #6209)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_timers.vim

Patch 8.2.0909
Problem:    Cannot go back to the previous local directory.
Solution:   Add "tcd -" and "lcd -". (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #4362)
Files:      runtime/doc/editing.txt, src/filepath.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_cd.vim, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.0910
Problem:    Vim is not reproducibly buildable.
Solution:   Use the $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable in configure.
            (James McCoy, closes #513)  Give a warning about using it.
Files:      src/, src/, src/,
            src/auto/configure, src/version.c, src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0911
Problem:    Crash when opening a buffer for the cmdline window fails. (Chris
Solution:   Check do_ecmd() succeeds.  Reset got_int if "q" was used at the
            more prompt. (closes #6211)
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,

Patch 8.2.0912
Problem:    A few test cases for CJK formatting are disabled.
Solution:   Fix the tests and enable them. (closes #6212)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cjk_linebreak.vim

Patch 8.2.0913
Problem:    Code for resetting v:register is duplicated.
Solution:   Add reset_reg_var().
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/proto/, src/main.c, src/normal.c

Patch 8.2.0914
Problem:    MS-Windows: cannot specify a "modified by" text.
Solution:   Add MODIFIED_BY in the MSVC build file.  (Chen Lei, closes #1275)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak

Patch 8.2.0915
Problem:    Search() cannot skip over matches like searchpair() can.
Solution:   Add an optional "skip" argument. (Christian Brabandt, closes #861)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim,
            src/structs.h, src/evalvars.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0916
Problem:    Mapping with partly modifyOtherKeys code does not work.
Solution:   If there is no mapping with a separate modifier include the
            modifier in the key and then try mapping again. (closes #6200)
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/proto/, src/edit.c, src/term.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.0917
Problem:    Quickfix entries do not support a "note" type.
Solution:   Add support for "note". (partly by Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #5527, closes #6216)
Files:      runtime/doc/quickfix.txt, src/quickfix.c,

Patch 8.2.0918
Problem:    Duplicate code for evaluating expression argument.
Solution:   Merge the code and make the use more flexible.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.0919
Problem:    Merging modifier for modifyOtherKeys is done twice.
Solution:   Remove the merging done in vgetc().
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/ex_getln.c

Patch 8.2.0920
Problem:    Writing viminfo fails with a circular reference.
Solution:   Use copyID to detect the cycle. (closes #6217)
Files:      src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim, src/viminfo.c

Patch 8.2.0921
Problem:    CTRL-W T in cmdline window causes trouble.
Solution:   Disallow CTRL-W T in the cmdline window.  Add more tests.
            (Naruhiko Nishino, closes #6219)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.0922
Problem:    Search test fails.
Solution:   Remove failure tests for calls that no longer fail.
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.0923
Problem:    Cmdline test is slow.
Solution:   Use WaitForAssert().
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.0924
Problem:    Cannot save and restore a register properly.
Solution:   Add getreginfo() and make setreg() accept a dictionary. (Andy
            Massimino, closes #3370)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/register.c,
            src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim, src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.0925
Problem:    Getcompletion() does not return command line arguments.
Solution:   Add the "cmdline" option. (Shougo, closes #1140)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/cmdexpand.c,

Patch 8.2.0926
Problem:    Cmdline test fails on Appveyor.
Solution:   Add CR to the commands. (Naruhiko Nishino, closes #6220)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.0927
Problem:    Some sshconfig and ssdhconfig files are not recognized.
Solution:   Add filetype patterns.
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0928
Problem:    Many type casts are used for vim_strnsave().
Solution:   Make the length argument size_t instead of int. (Ken Takata,
            closes #5633)  Remove some type casts.
Files:      src/misc2.c, src/proto/, src/autocmd.c, src/channel.c,
            src/cmdexpand.c, src/dict.c, src/diff.c, src/digraph.c,
            src/eval.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/highlight.c, src/syntax.c

Patch 8.2.0929
Problem:    v:register is not cleared after an operator was executed.
Solution:   Clear v:register after finishing an operator (Andy Massimino,
            closes #5305)
Files:      src/normal.c, src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.0930
Problem:    Script filetype detection trips over env -S argument.
Solution:   Remove "-S" and "--ignore-environment". (closes #5013)
            Add tests.
Files:      runtime/scripts.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0931
Problem:    Some remarks about BeOS remain.
Solution:   Remove BeOS remarks from the help and other files. (Emir Sarı,
            closes #6221)
Files:      READMEdir/README_extra.txt, runtime/doc/options.txt,
            runtime/doc/os_beos.txt, runtime/doc/os_vms.txt,
            runtime/doc/vi_diff.txt, src/INSTALL

Patch 8.2.0932
Problem:    Misspelling spelllang.
Solution:   Add an "l". (Dominique Pellé)
Files:      src/optionstr.c, src/proto/, src/spell.c

Patch 8.2.0933
Problem:    'quickfixtextfunc' does not get window ID of location list.
Solution:   Add "winid" to the dict argument. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6222)
Files:      runtime/doc/quickfix.txt, src/quickfix.c,

Patch 8.2.0934
Problem:    Running lhelpgrep twice in a help window doesn't jump to the help
Solution:   Check whether any window with the location list is present.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6215)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.0935
Problem:    Flattening a list with existing code is slow.
Solution:   Add flatten(). (Mopp, closes #3676)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/list.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,

Patch 8.2.0936
Problem:    Some terminals misinterpret the code for getting cursor style.
Solution:   Send a sequence to the terminal and check the result. (IWAMOTO
            Kouichi, closes #2126)  Merged with current code.
Files:      src/main.c, src/term.c, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_startup_utf8.vim,

Patch 8.2.0937
Problem:    Asan failure in the flatten() test.
Solution:   Free the flattened list.
Files:      src/list.c

Patch 8.2.0938
Problem:    NFA regexp uses tolower() to compare ignore-case. (Thayne McCombs)
Solution:   Use utf_fold() when possible. (ref. neovim #12456)
Files:      src/macros.h, src/diff.c, src/regexp_nfa.c,

Patch 8.2.0939
Problem:    checking for term escape sequences is long and confusing
Solution:   Refactor code into separate functions.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0940 (after 8.2.0939)
Problem:    Build failure with tiny features.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.  Add UNUSED.  A bit more cleaning up.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0941
Problem:    Detecting terminal properties is unstructured.
Solution:   Add a table with terminal properties.  Set properties when a
            terminal is detected.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0942
Problem:    Expanding to local dir after homedir keeps "~/".
Solution:   Adjust modify_fname(). (Christian Brabandt, closes #6205,
            closes #5979)
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_fnamemodify.vim

Patch 8.2.0943
Problem:    Displaying ^M or ^J depends on current buffer.
Solution:   Pass the displayed buffer to transchar(). (closes #6225)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/charset.c, src/proto/,
            src/ex_cmds.c, src/gui_beval.c, src/message.c,

Patch 8.2.0944
Problem:    Xxd test leaves file behind.
Solution:   Delete the file "XXDfile". (Christian Brabandt, closes #6228)
Files:      src/testdir/test_xxd.vim

Patch 8.2.0945
Problem:    Cannot use "z=" when 'spell' is off.
Solution:   Make "z=" work even when 'spell' is off. (Christian Brabandt,
            Gary Johnson, closes #6227)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/spell.c,
            src/spellsuggest.c, src/testdir/test_spell.vim, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.0946
Problem:    Cannot use "q" to cancel a number prompt.
Solution:   Recognize "q" instead of ignoring it.
Files:      src/misc1.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0947
Problem:    Readdirex() doesn't handle broken link properly.
Solution:   Small fixes to readdirex(). (Christian Brabandt, closes #6226,
            closes #6213)
Files:      src/fileio.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0948
Problem:    Spell test fails.
Solution:   Adjust expected text of the prompt.
Files:      src/testdir/test_spell.vim

Patch 8.2.0949
Problem:    Strptime() does not use DST.
Solution:   Set the tm_isdst field to -1. (Tomáš Janoušek, closes #6230)
Files:      src/time.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0950
Problem:    Tagjump test fails.
Solution:   Adjust expected text of the prompt.
Files:      src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim

Patch 8.2.0951
Problem:    Search stat test has leftover from debugging.
Solution:   Remove line that writes a file. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6224)
Files:      src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim

Patch 8.2.0952
Problem:    No simple way to interrupt Vim.
Solution:   Add the SigUSR1 autocommand, triggered by SIGUSR1. (Jacob Hayes,
            closes #1718)
Files:      runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, src/vim.h, src/autocmd.c, src/getchar.c,
            src/globals.h, src/os_unix.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.0953
Problem:    Spell checking doesn't work for CamelCased words.
Solution:   Add the "camel" value in the new option 'spelloptions'.
            (closes #1235)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, runtime/doc/spell.txt, src/optiondefs.h,
            src/option.h, src/option.c, src/buffer.c, src/optionstr.c,
            src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim, src/testdir/test_spell.vim

Patch 8.2.0954
Problem:    Not all desktop files are recognized.
Solution:   Add the *.directory pattern. (Eisuke Kawashima, closes #3317)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0955 (after 8.2.0953)
Problem:    Build fails.
Solution:   Add missing struct change.
Files:      src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.0956 (after 8.2.0953)
Problem:    Spell test fails.
Solution:   Add missing change the spell checking.
Files:      src/spell.c

Patch 8.2.0957
Problem:    Compiler warning for uninitialized variable. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Initialize one variable.
Files:      src/spell.c

Patch 8.2.0958
Problem:    Not sufficient testing for buffer writing.
Solution:   Add a few tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6238)
Files:      src/testdir/test_backup.vim, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.0959
Problem:    Using 'quickfixtextfunc' is a bit slow.
Solution:   Process a list of entries. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6234)
Files:      runtime/doc/quickfix.txt, src/quickfix.c,

Patch 8.2.0960
Problem:    Cannot use :import in legacy Vim script.
Solution:   Support :import in any Vim script.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/evalvars.c, src/userfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.0961
Problem:    MS-Windows: no completion for locales.
Solution:   Use the directories in $VIMRUNTIME/lang to complete locales.
            (Christian Brabandt, closes 36248)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/ex_cmds2.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.0962
Problem:    Terminal test sometimes hangs on Travis.
Solution:   Do show output for this test temporarily.
Files:      src/testdir/Makefile

Patch 8.2.0963
Problem:    Number increment/decrement does not work with 'virtualedit'.
Solution:   Handle coladd changing. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6240,
            closes #923)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, runtime/doc/various.txt, src/ops.c,

Patch 8.2.0964
Problem:    TextYankPost does not provide info about Visual selection.
Solution:   Add the 'visual' key in v:event. (closes #6249)
Files:      runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, src/register.c,

Patch 8.2.0965
Problem:    Has_funcundefined() is not used.
Solution:   Delete the function. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6242)
Files:      src/autocmd.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.0966
Problem:    'shortmess' flag "n" not used in two places.
Solution:   Make use of the "n" flag consistent. (Nick Jensen, closes #6245,
            closes #6244)
Files:      src/bufwrite.c, src/proto/, src/buffer.c,
            src/fileio.c, src/testdir/dumps/Test_popup_textprop_corn_5.dump,

Patch 8.2.0967
Problem:    Unnecessary type casts for vim_strnsave().
Solution:   Remove the type casts.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/fileio.c,
            src/filepath.c, src/findfile.c, src/highlight.c, src/if_ruby.c,
            src/insexpand.c, src/json.c, src/mark.c, src/memline.c,
            src/menu.c, src/misc1.c, src/ops.c, src/os_win32.c, src/regexp.c,
            src/regexp_bt.c, src/regexp_nfa.c, src/register.c, src/search.c,
            src/sign.c, src/syntax.c, src/term.c, src/terminal.c, src/undo.c,
            src/usercmd.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/if_perl.xs

Patch 8.2.0968
Problem:    No proper testing of the 'cpoptions' flags.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6251)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_cpoptions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim

Patch 8.2.0969
Problem:    Assert_equal() output for dicts is hard to figure out.
Solution:   Only show the different items.
Files:      src/testing.c, src/testdir/test_assert.vim

Patch 8.2.0970
Problem:    Terminal properties are not available in Vim script.
Solution:   Add the terminalprops() function.
Files:      src/term.c, src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c, src/main.c,
            src/testing.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim,
            runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt,

Patch 8.2.0971
Problem:    Build with tiny features fails.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0972
Problem:    Vim9 script variable declarations need a type.
Solution:   Make "let var: type" declare a script-local variable.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/vim9script.c, src/proto/,
            src/globals.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0973
Problem:    Vim9: type is not checked when assigning to a script variable.
Solution:   Check the type.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/vim9script.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.0974
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when script var has wrong type.
Solution:   Free the variable name.
Files:      src/vim9script.vim

Patch 8.2.0975
Problem:    Vim9: script variable does not accept optional s: prefix.
Solution:   Adjust the accepted syntax.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0976
Problem:    Some 'cpoptions' not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6253)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cd.vim, src/testdir/test_charsearch.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cpoptions.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim

Patch 8.2.0977
Problem:    t_8u is made empty for the wrong terminals. (Dominique Pelle)
Solution:   Invert the check for TPR_YES. (closes #6254)
Files:      src/term.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.0978
Problem:    Leaking memory in termcodes test.
Solution:   Set t_8u with set_option_value().
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0979
Problem:    A couple of screendump tests fail.
Solution:   Do not redraw when clearing t_8u.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.0980
Problem:    Raku file extension not recognized. (Steven Penny)
Solution:   Recognize .raku and .rakumod. (closes #6255)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0981
Problem:    Vim9: cannot compile "[var, var] = list".
Solution:   Implement list assignment.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0982
Problem:    Insufficient testing for reading/writing files.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6257)
            Add "ui_delay" to test_override() and use it for the CTRL-O test.
Files:      src/testing.c, src/globals.h, src/ui.c, runtime/doc/testing.txt,
            src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_edit.vim,
            src/testdir/test_filechanged.vim, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.0983
Problem:    SConstruct file type not recognized.
Solution:   Use python for SConstruct files. (Roland Hieber)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.0984
Problem:    Not using previous window when closing a shell popup window.
Solution:   Use "prevwin" if it was set. (closes #6267)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.0985
Problem:    Simplify() does not remove slashes from "///path".
Solution:   Reduce > 2 slashes to one. (closes #6263)
Files:      src/findfile.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0986 (after 8.2.0985)
Problem:    MS-Windows: functions test fails.
Solution:   Only simplify ///path on Unix.
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0987
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign to [var; var].
Solution:   Assign rest of items to a list.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/list.c,
            src/proto/, src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0988
Problem:    Getting directory contents is always case sorted.
Solution:   Add sort options and v:collate. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6229)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/mlang.txt, src/auto/configure,
            src/cmdexpand.c, src/, src/,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_cmds2.c, src/fileio.c,
            src/filepath.c, src/globals.h, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,

Patch 8.2.0989
Problem:    Crash after resizing a terminal window. (August Masquelier)
Solution:   Add check for valid row in libvterm. (closes #6273)
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c, src/libvterm/src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.0990 (after 8.2.0988)
Problem:    Using duplicate error number.
Solution:   Use an unused error number.  Add a test for it.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0991
Problem:    Cannot get window type for autocmd and preview window.
Solution:   Add types to win_gettype(). (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6277)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalwindow.c,
            src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_preview.vim

Patch 8.2.0992
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using :import in the Vim command.
Solution:   Give an error when using :import outside of a script.
            (closes #6271)
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.0993
Problem:    Vim9 script test fails with normal features.
Solution:   Use :func instead of :def for now.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0994
Problem:    Vim9: missing function causes compilation error.
Solution:   Call test function indirectly.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.0995
Problem:    Insufficient testing for the readdir() sort option.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6278)
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.0996
Problem:    Using "aucmdwin" in win_gettype() is not ideal.
Solution:   Rename to "autocmd".
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalwindow.c,

Patch 8.2.0997
Problem:    Cannot execute a register containing line continuation.
Solution:   Concatenate lines where needed. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6272)
Files:      runtime/doc/repeat.txt, src/register.c,

Patch 8.2.0998
Problem:    Not all tag code is tested.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6284)
Files:      src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim

Patch 8.2.0999
Problem:    Moving to next sentence gets stuck on quote.
Solution:   When moving to the next sentence doesn't result in moving, advance
            a character and try again. (closes #6291)
Files:      src/textobject.c, src/testdir/test_textobjects.vim

Patch 8.2.1000
Problem:    Get error when leaving Ex mode with :visual and a CmdLineEnter
            autocommand was used.
Solution:   Reset ex_pressedreturn. (closes #6293)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim

Patch 8.2.1001
Problem:    Vim9: crash with nested "if" and assignment.
Solution:   Skip more of the assignment.  Do not set ctx_skip when code is
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1002
Problem:    Test may fail when run directly.
Solution:   Check if g:run_nr exists. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6285)
Files:      src/testdir/term_util.vim

Patch 8.2.1003
Problem:    Vim9: return type of sort() is too generic.
Solution:   Get type from the first argument. (closes #6292)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1004
Problem:    Line numbers below filler lines not always updated.
Solution:   Don't break out of the win_line() loop too early. (Christian
            Brabandt, closes #6294, closes #6138)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/dumps/Test_diff_rnu_01.dump,

Patch 8.2.1005
Problem:    Vim9: using TRUE/FALSE/MAYBE for ctx_skip is confusing.
Solution:   Use an enum value.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.1006
Problem:    Vim9: require unnecessary return statement.
Solution:   Improve the use of the had_return flag. (closes #6270)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.1007
Problem:    Completion doesn't work after ":r ++arg !".
Solution:   Skip over "++arg". (Christian Brabandt, closes #6275,
            closes #6258)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.1008
Problem:    Vim9: no test for disassembling newly added instructions.
Solution:   Add a function and check disassembly.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.1009
Problem:    Vim9: some failures not checked for.
Solution:   Add test cases.  Remove unused code.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1010
Problem:    Build failure in libvterm with debug enabled. (John Little)
Solution:   Use "->" instead of ".".
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c

Patch 8.2.1011
Problem:    Vim9: some code not tested.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases.  Reorder checks for clearer error.
            Remove unreachable code.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/vim9script.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1012
Problem:    Vim9: cannot declare single character script variables.
Solution:   Don't see "b:", "s:", etc. as namespace.  Fix item size of
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.1013
Problem:    Channel tests can be a bit flaky.
Solution:   Set the g:test_is_flaky flag in SetUp().
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim

Patch 8.2.1014
Problem:    Using "name" for a string result is confusing.
Solution:   Rename to "end".
Files:      src/typval.c

Patch 8.2.1015
Problem:    Popup filter gets key with modifier prepended when using
Solution:   Remove the shift modifier when it is included in the key, also
            when the Alt or Meta modifier is used.
Files:      src/term.c, src/misc2.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1016
Problem:    Vim9: test fails when channel feature is missing.
Solution:   Process an :if command when skipping
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1017
Problem:    Appveyor output doesn't show MinGW console features.
Solution:   List the features of the console build.
Files:      ci/appveyor.bat

Patch 8.2.1018
Problem:    Typo in enum value. (James McCoy)
Solution:   Fix the typo.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1019
Problem:    Mapping <M-S-a> does not work in the GUI.
Solution:   Move the logic to remove the shift modifier to
            may_remove_shift_modifier() and also use it in the GUI.
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c, src/misc2.c, src/proto/, src/term.c

Patch 8.2.1020
Problem:    Popupwin test fails in the GUI.
Solution:   Send GUI byte sequence for <C-S-a>.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1021
Problem:    Ruby interface not tested enough.
Solution:   Add a couple more tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6301)
Files:      src/testdir/test_ruby.vim

Patch 8.2.1022
Problem:    Various parts of code not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6300)
Files:      src/testdir/test_blob.vim, src/testdir/test_cpoptions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_digraph.vim, src/testdir/test_edit.vim,
            src/testdir/test_iminsert.vim, src/testdir/test_paste.vim,
            src/testdir/test_selectmode.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim,
            src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim, src/testdir/test_virtualedit.vim,

Patch 8.2.1023
Problem:    Vim9: redefining a function uses a new index every time.
Solution:   When redefining a function clear the contents and re-use the
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/userfunc.c,
            src/structs.h, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1024
Problem:    Vim9: no error for using "let g:var = val".
Solution:   Add an error.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/globals.h, src/structs.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/scriptfile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1025
Problem:    Tabpage menu and tabline not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6307)
Files:      src/testdir/test_digraph.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim

Patch 8.2.1026
Problem:    Vim9: cannot break the line after "->".
Solution:   Check for a continuation line after "->", "[" and ".".  Ignore
            trailing white space.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1027
Problem:    GUI: multibyte characters do not work in a terminal.
Solution:   Do not assume a key is one byte. (closes #6304)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c, src/gui_x11.c

Patch 8.2.1028
Problem:    Vim9: no error for declaring buffer, window, etc. variable.
Solution:   Give an error.  Unify the error messages.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/globals.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1029
Problem:    Vim9: cannot chain function calls with -> at line start.
Solution:   Peek ahead for a following line starting with "->". (closes #6306)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1030
Problem:    Reducing size of a terminal window may cause a crash.
Solution:   Make sure the row and column don't become negative. (closes #6273)
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c, src/libvterm/src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.1031
Problem:    Build failure with Perl5.32.
Solution:   Define a few more functions. (Felix Yan, closes #6310)
Files:      src/if_perl.xs

Patch 8.2.1032
Problem:    Error message for declaring a variable cannot be translated.
Solution:   Enclose in _().  Make environment variable a separate message.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1033
Problem:    Not easy to read the test time in the test output.
Solution:   Align the times.  Make slow tests bold.
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim

Patch 8.2.1034
Problem:    Compiler warning for uninitialized variables.
Solution:   Add initializations. (John Marriott)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1035
Problem:    setreg() does not always clear the register.
Solution:   Clear the register if the dict argument is empty. (Andy Massimino,
            closes #3370)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.1036
Problem:    Popupwin test fails sometimes.
Solution:   Use WaitForAssert() instead of a sleep.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1037
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using line continuation inside :def.
Solution:   Check for no more lines available.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1038
Problem:    Popupwin test fails.
Solution:   Fix WaitForAssert() argument.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1039
Problem:    Cannot put NUL byte on clipboard.
Solution:   Use the text length. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6312,
            closes #6149)
Files:      src/winclip.c, src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.1040
Problem:    Not enough testing for movement commands.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6313)
Files:      src/testdir/test_cursor_func.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_gf.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1041
Problem:    Test summary is missing executed count.
Solution:   Adjust pattern used for counting.
Files:      src/testdir/summarize.vim

Patch 8.2.1042
Problem:    Vim9: cannot put an operator on the next line.
Solution:   Require a colon before a range to see if that causes problems.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1043
Problem:    %a item in 'statusline' not tested.
Solution:   Add a test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6318)
Files:      src/testdir/test_statusline.vim

Patch 8.2.1044
Problem:    Not all systemd file types are recognized.
Solution:   Match several more files. (Guido Cella, closes #6319)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1045
Problem:    Vim9: line break before operator does not work.
Solution:   Peek the next line for an operator.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1046
Problem:    Insufficient tests for src/buffer.c.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Move comments related tests to a separate file.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6325)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_buffer.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_comments.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim

Patch 8.2.1047
Problem:    Vim9: script cannot use line continuation like in a :def function.
Solution:   Pass the getline function pointer to the eval() functions.  Use it
            for addition and multiplication operators.
Files:      src/vim.h, src/structs.h, src/globals.h, src/ex_eval.c,
            src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/dict.c, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/evalvars.c, src/list.c, src/userfunc.c, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1048 (after 8.2.1047)
Problem:    Build failure without the eval feature.
Solution:   Add dummy typedef.
Files:      src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.1049 (after 8.2.1047)
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory when using continuation line.
Solution:   Keep a pointer to the continuation line in evalarg_T.  Centralize
            checking for a next command.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/beval.c,
            src/buffer.c, src/clientserver.c, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/ex_eval.c, src/filepath.c, src/findfile.c, src/fold.c,
            src/globals.h, src/if_ole.cpp, src/if_perl.xs, src/if_tcl.c,
            src/map.c, src/quickfix.c, src/regexp.c, src/register.c,
            src/screen.c, src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1050 (after 8.2.1049)
Problem:    Missing change in struct.
Solution:   Add missing change.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h

Patch 8.2.1051
Problem:    Crash when changing a list while using reduce() on it.
Solution:   Lock the list. (closes #6330)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1052
Problem:    Build failure with older compilers.
Solution:   Move declaration to start of block.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.1053
Problem:    Insufficient testing for 'statusline' and 'tabline'.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6333)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_statusline.vim,

Patch 8.2.1054
Problem:    Not so easy to pass a lua function to Vim.
Solution:   Convert a Lua function and closure to a Vim funcref. (Prabir
            Shrestha, closes #6246)
Files:      runtime/doc/if_lua.txt, src/if_lua.c, src/proto/,
            src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_lua.vim, src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1055
Problem:    No filetype set for pacman config files.
Solution:   Recognize pacman.conf and *.hook. (Guido Cella, closes #6335)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1056
Problem:    Wrong display when mixing match conceal and syntax conceal.
Solution:   Adjust how conceal flags are used. (closes #6327, closes #6303)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/highlight.c,

Patch 8.2.1057 (after 8.2.1054)
Problem:    Cannot build with dynamic Lua.
Solution:   Add dll variables.
Files:      src/if_lua.c

Patch 8.2.1058
Problem:    Multiline conceal causes display errors.
Solution:   Do not allow conceal cross over EOL. (closes #6326, closes #4854,
            closes #6302)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/test_conceal.vim,

Patch 8.2.1059
Problem:    Crash when using :tabonly in an autocommand. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Do not allow the autocommand window to be closed.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/window.c, src/globals.h,

Patch 8.2.1060
Problem:    Not all elinks files are recognized.
Solution:   Just check for "elinks.conf". (Guido Cella, closes #6337)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1061
Problem:    Insufficient testing for src/window.c.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6345)
Files:      src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/testdir/test_gf.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim,

Patch 8.2.1062
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed inside "cond ? val1 : val2".
Solution:   Check for operator after line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1063
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed before || or &&.
Solution:   Check for operator after line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1064
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed before comparators.
Solution:   Check for comparator after line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1065
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed inside a list.
Solution:   Handle line break inside a list in Vim9 script.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/list.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1066
Problem:    Lua arrays are zero based.
Solution:   Make Lua arrays one based. (Prabir Shrestha, closes #6347)
            Note: this is not backwards compatible.
Files:      runtime/doc/if_lua.txt, src/if_lua.c, src/testdir/test_lua.vim

Patch 8.2.1067
Problem:    Expression "!expr->func()" does not work.
Solution:   Apply plus and minus earlier. (closes #6348)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1068
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed inside a dict.
Solution:   Handle line break inside a dict in Vim9 script.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/dict.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1069
Problem:    Vim9: fail to check for white space in list.
Solution:   Add check for white space.
Files:      src/list.c

Patch 8.2.1070
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory when lacking white space in dict.
Solution:   Clear the typval.
Files:      src/dict.c

Patch 8.2.1071
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed inside a lambda.
Solution:   Handle line break inside a lambda in Vim9 script.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/popupwin.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/ex_eval.c, src/globals.h, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.1072
Problem:    Missing libvterm test.
Solution:   Sync with libvterm revision 768.
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c, src/libvterm/t/63screen_resize.test

Patch 8.2.1073
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed in () expression.
Solution:   Skip a line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1074
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed after some operators.
Solution:   Skip a line break after the operator.  Add
            eval_may_get_next_line() to simplify checking for a line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/dict.c, src/list.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1075
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed in :echo expression.
Solution:   Skip linebreak.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1076
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed in :if expression.
Solution:   Skip linebreak.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c,

Patch 8.2.1077
Problem:    No enough test coverage for highlighting.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6351)
Files:      runtime/doc/syntax.txt, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_highlight.vim, src/testdir/test_match.vim

Patch 8.2.1078
Problem:    Highlight and match functionality together in one file.
Solution:   Move match functionality to a separate file. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6352)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/highlight.c, src/match.c, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1079
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed in a while loop.
Solution:   Update stored loop lines when finding line breaks.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/globals.h, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1080
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed in a for loop.
Solution:   Skip line breaks in for command.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/proto/, src/userfunc.c,
            src/structs.h, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1081
Problem:    Lua: cannot use table.insert() and table.remove().
Solution:   Add the list functions. (Prabir Shrestha, closes #6353)
Files:      runtime/doc/if_lua.txt, src/if_lua.c, src/testdir/test_lua.vim

Patch 8.2.1082
Problem:    Coverity complains about ignoring dict_add() return value.
Solution:   Add (void).
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1083
Problem:    Crash when using reduce() on a NULL list.
Solution:   Only access the list when not NULL.
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1084
Problem:    Lua: registering function has useless code.
Solution:   Remove clearing grow arrays.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1085
Problem:    Coverity complains about ignoring dict_add() return value.
Solution:   Add (void).
Files:      src/register.c

Patch 8.2.1086
Problem:    Possibly using freed memory when text properties used when
            changing indent of a line.
Solution:   Compute the offset before calling ml_replace().
Files:      src/indent.c

Patch 8.2.1087
Problem:    Possible memory leak when file expansion fails.
Solution:   Clear the grow array when returning FAIL.  Use an error message
            instead of an empty string.
Files:      src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.1088
Problem:    A very long translation might cause a buffer overflow.
Solution:   Truncate the message if needed.
Files:      src/fileio.c

Patch 8.2.1089
Problem:    Coverity warns for pointer computation.
Solution:   Avoid computing a pointer to invalid memory.
Files:      src/spellfile.c

Patch 8.2.1090
Problem:    May use NULL pointer when skipping over name.
Solution:   Always set ll_name_end.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.1091
Problem:    No check if opening a pty works.
Solution:   Check for invalid file descriptor.
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.1092
Problem:    Not checking if saving for undo succeeds.
Solution:   Bail out if u_savesub() returns FAIL.
Files:      src/textprop.c

Patch 8.2.1093
Problem:    Python: double free when adding item to dict fails.
Solution:   Remove vim_free() call.
Files:      src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.1094
Problem:    Dead code in libvterm.
Solution:   Remove condition that is always true.
Files:      src/libvterm/src/pen.c

Patch 8.2.1095
Problem:    May use pointer after freeing it when text properties are used.
Solution:   Update redo buffer before calling ml_replace().
Files:      src/spellsuggest.c

Patch 8.2.1096
Problem:    Vim9: return type of getqflist() is wrong.
Solution:   Let the return type depend on the arguments.  Also for
            getloclist(). (closes #6357)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1097
Problem:    Highlight code not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6359)
Files:      src/testdir/test_filter_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_highlight.vim

Patch 8.2.1098
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use line break in :throw argument.
Solution:   Check for line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1099
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use line break in :cexpr argument.
Solution:   Check for line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1100
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use line break in :execute, :echomsg and :echoerr
Solution:   Check for line break.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1101
Problem:    No error when using wrong arguments for setqflist() or
Solution:   Check for the error.
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1102
Problem:    Coverity gets confused by an unnecessary NULL check.
Solution:   Remove the check for NULL.
Files:      src/quickfix.c

Patch 8.2.1103
Problem:    Coverity reports an unnecessary NULL check.
Solution:   Remove the check for NULL.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.1104
Problem:    Coverity warns for possible NULL pointer use.
Solution:   Check "pbyts" is not NULL.
Files:      src/spellsuggest.c

Patch 8.2.1105
Problem:    Insufficient test coverage for Lua.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6368)  Fix uncovered
            memory leak.  Avoid unnecessary copy/free.
Files:      src/if_lua.c, src/testdir/test_lua.vim

Patch 8.2.1106
Problem:    Crash when trying to use s: variable in typed command.
Solution:   Don't use the script index when not set. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6366)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.1107
Problem:    'imactivatefunc' and 'imstatusfunc' are not used in the GUI.
Solution:   Adjust the #ifdefs. (closes #6367)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/gui_xim.c,

Patch 8.2.1108
Problem:    Mouse left-right scroll is not supported in terminal window.
Solution:   Implement mouse codes 6 and 7. (Trygve Aaberge, closes #6363)
Files:      src/libvterm/src/mouse.c, src/mouse.c, src/terminal.c,
            src/testdir/mouse.vim, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1109 (after 8.2.1106)
Problem:    Still crashing when using s:variable.
Solution:   Remove assignment. (Ken Takata)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1110
Problem:    Vim9: line continuation does not work in function arguments.
Solution:   Pass "evalarg" to get_func_tv().  Fix seeing double quoted string
            as comment.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/eval.c, src/ex_eval.c,
            src/list.c, src/dict.c, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1111
Problem:    Inconsistent naming of get_list_tv() and eval_dict().
Solution:   Rename get_list_tv() to eval_list().  Similarly for eval_number(),
            eval_string(), eval_lit_string() and a few others.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/list.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/typval.c, src/proto/, src/vim9script.c,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/evalvars.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1112
Problem:    Vim9: no line continuation allowed in method call.
Solution:   Handle line continuation in expression before method call.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,

Patch 8.2.1113
Problem:    No test for verbose output of :call.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_user_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1114
Problem:    Terminal test sometimes times out.
Solution:   Split the test in two parts.
Files:      src/testdir/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,
            src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.1115
Problem:    Iminsert test fails when compiled with VIMDLL.
Solution:   Change condition. (Ken Takata, closes #6376)
Files:      src/testdir/test_iminsert.vim

Patch 8.2.1116
Problem:    Vim9: parsing command checks for list twice.
Solution:   Adjust how a command is parsed.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1117
Problem:    Coverity warns for using uninitialized field.
Solution:   Initialize v_lock.
Files:      src/if_lua.c

Patch 8.2.1118
Problem:    Condition can never be true, dead code.
Solution:   Remove the dead code.
Files:      src/move.c

Patch 8.2.1119
Problem:    Configure fails with Xcode 12 beta.
Solution:   use "return" instead of "exit()". (Nico Weber, closes #6381)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.1120
Problem:    Python code not tested properly.
Solution:   Add more tests and convert old-style test into new-style test.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6370)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test86.ok,

Patch 8.2.1121
Problem:    Command completion not working after ++arg.
Solution:   Move skipping up. (Christian Brabandt, closes #6382)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.1122
Problem:    Vim9: line continuation in dict member not recognized.
Solution:   Check for line continuation.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1123
Problem:    Python 3 test is old style.
Solution:   Turn into new style test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6385)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test87.ok,
            src/testdir/test_python2.vim, src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.1124
Problem:    Vim9: no line break allowed in :import command.
Solution:   Skip over line breaks.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1125
Problem:    Vim9: double quote can be a string or a comment.
Solution:   Only support comments starting with # to avoid confusion.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/dict.c, src/list.c,

Patch 8.2.1126
Problem:    Vim9: using :copen causes an error.
Solution:   Add flag LET_NO_COMMAND in set_var().
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1127
Problem:    Vim9: getting a dict member may not work.
Solution:   Clear the dict only after copying the item. (closes #6390)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1128
Problem:    The write message mentions characters, but it's actually bytes.
Solution:   Change "C" to "B" and "characters" to "bytes".
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/fileio.c,
            src/testdir/test_cscope.vim, src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim,

Patch 8.2.1129
Problem:    Vim9: bar not recognized after not compiled command.
Solution:   Check for bar for commands where this is possible. (closes #6391)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1130
Problem:    Vim9: bar not recognized after function call
Solution:   Skip whitespace. (closes #6391)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1131
Problem:    Vim9: error message for returning a value in a function that does
            not return anything is not clear.
Solution:   Add a specific message.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1132
Problem:    Vim9: return type of repeat() is not specific enough.
Solution:   Return the type of the first argument. (closes #6395)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1133
Problem:    Vim9: return type of add() is not specific enough.
Solution:   Return the type of the first argument. (closes #6395)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1134
Problem:    Vim9: getting a list member may not work.
Solution:   Clear the list only after copying the item. (closes #6393)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1135
Problem:    Vim9: getting a dict member may not work.
Solution:   Clear the dict only after copying the item.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1136
Problem:    Vim9: return type of argv() is always any.
Solution:   Use list<string> if there is no argument.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1137
Problem:    Vim9: modifiers not cleared after compiling function.
Solution:   Clear command modifiers. (closes #6396)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1138
Problem:    Vim9: return type of copy() and deepcopy() is any.
Solution:   Use type of the argument.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1139 (after 8.2.1137)
Problem:    Vim9: test for silent echo fails in some environments.
Solution:   Use :function instead of :def.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1140
Problem:    Vim9: return type of extend() is any.
Solution:   Use type of the argument.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1141
Problem:    Vim9: return type of filter() is any.
Solution:   Use type of the argument.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1142
Problem:    Vim9: return type of insert() is any.
Solution:   Use type of the first argument.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1143
Problem:    Vim9: return type of remove() is any.
Solution:   Use the member type of the first argument, if known.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1144
Problem:    Vim9: return type of reverse() is any.
Solution:   Use the type of the first argument.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1145
Problem:    Vim9: "for" only accepts a list at compile time.
Solution:   Also accept a list at runtime.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1146
Problem:    Not enough testing for Python.
Solution:   Add more tests.  Fix uncovered problems. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6392)
Files:      src/if_py_both.h, src/if_python3.c, src/testdir/shared.vim,
            src/testdir/test_python2.vim, src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.1147
Problem:    :confirm may happen in cooked mode. (Jason Franklin)
Solution:   Switch to raw mode before prompting. (Brandon Pfeifer)
Files:      src/message.c, src/testdir/test_excmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1148
Problem:    Warning for using int instead of size_t.
Solution:   Change "len" argument to size_t. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.1149
Problem:    Vim9: :eval command not handled properly.
Solution:   Compile the :eval command. (closes #6408)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1150
Problem:    ml_get error when using Python. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Check the line number is not out of range.  Call "Check" with
            "fromObj" instead of "from".
Files:      src/if_py_both.h, src/testdir/test_python2.vim,

Patch 8.2.1151
Problem:    Insufficient test coverage for Python.
Solution:   Add more test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6415)
Files:      src/testdir/test_python2.vim, src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.1152
Problem:    Vim9: function reference is missing script prefix.
Solution:   Use the actual function name instead of the name searched for in
            the script context. (closes #6412)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1153
Problem:    Vim9: script test fails on some systems.
Solution:   Return proper value from Compare().
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1154
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using imported function.
Solution:   Check for a function type.  Set the script context when calling a
            function. (closes #6412)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1155
Problem:    Vim9: cannot handle line break inside lambda.
Solution:   Pass the compilation context through. (closes #6407, closes #6409)
Files:      src/structs.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1156
Problem:    Vim9: No error for invalid command in compiled function.
Solution:   Handle CMD_SIZE.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1157
Problem:    Vim9: is not recognized as an expression.
Solution:   Recognize ".name". (closes #6418)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1158 (after 8.2.1155)
Problem:    Build error.
Solution:   Add missing change to globals.
Files:      src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.1159
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing space after a comma.
Solution:   Check for white space.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1160
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak in allocated types.
Solution:   Free the type pointers.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1161
Problem:    Vim9: using freed memory.
Solution:   Put pointer back in evalarg instead of freeing it.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/eval.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1162
Problem:    Crash when using a lambda.
Solution:   Check for evalarg to be NULL.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1163 (after 8.2.1161)
Problem:    Build error.
Solution:   Add missing change to globals.
Files:      src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.1164
Problem:    Text cleared by checking terminal properties not redrawn. (Alexey
Solution:   Mark the screen characters as invalid. (closes #6422)
Files:      src/screen.c, src/proto/, src/term.c

Patch 8.2.1165
Problem:    Insufficient testing for the Tcl interface.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6423)
Files:      src/testdir/test_tcl.vim

Patch 8.2.1166
Problem:    Once mouse move events are enabled getchar() returns them.
Solution:   Ignore K_MOUSEMOVE in getchar(). (closes #6424)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/getchar.c

Patch 8.2.1167
Problem:    Vim9: builtin function method call only supports first argument.
Solution:   Shift arguments when needed. (closes #6305, closes #6419)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/vim9.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1168
Problem:    Wrong method argument for appendbufline().
Solution:   Use FEARG_3.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1169
Problem:    Write NUL past allocated space using corrupted spell file.
            (Markus Vervier)
Solution:   Init "c" every time.
Files:      src/spellfile.c

Patch 8.2.1170
Problem:    Cursor off by one with block paste while 'virtualedit' is "all".
Solution:   Adjust condition. (Hugo Gualandi, closes #6430)
Files:      src/register.c, src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.1171
Problem:    Possible crash when out of memory.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6432)
Files:      src/syntax.c

Patch 8.2.1172
Problem:    Error messages when doing "make clean" in the runtime/doc or
            src/tee directories.
Solution:   Use "rm -f".
Files:      runtime/doc/Makefile, src/tee/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1173
Problem:    Tee doesn't build on some systems.
Solution:   Include header files. (Dominique Pelle, closes #6431)
Files:      src/tee/tee.c

Patch 8.2.1174
Problem:    No test for the "recording @x" message.
Solution:   Add a test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6427)
Files:      src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.1175
Problem:    Vim9: Cannot split a line before ".member".
Solution:   Check for ".member" after line break.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1176
Problem:    Vim9: not enough type checking in Vim9 script.
Solution:   Use same type checking as in a :def function.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1177
Problem:    Terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI.
Solution:   Move some tests to other files to further locate the problem.
            Set the GUI to a fixed screen size.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,

Patch 8.2.1178
Problem:    Vim9: filter function recognized as command modifier, leading to a
Solution:   Clear cmdmod after freeing items.  Do not recognize a command
            modifier followed by non-white space. (closes #6434)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1179
Problem:    Test_termwinscroll() sometimes hangs in the GUI.
Solution:   Skip the test in the GUI.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim

Patch 8.2.1180
Problem:    Build failure in small version.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1181
Problem:    Json code not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more test coverage. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6433)
Files:      src/testdir/test_json.vim

Patch 8.2.1182
Problem:    Vim9: no check for whitespace after comma in lambda.
Solution:   Give error if white space is missing.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1183
Problem:    assert_fails() checks the last error message.
Solution:   Check the first error, it is more relevant.  Fix all the tests
            that rely on the old behavior.
Files:      runtime/doc/testing.txt, src/message.c, src/globals.h,
            src/testing.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_buffer.vim, src/testdir/test_cd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_cpoptions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cscope.vim, src/if_cscope.c,
            src/testdir/test_excmd.vim, src/evalvars.c,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_json.vim, src/testdir/test_let.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_listener.vim,
            src/testdir/test_match.vim, src/testdir/test_menu.vim,
            src/testdir/test_method.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popup.vim, src/testdir/test_python2.vim,
            src/testdir/test_python3.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,
            src/testdir/test_random.vim, src/testdir/test_search.vim,
            src/testdir/test_signs.vim, src/testdir/test_spell.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_taglist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim,
            src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim,
            src/testdir/test_regexp_latin.vim, src/testdir/test_utf8.vim,
            src/testdir/test_global.vim, src/testdir/test_tagfunc.vim

Patch 8.2.1184 (after 8.2.1183)
Problem:    Some tests fail.
Solution:   Adjust tests for different assert_fails() behavior.  Remove unused
Files:      src/testdir/test_assert.vim, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim,

Patch 8.2.1185 (after 8.2.1183)
Problem:    Some other tests fail.
Solution:   Adjust tests for different assert_fails() behavior.
Files:      src/testdir/test_lua.vim, src/testdir/test_tcl.vim

Patch 8.2.1186
Problem:    With SGR mouse codes balloon doesn't show up after click.
Solution:   Add the MOUSE_RELEASE bits to mouse_code.
Files:      src/mouse.c

Patch 8.2.1187
Problem:    Terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI on Travis.
Solution:   Disable Test_zz2_terminal_guioptions_bang() for now.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim

Patch 8.2.1188
Problem:    Memory leak with invalid json input.
Solution:   Free all keys at the end. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6443,
            closes #6442)
Files:      src/json.c, src/testdir/test_json.vim

Patch 8.2.1189
Problem:    Vim9: line continuation in lambda doesn't always work.
Solution:   Do not use a local evalarg unless there isn't one. (closes #6439)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1190
Problem:    Vim9: checking for Vim9 syntax is spread out.
Solution:   Use in_vim9script().
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/list.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1191
Problem:    Vim9: crash when function calls itself.
Solution:   Add status UF_COMPILING. (closes #6441)
Files:      src/structs.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1192
Problem:    Lua test fails with older Lua version.
Solution:   Adjust expected error messages. (closes #6444)
Files:      src/testdir/test_lua.vim

Patch 8.2.1193
Problem:    Terminal window not redrawn when dragging a popup window over it.
Solution:   Redraw terminal window. (fixes #6438)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1194
Problem:    Test failure because shell prompt differs.
Solution:   Set the shell prompt.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1195
Problem:    Clientserver test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Expect a different error message.
Files:      src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim

Patch 8.2.1196
Problem:    Build failure with normal features.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.1197
Problem:    Clientserver test still fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Expect a different error message.
Files:      src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim

Patch 8.2.1198
Problem:    Terminal2 test sometimes hangs in the GUI on Travis.
Solution:   Move test function to terminal3 to see if the problem moves too.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim

Patch 8.2.1199
Problem:    Not all assert functions are fully tested.
Solution:   Test more assert functions.
Files:      src/testing.c, src/testdir/test_assert.vim

Patch 8.2.1200
Problem:    Vim9: cannot disassemble a lambda function.
Solution:   Recognize "<lambda>123" as a function name.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.1201
Problem:    Vim9: crash when passing number as dict key.
Solution:   Check key type to be string. (closes #6449)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1202
Problem:    Vim9: crash when calling a closure from a builtin function.
Solution:   Use the current execution context. (closes #6441)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1203
Problem:    Unused assignments in expression evaluation.
Solution:   Move declarations and assignments to inner blocks where possible.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.1204
Problem:    Vim9: true and false not recognized in Vim9 script.
Solution:   Recognize true and false.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1205
Problem:    Vim9: && and || work differently when not compiled.
Solution:   Keep the value.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1206
Problem:    Vim9: crash in expr test when run in the GUI.
Solution:   Temporarily comment out two test lines.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1207
Problem:    Vim9: crash in expr test when run in the GUI.
Solution:   Break out of loop over hashtab also when function got removed and
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1208
Problem:    Build failure.
Solution:   Add missing change.
Files:      src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.1209
Problem:    Vim9: test failure.
Solution:   Add missing changes to hashtab.
Files:      src/hashtab.c

Patch 8.2.1210
Problem:    Using ht_used when looping through a hashtab is less reliable.
Solution:   Use ht_changed in a few more places.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.1211 (after 8.2.1118)
Problem:    Removed more than dead code.
Solution:   Put back the decrement.
Files:      src/move.c, src/testdir/test_diffmode.vim

Patch 8.2.1212
Problem:    Cannot build with Lua 5.4.
Solution:   Use luaL_typeerror instead defining it. (closes #6454)
Files:      src/if_lua.c

Patch 8.2.1213
Problem:    Mouse codes not tested sufficiently.
Solution:   Add more tests for mouse codes. (closes #6436)
Files:      src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1214
Problem:    MS-Windows: default _vimrc not correct in silent install mode.
Solution:   Add the LoadDefaultVimrc macro. (Ken Takata, closes #6451)
Files:      nsis/gvim.nsi

Patch 8.2.1215
Problem:    Atari MiNT support is outdated.
Solution:   Nobody responded this code is still useful, so let's delete it.
Files:      Filelist, src/os_mint.h, src/vim.h, src/Make_mint.mak,
            src/digraph.c, src/fileio.c, src/memfile.c, src/os_unix.c,
            src/term.c, READMEdir/README_extra.txt, runtime/doc/os_mint.txt,

Patch 8.2.1216
Problem:    Startup test fails.
Solution:   Adjust expected values for deleted lines.
Files:      src/testdir/test_startup.vim

Patch 8.2.1217
Problem:    Startup test depends on random source file.
Solution:   Write a test file to find quickfix errors in.
Files:      src/testdir/test_startup.vim

Patch 8.2.1218
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use 'text'->func().
Solution:   Recognize string at start of command.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1219
Problem:    Symlink not followed if dirname ends in //.
Solution:   Resolve symlink earlier. (Tomáš Janoušek, closes #6454)
Files:      src/memline.c, src/testdir/test_swap.vim

Patch 8.2.1220
Problem:    memory access error when dragging a popup window over a buffer
            with folding.
Solution:   Avoid going over the end of the cache. (closes #6438)
Files:      src/mouse.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1221
Problem:    Memory leak when updating popup window.
Solution:   Clear search highlighting.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.1222
Problem:    When using valgrind a Vim command started by a test uses the same
            log file name which gets overwritten.
Solution:   Fix regexp to rename the log file.
Files:      src/testdir/shared.vim

Patch 8.2.1223
Problem:    Vim9: invalid type error for function default value.
Solution:   Use right argument index. (closes #6458)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1224
Problem:    Vim9: arguments from partial are not used.
Solution:   Put the partial arguments on the stack. (closes #6460)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1225
Problem:    Linker errors when building with dynamic Python 3.9.
Solution:   Add #defined items. (closes #6461)
Files:      src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.1226
Problem:    MS-Windows: windows positioning wrong when the taskbar is placed
            at the top or left of the screen.
Solution:   Use GetWindowRect and MoveWindow APIs. (Yukihiro Nakadaira,
            Ken Takata, closes #6455)
Files:      src/gui_w32.c

Patch 8.2.1227
Problem:    Vim9: allowing both quoted and # comments is confusing.
Solution:   Only support # comments in Vim9 script.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.1228
Problem:    Scrollbars not flush against the window edges when maximised.
Solution:   Add padding. (Ken Takata, closes #5602, closes #6466)
Files:      src/gui.c, src/gui_athena.c, src/gui_gtk.c, src/,
            src/gui_mac.c, src/gui_motif.c, src/gui_photon.c, src/gui_w32.c,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1229
Problem:    Build error without the eval feature.
Solution:   Declare starts_with_colon. Make function local.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1230
Problem:    Vim9: list index error not caught by try/catch.
Solution:   Do not bail out if an error is inside try/catch. (closes #6462)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1231
Problem:    MS-Windows: GUI code can be cleaned up.
Solution:   Do a bit of cleaning up. (Ken Takata, closes #6465)
Files:      src/gui_w32.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1232
Problem:    MS-Windows GUI: Snap cancelled by split command.
Solution:   Do not cancel Snap when splitting a window. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6467)
Files:      src/gui_w32.c

Patch 8.2.1233
Problem:    Vim9: various errors not caught by try/catch.
Solution:   Do not bail out if an error is inside try/catch.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1234
Problem:    Lua build problem with old compiler.
Solution:   Move declarations to start of the block. (Taro Muraoka,
            closes #6477)
Files:      src/if_lua.c

Patch 8.2.1235
Problem:    Not all mouse codes covered by tests.
Solution:   Add more tests for the mouse. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6472)
Files:      src/testdir/mouse.vim, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1236
Problem:    Vim9: a few errors not caught by try/catch.
Solution:   Do not bail out if an error is inside try/catch.  Fix that a not
            matching catch doesn't jump to :endtry.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1237
Problem:    Changing 'completepopup' after opening a popup has no effect. (Jay
Solution:   Close the popup when the options are changed. (closes #6471)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/popupwin.c, src/proto/,
            src/optionstr.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1238
Problem:    Vim9: a few remaining errors not caught by try/catch.
Solution:   Do not bail out if an error is inside try/catch.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1239
Problem:    "maxwidth" in 'completepopup' not obeyed. (Jay Sitter)
Solution:   Add separate field for value from option. (closes #6470)
Files:      src/structs.h, src/popupwin.c, src/popupmenu.c,

Patch 8.2.1240
Problem:    GUI tests sometimes fail because of translations.
Solution:   Reload the menus without translation. (Taro Muraoka, closes #6486)
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim

Patch 8.2.1241
Problem:    Cannot use getbufinfo() as a method.
Solution:   Support using getbufinfo() as a method. (closes #6458)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.1242
Problem:    Vim9: no error if calling a function with wrong argument type.
Solution:   Check types of arguments. (closes #6469)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1243
Problem:    Vim9: cannot have a comment or empty line halfway a list at script
Solution:   Skip more than one line if needed.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/eval.c,

Patch 8.2.1244
Problem:    Vim9: in lambda index assumes a list.
Solution:   Use the value type to decide about list or dict. (closes #6479)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1245
Problem:    Build failure in tiny version.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.1246
Problem:    Vim9: comment after assignment doesn't work.
Solution:   Skip over white space. (closes #6481)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1247
Problem:    Vim9: cannot index a character in a string.
Solution:   Add ISN_STRINDEX instruction. (closes #6478)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1248
Problem:    Netbeans test is flaky in the GUI.
Solution:   Filter out geometry messages. (Taro Muraoka, closes #6487)
Files:      src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim

Patch 8.2.1249
Problem:    Vim9: disassemble test fails.
Solution:   Change INDEX to LISTINDEX.  Add test for STRINDEX.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.1250
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use the g:, b:, t: and w: namespaces.
Solution:   Add instructions to push a dict for the namespaces. (closes #6480)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1251
Problem:    Vim9: warning for pointer usage, test failure undetected.
Solution:   Fix pointer indirection.  Give error when executing function
            failed for any reason.  Fix instruction names.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1252
Problem:    ":marks" may show '< and '> mixed up.
Solution:   Show the mark position as where '< and '> would jump.
Files:      src/mark.c, src/testdir/test_marks.vim

Patch 8.2.1253
Problem:    CTRL-K in Insert mode gets <CursorHold> inserted. (Roland
Solution:   Do not reset did_cursorhold, restore it. (closes #6447)
Files:      src/normal.c

Patch 8.2.1254
Problem:    MS-Windows: regexp test may fail if 'iskeyword' set wrongly.
Solution:   Override the 'iskeyword' value. (Taro Muraoka, closes #6502)
Files:      src/testdir/test_regexp_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.1255
Problem:    Cannot use a lambda with quickfix functions.
Solution:   Add support for lambda. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6499)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/options.txt,
            runtime/doc/quickfix.txt, src/channel.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/optionstr.c, src/proto/, src/proto/,
            src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1256
Problem:    Vim9: type wrong after getting dict item in lambda.
Solution:   Set the type to "any" after enforcing dict type. (closes #6491)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1257
Problem:    Vim9: list unpack doesn't work at the script level.
Solution:   Detect unpack assignment better. (closes #6494)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1258 (after 8.2.1253)
Problem:    CursorHold does not work well.a (Shane-XB-Qian)
Solution:   Only restore did_cursorhold when using :normal.
Files:      src/normal.c

Patch 8.2.1259
Problem:    Empty group in 'tabline' may cause using an invalid pointer.
Solution:   Set the group start position. (closes #6505)
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/testdir/test_tabline.vim

Patch 8.2.1260
Problem:    There is no good test for CursorHold.
Solution:   Add a test.  Remove duplicated test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6503)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_buffer.vim,

Patch 8.2.1261
Problem:    Vim9: common type of function not tested.
Solution:   Add a test.  Fix uncovered problems.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1262
Problem:    src/ex_cmds.c file is too big.
Solution:   Move help related code to src/help.c. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6506)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/cmdexpand.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/help.c, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1263
Problem:    Vim9: comparators use 'ignorecase' in Vim9 script.
Solution:   Ignore 'ignorecase'.  Use true and false instead of 1 and 0.
            (closes #6497)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/typval.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1264
Problem:    Terminal getwinpos() test is a bit flaky.
Solution:   Call getwinpos() a bit later.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim

Patch 8.2.1265
Problem:    Crash with EXITFREE when split() fails.
Solution:   Restore 'cpoptions'.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1266 (after 8.2.1262)
Problem:    Makefile preference were accidentally included.
Solution:   Revert the Makefile changes.
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1267
Problem:    MS-Windows: tests may fail due to $PROMPT value.
Solution:   Set $PROMPT for testing. (Taro Muraoka, closes #6510)
Files:      src/testdir/runtest/vim

Patch 8.2.1268
Problem:    Vim9: no error for using double quote comment after :func or :def.
Solution:   Only accept double quote when not in Vim9 script and not after
            :def. (closes #6483)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1269
Problem:    Language and locale code spread out.
Solution:   Move relevant code to src/locale.c. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6509)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_morph.mak,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/ex_cmds2.c, src/locale.c, src/main.c, src/proto.h,
            src/proto/, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1270
Problem:    Vim9: not skipping over function type declaration with only a
            return type.
Solution:   Skip over the return type. (issue #6507)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1271
Problem:    Vim9: Error for Funcref function argument type.
Solution:   Find the actual function type if possible. (issue #6507)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1272
Problem:    Vim9: type not checked if declaration also assigns value.
Solution:   Check the type. (issue #6507)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9script.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1273
Problem:    MS-Windows: terminal test may leave file behind.
Solution:   Wait a moment for process to end before deleting the file.
            (Taro Muraoka, closes #6513)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1274
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing white space in assignment at script
Solution:   Check for white space. (closes #6495)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1275
Problem:    Vim9: compiler warning for buffer size.
Solution:   Change the offset from 10 to 15. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6518)
Files:      src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.1276
Problem:    MS-Windows: system test may fail if more.exe is installed.
Solution:   Explicitly use (Taro Muraoka, Ken Takata, closes #6517)
Files:      src/testdir/test_system.vim

Patch 8.2.1277
Problem:    Tests on Travis do not run with EXITFREE.
Solution:   Add EXITFREE to all builds to uncover any mistakes.
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.1278
Problem:    Vim9: line break after "->" only allowed in :def function.
Solution:   Only allow line break after "->". (closes #6492)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1279
Problem:    Some tests on Travis have EXITFREE duplicated.
Solution:   Remove EXITFREE from shadowopt.  Add "shadow" to job name.
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.1280
Problem:    Ex command error cannot contain an argument.
Solution:   Add ex_errmsg() and translate earlier.  Use e_trailing_arg where
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/, src/buffer.c,
            src/ex_eval.c, src/match.c, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim

Patch 8.2.1281
Problem:    The "trailing characters" error can be hard to understand.
Solution:   Add the trailing characters to the message.
Files:      src/cmdhist.c, src/eval.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/json.c,
            src/menu.c, src/quickfix.c, src/sign.c, src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1282
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using CheckScriptFailure() in
Solution:   Do not decrement the def_functions len unless the function was
            newly added.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1283
Problem:    Vim9: error for misplaced -> lacks argument.
Solution:   Use the pointer before it was advanced.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1284
Problem:    Vim9: skipping over type includes following white space, leading
            to an error for missing white space.
Solution:   Do not skip over white space after the type.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1285
Problem:    Vim9: argument types are not checked on assignment.
Solution:   Check function argument types. (issue #6507)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1286
Problem:    Vim9: No error when using a type on a window variable
Solution:   Recognize the syntax and give an error. (closes #6521)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1287
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using an imported function.
Solution:   Add the function type to the imported entry. (closes #6522)
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1288
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use mark in range.
Solution:   Use the flag that a colon was seen. (closes #6528)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1289
Problem:    Crash when using a custom completion function.
Solution:   Initialize all of the expand_T. (closes #6532)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c

Patch 8.2.1290
Problem:    Vim9: cannot replace a global function.
Solution:   Allow for "!" on a global function. (closes #6524)  Also fix that
            :delfunc on a :def function only made it empty.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1291
Problem:    Vim9: type of varargs items is not checked.
Solution:   Check the list item types. (closes #6523)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1292
Problem:    AIDL filetype not recognized.
Solution:   Add filetype detection. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6533)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1293
Problem:    Vim9: :execute mixes up () expression and function call.
Solution:   Do not skip white space when looking for the "(". (closes #6531)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1294
Problem:    Vim9: error when using vim9script in TextYankPost.
Solution:   Use EX_LOCKOK instead of the EX_CMDWIN flag for command that can
            be used when text is locked. (closes #6529)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1295
Problem:    Tests 44 and 99 are old style.
Solution:   Convert to new style tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6536)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test44.ok,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test99.ok,

Patch 8.2.1296
Problem:    Some part of using 'smartcase' was not tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6538)
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.1297
Problem:    When a test fails it's often not easy to see what the call stack
Solution:   Add more entries from the call stack in the exception message.
Files:      runtime/doc/cmdline.txt, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/proto/, src/debugger.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/ex_eval.c, src/message.c, src/testing.c,

Patch 8.2.1298
Problem:    Compiler warning for unused argument in small version.
Solution:   Add UNUSED.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.1299
Problem:    Compiler warning for using size_t for int and void pointer.
Solution:   Add type casts.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.1300
Problem:    Vim9: optional argument type not parsed properly.
Solution:   Skip over the "?". (issue #6507)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1301
Problem:    Vim9: varargs argument type not parsed properly.
Solution:   Skip over the "...". (issue #6507)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1302
Problem:    Vim9: varargs arg after optional arg does not work
Solution:   Check for the "..." first. (issue #6507)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1303
Problem:    Calling popup_setoptions() resets 'signcolumn'.
Solution:   Only set 'signcolumn' when creating the popup. (closes #6542)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1304
Problem:    Debug backtrace isn't tested much.
Solution:   Add more specific tests. (Ben Jackson, closes #6540)
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/testdir/test_debugger.vim

Patch 8.2.1305
Problem:    Some tests are still old style.
Solution:   Convert tests 52 and 70 to new style. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6544)  Fix error in FinishTesting().
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_amiga.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test52.ok,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test70.ok,
            src/testdir/test_mzscheme.vim, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.1306
Problem:    Checking for first character of dict key is inconsistent.
Solution:   Add eval_isdictc(). (closes #6546)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1307
Problem:    popup window width does not include number, fold of sign column
Solution:   Take number, fold and sign column with into account.
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1308
Problem:    Vim9: accidentally using "x" causes Vim to exit.
Solution:   Disallow using ":x" or "xit" in Vim9 script. (closes #6399)
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9script.c,
            src/proto/, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_cmds.c,

Patch 8.2.1309
Problem:    Build failure with tiny version.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1310
Problem:    Configure with Xcode 12 fails to check for tgetent.
Solution:   Declare tgetent(). (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6558)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.1311
Problem:    Test failures with legacy Vim script.
Solution:   Actually check for Vim9 script.
Files:      src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.1312
Problem:    MS-Windows: terminal test may fail if dir.exe exists.
Solution:   Use (Ken Takata, closes #6557)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim

Patch 8.2.1313
Problem:    Vim9 script: cannot assign to environment variable.
Solution:   Recognize environment variable assignment. (closes #6548)
            Also options and registers.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1314
Problem:    Vim9: rule for comment after :function is confusing.
Solution:   Allow double quoted comment after :function in vim9script.
            (closes #6556)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1315
Problem:    MS-Windows: test log contains escape sequences.
Solution:   Do not use t_md and t_me but ANSI escape sequences. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6559)
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim

Patch 8.2.1316
Problem:    Test 42 is still old style.
Solution:   Turn it into a new style test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6561)
Files:      src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_dos.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_ming.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test42.ok,

Patch 8.2.1317
Problem:    MS-Windows tests on AppVeyor are slow.
Solution:   Use GitHub Actions. (Ken Takata, closes #6569)
Files:      Filelist, .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml, appveyor.yml,

Patch 8.2.1318
Problem:    No status badge for Github CI.
Solution:   Add a badge.

Patch 8.2.1319
Problem:    Status badge for Github CI has wrong link.
Solution:   Rename and use the right link
Files:, .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml

Patch 8.2.1320
Problem:    Vim9: cannot declare some single letter variables.
Solution:   Do not recognize a colon for a namespace for single letter
            variables. (closes #6547)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1321
Problem:    GitHub CI also runs on tag push.
Solution:   Skip CI on push. (Ken Takata, closes #6571)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml

Patch 8.2.1322
Problem:    Vim9: method on double quoted string doesn't work.
Solution:   Recognize double quoted string. (closes #6562)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.1323
Problem:    Vim9: invalid operators only rejected in :def function.
Solution:   Also reject them at script level. (closes #6564)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1324
Problem:    Vim9: line break after "=" does not work.
Solution:   Also allow for NUL after "=". (closes #6549)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1325
Problem:    Vim9: using Vim9 script for autoload not tested.
Solution:   Add a test.  Update help.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/testdir/test_autoload.vim,

Patch 8.2.1326
Problem:    Vim9: skipping over white space after list.
Solution:   Do not skip white space, a following [] would be misinterpreted.
            (closes #6552)  Fix a few side effects.
Files:      src/list.c, src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_gn.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,
            src/testdir/test_textprop.vim, src/testdir/test_textobjects.vim

Patch 8.2.1327
Problem:    Mac: configure can't find Tcl libraries.
Solution:   Adjust configure check. (closes #6575)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.1328
Problem:    No space allowed before comma in list.
Solution:   Legacy Vim script allows it. (closes #6577)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/list.c, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1329
Problem:    Vim9: cannot define global function inside :def function.
Solution:   Assign to global variable instead of local. (closes #6584)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c, src/structs.h,
            src/misc2.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.1330
Problem:    Github workflow takes longer than needed.
Solution:   Do two test runs in parallel instead of sequentially. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6579)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml

Patch 8.2.1331
Problem:    Vim9: :echo with two lists doesn't work.
Solution:   Do not skip white space before []. (closes #6552)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1332
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when using nested global function.
Solution:   Delete the function when deleting the instruction.  Disable test
            that still causes a leak.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1333
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when using nested global function.
Solution:   Swap from and to when copying the lines.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1334
Problem:    Github workflow timeout needs tuning
Solution:   Use a 10 minute timeout. Fail when timing out. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6590)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml

Patch 8.2.1335
Problem:    CTRL-C in the GUI doesn't interrupt. (Sergey Vlasov)
Solution:   Recognize "C" with CTRL modifier as CTRL-C. (issue #6565)
Files:      src/gui.c, src/proto/, src/gui_gtk_x11.c, src/gui_x11.c,

Patch 8.2.1336 (after 8.2.1335)
Problem:    Build failure on non-Unix systems.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/gui.c

Patch 8.2.1337
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use empty key in dict assignment.
Solution:   Allow empty key. (closes #6591)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1338
Problem:    Vim9: assigning to script-local variable doesn't check type.
Solution:   Use the type. (issue #6591)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1339
Problem:    Vim9: assigning to global dict variable doesn't work.
Solution:   Guess variable type based in index type. (issue #6591)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1340
Problem:    Some tests fail on Cirrus CI and/or with FreeBSD.
Solution:   Make 'backupskip' empty. Do not run tests as root. Check for
            directory when using viminfo. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6596)
Files:      .cirrus.yml, src/testdir/test_backup.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim,
            src/testdir/test_writefile.vim, src/viminfo.c

Patch 8.2.1341
Problem:    Build failures.
Solution:   Add missing error message.
Files:      src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.1342
Problem:    Vim9: accidentally using "x" gives a confusing error.
Solution:   Disallow using ":t" in Vim9 script. (issue #6399)
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9script.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1343
Problem:    Vim9: cannot find global function when using g: when local
            function with the same name exists.
Solution:   Find global function when using g:.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1344
Problem:    Vim9: No test for trying to redefine global function.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1345
Problem:    Redraw error when using visual block and scroll.
Solution:   Add check for w_topline. (closes #6597)
Files:      src/drawscreen.c, src/testdir/test_display.vim,

Patch 8.2.1346
Problem:    Small build fails.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1347
Problem:    Cannot easily get the script ID.
Solution:   Support expand('<SID>').
Files:      runtime/doc/map.txt, src/ex_docmd.c,

Patch 8.2.1348
Problem:    Build failure without the eval feature.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1349
Problem:    Vim9: can define a function with the name of an import.
Solution:   Disallow using an existing name. (closes #6585)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/globals.h,

Patch 8.2.1350
Problem:    Vim9: no test for error message when redefining function.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1351
Problem:    Vim9: no proper error if using namespace for nested function.
Solution:   Specifically check for a namespace. (closes #6582)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1352
Problem:    Vim9: no error for shadowing a script-local function by a nested
Solution:   Check for script-local function. (closes #6586)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1353
Problem:    Crash when drawing double-wide character in terminal window.
            (Masato Nishihata)
Solution:   Check getcell() returning NULL. (issue #6141)
Files:      src/libvterm/src/screen.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1354
Problem:    Test 59 is old style.
Solution:   Convert into a new style test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6604)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_vms.mms, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test59.ok, src/testdir/test_spell_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.1355
Problem:    Vim9: no error using :let for options and registers.
Solution:   Give an error. (closes #6568)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1356
Problem:    Vim9: cannot get the percent register.
Solution:   Check for readable registers instead of writable. (closes #6566)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1357
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign to / register.
Solution:   Adjust check for assignment. (issue #6566)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1358
Problem:    Vim9: test fails with +dnd is not available.
Solution:   Add condition.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1359
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign to / register in Vim9 script.
Solution:   Adjust check for assignment in Vim9 script. (closes #6567)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1360
Problem:    Stray error for white space after expression.
Solution:   Ignore trailing white space. (closes #6608)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim

Patch 8.2.1361
Problem:    Error for white space after expression in assignment.
Solution:   Skip over white space. (closes #6617)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1362
Problem:    Last entry of ":set term=xxx" overwritten by error message when
            'cmdheight' is two or more. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Output extra line breaks.
Files:      src/term.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1363
Problem:    Test trying to run terminal when it is not supported.
Solution:   Check if Vim can be run in a terminal.
Files:      src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1364
Problem:    Invalid memory access when searching for raw string.
Solution:   Check for delimiter match before following quote. (closes #6578)
Files:      src/search.c

Patch 8.2.1365
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator.
Solution:   Check for white space. (closes #6618)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1366
Problem:    Test 49 is old style.
Solution:   Convert several tests to new style. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6629)
Files:      src/testdir/script_util.vim, src/testdir/test49.ok,
            src/testdir/test49.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.1367
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator.
Solution:   Check for white space around *, / and %.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1368
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator.
Solution:   Check for white space around <, !=, etc.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1369
Problem:    MS-Windows: autocommand test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Do not rely on the cat command.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1370
Problem:    MS-Windows: warning for using fstat() with stat_T.
Solution:   use _fstat64() if available. (Naruhiko Nishino, closes #6625)
Files:      src/macros.h

Patch 8.2.1371
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator.
Solution:   Check for white space around && and ||.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1372
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing white space around operator.
Solution:   Check for white space around ? and :.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1373
Problem:    Vim9: no error for assigning to non-existing script var.
Solution:   Check that in Vim9 script the variable was defined. (closes #6630)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.1374
Problem:    Vim9: error for assigning empty list to script variable.
Solution:   Use t_unknown for empty list member. (closes #6595)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1375
Problem:    Vim9: method name with digit not accepted.
Solution:   Use eval_isnamec() instead of eval_isnamec1(). (closes #6613)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1376
Problem:    Vim9: expression mapping causes error for using :import.
Solution:   Add EX_LOCK_OK to :import and :export. (closes #6606)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1377
Problem:    Triggering the ATTENTION prompt causes typeahead to be messed up.
Solution:   Increment tb_change_cnt. (closes #6541)
Files:      src/getchar.c

Patch 8.2.1378
Problem:    Cannot put space between function name and paren.
Solution:   Allow this for backwards compatibility.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1379
Problem:    Curly braces expression ending in " }" does not work.
Solution:   Skip over white space when checking for "}". (closes #6634)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim

Patch 8.2.1380
Problem:    Vim9: return type of getreg() is always a string.
Solution:   Use list of strings when there are three arguments. (closes #6633)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1381
Problem:    MS-Windows: crash with Python 3.5 when stdin is redirected.
Solution:   Reconnect stdin. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, Ken Takata, closes #6641)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.1382
Problem:    Vim9: using :import in filetype plugin gives an error.
Solution:   Allow commands with the EX_LOCK_OK flag. (closes #6636)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1383
Problem:    Test 49 is old style.
Solution:   Convert test cases to new style. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6638)
Files:      src/testdir/test49.ok, src/testdir/test49.vim,

Patch 8.2.1384
Problem:    No ATTENTION prompt for :vimgrep first match file.
Solution:   When there is an existing swap file do not keep the dummy buffer.
            (closes #6649)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/runtest.vim,

Patch 8.2.1385
Problem:    No testing on ARM.
Solution:   Add a test on Travis for ARM. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6615)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.1386
Problem:    Backslash not removed after space in option with space in
Solution:   Do remove backslash before space, also when it is in 'isfname'.
            (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, closes #6651)
Files:      src/option.c, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.1387
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign to single letter variable with type.
Solution:   Exclude the colon from the variable name. (closes #6647)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1388
Problem:    Vim9: += only works for numbers.
Solution:   Use += as concatenate for a list. (closes #6646)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1389
Problem:    File missing from the distribution.
Solution:   Add script_util.vim to the list of distributes files.
Files:      Filelist

Patch 8.2.1390
Problem:    Vim9: type error after storing an option value.
Solution:   Drop the type after a STOREOPT instruction. (closes #6632)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1391
Problem:    Vim9: no error for shadowing a script function.
Solution:   Check for already defined items. (closes #6652)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1392
Problem:    Vim9: error line number incorrect after skipping over comment
Solution:   Insert empty lines for skipped lines.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1393
Problem:    Insufficient testing for script debugging.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Ben Jackson)
Files:      src/testdir/test_debugger.vim

Patch 8.2.1394
Problem:    Vim9: compiling a function interferes with command modifiers.
Solution:   Save and restore command modifiers. (closes #6658)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.1395
Problem:    Vim9: no error if declaring a funcref with a lower case letter.
Solution:   Check the name after the type is inferred. Fix confusing name.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1396
Problem:    Vim9: no error for unexpectedly returning a value.
Solution:   Only set the return type for lambda's.  Make using function type
            in a function reference work.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1397
Problem:    Vim9: return type of maparg() not adjusted for fourth argument.
Solution:   Check if fourth argument is present. (closes #6645)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_maparg.vim

Patch 8.2.1398
Problem:    Autoload script sourced twice if sourced directly.
Solution:   Do not source an autoload script again. (issue #6644)
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/testdir/sautest/autoload/sourced.vim

Patch 8.2.1399
Problem:    Vim9: may find imported item in wrong script.
Solution:   When looking up script-local function use the embedded script ID.
            (issue #6644)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/userfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.1400
Problem:    Vim9: test does not delete written files.
Solution:   Correct file names.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1401
Problem:    Cannot jump to the last used tabpage.
Solution:   Add g<Tab> and tabpagnr('#'). (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6661,
            neovim #11626)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/index.txt,
            runtime/doc/tabpage.txt, src/evalwindow.c, src/globals.h,
            src/normal.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,

Patch 8.2.1402
Problem:    s390x tests always fail.
Solution:   Temporarily disable s390x tests.
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.1403
Problem:    Vim9: Vim highlighting fails in cmdline window if it uses Vim9
Solution:   Allow using :vim9script, :import and :export while in the cmdline
            window. (closes #6656)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1404
Problem:    Vim9: script test fails in the GUI.
Solution:   Use another key to map.  Improve cleanup.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1405
Problem:    Vim9: vim9compile.c is getting too big.
Solution:   Split off type code to vim9type.c.
Files:      Filelist, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9type.c, src/proto/, src/proto.h,
            src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1406
Problem:    Popupwindow lacks scrollbar if no "maxheight" is used.
Solution:   Compute the max height depending on the position. (closes #6664)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1407
Problem:    Vim9: type of list and dict only depends on first item.
Solution:   Use all items to decide about the type.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9type.c, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, runtime/doc/vim9.txt

Patch 8.2.1408
Problem:    Vim9: type casting not supported.
Solution:   Introduce type casting.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1409
Problem:    Npmrc and php.ini filetypes not recognized.
Solution:   Add filetype detection. (Doug Kearns)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1410
Problem:    Adding compiler plugin requires test change.
Solution:   Include compiler plugin and adjust test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_compiler.vim, runtime/compiler/xo.vim

Patch 8.2.1411
Problem:    when splitting a window localdir is copied but prevdir is not.
Solution:   Also copy prevdir. (closes #6667)
Files:      src/window.c, src/testdir/test_cd.vim

Patch 8.2.1412
Problem:    Vim: not operator does not result in boolean.
Solution:   Make type depend on operator. (issue 6678)  Fix using "false" and
            "true" in Vim9 script.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1413 (after 8.2.1401)
Problem:    Previous tab page not usable from an Ex command.
Solution:   Add the "#" argument for :tabnext et al. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6677)
Files:      runtime/doc/tabpage.txt, src/ex_docmd.c, src/window.c,

Patch 8.2.1414
Problem:    Popupwindow missing last couple of lines when cursor is in the
            first line.
Solution:   Compute the max height also when top aligned. (closes #6664)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1415
Problem:    Closing a popup window with CTRL-C interrupts 'statusline' if it
            calls a function.
Solution:   Reset got_int while redrawing. (closes #6675)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1416
Problem:    Vim9: boolean evaluation does not work as intended.
Solution:   Use tv2bool() in Vim9 script. (closes #6681)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/vim9.vim

Patch 8.2.1417
Problem:    Test 49 is old style.
Solution:   Convert more parts to new style test. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6682)
Files:      src/testdir/test49.ok, src/testdir/test49.vim,

Patch 8.2.1418
Problem:    Vim9: invalid error for missing white space after function.
Solution:   Do not skip over white space. (closes #6679)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1419
Problem:    Vim9: not operator applied too early.
Solution:   Implement the "numeric_only" argument. (closes #6680)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1420
Problem:    Test 49 is old style.
Solution:   Convert remaining parts to new style. Remove obsolete items.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6683)
Files:      Filelist, runtime/doc/testing.txt, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Makefile,
            src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/Make_amiga.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_dos.mak, src/testdir/Make_ming.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_vms.mms, src/testdir/Makefile,
            src/testdir/README.txt, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test49.ok, src/testdir/test49.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.1421
Problem:    Vim9: handling "+" and "-" before number differs from Vim script.
Solution:   Use the same sequence of commands.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1422
Problem:    The Mac GUI implementation is outdated and probably doesn't even
Solution:   Remove the Mac GUI code.  The MacVim project provides the
            supported Vim GUI version.
Files:      Filelist, src/gui_mac.c, src/proto/, src/proto.h,
            src/Makefile, src/, src/auto/configure,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/fileio.c, src/gui.c, src/if_mzsch.c,
            src/main.c, src/misc2.c, src/mouse.c, src/os_mac_conv.c,
            src/os_unix.c, src/feature.h, src/globals.h, src/gui.h,
            src/option.h, src/optiondefs.h, src/os_mac.h, src/structs.h,
            src/vim.h, src/INSTALLmac.txt

Patch 8.2.1423
Problem:    Vim9: find global function when looking for script-local.
Solution:   Don't strip prefix if name starts with "s:". (closes #6688)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1424 (after 8.2.1422)
Problem:    Mac build fails.
Solution:   Adjust configure to not fall back to Athena.  Adjust some other
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure, src/os_macosx.m,

Patch 8.2.1425
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use call() without :call.
Solution:   Do not skip over "call(". (closes #6689)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1426
Problem:    Vim9: cannot call autoload function in :def function.
Solution:   Load the autoload script. (closes #6690)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.1427
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use a range with marks in :def function.
Solution:   Parse range after colon. (closes #6686)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.1428
Problem:    Vim9: :def function does not abort on nested function error.
Solution:   Check whether an error message was given. (closes #6691)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1429
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing white after : in dict.
Solution:   Check for white space. (closes #6671)  Also check that there is no
            white before the :.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1430
Problem:    Vim9: error for missing comma instead of extra white space.
Solution:   Check if comma can be found after white space. (closes #6668)
            Also check for extra white space in literal dict. (closes #6670)
Files:      src/list.c, src/dict.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1431
Problem:    Vim9: no error for white space before comma in dict.
Solution:   Check for extra white space. (closes #6674)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/dict.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1432
Problem:    Various inconsistencies in test files.
Solution:   Add modelines where they were missing.  Use Check commands instead
            of silently skipping over tests.  Adjust indents and comments.
            (Ken Takata, closes #6695)
Files:      src/testdir/test_arglist.vim, src/testdir/test_assert.vim,
            src/testdir/test_autochdir.vim, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_autoload.vim, src/testdir/test_balloon.vim,
            src/testdir/test_balloon_gui.vim, src/testdir/test_behave.vim,
            src/testdir/test_blockedit.vim, src/testdir/test_breakindent.vim,
            src/testdir/test_bufline.vim, src/testdir/test_bufwintabinfo.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cd.vim, src/testdir/test_changedtick.vim,
            src/testdir/test_changelist.vim, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/test_checkpath.vim, src/testdir/test_cindent.vim,
            src/testdir/test_close_count.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_comparators.vim, src/testdir/test_compiler.vim,
            src/testdir/test_crypt.vim, src/testdir/test_cursorline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_curswant.vim, src/testdir/test_debugger.vim,
            src/testdir/test_delete.vim, src/testdir/test_diffmode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_digraph.vim, src/testdir/test_display.vim,
            src/testdir/test_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_environ.vim,
            src/testdir/test_escaped_glob.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_equal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ex_undo.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_z.vim,
            src/testdir/test_exec_while_if.vim, src/testdir/test_exists.vim,
            src/testdir/test_exists_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_exit.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr_utf8.vim, src/testdir/test_feedkeys.vim,
            src/testdir/test_file_size.vim, src/testdir/test_fileformat.vim,
            src/testdir/test_find_complete.vim, src/testdir/test_findfile.vim,
            src/testdir/test_fixeol.vim, src/testdir/test_flatten.vim,
            src/testdir/test_fnameescape.vim, src/testdir/test_fold.vim,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_ga.vim,
            src/testdir/test_getcwd.vim, src/testdir/test_getvar.vim,
            src/testdir/test_glob2regpat.vim, src/testdir/test_global.vim,
            src/testdir/test_gui.vim, src/testdir/test_gui_init.vim,
            src/testdir/test_highlight.vim, src/testdir/test_hlsearch.vim,
            src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim, src/testdir/test_interrupt.vim,
            src/testdir/test_job_fails.vim, src/testdir/test_join.vim,
            src/testdir/test_json.vim, src/testdir/test_jumplist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_jumps.vim, src/testdir/test_lambda.vim,
            src/testdir/test_langmap.vim, src/testdir/test_largefile.vim,
            src/testdir/test_lineending.vim, src/testdir/test_listchars.vim,
            src/testdir/test_listener.vim, src/testdir/test_listlbr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_makeencoding.vim, src/testdir/test_man.vim,
            src/testdir/test_mapping.vim, src/testdir/test_marks.vim,
            src/testdir/test_memory_usage.vim, src/testdir/test_menu.vim,
            src/testdir/test_messages.vim, src/testdir/test_mksession.vim,
            src/testdir/test_nested_function.vim, src/testdir/test_number.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_packadd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_partial.vim, src/testdir/test_paste.vim,
            src/testdir/test_plus_arg_edit.vim, src/testdir/test_preview.vim,
            src/testdir/test_profile.vim, src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_quotestar.vim,
            src/testdir/test_random.vim, src/testdir/test_recover.vim,
            src/testdir/test_regexp_latin.vim, src/testdir/test_registers.vim,
            src/testdir/test_rename.vim, src/testdir/test_retab.vim,
            src/testdir/test_scriptnames.vim, src/testdir/test_scroll_opt.vim,
            src/testdir/test_scrollbind.vim, src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim,
            src/testdir/test_searchpos.vim, src/testdir/test_set.vim,
            src/testdir/test_sha256.vim, src/testdir/test_shift.vim,
            src/testdir/test_shortpathname.vim, src/testdir/test_signs.vim,
            src/testdir/test_sort.vim, src/testdir/test_sound.vim,
            src/testdir/test_source_utf8.vim, src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim,
            src/testdir/test_startup.vim, src/testdir/test_startup_utf8.vim,
            src/testdir/test_stat.vim, src/testdir/test_suspend.vim,
            src/testdir/test_swap.vim, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tab.vim, src/testdir/test_tabline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagcase.vim, src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim,
            src/testdir/test_taglist.vim, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim,
            src/testdir/test_termencoding.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vartabs.vim, src/testdir/test_version.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_winbar.vim,
            src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_window_id.vim,
            src/testdir/test_windows_home.vim, src/testdir/test_wnext.vim,
            src/testdir/test_wordcount.vim, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim,

Patch 8.2.1433
Problem:    Vim9: cannot mingle comments in multi-line lambda.
Solution:   Skip over NULL lines. (closes #6694)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1434
Problem:    Vim9: crash when lambda uses outer function argument.
Solution:   Set the flag that the outer context is used.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1435
Problem:    Vim9: always converting to string for ".." leads to mistakes.
Solution:   Only automatically convert simple types.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/proto/, src/eval.c,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1436
Problem:    Function implementing :substitute has unexpected name.
Solution:   Rename from do_sub() to ex_substitute().
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/proto/, src/ex_docmd.c,

Patch 8.2.1437
Problem:    Vim9: 'statusline' is evaluated using Vim9 script syntax.
Solution:   Always use legacy script syntax.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1438
Problem:    Missing tests for interrupting script execution from debugger.
Solution:   Add tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6697)
Files:      src/testdir/test_debugger.vim

Patch 8.2.1439
Problem:    Tiny and small builds have no test coverage.
Solution:   Restore tests that do not depend on the +eval feature.
            (Ken Takata, closes #6696)
Files:      .travis.yml, Filelist, Makefile, runtime/doc/testing.txt,
            src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Makefile, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_amiga.mak, src/testdir/Make_dos.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_ming.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms,
            src/testdir/Makefile, src/testdir/runtest.vim,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test1.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test20.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test21.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test22.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test23.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test24.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test25.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test26.ok, src/testdir/,
            src/testdir/test27.ok, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.1440
Problem:    Debugger code insufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6700)
Files:      src/testdir/test_debugger.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim

Patch 8.2.1441
Problem:    Running tests in tiny version gives error for summarize.vim.
Solution:   Set 'cpoptions' to allow for line continuation.  Restore
            redirecting test output to /dev/null.
Files:      src/testdir/summarize.vim, src/testdir/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1442
Problem:    Outdated references to the Mac Carbon GUI.
Solution:   Remove or update references. (Yee Cheng Chin, closes #6703)
Files:      READMEdir/README_extra.txt, src/Makefile, src/,
            src/auto/configure, src/, src/os_macosx.m,
            src/testdir/test_iminsert.vim, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.1443
Problem:    Vim9: crash when interrupting a nested :def function.
Solution:   Push a dummy return value onto the stack. (closes #6701)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1444
Problem:    Error messages are spread out and names can be confusing.
Solution:   Start moving error messages to a separate file and use clear
Files:      Filelist, src/vim.h, src/globals.h, src/errors.h, src/Makefile,
            src/Make_cyg_ming.mak, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_vms.mms,
            src/dict.c, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/list.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/vim9type.c

Patch 8.2.1445
Problem:    Vim9: function expanded name is cleared when sourcing a script
Solution:   Only clear the expanded name when deleting the function.
            (closes #6707)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1446
Problem:    Vim9: line number in error message is not correct.
Solution:   Set SOURCING_LNUM before calling emsg(). (closes #6708)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1447
Problem:    Vim9: return type of keys() is list<any>.
Solution:   Should be list<string>. (closes #6711)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1448
Problem:    Test 77a for VMS depends on small.vim which does not exist.
Solution:   Use the 'silent while 0" trick. (issue #6696)
Files:      src/testdir/

Patch 8.2.1449
Problem:    Some test makefiles delete files that are not generated.
Solution:   Remove the deletion commands.
Files:      src/testdir/Make_dos.mak, src/testdir/Make_ming.mak,
            src/testdir/Make_amiga.mak, src/testdir/Make_vms.mms

Patch 8.2.1450
Problem:    Vim9: no check that script-local items don't become global.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1451
Problem:    Vim9: list type at script level only uses first item.
Solution:   Use all members, like in a compiled function. (closes #6712)
            Also for dictionary.
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1452
Problem:    Vim9: dead code in to_name_end().
Solution:   Remove check for lambda and dict, it won't be used.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1453
Problem:    Vim9: failure to compile lambda not tested.
Solution:   Add a test case.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1454
Problem:    Vim9: failure invoking lambda with wrong arguments.
Solution:   Handle invalid arguments.  Add a test.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1455
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using typecast before constant.
Solution:   Generate constant before checking type.  Add tets.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1456
Problem:    MS-Windows: test files are not deleted.
Solution:   use "del" instead of $(DEL).
Files:      src/testdir/Make_dos.mak

Patch 8.2.1457
Problem:    Vim9: the output of :disassemble cannot be interrupted.
Solution:   Check got_int. (closes #6715)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1458
Problem:    .gawk files not recognized.
Solution:   Recognize .gawk files. (Doug Kearns)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1459
Problem:    Vim9: declaring a script variable at the script level does not
            infer the type.
Solution:   Get the type from the value. (closes #6716)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1460
Problem:    Error messages are spread out.
Solution:   Move more messages into errors.h.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/globals.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/vim9type.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/ex_cmds.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/match.c, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1461
Problem:    Vim9: string indexes are counted in bytes.
Solution:   Use character indexes. (closes #6574)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/eval.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1462
Problem:    Vim9: string slice not supported yet.
Solution:   Add support for string slicing.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1463
Problem:    Vim9: list slice not supported yet.
Solution:   Add support for list slicing.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c, src/eval.c,
            src/list.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1464
Problem:    Vim9: build warning for unused variable.
Solution:   Delete the variable declaration.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1465
Problem:    Vim9: subscript not handled properly.
Solution:   Adjust error message.  Remove dead code.  Disallow string to
            number conversion in scripts.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/eval.c,
            src/typval.c, src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1466
Problem:    Vim9: cannot index or slice a variable with type "any".
Solution:   Add runtime index and slice.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h, src/errors.h, src/list.c,

Patch 8.2.1467
Problem:    Vim9: :echomsg doesn't like a dict argument.
Solution:   Convert arguments like in legacy script. (closes #6717)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1468
Problem:    Vim9: invalid error for missing white space.
Solution:   Don't skip over white space after index. (closes #6718)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1469
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign string to string option.
Solution:   Change checks for option value. (closes #6720)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1470
Problem:    Errors in spell file not tested.
Solution:   Add test for spell file errors. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6721)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim

Patch 8.2.1471
Problem:    :const only locks the variable, not the value.
Solution:   Lock the value as ":lockvar 1 var" would do. (closes #6719)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_const.vim

Patch 8.2.1472
Problem:    ":argdel" does not work like ":.argdel" as documented. (Alexey
Solution:   Make ":argdel" work like ":.argdel". (closes #6727)
            Also fix giving the error "0 more files to edit".
Files:      src/arglist.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_arglist.vim

Patch 8.2.1473
Problem:    Items in a list given to :const can still be modified.
Solution:   Work like ":lockvar! name" but don't lock referenced items.
            Make locking a blob work.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalvars.c, src/eval.c,

Patch 8.2.1474
Problem:    /usr/lib/udef/rules.d not recognized as udevrules.
Solution:   Adjust match pattern. (Haochen Tong, closes 36722)
Files:      runtime/autoload/dist/ft.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1475
Problem:    Vim9: can't use v:true for option flags.
Solution:   Add tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6725)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/proto/, src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.1476 (after 8.2.1474)
Problem:    Filetype test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Remove "^" from pattern.
Files:      runtime/autoload/dist/ft.vim

Patch 8.2.1477
Problem:    Vim9: error when using bufnr('%').
Solution:   Don't give an error for using a string argument. (closes #6723)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1478
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" for some popup options.
Solution:   Add dict_get_bool(). (closes #6725)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/proto/, src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.1479
Problem:    Vim9: error for list index uses wrong line number.
Solution:   Set source line number. (closes #6724)  Add a way to assert the
            line number of the error with assert_fails().
Files:      runtime/doc/testing.txt, src/vim9execute.c, src/testing.c,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/message.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/vim9.vim,

Patch 8.2.1480
Problem:    Vim9: skip expression in search() gives error.
Solution:   use tv_get_bool() eval_expr_to_bool(). (closes #6729)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/typval.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1481
Problem:    Vim9: line number reported with error may be wrong.
Solution:   Check line number in tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/vim9.vim,

Patch 8.2.1482
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using a nested lambda.
Solution:   Do not clear the growarray when not evaluating.  Correct pointer
            when getting the next line. (closes #6731)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1483
Problem:    Vim9: error for using special as number when returning "false"
            from a popup filter.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #6733)
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.1484
Problem:    Flaky failure in assert_fails().
Solution:   Only used fourth argument if there is a third argument.
Files:      src/testing.c

Patch 8.2.1485
Problem:    Vim9: readdirex() expression doesn't accept bool.
Solution:   Accept both -1 and bool. (closes #6737)
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1486
Problem:    Vim9: readdir() expression doesn't accept bool.
Solution:   Merge with code for readdirex(). (closes #6737)
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1487
Problem:    Travis: installing snd-dummy is not always useful.
Solution:   Only install snd-dummy on amd64. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #6738)
Files:      .travis.yml, ci/

Patch 8.2.1488
Problem:    Text does not scroll when inserting above first line.
Solution:   Adjust off-by-one error. (Ken Takata, closes #6739)
Files:      src/drawscreen.c, src/testdir/test_display.vim,

Patch 8.2.1489
Problem:    Vim9: error when setting an option with setbufvar().
Solution:   Do not get a number from a string value. (closes #6740)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1490
Problem:    Vim9: using /= with float and number doesn't work.
Solution:   Better support assignment with operator. (closes #6742)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1491
Problem:    Vim9: crash when compiling heredoc lines start with comment.
Solution:   Skip over NULL pointers. Do not remove comment and empty lines
            when fetching function lines. (closes #6743)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/scriptfile.c, src/proto/,
            src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,
            src/ex_cmds.h, src/autocmd.c, src/proto/,
            src/ex_getln.c, src/proto/, src/userfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.1492
Problem:    Build failures.
Solution:   Move typedef out of #ifdef.  Adjust argument types.  Discover
Files:      src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1493
Problem:    Not enough test coverage for the spell file handling.
Solution:   Add spell file tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6728)
Files:      src/spellfile.c, src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim

Patch 8.2.1494
Problem:    Missing change to calling eval_getline().
Solution:   Change last argument.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.1495
Problem:    "make clean" may delete too many files.
Solution:   Do not delete $APPDIR. (closes #6751)
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1496
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use " #" in a mapping.
Solution:   Do not remove a comment with the EX_NOTRLCOM flag. (closes #6746)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1497
Problem:    CursorHold test is flaky. (Jakub Kądziołka)
Solution:   Use WaitForAssert() (closes #6754)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1498
Problem:    On slow systems tests can be flaky.
Solution:   Use TermWait() instead of term-wait(). (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6756)
Files:      src/testdir/test_digraph.vim, src/testdir/test_display.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim,

Patch 8.2.1499
Problem:    Vim9: error when using "$" with col().
Solution:   Reorder getting the column value. (closes #6744)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1500
Problem:    Vim9: error when using address without a command.
Solution:   Execute the range itself. (closes #6747)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1501
Problem:    Vim9: concatenating to constant reverses order.
Solution:   Generate constant before option, register and environment
            variable. (closes #6757)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1502
Problem:    Vim9: can use += with a :let command at script level.
Solution:   Give an error.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1503
Problem:    Vim9: error for an autocmd defined in a :def function in legacy
            Vim script.
Solution:   Don't check the variable type. (closes #6758)
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1504
Problem:    Vim9: white space checks are only done for a :def function.
Solution:   Also do checks at the script level.  Adjust the name of a few
            error messages.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/errors.h, src/dict.c, src/list.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9script.c, src/vim9type.c,
            src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1505
Problem:    Not all file read and writecode is tested.
Solution:   Add a few tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6764)
Files:      src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim, src/testdir/test_fnamemodify.vim,

Patch 8.2.1506
Problem:    Vim9: no error when using a number other than 0 or 1 as bool.
Solution:   Check the number is 0 or 1.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/typval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1507
Problem:    Using malloc() directly.
Solution:   Use ALLOC_ONE().  Remove superfluous typecast.  (Hussam al-Homsi,
            closes #6768)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/memline.c, src/vimrun.c

Patch 8.2.1508
Problem:    Not all debugger commands covered by tests.
Solution:   Add tests for going up/down in the stack. (Ben Jackson,
            closes #6765)
Files:      src/testdir/test_debugger.vim

Patch 8.2.1509
Problem:    Vertical separator is cleared when dragging a popup window using a
            multi-byte character for the border.
Solution:   Only clear the character before the window if it is using a
            multi-byte character. (closes #6766)
Files:      src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.1510
Problem:    Using "var" in a :def function may refer to a legacy Vim script
Solution:   Require using "s:" to refer to a legacy Vim script variable.
            (closes #6771)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1511
Problem:    Putting a string in Visual block mode ignores multi-byte
Solution:   Adjust the column for Visual block mode. (closes #6767)
Files:      src/register.c, src/testdir/test_visual.vim

Patch 8.2.1512
Problem:    Failure after ternary expression fails.
Solution:   Restore eval_flags. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, closes #6776)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,

Patch 8.2.1513
Problem:    Cannot interrupt shell used for filename expansion. (Dominique
Solution:   Do set tmode in mch_delay(). (closes #6770)
Files:      src/vim.h, src/os_unix.c, src/proto/, src/term.c,
            src/channel.c, src/if_cscope.c, src/os_amiga.c, src/ui.c,
            src/proto/, src/os_win32.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1514
Problem:    Multibyte vertical separator is cleared when dragging a popup
            window using a multi-byte character for the border.
Solution:   Only clear the character before the window if it is double width.
            (closes #6766)
Files:      src/screen.c

Patch 8.2.1515
Problem:    Vim9: can create s:var in legacy script but cannot unlet.
Solution:   Allow :unlet for legacy script var.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1516
Problem:    Vim9: error for :exe has wrong line number.
Solution:   Set line number before calling do_cmdline_cmd(). (closes #6774)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1517
Problem:    Cannot easily get the character under the cursor.
Solution:   Add the {chars} argument to strpart().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.1518
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign to local option.
Solution:   Skip over "&l:" and "&g:". (closes #6749)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/vim9.vim,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1519
Problem:    Vim9: Ex command default range is not set.
Solution:   When range is not given use default. (closes #6779)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1520
Problem:    Vim9: CTRL-] used in :def function does not work.
Solution:   Omit count or prepend colon. (closes #6769)
Files:      src/normal.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1521
Problem:    Reading past end of buffer when reading spellfile. (Yegappan
Solution:   Store the byte length and check for it.
Files:      src/spellfile.c, src/spell.h

Patch 8.2.1522
Problem:    Not enough test coverage for the spell file handling.
Solution:   Add spell file tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6763)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim

Patch 8.2.1523
Problem:    Still not enough test coverage for the spell file handling.
Solution:   Add spell file tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6790)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim

Patch 8.2.1524
Problem:    No longer get an error for string concatenation with float.
            (Tsuyoshi Cho)
Solution:   Only convert float for Vim9 script. (closes #6787)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim

Patch 8.2.1525
Problem:    Messages from tests were not always displayed.
Solution:   Always show messages, the timing is always useful. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6792)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_dos.mak, src/testdir/Make_ming.mak,

Patch 8.2.1526
Problem:    Line in testdir Makefile got commented out. (Christian Brabandt)
Solution:   Revert.
Files:      src/testdir/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1527
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use a function name as a function reference at script
Solution:   Check if a name is a function name. (closes #6789)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1528
Problem:    Vim9: :endif not found after "if false".
Solution:   When skipping still check for a following command. (closes #6797)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1529
Problem:    Vim9: :elseif may be compiled when not needed.
Solution:   Do evaluate the :elseif expression.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1530
Problem:    Vim9: test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Skip Ex command inside "if false".
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1531
Problem:    Vim9: test still fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   When skipping expect function to be NULL.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1532
Problem:    Compiler warning for conversion of size_t to long.
Solution:   Add type cast.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.1533
Problem:    Vim9: error when passing getreginfo() result to setreg().
Solution:   Use dict_get_bool() for "isunnamed". (closes #6784)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1534
Problem:    Vim9: type error for argument type is not at call position.
Solution:   Set the context and stack after checking the arguments.
            (issue #6785)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1535
Problem:    It is not possible to specify cell widths of characters.
Solution:   Add setcellwidths().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/options.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/mbyte.c,
            src/proto/, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.1536
Problem:    Cannot get the class of a character; emoji widths are wrong in
            some environments.
Solution:   Add charclass(). Update some emoji widths.  Add script to check
            emoji widths.
Files:      Filelist, runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/mbyte.c, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/emoji_list.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.1537
Problem:    Memory access error when using setcellwidths().
Solution:   Use array and pointers correctly.
Files:      src/mbyte.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.1538
Problem:    Python: iteration over vim objects fails to keep reference.
Solution:   Keep a reference for the object. (Paul Ollis, closes #6803,
            closes #6806)
Files:      src/if_py_both.h, src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.1539
Problem:    Using invalid script ID causes a crash.
Solution:   Check the script ID to be valid. (closes #6804)
Files:      src/globals.h, src/evalvars.c, src/profiler.c, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1540
Problem:    The user cannot try out emoji character widths.
Solution:   Move the emoji script to the runtime/tools directory.
Files:      Filelist, src/testdir/emoji_list.vim, runtime/tools/emoji_list.vim

Patch 8.2.1541
Problem:    Vim9: cannot find function reference for s:Func.
Solution:   Recognize <SNR> prefix. (closes #6805)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1542
Problem:    Vim9: test with invalid SID does not work in the GUI.
Solution:   Skip the test in the GUI.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1543
Problem:    Vim9: test with invalid SID is skipped in the GUI.
Solution:   Read the CTRL-C that feedkeys() put in typeahead.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1544
Problem:    Cannot translate messages in a Vim script.
Solution:   Add gettext().  Try it out for a few messages in the options
Files:      Filelist, src/po/Makefile, src/po/README.txt, runtime/optwin.vim,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/po/tojavascript.vim, src/po/fixfilenames.vim,
            runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt

Patch 8.2.1545
Problem:    ch_logfile() is unclear about closing when forking.
Solution:   Adjust the log messages.
Files:      src/channel.c, src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.1546
Problem:    Build rule for is unused.
Solution:   Delete the related build rules.
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1547
Problem:    Various comment problems.
Solution:   Update comments.
Files:      src/arglist.c, src/map.c, src/mbyte.c, src/tag.c, src/undo.c,
            src/testdir/README.txt, src/testdir/test_put.vim,

Patch 8.2.1548
Problem:    Cannot move position of "%%" in message translations. (Emir Sarı)
Solution:   Improve the check script.
Files:      src/po/check.vim

Patch 8.2.1549
Problem:    The "r" command fails for keys with modifiers if 'esckeys' is off
            and modifyOtherKeys is used. (Lauri Tirkkonen)
Solution:   Temporarily disable bracketed paste and modifyOtherKeys if
            'esckeys' is off. (closes #6809)
Files:      src/normal.c

Patch 8.2.1550
Problem:    Vim9: bufname('%') gives an error.
Solution:   Only give an error for wrong argument type. (closes #6807)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1551
Problem:    Vim9: error for argument type does not mention the number.
Solution:   Pass the argument number to where the error is given.
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9script.c, src/eval.c,

Patch 8.2.1552
Problem:    Warnings from asan with clang-11. (James McCoy)
Solution:   Avoid using a NULL pointer. (issue #6811)
Files:      src/fold.c

Patch 8.2.1553 (after 8.2.1552)
Problem:    Crash in edit test.
Solution:   Avoid using invalid pointer.
Files:      src/fold.c

Patch 8.2.1554
Problem:    Crash in normal test.
Solution:   Skip adjusting marks if there are no folds.
Files:      src/fold.c

Patch 8.2.1555
Problem:    Not all tests are executed on Github Actions.
Solution:   Copy "src" to "src2" earlier. Recognize "src2" in a couple more
            places.  Add two tests to the list of flaky tests. (Ken Takata,
            closes #6798)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml, src/testdir/runtest.vim,
            src/testdir/test_python2.vim, src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.1556
Problem:    Cursorline highlighting always overrules sign highlighting.
Solution:   Combine the highlighting, use the priority to decide how.
            (closes #6812)
Files:      runtime/doc/sign.txt, src/structs.h, src/drawline.c,

Patch 8.2.1557
Problem:    Crash in :vimgrep when started as "vim -n". (Raul Segura)
Solution:   Check mfp pointer. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6827)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1558
Problem:    Signs test fails.
Solution:   Add missing change to sign.c.
Files:      src/sign.c

Patch 8.2.1559
Problem:    s390x tests work again.
Solution:   re-enable s390x tests. (James McCoy, closes #6829)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.1560
Problem:    Using NULL pointers in some code. (James McCoy)
Solution:   Avoid adding to a NULL pointer.  Use byte as unsigned.
Files:      src/fold.c, src/eval.c, src/spellsuggest.c, src/spellfile.c,

Patch 8.2.1561
Problem:    Using NULL pointers in fold code.
Solution:   Avoid using a NULL pointer. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6831,
            closes #6831)
Files:      src/fold.c

Patch 8.2.1562
Problem:    Vim9: error when using "%" where a buffer is expected.
Solution:   Add tv_get_buf_from_arg(). (closes #6814)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/proto/, src/evalbuffer.c,

Patch 8.2.1563
Problem:    Vim9: error when using '%" with setbufvar() or getbufvar().
Solution:   Use tv_get_buf_from_arg(). (closes #6816)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1564
Problem:    A few remaining errors from ubsan.
Solution:   Avoid the warnings. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6837)
Files:      src/spellfile.c, src/spellsuggest.c, src/viminfo.c

Patch 8.2.1565
Problem:    Spellfile test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Check running into the end of the file.
Files:      src/spellfile.c

Patch 8.2.1566
Problem:    Not all Bazel files are recognized.
Solution:   Add *.bazel and *.BUILD. (closes #6836)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1567
Problem:    No example to use ubsan with clang.
Solution:   Add example commands. (Dominique Pellé, issue #6811)
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.1568
Problem:    prop_find() skips properties in the same line if "skipstart" is
Solution:   Use "continue" instead of "break". (closes #6840)
Files:      src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.1569
Problem:    Vim9: fixes for functions not tested; failure in getchangelist().
Solution:   Add tests. (closes #6813, closes #6815, closes #6817)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1570
Problem:    Configure check for dirfd() does not work on HPUX. (Michael Osipov)
Solution:   Use AC_TRY_LINK instead of AC_TRY_COMPILE. (closes #6838)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure, src/fileio.c, src/globals.h

Patch 8.2.1571
Problem:    Vim9: count() third argument cannot be "true".
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6818)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1572
Problem:    Vim9: expand() does not take "true" as argument.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk().  (closes #6819)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1573
Problem:    Vim9: getreg() does not take "true" as argument.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk().  (closes #6820)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1574
Problem:    Vim9: glob() does not take "true" as argument.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6821)
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1575
Problem:    Vim9: globpath() does not take "true" as argument.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6821)
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1576
Problem:    Vim9: index() does not take "true" as argument.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6823)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1577
Problem:    Vim9: hasmapto(), mapcheck() and maparg() do not take "true" as
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #6822, closes #6824)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/map.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1578
Problem:    Vim9: popup_clear() does not take "true" as argument.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #6826)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1579
Problem:    Reports from asan are not optimal.
Solution:   Use clang with ubsan. (James McCoy, closes #6811)
Files:      .travis.yml

Patch 8.2.1580
Problem:    Wildmenu does not work properly.
Solution:   Do not call may_do_incsearch_highlighting() if completion is in
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,

Patch 8.2.1581
Problem:    Using line() for global popup window doesn't work.
Solution:   Set tabpage to "curtab". (closes #6847)
Files:      src/evalwindow.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1582
Problem:    The channel log does not show typed text.
Solution:   Add raw typed text to the log file.
Files:      src/ui.c, src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.1583
Problem:    MS-Windows: cannot easily measure code coverage.
Solution:   Add the COVERAGE option. (Ken Takata, closes #6842)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak

Patch 8.2.1584
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" for "skipstart" in prop_find().
Solution:   Use dict_get_bool() instead of tv_get_number(). (closes #6852)
Files:      src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.1585
Problem:    Messages in errors.h not translated, xgettext on MS-Windows not
            fully supported.
Solution:   Add errors.h to list of input files.  Update MS-Windows makefiles
            to improve message translations. (Ken Takata, closes #6858)
Files:      src/po/Make_cyg.mak, src/po/Make_ming.mak, src/po/Make_mvc.mak,
            src/po/Makefile, src/po/README.txt, src/po/fixfilenames.vim

Patch 8.2.1586
Problem:    :resize command not fully tested.
Solution:   Add a couple of tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6857)
Files:      src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1587
Problem:    Loop for handling keys for the command line is too long.
Solution:   Move wild menu handling to separate functions. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #6856)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/proto/, src/ex_getln.c

Patch 8.2.1588
Problem:    Cannot read back the prompt of a prompt buffer.
Solution:   Add prompt_getprompt(). (Ben Jackson, closes #6851)
Files:      runtime/doc/channel.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/channel.c, src/edit.c, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1589
Problem:    Term_start() options for size are overruled by 'termwinsize'.
            (Sergey Vlasov)
Solution:   Set 'termwinsize' to the specified size.
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim,

Patch 8.2.1590
Problem:    Vim9: bufnr() doesn't take "true" argument.
Solution:   use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6863)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1591
Problem:    Using winheight('.') in tests works but is wrong.
Solution:   Use winheight(0). (issue #6863)
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1592
Problem:    Vim9: passing "true" to char2nr() fails.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6865)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1593
Problem:    Tests do not check the error number properly.
Solution:   Add a colon after the error number. (closes #6869)
Files:      src/testdir/test_assert.vim, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_backspace_opt.vim, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_const.vim, src/testdir/test_cscope.vim,
            src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_global.vim, src/testdir/test_gui.vim,
            src/testdir/test_hlsearch.vim, src/testdir/test_lambda.vim,
            src/testdir/test_let.vim, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim,
            src/testdir/test_move.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/test_put.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_rename.vim,
            src/testdir/test_search.vim, src/testdir/test_signs.vim,
            src/testdir/test_substitute.vim, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagfunc.vim, src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim,
            src/testdir/test_taglist.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim,
            src/testdir/test_timers.vim, src/testdir/test_true_false.vim,
            src/testdir/test_user_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,
            src/testdir/test_winbar.vim, src/testdir/test_winbuf_close.vim,
            src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.1594
Problem:    Pull requests on github do not notify a maintainer.
Solution:   Add a CODEOWNERS file with a few initial entries.
Files:      Filelist, .github/CODEOWNERS

Patch 8.2.1595
Problem:    Cannot easily see what Vim sends to the terminal.
Solution:   Write output to the channel log if it contains terminal control
            sequences.  Avoid warnings for tputs() argument.
Files:      src/term.c, src/globals.h, src/edit.c, src/normal.c,

Patch 8.2.1596
Problem:    Using win_screenpos('.') in tests works but is wrong.
Solution:   Use win_screenpos(0).
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim

Patch 8.2.1597
Problem:    The channel source file is too big.
Solution:   Move job related code to a new source file.
Files:      Filelist, src/Makefile, src/Make_mvc.mak, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak,
            src/channel.c, src/proto/, src/job.c,
            src/proto/, src/proto.h, src/edit.c, src/proto/,
            src/globals.h, src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.1598
Problem:    Starting a hidden terminal resizes the current window.
Solution:   Do not resize the current window for a hidden terminal.
            (closes #6872)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim

Patch 8.2.1599
Problem:    Missing line end when skipping a long line with :cgetfile.
Solution:   Fix off-by-one error. (closes #6870)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1600
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" with deepcopy().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6867)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.1601
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" with garbagecollect().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #6871)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1602
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" with getbufinfo().
Solution:   Use dict_get_bool(). (closes #6873)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1603
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" with getchar().
Solution:   use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6874)
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1604
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" with getcompletion().
Solution:   use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6875)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1605
Problem:    Default maintainer on github is wrong.
Solution:   Use Bram's account.
Files:      .github/CODEOWNERS

Patch 8.2.1606
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" with has().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #6876)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1607
Problem:    Vim9: getchar() test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   First consume any available input.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1608
Problem:    Vim9: getchar() test fails with GUI.
Solution:   Avoid that getchar(0) gets stuck on K_IGNORE.
Files:      src/getchar.c

Patch 8.2.1609
Problem:    Vim9: test fails when build without +channel.
Solution:   Add check for +channel. (closes #6879)
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1610
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to list2str() and str2list().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6877)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1611
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to nr2char().
Solution:   use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6878)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1612
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to prop_remove().
Solution:   Use dict_get_bool(). (closes #6853)
Files:      src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.1613
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to prop_type_add().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #6850)
Files:      src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.1614
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to searchcount().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6854)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1615
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to searchdecl().
Solution:   use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6881)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1616
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to synID().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6860)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1617
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to win_splitmove().
Solution:   Use dict_get_bool(). (closes #6862)  Alphabetize test functions.
Files:      src/evalwindow.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1618
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to setloclist().
Solution:   Use dict_get_bool(). (closes #6882)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1619
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to spellsuggest().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6883)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1620
Problem:    searchcount() test fails.
Solution:   Restore default flag value.
Files:      src/search.c

Patch 8.2.1621
Problem:    Crash when using submatch(0, 1) in substitute().
Solution:   Increment reference count. (closes #6887)
Files:      src/regexp.c, src/testdir/test_substitute.vim

Patch 8.2.1622
Problem:    Loop to handle keys for the command line is too long.
Solution:   Move code to functions. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6880)
Files:      src/ex_getln.c

Patch 8.2.1623
Problem:    Vim9: using :call where it is not needed.
Solution:   Remove :call. (closes #6892)
Files:      src/testdir/test_maparg.vim, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.1624
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to split(), str2nr() and strchars().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6884, closes #6885, closes #6886)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1625
Problem:    Compiler warning for use of fptr_T.
Solution:   Make the type less strict.
Files:      src/regexp.c

Patch 8.2.1626
Problem:    Test for strchars() fails with different error number.
Solution:   Adjust the error number.
Files:      src/testdir/test_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.1627
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to submatch(), term_gettty() and
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk(). (closes #6888, closes #6890, closes #6889)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/terminal.c, src/job.c,

Patch 8.2.1628
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass "true" to timer_paused().
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #6891)
Files:      src/time.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1629
Problem:    Test fails without terminal feature.
Solution:   Check for terminal feature.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1630
Problem:    Terminal test fails.
Solution:   Correct argument to term_start().  Correct error number.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim

Patch 8.2.1631
Problem:    test_fails() does not check the context of the line number.
Solution:   Use another argument to specify the context of the line number.
Files:      runtime/doc/testing.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testing.c, src/globals.h,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/message.c

Patch 8.2.1632
Problem:    Not checking the context of test_fails().
Solution:   Add the line number and context arguments.  Give error if
            assert_fails() argument types are wrong.
Files:      src/testing.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_assert.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1633
Problem:    Some error messages are internal but do not use iemsg().
Solution:   Use iemsg(). (Dominique Pellé, closes #6894)
Files:      src/regexp.c, src/regexp_bt.c, src/regexp_nfa.c

Patch 8.2.1634
Problem:    Loop to handle keys for the command line is too long.
Solution:   Move a few more parts to separate functions. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #6895)
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.1635
Problem:    No digraph for 0x2022 BULLET.
Solution:   Use "oo". (Hans Ginzel, closes #6904)
Files:      src/digraph.c, runtime/doc/digraph.txt

Patch 8.2.1636
Problem:    Get stuck if a popup filter causes an error.
Solution:   Check whether the function can be called and does not cause an
            error.  (closes #6902)
Files:      src/structs.h, src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1637
Problem:    Vim9: :put ={expr} does not work inside :def function.
Solution:   Add ISN_PUT. (closes #6397)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/register.c,
            src/proto/, src/edit.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/mouse.c,
            src/normal.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,

Patch 8.2.1638
Problem:    Leaking memory when popup filter function can't be called.
Solution:   Don't return too soon.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.1639
Problem:    Options window cannot be translated.
Solution:   Get the translation for "local to" texts once and use them in many
            places. Fix that 'whichwrap' is not a local option. (issue #6800)
Files:      runtime/optwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1640
Problem:    Amiga: missing header for getgrgid().
Solution:   Add the grp.h header. (Ola Söder, closes #6906)
Files:      src/os_amiga.h

Patch 8.2.1641
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use 0 or 1 where a bool is expected.
Solution:   Allow using 0 and 1 for a bool type. (closes #6903)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9type.c, src/proto/,
            src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1642
Problem:    Options test fails.
Solution:   Correct call to OptionG().
Files:      runtime/optwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1643
Problem:    Vim9: :defcompile compiles dead functions.
Solution:   Skip over dead functions.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1644
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign 1 and 0 to bool at script level.
Solution:   Add the TTFLAG_BOOL_OK flag to the type. Fix name of test
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,
            src/testdir/vim9.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1645
Problem:    GTK3: icons become broken images when resized.
Solution:   Use gtk_image_new_from_icon_name(). (closes #6916)
            Fix compiler warnings.
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.1646
Problem:    Amiga: Unnecessary #include.
Solution:   Remove the #include. (Ola Söder, closes #6908)
Files:      src/version.c

Patch 8.2.1647
Problem:    Vim9: result of expression with && and || cannot be assigned to a
            bool variable.
Solution:   Add the TTFLAG_BOOL_OK flag and convert the value if needed.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1648
Problem:    Amiga: no common build file for Amiga (-like) systems.
Solution:   Turn Make_morph.mak into Make_ami.mak. (Ola Söder, closes #6805)
Files:      Filelist, src/Make_ami.mak, src/Make_morph.mak, src/INSTALLami.txt

Patch 8.2.1649
Problem:    GTK3: using old file chooser.
Solution:   Use native file chooser on GTK 3.20 and above. (Yogeshwar
            Velingker, closes #6909)
Files:      src/gui_gtk.c

Patch 8.2.1650
Problem:    Vim9: result of && and || expression cannot be assigned to a bool
            at the script level.
Solution:   Add the VAR_BOOL_OK flag.  Convert to bool when needed.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/vim9type.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9script.c, src/evalvars.c, src/eval.c,

Patch 8.2.1651
Problem:    Spellfile code not completely tested.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6918)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim

Patch 8.2.1652
Problem:    Cannot translate lines in the options window.
Solution:   Use the AddOption() function to split descriptions where indicated
            by a line break. (issue #6800)
Files:      runtime/optwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1653
Problem:    Expand('<stack>') does not include the final line number.
Solution:   Add the line number. (closes #6927)
Files:      src/vim.h, src/scriptfile.c, src/proto/,
            src/debugger.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/message.c,
            src/testing.c, src/testdir/test_expand_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1654
Problem:    When job writes to hidden buffer current window has display
            errors.  (Johnny McArthur)
Solution:   Use aucmd_prepbuf() instead of switch_to_win_for_buf().
            (closes #6925)
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.1655
Problem:    Cannot build with Strawberry Perl 5.32.0.
Solution:   Use Perl_sv_2pvbyte_flags. (closes #6921)
Files:      src/if_perl.xs

Patch 8.2.1656
Problem:    Vim9: callstack wrong if :def function calls :def function.
Solution:   Set the line number before calling. (closes #6914)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1657
Problem:    Vim9: no proper error for nested ":def!".
Solution:   Check for "!". (closes #6920)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1658
Problem:    Expand('<stack>') has trailing "..".
Solution:   Remove the "..". (closes #6927)
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/testdir/test_expand_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1659
Problem:    Spellfile code not completely tested.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6929)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spell.vim, src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim

Patch 8.2.1660
Problem:    Assert functions require passing expected result as the first
            argument, which isn't obvious.
Solution:   Use a method, as in "runtest()->assert_equal(expected)".
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1661
Problem:    Cannot connect to for host with only IPv6 addresses.
Solution:   pass AI_V4MAPPED flag to getaddrinfo. (Filipe Brandenburger,
            closes #6931)
Files:      src/channel.c

Patch 8.2.1662
Problem:    :mksession does not restore shared terminal buffer properly.
Solution:   Keep a hashtab with terminal buffers. (Rob Pilling, closes #6930)
Files:      src/hashtab.c, src/proto/, src/session.c,
            src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_mksession.vim

Patch 8.2.1663
Problem:    Options window entries cannot be translated.
Solution:   Use AddOption() for all explanations. (closes #6800)
Files:      runtime/optwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1664
Problem:    Memory leak when using :mkview with a terminal buffer.
Solution:   Don't use a hastab for :mkview. (Rob Pilling, closes #6935)
Files:      src/session.c, src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_mksession.vim

Patch 8.2.1665
Problem:    Cannot do fuzzy string matching.
Solution:   Add matchfuzzy(). (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6932)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/search.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.1666
Problem:    The initial value of 'backupskip' can have duplicate items.
Solution:   Remove duplicates, like when it is set later. (Tom Ryder,
            closes #6940)
Files:      src/option.c, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.1667
Problem:    Local function name cannot shadow a global function name.
Solution:   Ignore global functions when checking a script-local or scoped
            function name. (closes #6926)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1668
Problem:    Vim9: not accepting 0 or 1 as bool when type is any.
Solution:   Convert the type with the CHECKTYPE instruction. (closes #6913)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1669
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when storing a value fails.
Solution:   Free the value when not storing it.
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.1670
Problem:    A couple of gcc compiler warnings.
Solution:   Initialize local variables. (Dominique Pellé, closes #6944)
Files:      src/memline.c, src/option.c

Patch 8.2.1671
Problem:    Vim9: stray error for missing white space.
Solution:   Do not skip over white space after member. (closes #6917)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1672
Problem:    v_lock is used when it is not initialized. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Initialize the typval in eval1().
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.1673
Problem:    complete_info() selected index has an invalid value. (Ben Jackson)
Solution:   Set the index when there is only one match. (closes #6945)
            Add test for complete_info().
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim

Patch 8.2.1674
Problem:    Vim9: internal error when using variable that was not set.
Solution:   Give a meaningful error. (closes #6937)
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1675
Problem:    MinGW: testdir makefile deletes non-existing file.
Solution:   Use another way to delete the output file if it already exists.
            (Michael Soyka)
Files:      src/testdir/Make_ming.mak

Patch 8.2.1676
Problem:    Compiler warnings for function typecast.
Solution:   Add an intermediate cast to "void *".
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.1677
Problem:    Memory access errors when calling setloclist() in an autocommand.
Solution:   Give an error if the list was changed unexpectedly. (closes #6946)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1678
Problem:    Crash when using ":set" after ":ownsyntax". (Dhiraj Mishra)
Solution:   Make sure 'spelloptions' is not NULL. (closes #6950)
Files:      src/syntax.c, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim

Patch 8.2.1679
Problem:    Vim9: ":*" is not recognized as a range.
Solution:   Move recognizing "*" into skip_range(). (closes #6938)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/, src/cmdexpand.c,
            src/ex_getln.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1680
Problem:    Vim9: line number for compare error is wrong.
Solution:   Set SOURCING_LNUM. (closes #6936)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1681
Problem:    Vim9: unnecessary :call commands in tests.
Solution:   Remove the commands. (issue #6936)
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1682
Problem:    Vim9: const works in an unexpected way.
Solution:   ":const" only disallows changing the variable, not the value.
            Make "list[0] = 9" work at the script level.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1683
Problem:    Vim9: assignment test fails.
Solution:   Include changes to find Ex command.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1684
Problem:    "gF" does not use line number after file in Visual mode.
Solution:   Look for ":123" after the Visual area. (closes #6952)
Files:      src/findfile.c, src/testdir/test_gf.vim

Patch 8.2.1685
Problem:    Vim9: cannot declare a constant value.
Solution:   Introduce ":const!".
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/ex_cmds.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/errors.h, src/vim.h, src/eval.c,

Patch 8.2.1686
Problem:    Vim9: "const!" not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases.  Fix type checking.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1687
Problem:    Vim9: out of bounds error.
Solution:   Check that cmdidx is not negative.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1688
Problem:    Increment/decrement removes text property.
Solution:   Insert the new number before deleting the old one. (closes #6962)
Files:      src/ops.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.1689
Problem:    'colorcolumn' doesn't show in indent.
Solution:   Also draw the column when draw_state is WL_BRI or WL_SBR.
            (Alexey Demin, closes #6948, closes #6619)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/dumps/Test_colorcolumn_2.dump,

Patch 8.2.1690
Problem:    Text properties not adjusted for "I" in Visual block mode.
Solution:   Call inserted_bytes(). (closes #6961)
Files:      src/ops.c, src/change.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1691
Problem:    Vim9: list<any> is not accepted where list<number> is expected.
Solution:   Add functions to allocate and free a type_T, use it in
            ISN_CHECKTYPE. (closes #6959)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/globals.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/vim9type.c, src/proto/, src/errors.h,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.1692
Problem:    Build fails because TTFLAG_STATIC is missing.
Solution:   Include missing change.
Files:      src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.1693
Problem:    "hi def" does not work for cleared highlight.
Solution:   Check the "sg_cleared" flag. (Maxim Kim, closes #6956,
            closes #4405)
Files:      src/highlight.c, src/testdir/test_highlight.vim

Patch 8.2.1694
Problem:    Compiler warning for loss if data.
Solution:   Add typecast.
Files:      src/ops.c

Patch 8.2.1695
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using varargs type "any".
Solution:   Check if uf_va_type is &t_any. (closes #6957)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1696
Problem:    Unused (duplicate) macros.
Solution:   Remove the macros.
Files:      src/spell.c

Patch 8.2.1697
Problem:    Inconsistent capitalization of error messages.
Solution:   Always start with a capital.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.1698
Problem:    Cannot lock a variable in legacy Vim script like in Vim9.
Solution:   Make ":lockvar 0" work.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalvars.c, src/proto/,
            src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/list.c, src/typval.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_const.vim, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1699
Problem:    Build failure due to missing error message.
Solution:   Add error message.
Files:      src/errors.h

Patch 8.2.1700
Problem:    Vim9: try/catch causes wrong value to be returned.
Solution:   Reset tcd_return. (closes #6964)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1701
Problem:    Vim9: sort("i") does not work.
Solution:   Don't try getting a number for a string argument. (closes #6958)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1702
Problem:    Crash when using undo after deleting folded lines.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer. (closes #6968)
Files:      src/fold.c, src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.1703
Problem:    ":highlight clear" does not restore default link.
Solution:   Remember the default link and restore it. (Antony Scriven,
            closes #6970, closes #4405)
Files:      runtime/doc/syntax.txt, src/highlight.c,

Patch 8.2.1704
Problem:    Vim9: crash in for loop when autoload script has an error.
Solution:   Reset suppress_errthrow.  Check for NULL list. (closes #6967)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1705
Problem:    "verbose hi Name" reports incorrect info after ":hi clear".
Solution:   Store the script context. (Antony Scriven, closes #6975)
Files:      src/highlight.c, src/testdir/test_highlight.vim

Patch 8.2.1706
Problem:    Vim9: crash after running into the "Multiple closures" error.
Solution:   When a function fails still update any closures. (closes #6973)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1707
Problem:    Small inconsistency in highlight test.
Solution:   Use one argument for :execute. (Antony Scriven, #6975)
Files:      src/testdir/test_highlight.vim

Patch 8.2.1708
Problem:    Vim9: error message for function has unprintable characters.
Solution:   use printable_func_name(). (closes #6965)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1709
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when using multiple closures.
Solution:   Free the partial.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1710
Problem:    Vim9: list of list type can be wrong.
Solution:   Use VAR_UNKNOWN for empty list.  Recognize VAR_UNKNOWN when
            looking for a common type. (closes #6979)
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1711
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory when using partial.
Solution:   Do delete the function even when it was compiled.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/userfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.1712
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory when calling a lambda.
Solution:   Decrement function reference from ISN_DCALL.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.1713
Problem:    Motif GUI: crash when setting menu colors. (Andrzej Bylicki)
Solution:   Add {} to make "n" incremented correctly. (closes #6989,
            closes #5948)
Files:      src/gui_motif.c

Patch 8.2.1714
Problem:    Text properties corrupted with substitute command. (Filipe
Solution:   Get the changed line again after using u_savesub(). (closes #6984)
Files:      src/textprop.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.1715
Problem:    Motif GUI: commented out code missed {}.
Solution:   Add {} and reenable the code. (similar to #6989)
Files:      src/gui_motif.c

Patch 8.2.1716
Problem:    Options window has duplicate translations.
Solution:   Make one entry for "global or local to buffer".  Fix wrong text.
            (closes #6983)
Files:      runtime/optwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1717
Problem:    MS-Windows installer doesn't have Russian translations.
Solution:   Add Russian translations. (closes #6985)
Files:      nsis/gvim.nsi, nsis/lang/russian.nsi

Patch 8.2.1718
Problem:    Vim9: :def function disallows "firstline" and "lastline" argument
            names for no good reason.
Solution:   Don't check the arguments for a :def function. (closes #6986)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1719
Problem:    Vim9: no error if comma is missing in between arguments.
Solution:   Give an error message.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1720
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak with heredoc that isn't executed. (Dominique
Solution:   Don't clear the list items. (closes #6991)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1721
Problem:    MS-Windows installer doesn't work.
Solution:   Write "Russian" in ASCII. (closes #6995, see #6985).
Files:      nsis/lang/russian.nsi

Patch 8.2.1722
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign a lambda to a variable of type function.
Solution:   Allow for assigning a partial to a variable of type function.
            (Naruhiko Nishino, closes #6996)
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1723
Problem:    Vim9: Variable argument name cannot start with underscore.
Solution:   Use eval_isnamec1(). (closes #6988)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1724
Problem:    Vim9: assignment tests spread out.
Solution:   Create new test file for assignment tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1725
Problem:    Not all Pascal files are recognized.
Solution:   Add filetype patterns. (Doug Kearns)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1726
Problem:    Fuzzy matching only works on strings.
Solution:   Support passing a dict.  Add matchfuzzypos() to also get the match
            positions. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #6947)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/search.c, src/testdir/Make_all.mak,
            src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_matchfuzzy.vim

Patch 8.2.1727
Problem:    A popup created with "cursorline" will ignore "firstline".
Solution:   When both "cursorline" and "firstline" are present put the cursor
            on "firstline". (closes #7000)  Add the "winid" argument to
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/popupwin.c,
            src/evalwindow.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1728
Problem:    Compiler warning for using uninitialized variable. (John Marriott)
Solution:   Initialize "neighbor".
Files:      src/search.c

Patch 8.2.1729
Problem:    Endless loop when ":normal" feeds popup window filter.
Solution:   Add the ex_normal_busy_done flag.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/getchar.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/menu.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1730
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use member of unknown type.
Solution:   When type is unknown use "any". (closes #6997)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1731
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use += to append to empty NULL list.
Solution:   Copy the list instead of extending it. (closes #6998)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1732
Problem:    Stuck when win_execute() for a popup causes an error.
Solution:   Disable the filter callback on error. (issue #6999)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/term_util.vim,

Patch 8.2.1733
Problem:    Vim9: memory leaks when using nested function.
Solution:   Free function when compilation fails.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1734
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use a funcref for a closure twice.
Solution:   Instead of putting the funcref on the stack use a growarray on the
            execution context.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1735
Problem:    Github actions appear to timeout too soon.
Solution:   use "timeout" instead of "ping".
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml

Patch 8.2.1736
Problem:    Failure to compile a pattern not tested much.
Solution:   Add tests where a pattern fails to compile. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #7004)
Files:      src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim, src/testdir/test_arglist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_buffer.vim,
            src/testdir/test_checkpath.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_debugger.vim, src/testdir/test_functions.vim,
            src/testdir/test_history.vim, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_search_stat.vim,
            src/testdir/test_sort.vim, src/testdir/test_substitute.vim,
            src/testdir/test_syntax.vim, src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim,

Patch 8.2.1737
Problem:    Cursor line highlight in popup window is not always updated.
Solution:   Check if the cursor has moved. (closes #7010)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1738
Problem:    Mac: str2float() recognizes comma instead of decimal point.
Solution:   Set LC_NUMERIC to "C". (closes #7003)
Files:      src/os_mac_conv.c

Patch 8.2.1739
Problem:    Vim9: crash when compiling a manually defined function. (Antony
Solution:   Check that the script ID is positive. (closes #7012)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1740
Problem:    Test fails without the terminal feature.
Solution:   Skip test if the terminal feature is not available.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1741
Problem:    pathshorten() only supports using one character.
Solution:   Add an argument to control the length. (closes #7006)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalfunc.c, src/filepath.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.1742
Problem:    Test still fails without the terminal feature.
Solution:   Put check for terminal feature in separate function.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1743
Problem:    Cannot build without the eval feature.
Solution:   Move shorten_dir outside of #ifdef.
Files:      src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.1744
Problem:    Vim9: using ":const!" is weird.
Solution:   Use "var" - "final" - "const" like Dart.  "let" still works for
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/ex_cmds.h, src/errors.h, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/cmdexpand.c, src/eval.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/vim.h, src/ex_cmdidxs.h,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1745
Problem:    Tiny version doesn't build.
Solution:   Add dummy ex_var() function.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1746
Problem:    Vim9: Cannot use "fina" for "finally". (Naruhiko Nishino)
Solution:   Specifically check for "fina". (closes #7020)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_trycatch.vim,

Patch 8.2.1747
Problem:    Result of expand() unexpectedly depends on 'completeslash'.
Solution:   Temporarily reset 'completeslash'. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto,
            closes #7021)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim

Patch 8.2.1748
Problem:    Closing split window in other tab may cause a crash.
Solution:   Set tp_curwin properly. (Rob Pilling, closes #7018)
Files:      src/window.c, src/testdir/test_winbuf_close.vim

Patch 8.2.1749
Problem:    Vim9: crash when closure fails in nested function.
Solution:   Handle function returns before dereferencing remaining closures.
            (closes #7008)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1750
Problem:    Setting firstline with popup_setoptions() fails if cursorline is
Solution:   Use apply_options(). Update the popup before applying "zz".
            (closes #7010)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/proto/, src/move.c,

Patch 8.2.1751
Problem:    Using 2 where bool is expected may throw an error.
Solution:   Make this backwards compatible.
Files:      src/typval.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_search.vim,

Patch 8.2.1752
Problem:    GTK GUI: cannot map alt-? with <A-?>. (Ingo Karkat)
Solution:   Adjust the characters for which the shift modifier is removed.
            (closes #7016)  Make Motif and Win32 use the same function as GTK.
Files:      src/misc2.c, src/gui_x11.c, src/gui_w32.c,

Patch 8.2.1753
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using import at script level.
Solution:   Give a "not implemented yet" error. (closes #7026)
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.1754
Problem:    Completion with spell checking not tested.
Solution:   Add a test case. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7024)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spell.vim

Patch 8.2.1755
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using invalid heredoc marker. (Dhiraj Mishra)
Solution:   Check for NULL list. (closes #7027)  Fix comment character.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c,

Patch 8.2.1756
Problem:    Vim9: :let will soon be disallowed.
Solution:   Add v:disallow_let temporarily.  Fix tests.
Files:      src/vim.h, src/errors.h, src/evalvars.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1757
Problem:    Mac: default locale is lacking the encoding.
Solution:   Add ".UTF-8 to the locale. (Yee Cheng Chin, closes #7022)
Files:      src/os_mac_conv.c, src/testdir/test_environ.vim

Patch 8.2.1758
Problem:    Vim9: type of unmaterialized list is wrong.
Solution:   Use list<number>.
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1759
Problem:    Vim9: Some tests are still using :let.
Solution:   Change more declarations to use :var.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1760
Problem:    Vim9: crash when end marker is missing. (Dhiraj Mishra)
Solution:   Check for end of function lines. (closes #7031)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1761
Problem:    Vim9: Some tests are still using :let.
Solution:   Change more declarations to use :var.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.1762
Problem:    When a timer uses :stopinsert Insert mode completion isn't
            stopped. (Stanley Chan)
Solution:   Call ins_compl_prep(ESC).
Files:      src/edit.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,

Patch 8.2.1763
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "true" for popup window scrollbar option.
Solution:   use dict_get_bool(). (closes #7029)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1764
Problem:    Vim9: no error when assigning to script var with wrong type.
Solution:   Fix off-by-one error. (closes #7028)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1765
Problem:    Vim9: some tests use "var var".
Solution:   Use "var name". (closes #7032)
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1766
Problem:    Vim9: Some tests are still using :let.
Solution:   Change the last few declarations to use :var.
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_maparg.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.1767
Problem:    Vim9: test fails with python support.
Solution:   Use "let" in legacy function.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1768
Problem:    Cannot use the help menu from a terminal window.
Solution:   Add ":tlnoremenu" commands. (Yee Cheng Chin, closes #7023)
Files:      runtime/menu.vim, src/testdir/test_gui.vim

Patch 8.2.1769
Problem:    A popup filter interferes with using :normal to move the cursor in
            a popup.
Solution:   Do not invoke the filter when ex_normal_busy is set.
Files:      runtime/doc/popup.txt, src/getchar.c, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/menu.c, src/globals.h,

Patch 8.2.1770
Problem:    Invalid memory use when using SpellFileMissing autocmd.
Solution:   Add test case. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7036)  Fix using a window
            that was closed.
Files:      src/spell.c, src/testdir/test_spell.vim

Patch 8.2.1771
Problem:    synIDattr() cannot get the value of ctermul.
Solution:   Add the "ul" value for "what". (closes #7037)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/highlight.c, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.1772
Problem:    Cannot use CTRL-W <Down> to move out of a terminal window.
Solution:   Use special_to_buf() instead of mb_char2bytes(). (closes #7045)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1773
Problem:    Crash when calling mapset() with a list as first argument.
Solution:   Check for NULL. (closes #7040)
Files:      src/map.c, src/testdir/test_maparg.vim

Patch 8.2.1774
Problem:    GTK: hang when forced to exit.
Solution:   Do not clean up "mainwin" when really_exiting is set.
            (Zdenek Dohnal, closes #7042)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.1775
Problem:    MS-Windows: adding a long quickfix list is slow.
Solution:   Shorten the buffer name only for the first entry. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #7039, closes #7033)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1776
Problem:    Filetype.vim may be loaded twice.
Solution:   Do "syntax on" after "filetype on". (Adam Stankiewicz,
            closes #7049)
Files:      runtime/defaults.vim

Patch 8.2.1777
Problem:    Vim9: some assignment tests in the wrong file.
Solution:   Move assignment tests to test_vim9_assign.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1778
Problem:    Vim9: returning from a partial call clears outer context, causing
            a crash.
Solution:   Put the outer context in the stack frame. (closes #7044)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1779
Problem:    Some debian changelog files are not recognized.
Solution:   Add */debian/changelog. (Jason Franklin)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1780
Problem:    Statusline not updated when splitting windows.
Solution:   Call status_redraw_all(). (Jason Franklin, closes #5496)
Files:      src/window.c, src/testdir/test_statusline.vim

Patch 8.2.1781
Problem:    Writing to prompt buffer interferes with insert mode.
Solution:   Use win_enter() instead of just setting "curwin". (Ben Jackson,
            closes #7035)
Files:      src/autocmd.c, src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim

Patch 8.2.1782
Problem:    Vim9: cannot pass boolean to mapset().
Solution:   Use get_tv_bool(). (closes #7041)
Files:      src/map.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1783 (after 8.2.1781)
Problem:    Try-catch test fails.
Solution:   Don't call win_enter(), only call entering_window().
Files:      src/autocmd.c, src/window.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1784
Problem:    commits are not scanned for security problems
Solution:   Enable Github code scanning. (Christian Brabandt, closes #7057)
Files:      .github/workflows/codeql-analysis.yml

Patch 8.2.1785
Problem:    Compiler warning for strcpy() out of bounds. (Christian Brabandt)
Solution:   use memmove() instead.
Files:      src/dict.c

Patch 8.2.1786
Problem:    Various Normal mode commands not fully tested.
Solution:   Add more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7059)
Files:      src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_regexp_utf8.vim,
            src/testdir/test_registers.vim, src/testdir/test_spellfile.vim,
            src/testdir/test_tagjump.vim, src/testdir/test_visual.vim

Patch 8.2.1787
Problem:    Crash with 'incsearch' and very long line.
Solution:   Check whether regprog becomes NULL. (closes #7063)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.1788
Problem:    Vim9: still allows :let for declarations.
Solution:   Make the default for v:disallow_let one.  It can still be set to
            zero to allow for using :let.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/runtest.vim

Patch 8.2.1789
Problem:    Vim9: crash with invalid list constant. (Dhiraj Mishra)
Solution:   Return FAIL when compiling the list fails. (closes #7066)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1790
Problem:    MS-Windows with Python: crash when executed from Vifm.
Solution:   Use NUL instead of CONIN. (Ken Takata, closes #7061, closes #7053)
Files:      src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.1791
Problem:    Vim9: debugger test fails.
Solution:   Use "var" instead of "let".
Files:      src/testdir/test_debugger.vim

Patch 8.2.1792
Problem:    Configure does not recognize Racket 6.1+.
Solution:   Add a check for "rktio". (closes #7062)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.1793
Problem:    Not consistently giving the "is a directory" warning.
Solution:   Adjust check for illegal file name and directory. (Yasuhiro
            Matsumoto, closes #7067)
Files:      src/fileio.c, src/testdir/test_edit.vim

Patch 8.2.1794
Problem:    No falsy Coalescing operator.
Solution:   Add the "??" operator.  Fix mistake with function argument count.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.1795
Problem:    Vim9: operators && and || have a confusing result.
Solution:   Make the result a boolean.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9type.c, src/structs.h, src/vim9.h,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.1796
Problem:    Vim9: invalid memory access with weird function name. (Dhiraj
Solution:   Check the name is valid.  Add a test.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1797
Problem:    Vim9: some parts of the code not tested.
Solution:   Add a few tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1798
Problem:    Vim9: ternary operator condition is too permissive.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool_chk().
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/vim9.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1799
Problem:    Some Normal mode commands not fully tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7073)
Files:      src/testdir/test_gf.vim, src/testdir/test_goto.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_registers.vim,
            src/testdir/test_startup.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,

Patch 8.2.1800
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak if "if" condition is invalid.
Solution:   Free ppconst earlier.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1801
Problem:    Undo file not found when using ":args" or ":next".
Solution:   Handle like editing another file. (closes #7072)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_undo.vim

Patch 8.2.1802
Problem:    Vim9: crash with unterminated dict. (Dhiraj Mishra)
Solution:   Return empty string instead of NULL. (closes #7084)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1803
Problem:    A few failures are not tested.
Solution:   Test a few failures. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7075)
Files:      src/testdir/test_arglist.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_json.vim, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1804
Problem:    resolve('/') returns an empty string.
Solution:   Don't remove single slash. (closes #7074)
Files:      src/filepath.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.1805
Problem:    Unix: terminal mode changed when using ":shell".
Solution:   Avoid calling settmode() when not needed. (issue #7079)
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.1806
Problem:    MS-Windows with Python: Vim freezes after import command.
Solution:   Use either "NUL" or "CONIN$" when reopening stdin. (Yasuhiro
            Matsumoto, closes #7083)
Files:      src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.1807
Problem:    Can use :help in a terminal popup window.
Solution:   Give an error. (closes #7088)
Files:      src/help.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1808
Problem:    No test coverage for ":spelldump!".
Solution:   Add a test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7089)
Files:      src/testdir/test_spell.vim

Patch 8.2.1809
Problem:    Mapping some keys with Ctrl does not work properly.
Solution:   For terminal, GTK and Motif handle "@", "^" and "_" codes.
Files:      src/misc2.c, src/proto/, src/term.c, src/gui_gtk_x11.c,
            src/gui_x11.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1810
Problem:    Some code in normal.c not covered by tests.
Solution:   Add normal mode tests. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7086)
Files:      src/testdir/test_charsearch.vim, src/testdir/test_normal.vim

Patch 8.2.1811
Problem:    Mapping Ctrl-key does not work for '{', '}' and '|'.
Solution:   Remove the shift modifier. (closes #6457)
Files:      runtime/doc/map.txt, src/misc2.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1812
Problem:    Vim9: nested closure throws an internal error.
Solution:   Do not skip a local variable with a partial. (closes #7065)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1813
Problem:    Vim9: can assign wrong type to script dict. (Christian J. Robinson)
Solution:   Check the type if known.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/eval.c, src/vim9script.c,
            src/proto/, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1814 (after 8.2.1813)
Problem:    Missing change to remove "static".
Solution:   Add the change.
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.1815
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when using function reference.
Solution:   Temporarily disable the test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.1816
Problem:    Vim9: another memory leak when using function reference.
Solution:   Temporarily disable the tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1817
Problem:    Vim9: wrong instruction when reusing a local variable spot.
Solution:   Clear a newly allocated local variable. (closes #7080)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1818
Problem:    SE Linux: deprecation warning for security_context_t.
Solution:   Use "char *" instead. (James McCoy, closes #7093)
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.1819
Problem:    Vim9: Memory leak when using a closure.
Solution:   Compute the minimal refcount in the funcstack.  Reenable disabled
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/proto/, src/structs.h,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.1820
Problem:    Vim9: crash when error happens in timer callback.
Solution:   Check that current_exception is not NULL. (closes #7100)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1821
Problem:    Vim9: concatenating to a NULL list doesn't work.
Solution:   Handle a NULL list like an empty list. (closes #7064)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1822 (after 8.2.1821)
Problem:    List test doesn't fail.
Solution:   Adjust the test for NULL list handling.
Files:      src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1823
Problem:    "gN" does not select the matched string.
Solution:   Move the cursor to the start of the match.
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_gn.vim

Patch 8.2.1824
Problem:    Vim9: variables at the script level escape their scope.
Solution:   When leaving a scope remove variables declared in it.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/ex_eval.c, src/evalvars.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1825
Problem:    Vim9: accessing freed memory.
Solution:   Clear sv_name when the variable is deleted.
Files:      src/ex_eval.c

Patch 8.2.1826
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use a {} block at script level.
Solution:   Recognize a {} block.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_cmds.h, src/ex_cmdidxs.h, src/ex_eval.c,
            src/structs.h, src/proto/, src/errors.h,

Patch 8.2.1827
Problem:    Filetype detection does not test enough file names.
Solution:   Test more file names. (Adam Stankiewicz, closes #7099)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1828
Problem:    Build failure without the +eval feature.
Solution:   Add dummies for ex_block and ex_endblock.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1829
Problem:    Warnings when executing Github actions.
Solution:   Use another method to set environment variables. (Ken Takata,
            closes #7107)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml

Patch 8.2.1830
Problem:    MS-Windows: Python3 issue with stdin.
Solution:   Check if stdin is readable. (Ken Takata, closes #7106)
Files:      src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.1831
Problem:    File missing from distribution.
Solution:   Add the github code analyses file.
Files:      Filelist

Patch 8.2.1832
Problem:    readdirex() error is displayed as a message. (Yegappan Lakshmanan)
Solution:   Use semsg() instead of smsg().
Files:      src/fileio.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.1833
Problem:    When reading from stdin dup() is called twice.
Solution:   Remove the dup() in main.c. (Ken Takata, closes #7110)
Files:      src/main.c

Patch 8.2.1834
Problem:    PyEval_InitThreads() is deprecated in Python 3.9.
Solution:   Do not call PyEval_InitThreads in Python 3.9 and later. (Ken
            Takata, closes #7113)  Avoid warnings for functions.
Files:      src/if_python3.c, src/if_py_both.h

Patch 8.2.1835
Problem:    ":help ??" finds the "!!" tag.
Solution:   Do not translate "?" into ".".  (Naruhiko Nishino, closes #7114,
            closes #7115)
Files:      src/help.c, src/testdir/test_help_tagjump.vim

Patch 8.2.1836
Problem:    Autocmd test fails on pacifist systems.
Solution:   Check that /bin/kill exists. (James McCoy, closes #7117)
            Tune the timing, make the autocmd test run faster.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1837
Problem:    Using "gn" after "gN" does not work.
Solution:   Extend the other end of the Visual area. (closes #7109)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_gn.vim

Patch 8.2.1838
Problem:    Vim9: cannot insert a comment line in an expression.
Solution:   Skip comment lines at the script level. (closes #7111)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1839
Problem:    Vim9: memory leaks reported in assign test.
Solution:   Move the failing job_start() call to separate test files, it
            causes false leak reports.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_fails.vim,

Patch 8.2.1840
Problem:    Vim9: error message is not clear about compilation error.
Solution:   Say "compiling" instead of "processing".
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/message.c, src/globals.h,

Patch 8.2.1841
Problem:    Vim9: test for compilation error fails in normal build.
Solution:   Invoke CheckRunVimInTerminal in a separate function.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1842
Problem:    Crash when USE_FNAME_CASE is defined and using :browse.
Solution:   Don't use read-only memory for ".". (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #7123)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_edit.vim

Patch 8.2.1843
Problem:    Netbeans: with huge buffer number memory allocation may fail.
Solution:   Check for size overflow.
Files:      src/netbeans.c

Patch 8.2.1844
Problem:    Using "q" at the more prompt doesn't stop a long message.
Solution:   Check for "got_int". (closes #7122)
Files:      src/message.c, src/testdir/test_messages.vim,

Patch 8.2.1845
Problem:    Vim9: function defined in a block can't use variables defined in
            that block.
Solution:   First step: Make a second hashtab that holds all script variables,
            also block-local ones, with more information.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/evalvars.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/vim9script.c,
            src/proto/, src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.1846
Problem:    Vim9: variables declared in a local block are not found in
            when a function is compiled.
Solution:   Look for script variables in sn_all_vars.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/ex_eval.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.1847
Problem:    Vim9: using negative value for unsigned type.
Solution:   Use zero instead of -1.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1848
Problem:    Crash when passing a NULL string or list to popup_settext().
Solution:   Check for NULL pointers. (closes #7132)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1849
Problem:    Vim9: garbage collection frees block-local variables.
Solution:   Mark all script variables as used.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1850
Problem:    "vat" does not select tags correctly over line break.
Solution:   Adjust the search pattern. (Aufar Gilbran, closes #7136)
Files:      src/textobject.c, src/testdir/test_textobjects.vim

Patch 8.2.1851
Problem:    Vim9: "!" followed by space incorrectly used.
Solution:   Skip over trailing spaces. (closes #7131)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1852
Problem:    map() returning zero for NULL list is unexpected.
Solution:   Return the empty list. (closes #7133)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim,

Patch 8.2.1853
Problem:    "to_f" is recognized at "topleft" modifier.
Solution:   Do not recognize modifier when "_" follows. (closes #7019)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1854
Problem:    Vim9: crash when throwing exception for NULL string. (Dhiraj
Solution:   Handle NULL string like empty string. (closes #7139)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1855
Problem:    Vim9: get error message when nothing is wrong.
Solution:   Check called_emsg instead of did_emsg. (closes #7143)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/errors.h

Patch 8.2.1856
Problem:    "2resize" uses size of current window. (Daniel Steinberg)
Solution:   Use size of resized window. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto, closes #7152)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1857
Problem:    Vim9: using job_status() on an unused var gives an error.
Solution:   Return "fail". (closes #7158)
Files:      src/job.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1858
Problem:    Vim9: filter functions return number instead of bool.
Solution:   Return v:true instead of one. (closes #7144)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1859
Problem:    Vim9: crash in unpack assignment.
Solution:   Make sure an error message is turned into an exception.
            (closes #7159)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.1860
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when throwing empty string.
Solution:   Free the empty string.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1861
Problem:    Vim9: no specific error when parsing lambda fails.
Solution:   Also give syntax errors when not evaluating. (closes #7154)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1862
Problem:    vim9: memory leak when compiling lambda fails.
Solution:   Call clear_evalarg().
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1863
Problem:    Json code not sufficiently tested.
Solution:   Add more test cases. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7166)
Files:      src/testdir/test_json.vim

Patch 8.2.1864
Problem:    Vim9: no error for wrong list type.
Solution:   Add flag to indicate a constant. (closes #7160)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.1865
Problem:    Vim9: add() does not check type of argument.
Solution:   Inline the add() call. (closes #7160)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/errors.h,

Patch 8.2.1866
Problem:    Vim9: appending to pushed blob gives wrong result.
Solution:   Set ga_maxlen when copying a blob.
Files:      src/blob.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1867
Problem:    Vim9: argument to add() not checked for blob.
Solution:   Add the BLOBAPPEND instruction.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/errors.h,

Patch 8.2.1868
Problem:    Vim9: no error for missing space after comma in dict.
Solution:   Check for white space. (closes #6672)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1869
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when using add().
Solution:   Free the added item.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1870
Problem:    Vim9: no need to keep all script variables.
Solution:   Only keep script variables when a function was defined that could
            use them.  Fix freeing static string on exit.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/proto/, src/structs.h,
            src/ex_eval.c, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.1871
Problem:    Using %v in 'errorformat' may fail before %Z.
Solution:   Set qf_viscol only when qf_col is set. (closes #7169)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1872
Problem:    Matchfuzzy() does not prefer sequential matches.
Solution:   Give sequential matches a higher bonus. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #7140)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_matchfuzzy.vim

Patch 8.2.1873
Problem:    Vim9: missing white space when using <f-args>.
Solution:   Add spaces. (Christian J. Robinson)
Files:      src/usercmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1874
Problem:    Can't do something just before leaving Insert mode.
Solution:   Add the InsertLeavePre autocommand event. (closes #7177)
Files:      runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, src/edit.c, src/vim.h,
            src/autocmd.c, src/testdir/test_edit.vim

Patch 8.2.1875
Problem:    Warning when building GTK gui.
Solution:   Add missing function parameter.
Files:      src/gui_gtk_f.c

Patch 8.2.1876
Problem:    Vim9: argument types for builtin functions are not checked at
            compile time.
Solution:   Add an argument type checking mechanism. Implement type checks for
            one function.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,

Patch 8.2.1877 (after 8.2.1876)
Problem:    Test for function list fails.
Solution:   Move "obsolete" comments one line up.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1878
Problem:    GTK: error for redefining function. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Remove "gtk_" prefix from local functions and prepend "gui_" to
            global functions.
Files:      src/gui_gtk_f.c, src/gui_gtk_f.h, src/gui_gtk.c, src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.1879
Problem:    Vim9: argument types of insert() not checked when compiling.
Solution:   Add argument type checks for insert().
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.1880
Problem:    Vim9: Asan complains about adding zero to NULL.
Solution:   Check for argument count first.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1881
Problem:    Cannot build with GTK3.
Solution:   Adjust form functions.
Files:      src/gui_gtk_f.c

Patch 8.2.1882
Problem:    Vim9: v:disallow_let is no longer needed.
Solution:   Remove v:disallow_let.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/vim.h, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1883
Problem:    Compiler warnings when using Python.
Solution:   Adjust PyCFunction to also have the second argument.  Use "int"
            return type for some functions.  Insert "(void *)" to get rid of
            the remaining warnings.
Files:      src/if_py_both.h, src/if_python.c, src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.1884
Problem:    Compiler warning for uninitialized variable. (John Marriott)
Solution:   Initialize with NULL.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1885
Problem:    Filetype tests unnecessarily creates swap files.
Solution:   Disable 'swapfile'. (Ken Takata, closes #7183)
Files:      src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1886
Problem:    Using ":silent!" in a popup filter has unexpected effect.
Solution:   Use did_emsg instead of called_emsg. (closes #7178)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1887
Problem:    Github actions not optimally configured.
Solution:   Run CI on any pushed branches. Set fail-fast. (Ozaki Kiichi,
            closes #7184)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml

Patch 8.2.1888
Problem:    Vim9: Getbufline(-1, 1, '$') gives an error.
Solution:   Return an empty list. (closes #7180)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.1889
Problem:    Vim9: erroneous error for missing white space after {}.
Solution:   Don't skip over white space after {}. (issue #7167)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1890
Problem:    Vim9: strange error for subtracting from a list.
Solution:   Check getting a number, not a string. (closes #7167)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1891
Problem:    Vim9: skipping over expression doesn't handle line breaks.
Solution:   Pass evalarg to skip_expr(). (closes #7157)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/misc1.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1892
Problem:    Valgrind warns for using uninitialized access in tests.
Solution:   Fix condition for breaking out of loop. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #7187)
Files:      src/terminal.c

Patch 8.2.1893
Problem:    Fuzzy matching does not support multiple words.
Solution:   Add support for matching white space separated words. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #7163)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/search.c,

Patch 8.2.1894
Problem:    Vim9: command modifiers are not supported.
Solution:   Support "silent" and "silent!".
Files:      src/structs.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.1895 (after 8.2.1894)
Problem:    Vim9: silent command modifier test fails.
Solution:   Add missing changes.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.1896
Problem:    Valgrind warns for using uninitialized memory.
Solution:   NUL terminate the SmcOpenConnection() error message. (Dominique
            Pellé, closes #7194)
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.1897
Problem:    Command modifiers are saved and set inconsistently.
Solution:   Separate parsing and applying command modifiers.  Save values in
Files:      src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,
            src/ex_cmds.h, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.1898
Problem:    Command modifier parsing always uses global cmdmod.
Solution:   Pass in cmdmod_T to use.  Rename struct fields consistently.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/arglist.c, src/buffer.c, src/bufwrite.c,
            src/diff.c, src/change.c, src/cmdhist.c, src/edit.c,
            src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_cmds2.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_getln.c,
            src/fileio.c, src/filepath.c, src/gui.c, src/gui_gtk_x11.c,
            src/help.c, src/if_cscope.c, src/indent.c, src/mark.c,
            src/memline.c, src/message.c, src/option.c, src/ops.c,
            src/os_unix.c, src/quickfix.c, src/register.c, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/search.c, src/session.c, src/tag.c, src/terminal.c,
            src/textformat.c, src/usercmd.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/window.c,

Patch 8.2.1899
Problem:    Crash in out-of-memory situation.
Solution:   Bail out if shell_name is NULL. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7196)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c

Patch 8.2.1900
Problem:    Vim9: command modifiers do not work.
Solution:   Make most command modifiers work.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/usercmd.c, src/proto/, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.1901
Problem:    Variable completion does not work in command line window.
Solution:   Use the "prevwin". (closes #7198)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim

Patch 8.2.1902
Problem:    Default option values are changed when using :badd for an existing
Solution:   When calling buflist_new() pass a zero line number. (closes #7195)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_buffer.vim

Patch 8.2.1903 (after 8.2.1902)
Problem:    Buffer test fails with normal features.
Solution:   Use 'numberwidth' instead of 'conceallevel' in the test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_buffer.vim

Patch 8.2.1904
Problem:    Still using default option values after using ":badd +1".
Solution:   Find a window where options were set.  Don't set the window when
            using ":badd".
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/vim.h,

Patch 8.2.1905
Problem:    The wininfo list may contain stale entries.
Solution:   When closing a window remove any other entry where the window
            pointer is NULL.
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/proto/, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.1906
Problem:    Warning for signed/unsigned.
Solution:   Use size_t instead of int. (Mike Williams)
Files:      src/proto/, src/usercmd.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1907
Problem:    Complete_info().selected may be wrong.
Solution:   Update cp_number if it was never set. (issue #6945)
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim

Patch 8.2.1908
Problem:    Lua is initialized even when not used.
Solution:   Put lua_init() after check for "eap->skip". (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #7191).  Avoid compiler warnings.
Files:      src/if_lua.c, src/testdir/test_lua.vim

Patch 8.2.1909
Problem:    Number of status line items is limited to 80.
Solution:   Dynamically allocate the arrays. (Rom Grk, closes #7181)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/buffer.c, src/optionstr.c,
            src/proto/, src/screen.c, src/structs.h,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_statusline.vim,

Patch 8.2.1910
Problem:    Reading past the end of the command line.
Solution:   Check for NUL. (closes #7204)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_edit.vim

Patch 8.2.1911
Problem:    Tiny build fails.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/insexpand.c

Patch 8.2.1912
Problem:    With Python 3.9 some tests fail.
Solution:   Take into account the different error message. (James McCoy,
            closes #7210)
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.1913
Problem:    GTK GUI: rounding for the cell height is too strict.
Solution:   Round up above 15/16 of a pixel. (closes #7203)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.1914
Problem:    Vim9: cannot put line break in expression for '=' register.
Solution:   Pass fgetline to set_expr_line(). (closes #7209)
Files:      src/register.c, src/proto/, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/misc2.c,

Patch 8.2.1915
Problem:    Vim9: error for wrong number of arguments is not useful.
Solution:   Mention whatever we have for the name. (closes #7208)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1916
Problem:    Vim9: function call is aborted even when "silent!" is used.
Solution:   Use did_emsg instead of called_emsg. (closes #7213)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1917
Problem:    No test for improved Man command.
Solution:   Test that shell arguments are properly escaped.
Files:      src/testdir/test_man.vim

Patch 8.2.1918
Problem:    Vim9: E1100 mentions :let.
Solution:   Mention "var". (closes #7207)
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/errors.h

Patch 8.2.1919
Problem:    Assert_fails() setting emsg_silent changes normal execution.
Solution:   Use a separate flag in_assert_fails.
Files:      src/testing.c, src/globals.h, src/buffer.c, src/change.c,
            src/fileio.c, src/insexpand.c, src/message.c, src/misc1.c,
            src/normal.c, src/screen.c, src/term.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim,
            src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popup.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1920
Problem:    Listlbr test fails when run after another test.
Solution:   Add test separately to list of test targets.
Files:      src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_alot_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.1921
Problem:    Fuzzy matching does not recognize path separators.
Solution:   Add a bonus for slash and backslash. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #7225)
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_matchfuzzy.vim

Patch 8.2.1922
Problem:    Win32: scrolling doesn't work properly when part of window is
Solution:   Fall back to GDI scrolling if part of the window is off-screen.
            Handle multi-monitor setup better. (Ken Takata, closes #7219)
Files:      src/gui_w32.c

Patch 8.2.1923
Problem:    Vim9: "filter" command modifier doesn't work.
Solution:   Check for space on char before argument. (closes #7216,
            closes #7222)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1924
Problem:    Vim9: crash when indexing dict with NULL key.
Solution:   Use empty string instead of NULL. (closes #7229)  Make error
            message more useful for empty string.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1925 (after 8.2.1924)
Problem:    List/dict test fails.
Solution:   Correct expected exception.
File:       src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1926
Problem:    Cannot use a space in 'spellfile'. (Filipe Brandenburger)
Solution:   Permit using a space. (closes #7230)
Files:      src/spell.c, src/testdir/gen_opt_test.vim

Patch 8.2.1927
Problem:    Vim9: get unknown error with an error in a timer function.
Solution:   Use did_emsg instead of called_emsg. (closes #7231)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.1928
Problem:    Vim9: "silent!" not effective when list index is wrong.
Solution:   Ignore list index failure when emsg_silent is set. (closes #7232)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.1929
Problem:    MS-Windows: problem loading Perl 5.32.
Solution:   Define NO_THREAD_SAFE_LOCALE. (Ken Takata, closes #7234)
Files:      src/if_perl.xs

Patch 8.2.1930
Problem:    Wrong input if removing shift results in special key code.
Solution:   Handle special key codes. (closes #7189)
Files:      src/term.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.1931
Problem:    Vim9: arguments of extend() not checked at compile time.
Solution:   Add argument type checking for extend().
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.1932
Problem:    Compiler warnings when building with Athena GUI.
Solution:   Fix function signatures.
Files:      src/gui_at_fs.c

Patch 8.2.1933
Problem:    Cannot sort using locale ordering.
Solution:   Add a flag for :sort and sort() to use the locale. (Dominique
            Pellé, closes #7237)
Files:      runtime/doc/change.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/ex_cmds.c,
            src/list.c, src/testdir/test_sort.vim

Patch 8.2.1934
Problem:    Vim9: command modifiers in :def function not tested.
Solution:   Add tests.  Fix using modifier before filter command.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1935 (after 8.2.1933)
Problem:    Sort test fails on Mac.
Solution:   Disable the sort test with locale on Mac.
Files:      src/testdir/test_sort.vim

Patch 8.2.1936
Problem:    Session sets the local 'scrolloff' value to the global value.
Solution:   Do not let restoring the global option value change the local
Files:      src/session.c, src/testdir/test_mksession.vim

Patch 8.2.1937
Problem:    Vim9: test for confirm modifier fails in some situations.
Solution:   Add a short wait.  Handle failure better.
Files:      src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1938
Problem:    Wiping out a terminal buffer makes some tests fail.
Solution:   Do not wipe out the terminal buffer unless wanted.
Files:      src/testdir/term_util.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.1939
Problem:    Invalid memory access in Ex mode with global command.
Solution:   Make sure the cursor is on a valid line. (closes #7238)
Files:      src/move.c, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim

Patch 8.2.1940
Problem:    Vim9: browse modifier test fails on Mac.
Solution:   Only test when the +browse feature is available.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1941
Problem:    Ex mode test fails on MS-Windows with GUI.
Solution:   Skip the test when using gvim.
Files:      src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim

Patch 8.2.1942
Problem:    Insufficient test coverage for the Netbeans interface.
Solution:   Add more tests. Fix an uncovered bug. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #7240)
Files:      runtime/doc/netbeans.txt, src/mouse.c,
            src/testdir/, src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim,

Patch 8.2.1943
Problem:    Vim9: wrong error message when colon is missing.
Solution:   Check for a missing colon. (issue #7239)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1944
Problem:    Netbeans test is flaky.
Solution:   Add a short delay. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7246)
Files:      src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim

Patch 8.2.1945
Problem:    Crash when passing NULL function to reduce().
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer and give an error. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #7243)
Files:      src/list.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim

Patch 8.2.1946
Problem:    sort() with NULL string not tested.
Solution:   Add a test.  use v:collate. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7247)
Files:      src/testdir/test_sort.vim

Patch 8.2.1947
Problem:    Crash when using "zj" without folds. (Sean Dewar)
Solution:   Check for at least one fold. (closes #7245)
Files:      src/fold.c, src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.1948
Problem:    GUI: crash when handling message while closing a window. (Srinath
Solution:   Don't handle message while closing a window. (closes #7250)
Files:      src/window.c, src/globals.h, src/getchar.c

Patch 8.2.1949
Problem:    Vim9: using extend() on null dict is silently ignored.
Solution:   Give an error message.  Initialize a dict variable with an empty
            dictionary. (closes #7251)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/list.c, src/evalvars.c,

Patch 8.2.1950
Problem:    Vim9: crash when compiling function fails when getting type.
Solution:   Handle NULL type. (closes #7253)
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1951 (after 8.2.1949)
Problem:    Test for list and dict fails.
Solution:   Adjust for using an empty list/dict for a null one.
Files:      src/testdir/test_listdict.vim, src/testdir/test_python2.vim,

Patch 8.2.1952
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using a NULL dict key.
Solution:   Use a NULL dict key like an empty string. (closes #7249)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1953
Problem:    Vim9: extra "unknown" error after other error.
Solution:   Restore did_emsg count after EXEC instruction. (closes #7254)
            Improve error message from assert_fails()
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testing.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_assert.vim

Patch 8.2.1954
Problem:    Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested.
Solution:   Add tests for "keep" modifiers.  Fix that marks are lost even
            though ":lockmarks" is used.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1955
Problem:    Vim9: not all command modifiers are tested.
Solution:   Add tests for remaining modifiers.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.1956
Problem:    Vim9: cannot specify argument types for lambda.
Solution:   Allow adding argument types.  Check arguments when calling a
            function reference.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.1957
Problem:    Diff and cursorcolumn highlighting don't mix.
Solution:   Fix condition for what attribute to use. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #7258, closes #7260)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/dumps/Test_diff_cuc_01.dump,

Patch 8.2.1958 (after 8.2.1956)
Problem:    Build failure with timers.
Solution:   Add missing change.
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.1959
Problem:    Crash when terminal buffer name is made empty. (Dhiraj Mishra)
Solution:   Fall back to "[No Name]". (closes #7262)
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/proto/, src/terminal.c,

Patch 8.2.1960
Problem:    Warning for uninitialized variable.
Solution:   Initialize the variable.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1961
Problem:    Various comments can be improved.
Solution:   Various comment adjustments.
Files:      src/dict.c, src/structs.h, src/time.c, src/testdir/shared.vim,
            src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim, src/gui_motif.c

Patch 8.2.1962
Problem:    Netbeans may access freed memory.
Solution:   Check the buffer pointer is still valid.  Add a test. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #7248)
Files:      src/netbeans.c, src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim

Patch 8.2.1963
Problem:    Crash when using a popup window with "latin1" encoding.
Solution:   Don't use ScreenLinesUC when enc_utf8 is false. (closes #7241)
Files:      src/screen.c, src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1964
Problem:    Not all ConTeXt files are recognized.
Solution:   Add two patterns. (closes #7263)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.1965
Problem:    Vim9: tests fail without the channel feature.
Solution:   Check if the channel feature is present. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #7270)
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1966
Problem:    Popup becomes current window after closing a terminal window.
Solution:   When restoring the window after executing autocommands, check that
            the window ID is still the same.  (Naruhiko Nishino,
            closes #7272)
Files:      src/autocmd.c, src/window.c, src/proto/, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.1967
Problem:    The session file does not restore the alternate file.
Solution:   Add ":balt".  Works like ":badd" and also sets the buffer as the
            alternate file.  Use it in the session file. (closes #7269,
            closes #6714)
Files:      runtime/doc/windows.txt, src/ex_cmds.h, src/ex_cmdidxs.h,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim.h, src/ex_cmds.c, src/session.c,

Patch 8.2.1968
Problem:    Vim9: has() assumes a feature does not change dynamically.
Solution:   Check whether a feature may change dynamically. (closes #7265)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1969
Problem:    Vim9: map() may change the list or dict item type.
Solution:   Add mapnew().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/list.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim

Patch 8.2.1970
Problem:    It is easy to make mistakes when cleaning up swap files after the
            system crashed.
Solution:   Warn for the process still running after recovery.  Do not
            automatically delete a swap file created on another system.
            (David Fries, closes #7273)
Files:      src/memline.c, src/testdir/test_swap.vim

Patch 8.2.1971
Problem:    Memory leak when map() fails.
Solution:   Clear the typval.
Files:      src/list.c

Patch 8.2.1972
Problem:    Crash when recreating nested fold.
Solution:   Check for empty growarray. (closes #7278)
Files:      src/fold.c, src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.1973
Problem:    Finding a patch number can be a bit slow.
Solution:   Use binary search. (closes #7279)
Files:      src/version.c

Patch 8.2.1974
Problem:    Vim9: test for has('gui_running') fails with VIMDLL.
Solution:   Adjust the #ifdef. (Ken Takata, closes #7276)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c

Patch 8.2.1975
Problem:    Win32: memory leak when encoding conversion fails.
Solution:   Free the allocated memory. (Ken Takata, closes #7277)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.1976
Problem:    Cannot backspace in prompt buffer after using cursor-left. (Maxim
Solution:   Ignore "arrow_used" in a prompt buffer. (closes #7281)
Files:      src/edit.c, src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim

Patch 8.2.1977
Problem:    Vim9: error for using a string in a condition is confusing.
Solution:   Give a more specific error.  Also adjust the compile time type
            checking for || and &&.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/proto/,
            src/typval.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,

Patch 8.2.1978
Problem:    Making a mapping work in all modes is complicated.
Solution:   Add the <Cmd> special key. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7282,
            closes 4784, based on patch by Bjorn Linse)
Files:      runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt,
            runtime/doc/map.txt, src/edit.c, src/errors.h, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/ex_getln.c, src/getchar.c, src/insexpand.c, src/keymap.h,
            src/map.c, src/misc2.c, src/normal.c, src/ops.c,
            src/proto/, src/screen.c, src/terminal.c,

Patch 8.2.1979
Problem:    "term_opencmd" option of term_start() is truncated. (Sergey
Solution:   Allocate the buffer to hold the command. (closes #7284)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1980
Problem:    Vim9: some tests are not done at the script level.
Solution:   Use CheckDefAndScriptSuccess() in more places.  Fix uncovered
Files:      src/eval.c, src/list.c, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.1981
Problem:    MinGW: parallel compilation might fail.
Solution:   Add dependencies on $(OUTDIR). (Masamichi Abe, closes #7287)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak

Patch 8.2.1982
Problem:    Quickfix window not updated when adding invalid entries.
Solution:   Update the quickfix buffer properly. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes
            #7291, closes #7271)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1983
Problem:    ml_get error when using <Cmd> to open a terminal.
Solution:   If the window changed reset the incsearch state. (closes #7289)
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.1984
Problem:    Cannot use :vimgrep in omni completion, causing C completion to
Solution:   Add the EX_LOCK_OK flag to :vimgrep. (closes #7292)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.1985
Problem:    Crash when closing terminal popup with <Cmd> mapping.
Solution:   Check b_term is not NULL. (closes #7294)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1986
Problem:    Expression test is flaky on Appveyor.
Solution:   Temporarily disable the test in MS-Windows.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.1987
Problem:    MS-Windows: Win32.mak is no longer needed.
Solution:   Do not include Win32.mak. (Jason McHugh, closes #7290)
Files:      src/Make_mvc.mak, src/INSTALLpc.txt

Patch 8.2.1988
Problem:    Still in Insert mode when opening terminal popup with a <Cmd>
            mapping in Insert mode.
Solution:   Exit Insert mode. (closes #7295)
Files:      src/edit.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1989
Problem:    Info popup triggers WinEnter and WinLeave autocommands.
Solution:   Suppress autocommands for the info popup. (closes #7296)
Files:      src/popupmenu.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.1990
Problem:    Cursor position wrong in terminal popup with finished job.
Solution:   Only add the top and left offset when not done already.
            (closes #7298)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/structs.h, src/drawline.c, src/move.c,
            src/terminal.c, src/testdir/dumps/Test_terminal_popup_m1.dump

Patch 8.2.1991
Problem:    Coverity warns for not using the ga_grow() return value.
Solution:   Bail out if ga_grow() fails. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7303)
Files:      src/getchar.c

Patch 8.2.1992
Problem:    Build fails with small features.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/move.c

Patch 8.2.1993
Problem:    Occasional failure of the netbeans test.
Solution:   Add "silent!". (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7304)
Files:      src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim

Patch 8.2.1994 (after 8.2.1981)
Problem:    MS-Windows: MinGW always does a full build.
Solution:   Only check if $OUTDIR exists. (Masamichi Abe, closes #7311)
Files:      src/Make_cyg_ming.mak

Patch 8.2.1995
Problem:    The popup menu can cause too much redrawing.
Solution:   Reduce the length of the displayed text. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto,
            closes #7306)
Files:      src/popupmenu.c

Patch 8.2.1996
Problem:    Vim9: invalid error for argument of extend().
Solution:   Check if the type could match. (closes #7299)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9type.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.1997
Problem:    Window changes when using bufload() while in a terminal popup.
Solution:   When searching for a window by ID also find a popup window.
            (closes #7307)
Files:      src/window.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1998
Problem:    Terminal Cmd test sometimes fails to close popup.
Solution:   Add "term_finish" option.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.1999
Problem:    Terminal popup test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Wait for the popup to close.
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.2000
Problem:    Vim9: dict.key assignment not implemented yet.
Solution:   Implement dict.key assignment. (closes #7312)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2001
Problem:    Vim9: :def function does not apply 'maxfuncdepth'.
Solution:   Use 'maxfuncdepth'. (issue #7313)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2002
Problem:    Vim9: lambda argument shadowed by function name.
Solution:   Let function name be shadowed by lambda argument. (closes #7313)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2003
Problem:    Build error with +conceal but without +popupwin.
Solution:   Add #ifdef. (Tom Ryder, closes #7316)
Files:      src/drawline.c

Patch 8.2.2004 (after 8.2.2002)
Problem:    Compiler warning for uninitialized variable.
Solution:   Initialize "ufunc". (John Marriott)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2005
Problem:    Redoing a mapping with <Cmd> doesn't work properly.
Solution:   Fill the redo buffer.  Use "<SNR>" instead of a key code.
            (closes #7282)
Files:      src/ops.c, src/getchar.c, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim

Patch 8.2.2006
Problem:    .pbtxt files are not recognized.
Solution:   Recognize .pbtxt as protobuf text buffers. (closes #7326)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2007
Problem:    Test for insert mode in popup is not reliable.
Solution:   Wait for the popup to disappear. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7321)
Files:      src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.2008
Problem:    MS-Windows GUI: handling channel messages lags.
Solution:   Reduce the wait time from 100 to 10 msec. (closes #7097)
Files:      src/gui_w32.c

Patch 8.2.2009
Problem:    MS-Windows: setting $LANG in gvimext only causes problems.
Solution:   Do not set $LANG. (Ken Takata, closes #7325)
Files:      src/GvimExt/gvimext.cpp

Patch 8.2.2010
Problem:    Vim9: compiling fails for unreachable return statement.
Solution:   Fix it. (closes #7319)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.2011
Problem:    "syn sync" reports a very large number.
Solution:   Use "at the first line".
Files:      src/syntax.c, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim

Patch 8.2.2012
Problem:    Vim9: confusing error message when using bool wrongly.
Solution:   Mention "Bool" instead of "Special". (closes #7323)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2013
Problem:    Vim9: not skipping white space after unary minus.
Solution:   Skip whitespace. (closes #7324)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2014
Problem:    Using CTRL-O in a prompt buffer moves cursor to start of the line.
Solution:   Do not move the cursor when restarting edit. (closes #7330)
Files:      src/job.c, src/testdir/test_prompt_buffer.vim

Patch 8.2.2015
Problem:    Vim9: literal dict #{} is not like any other language.
Solution:   Support the JavaScript syntax.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/proto/, src/errors.h,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2016
Problem:    Swap file test is a little flaky.
Solution:   Don't set a byte to a fixed value, increment it.
Files:      src/testdir/test_swap.vim

Patch 8.2.2017 (after 8.2.2015)
Problem:    Missing part of the dict change.
Solution:   Also change the script level dict.
Files:      src/dict.c

Patch 8.2.2018
Problem:    Vim9: script variable not found from lambda.
Solution:   In a lambda also check the script hashtab for a variable without a
            scope. (closes #7329)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2019 (after 8.2.2016)
Problem:    Swap file test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Add four to the process ID. (Ken Takata, closes #7333)
Files:      src/testdir/test_swap.vim

Patch 8.2.2020
Problem:    Some compilers do not like the "namespace" argument.
Solution:   Rename to "use_namespace". (closes #7332)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/

Patch 8.2.2021
Problem:    Vim9: get E1099 when autocommand resets did_emsg.
Solution:   Add did_emsg_cumul. (closes #7336)
Files:      src/globals.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2022
Problem:    Vim9: star command recognized erroneously.
Solution:   Give an error for missing colon. (issue #7335)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2023
Problem:    Vim: memory leak when :execute fails.
Solution:   Clear the growarray.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2024
Problem:    Flicker when redrawing a popup with a title and border.
Solution:   Do not redraw the border where the title is displayed. (Naruhiko
            Nishino, closes #7334)
Files:      src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.2025
Problem:    Amiga: Not all colors are used on OS4.
Solution:   Adjust the #ifdef to include __amigaos4__. (Ola Söder,
            closes #7328)
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.2026
Problem:    Coverity warns for possibly using not NUL terminated string.
Solution:   Put a NUL in b0_hname just in case.
Files:      src/memline.c

Patch 8.2.2027
Problem:    Coverity warns for uninitialized field.
Solution:   Set "v_lock".
Files:      src/list.c

Patch 8.2.2028
Problem:    Coverity warns for using an uninitialized variable.
Solution:   Initialize to NULL.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.2029
Problem:    Coverity warns for not checking return value.
Solution:   Check that u_save_cursor() returns OK.
Files:      src/ops.c

Patch 8.2.2030
Problem:    Some tests fail on Mac.
Solution:   Avoid Mac test failures.  Add additional test for wildmenu.
            (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7341)
Files:      src/testdir/runtest.vim, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2031
Problem:    Some tests fail when run under valgrind.
Solution:   Avoid timing problems.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_channel.vim,
            src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim, src/testdir/test_debugger.vim,

Patch 8.2.2032
Problem:    Cabalconfig and cabalproject filetypes not recognized.
Solution:   Detect more cabal files. (Marcin Szamotulski, closes #7339)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2033
Problem:    Vim9: :def without argument gives compilation error.
Solution:   Add the DEF instruction. (closes #7344)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2034
Problem:    Vim9: list unpack in for statement not compiled yet.
Solution:   Compile list unpack. (closes #7345)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/errors.h,
            src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim,

Patch 8.2.2035
Problem:    MS-Windows: some tests may fail.
Solution:   Avoid test failures. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7346)
Files:      src/testdir/test_channel.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim,

Patch 8.2.2036
Problem:    Current buffer is messed up if creating a new buffer for the
            quickfix window fails.
Solution:   Check that creating the buffer succeeds. (closes #7352)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,

Patch 8.2.2037
Problem:    Compiler test depends on list of compiler plugins.
Solution:   Compare with the actual list of compiler plugins.
Files:      src/testdir/test_compiler.vim

Patch 8.2.2038
Problem:    Compiler test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Sort the found compiler plugin names.
Files:      src/testdir/test_compiler.vim

Patch 8.2.2039
Problem:    Viminfo is not written when creating a new file.
Solution:   Set "b_marks_read" in the new buffer. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #7350)
Files:      src/bufwrite.c, src/testdir/test_viminfo.vim

Patch 8.2.2040
Problem:    Terminal buffer disappears even when 'bufhidden' is "hide".
            (Sergey Vlasov)
Solution:   Check 'bufhidden' when a terminal buffer becomes hidden.
            (closes #7358)
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim

Patch 8.2.2041
Problem:    Haskell filetype not optimally recognized.
Solution:   Recognize all *.hsc files as Haskell. (Marcin Szamotulski,
            closes #7354)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2042
Problem:    Build failure with +profile but without +reltime.
Solution:   Adjust #ifdef. (Christian Brabandt, closes #7361)
Files:      src/syntax.c

Patch 8.2.2043
Problem:    GTK3: white border around text stands out.
Solution:   Use current theme color. (closes #7357, issue #349)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.2044
Problem:    MS-Windows: swap file test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Use a more reliable way to change the process ID. When "timeout"
            fails use "ping" to wait up to ten minutes. (Ken Takata,
            closes #7365)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml, src/testdir/test_swap.vim

Patch 8.2.2045
Problem:    Highlighting a character too much with incsearch.
Solution:   Check "search_match_endcol". (Christian Brabandt, closes #7360)
Files:      src/drawline.c, src/testdir/test_search.vim,

Patch 8.2.2046
Problem:    Some test failures don't give a clear error.
Solution:   Use assert_match() and assert_fails() instead of assert_true().
            (Ken Takata, closes #7368)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_backspace_opt.vim

Patch 8.2.2047
Problem:    Amiga: FEAT_ARP defined when it should not.
Solution:   Adjust #ifdef. (Ola Söder, closes #7370)
Files:      src/feature.h

Patch 8.2.2048
Problem:    Amiga: obsolete code.
Solution:   Remove the unused lines. (Ola Söder, closes #7373)
Files:      src/gui.c

Patch 8.2.2049
Problem:    Amiga: obsolete function.
Solution:   Remove the function. (Ola Söder, closes #7374)
Files:      src/memfile.c

Patch 8.2.2050
Problem:    Search test contains unneeded sleeps.
Solution:   Rename the function, remove sleeps. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #7369)
Files:      src/testdir/test_search.vim

Patch 8.2.2051
Problem:    Vim9: crash when aborting a user function call.
Solution:   Do not use the return value when aborting. (closes #7372)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2052
Problem:    Vim9: "edit +4 fname" gives an error. (Naruhiko Nishino)
Solution:   Allow using a range in the +cmd argument. (closes #7364)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/, src/vim.h, src/ex_cmds.c,

Patch 8.2.2053
Problem:    Vim9: lambda doesn't accept argument types.
Solution:   Optionally accept argument types at the script level.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2054
Problem:    Amiga: FEAT_ARP defined when it should not.
Solution:   Adjust "||" to "&&" in #ifdef. (Ola Söder, closes #7375)
Files:      src/feature.h

Patch 8.2.2055
Problem:    MS-Windows: two Vim instances may use the same temp file.
Solution:   Use the process ID for the temp name. (Ken Takata, closes #7378)
Files:      src/fileio.c

Patch 8.2.2056
Problem:    Configure fails when building with the
            "implicit-function-declaration" error enabled, specifically on Mac.
Solution:   Declare the functions like in the source code. (suggestion by
            Clemens Lang, closes #7380)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2057
Problem:    Getting the selection may trigger TextYankPost autocmd.
Solution:   Only trigger the autocommand when yanking in Vim, not for getting
            the selection. (closes #7367)
Files:      src/clipboard.c, src/normal.c, src/register.c,

Patch 8.2.2058
Problem:    Using mkview/loadview changes the jumplist.
Solution:   Use ":keepjumps".  Don't let ":badd" or ":balt" change the
            jumplist. (closes #7371)
Files:      src/session.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_mksession.vim

Patch 8.2.2059
Problem:    Amiga: can't find plugins.
Solution:   Do not use "**" in the pattern. (Ola Söder, closes #7384)
Files:      src/main.c

Patch 8.2.2060
Problem:    Check for features implemented with "if".
Solution:   Use the Check commands. (Ken Takata, closes #7383)
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_compiler.vim,
            src/testdir/test_delete.vim, src/testdir/test_diffmode.vim,
            src/testdir/test_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.2061
Problem:    Vim9: E1030 error when using empty string for term_sendkeys().
Solution:   Don't check for an invalid type unless the terminal can't be
            found. (closes #7382)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.2062
Problem:    <Cmd> does not handle CTRL-V.
Solution:   Call get_literal() after encountering CTRL-V. (closes #7387)
Files:      src/getchar.c, src/testdir/test_mapping.vim

Patch 8.2.2063
Problem:    Vim9: only one level of indexing supported.
Solution:   Handle more than one index in an assignment.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2064
Problem:    terminal: cursor is on while redrawing, causing flicker.
Solution:   Switch the cursor off while redrawing.  Always add the top and
            left offset to the cursor position when not done already.
            (closes #5943)
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/popupwin.c

Patch 8.2.2065
Problem:    Using map() and filter() on a range() is inefficient.
Solution:   Do not materialize the range. (closes #7388)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.2066
Problem:    Vim9: assignment with += doesn't work.
Solution:   Do not see the "+" as an addition operator.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2067 (after 8.2.2064)
Problem:    Cursor position in popup terminal is wrong.
Solution:   Don't check the flags.
Files:      src/terminal.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2068
Problem:    Transparent syntax item uses start/end of containing region.
Solution:   Do not change the startpos and endpos of a transparent region to
            that of its containing region. (Adrian Ghizaru, closes #7349,
            closes #7391)
Files:      src/syntax.c, src/testdir/test_syntax.vim

Patch 8.2.2069
Problem:    The quickfix window is not updated after setqflist().
Solution:   Update the quickfix buffer. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7390,
            closes #7385)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.2070
Problem:    Can't get the exit value in VimLeave or VimLeavePre autocommands.
Solution:   Add v:exiting like in Neovim. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7395)
Files:      runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalvars.c,
            src/main.c, src/testdir/test_exit.vim, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.2071
Problem:    Vim9: list assign doesn't accept an empty remainder list.
Solution:   Recognize list assignment with ";".
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2072
Problem:    Vim9: list assign not well tested.
Solution:   Test with different destinations.  Fix white space error.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2073
Problem:    Vim9: for with unpack only works for local variables.
Solution:   Recognize different destinations.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2074
Problem:    Vim9: using :normal from Vim9 script can't handle range.
Solution:   Execute a :normal command in legacy script context. (closes #7401)
Files:      src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2075
Problem:    Error for const argument to mapnew().
Solution:   Don't give an error. (closes #7400)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_filter_map.vim

Patch 8.2.2076
Problem:    MS-Windows console: sometimes drops typed characters.
Solution:   Do not wait longer than 10 msec for input. (issue #7164)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.2077
Problem:    Build failure with small features.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.2078
Problem:    Illegal memory access when using :print on invalid text. (Dhiraj
Solution:   Check for more composing characters than supported. (closes #7399)
Files:      src/message.c, src/testdir/test_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.2079
Problem:    Vim9: cannot put a linebreak before or after "in" of ":for".
Solution:   Skip over linebreak.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2080
Problem:    Vim9: no proper error message for using s:var in for loop.
Solution:   Give a specific error.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2081
Problem:    Vim9: cannot handle a linebreak after "=" in assignment.
Solution:   Skip over linebreak. (closes #7407)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.2082
Problem:    Vim9: can still use the deprecated #{} dict syntax.
Solution:   Remove support for #{} in Vim9 script. (closes #7406, closes #7405)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/proto/, src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2083
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using ":silent!" and getting member fails.
Solution:   Jump to on_fatal_error. (closes #7412)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2084
Problem:    CTRL-V U doesn't work to enter a Unicode character when
            modifyOtherKeys is effective. (Ken Takata)
Solution:   Add a flag to get_literal() for the shift key. (closes #7413)
Files:      src/edit.c, src/proto/, src/ex_getln.c, src/getchar.c,
            src/normal.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.2085
Problem:    Qt translation file is recognized as typescript.
Solution:   Check the first line for "<?xml". (closes #7418)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2086
Problem:    Libvterm tests are only run on Linux.
Solution:   Use static libraries. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7419)
Files:      .travis.yml, src/Makefile, src/libvterm/Makefile,

Patch 8.2.2087
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when statement is truncated.
Solution:   Increment the number of local variables.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2088
Problem:    Vim9: script test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Unlet variables.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2089
Problem:    Libvterm test fails to build on Mac.
Solution:   Adjust configure to remove a space between -L and the path that
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2090
Problem:    Vim9: dict does not accept a key in quotes.
Solution:   Recognize a key in single or double quotes.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/dict.c, src/proto/,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2091
Problem:    MS-Windows: build warnings.
Solution:   Add a #pragma to suppress the deprecation warning. (Ken Takata)
            Avoid using a non-ASCII character. (closes #7421)
Files:      src/message.c, src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.2092
Problem:    Vim9: unpredictable errors for script tests.
Solution:   Use a different script file name for each run.
Files:      src/testdir/vim9.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim,

Patch 8.2.2093
Problem:    Vim9: script test sometimes fails.
Solution:   Do not find a script variable by its typval if the name was
Files:      src/vim9script.c

Patch 8.2.2094
Problem:    When an expression fails getting the next command may be wrong.
Solution:   Do not check for a next command after :eval fails. (closes #7415)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2095
Problem:    Vim9: crash when failed dict member is followed by concatenation.
Solution:   Remove the dict from the stack. (closes #7416)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2096
Problem:    Vim9: command modifiers not restored after assignment.
Solution:   Jump to nextline instead of using continue.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2097
Problem:    Vim9: using :silent! when calling a function prevents aborting
            that function.
Solution:   Add emsg_silent_def and did_emsg_def.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/message.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2098
Problem:    Vim9: function argument of sort() and map() not tested.
Solution:   Add a couple of tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2099
Problem:    Vim9: some checks are not tested.
Solution:   Add a few more tests.  Give better error messages.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.2100
Problem:    Insufficient testing for function range and dict.
Solution:   Add a few tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7428)
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim, src/testdir/test_lambda.vim,
            src/testdir/test_signals.vim, src/testdir/test_user_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2101
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when literal dict has an error and when an
            expression is not complete.
Solution:   Clear the typval and the growarray.
Files:      src/dict.c, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2102
Problem:    Vim9: not all error messages tested.
Solution:   Add a few test cases.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2103
Problem:    Vim9: unreachable code.
Solution:   Remove the code to prepend s: to the variable name
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2104
Problem:    Build problem with Ruby 2.7.
Solution:   Adjust function declarations. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7430)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure, src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.2105
Problem:    Sound test is a bit flaky.
Solution:   Use WaitForAssert(). (Dominique Pellé, closes #7429)
Files:      src/testdir/test_sound.vim

Patch 8.2.2106
Problem:    TOML files are not recognized.
Solution:   Match *.toml. (issue #7432)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2107
Problem:    Vim9: some errors not tested.
Solution:   Add tests.  Fix getting the right error.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.2108
Problem:    Vim9: no test to check for :let error.
Solution:   Add a test.  Rename tests from _let_ to _var_.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2109
Problem:    "vim -" does not work well when modifyOtherKeys is enabled and a
            shell command is executed on startup.
Solution:   Only change modifyOtherKeys when executing a shell command in raw
Files:      src/os_unix.c

Patch 8.2.2110
Problem:    Cannot use ":shell" when reading from stdin. (Gary Johnson)
Solution:   Revert patch 8.2.1833.
Files:      src/main.c

Patch 8.2.2111
Problem:    GTK: Menu background is the same color as the main window.
Solution:   Fix white space around the text in another way. (closes #7437,
            closes #7427)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.2112
Problem:    Running tests may leave some files behind.
Solution:   Delete the right files.  Fix a few typos. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #7436)
Files:      src/testdir/test_filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_messages.vim,

Patch 8.2.2113
Problem:    MS-Windows GUI: crash after using ":set guifont=" four times.
Solution:   Check for NULL pointer. (Ken Takata, closes #7434)
Files:      src/gui_dwrite.cpp, src/testdir/test_gui.vim

Patch 8.2.2114
Problem:    Vim9: unreachable code in assignment.
Solution:   Remove impossible condition and code.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2115
Problem:    Vim9: some errors not tested for; dead code.
Solution:   Add a test.  Remove dead code.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2116
Problem:    MS-Windows GUI: test for 'guifont' is incomplete.
Solution:   Set 'renderoptions'. (Christian Brabandt)
Files:      src/testdir/test_gui.vim

Patch 8.2.2117
Problem:    Some functions use any value as a string.
Solution:   Check that the value is a non-empty string.
Files:      src/typval.c, src/proto/, src/mbyte.c, src/filepath.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2118
Problem:    Dead code in the job support. (Dominique Pellé)
Solution:   Define USE_ARGV before checking for it.
Files:      src/job.c

Patch 8.2.2119
Problem:    GTK3: status line background color is wrong.
Solution:   Don't change the code for earlier GTK3 versions. (closes #7444)
Files:      src/gui_gtk_x11.c

Patch 8.2.2120
Problem:    Not all Perl functionality is tested.
Solution:   Add a few more test cases. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7440)
Files:      src/testdir/test_perl.vim

Patch 8.2.2121
Problem:    Internal error when using \ze before \zs in a pattern.
Solution:   Check the end is never before the start. (closes #7442)
Files:      src/regexp_bt.c, src/regexp_nfa.c,

Patch 8.2.2122
Problem:    Vim9: crash when sourcing vim9script early.
Solution:   Use set_option_value() instead of setting p_cpo directly.
            (closes #7441)
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2123
Problem:    After using a complete popup the buffer is listed. (Boris
Solution:   Make the buffer unlisted.
Files:      src/popupmenu.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2124
Problem:    Vim9: a range cannot be computed at runtime.
Solution:   Add the ISN_RANGE instruction.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2125 (after 8.2.2122)
Problem:    Vim9: leaking memory.
Solution:   Free the saved 'cpo' value.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.2126
Problem:    Ruby: missing function prototype.
Solution:   Add the prototype.
Files:      src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.2127
Problem:    Vim9: executing user command defined in Vim9 script not tested.
Solution:   Add a test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2128
Problem:    There is no way to do something on CTRL-Z.
Solution:   Add VimSuspend and VimResume autocommand events. (closes #7450)
Files:      runtime/doc/autocmd.txt, src/autocmd.c, src/ex_docmd.c,
            src/normal.c, src/testdir/test_suspend.vim, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.2129
Problem:    MS-Windows: Checking if a file name is absolute is slow.
Solution:   Do not use mch_FullName(). (closes #7033)
Files:      src/os_mswin.c

Patch 8.2.2130
Problem:    Insert mode completion messages end up in message history.
Solution:   Set msg_hist_off. (closes #7452)
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim

Patch 8.2.2131
Problem:    Vim9: crash when lambda uses same var as assignment.
Solution:   Do not let lookup_local change lv_from_outer, make a copy.
            (closes #7461)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,
            src/evalvars.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2132
Problem:    Padding not drawn properly for popup window with title.
Solution:   Draw the padding below the title. (closes #7460)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2133
Problem:    Vim9: checking for a non-empty string is too strict.
Solution:   Check for any string. (closes #7447)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/proto/, src/errors.h, src/filepath.c,

Patch 8.2.2134
Problem:    Vim9: get E1099 when autocmd triggered in builtin function.
Solution:   Check that did_emsg increased instead of checking that it changed.
            (closes #7448)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2135
Problem:    Vim9: #{ still seen as start of dict in some places.
Solution:   Remove check for { after #. (closes #7456)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2136
Problem:    Vim9: Using uninitialized variable.
Solution:   Initialize "len" to zero.  Clean up fnamemodify().
Files:      src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.2137
Problem:    Vim9: :echo and :execute give error for empty argument.
Solution:   Ignore an empty argument. (closes #7468)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim,

Patch 8.2.2138
Problem:    Vim9: "exit_cb" causes Vim to exit.
Solution:   Require white space after a command in Vim9 script. (closes #7467)
            Also fix that Vim9 style heredoc was not always recognized.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/errors.h, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_let.vim

Patch 8.2.2139
Problem:    Vim9: unreachable code in assignment.
Solution:   Don't check "new_local" when "has_index" is set.  Add test for
            wrong type of list index.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2140
Problem:    Build failure with tiny features.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.2141
Problem:    A user command with try/catch may not catch an expression error.
Solution:   When an expression fails check for following "|". (closes #7469)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_trycatch.vim,

Patch 8.2.2142
Problem:    Memory leak when heredoc is not terminated.
Solution:   Free heredoc_trimmed.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.2143
Problem:    Vim9: dead code in compiling :unlet.
Solution:   Don't check for "!" a second time.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2144
Problem:    Vim9: some corner cases not tested.
Solution:   Add a few tests.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2145
Problem:    Vim9: concatenating lists does not adjust type of result.
Solution:   When list member types differ use "any" member type.
            (closes #7473)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2146
Problem:    Vim9: automatic conversion of number to string for dict key.
Solution:   Do not convert number to string. (closes #7474)
Files:      src/dict.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2147
Problem:    Quickfix window title not updated in all tab pages.
Solution:   Update the quickfix window title in all tab pages. (Yegappan
            Lakshmanan, closes #7481, closes #7466)
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.2148
Problem:    Vim9: crash when user command doesn't match.
Solution:   Adjust command index. (closes #7479)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2149
Problem:    Popupwin test for latin1 sometimes fails.
Solution:   Wait for the script to finish.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2150
Problem:    Github actions CI isn't used for all available platforms.
Solution:   Update the github workflows. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7433)
Files:      .coveralls.yml, .github/workflows/ci-windows.yaml,
            .github/workflows/ci.yml, .travis.yml,,
            ci/, ci/

Patch 8.2.2151
Problem:    $dir not expanded when configure checks for moonjit.
Solution:   Use double quotes instead of single quotes. (closes #7478)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2152
Problem:    screenpos() does not include the WinBar offset.
Solution:   Use W_WINROW() instead of directly using w_window. (closes #7487)
Files:      src/move.c, src/testdir/test_cursor_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2153
Problem:    Popupwin test for latin1 still fails sometimes.
Solution:   Wait for the "cat" command to finish.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2154
Problem:    Popupwin test for terminal buffer fails sometimes.
Solution:   Wait for the prompt to appear.
Files:      src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2155
Problem:    Warning from Github actions for code analysis.
Solution:   Remove the "git checkout HEAD^2" block.
Files:      .github/workflows/codeql-analysis.yml

Patch 8.2.2156
Problem:    Github actions run on pushing a tag.
Solution:   Don't run CI on tag push. Omit coveralls on pull-request.
            (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7489)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci.yml, .github/workflows/codeql-analysis.yml

Patch 8.2.2157
Problem:    Vim9: can delete a Vim9 script variable from a function.
Solution:   Check the variable is defined in Vim9 script. (closes #7483)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2158
Problem:    CI on cirrus times out, coveralls doesn't always run.
Solution:   Set timeout to 20 minutes. Adjust condition. (closes #7493)
Files:      .cirrus.yml, .github/workflows/ci.yml

Patch 8.2.2159
Problem:    Vim9: when declaring a list it is not allocated yet, causing a
            following extend() to fail.
Solution:   When fetching a variable value for a list or dict that is null
            allocate the list or dict, so it can be used. (closes #7491)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2160
Problem:    Various typos.
Solution:   Fix spelling mistakes. (closes #7494)
Files:      src/bufwrite.c, src/cindent.c, src/cmdexpand.c, src/eval.c,
            src/ex_cmds.c, src/feature.h, src/getchar.c, src/,
            src/gui_xmdlg.c, src/help.c, src/if_ole.cpp, src/insexpand.c,
            src/list.c, src/map.c, src/memline.c, src/normal.c,
            src/os_win32.c, src/search.c, src/term.c,
            src/testdir/test_arglist.vim, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_debugger.vim, src/testdir/test_increment.vim,
            src/testdir/test_menu.vim, src/testdir/test_netbeans.vim,
            src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim, src/testdir/test_python2.vim,
            src/testdir/test_python3.vim, src/testdir/test_sort.vim,
            src/testdir/test_terminal2.vim, src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vartabs.vim, src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim,
            src/textprop.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.2161
Problem:    Arguments -T and -x not tested yet.
Solution:   Add a test. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7490)
Files:      src/testdir/test_startup.vim

Patch 8.2.2162
Problem:    Vim9: Cannot load or store autoload variables.
Solution:   Add ISN_LOADAUTO and ISN_STOREAUTO. (closes #7485)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c, src/dict.c,
            src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2163
Problem:    Crash when discarded exception is the current exception.
Solution:   Compare the exception with current_exception. (closes #7499)
Files:      src/ex_eval.c

Patch 8.2.2164
Problem:    Vim9: autoload function doesn't work in script that starts with
            an upper case letter.
Solution:   Check for the autoload character. (closes #7502)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2165
Problem:    Vim9: assignment to dict member does not work.
Solution:   Fix recognizing dict member. (closes #7484)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/vim.h

Patch 8.2.2166
Problem:    Auto format doesn't work when deleting text.
Solution:   Make "x" trigger auto format. (closes #7504)
Files:      src/ops.c, src/testdir/test_textformat.vim

Patch 8.2.2167
Problem:    Vim9: assign test fails. (Elimar Riesebieter)
Solution:   Adjust the test for dict assignment.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2168
Problem:    Vim9: error for assigning to dict of dict.
Solution:   Remember the destination type. (closes #7506)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2169
Problem:    Vim9: test leaves file behind.
Solution:   Rename script files. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7511)
            Use try/finally.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim, src/testdir/vim9.vim

Patch 8.2.2170
Problem:    Vim9: a global function defined in a :def function fails if it
            uses the context.
Solution:   Create a partial to store the closure context. (see #7410)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/structs.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2171
Problem:    Valgrind warning for using uninitialized value.
Solution:   Do not use "startp" or "endp" unless there is a match.
Files:      src/regexp_nfa.c

Patch 8.2.2172
Problem:    Vim9: number of arguments is not always checked. (Yegappan
Solution:   Check number of arguments when calling function by name.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2173
Problem:    Vim9: get internal error when assigning to undefined variable.
Solution:   Add error message. (closes #7475)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/errors.h,

Patch 8.2.2174
Problem:    Mac version doesn't specify the CPU architecture.
Solution:   Add "arm64" or "x86_64". (Yee Cheng Chin, closes #7519)
Files:      src/version.c

Patch 8.2.2175
Problem:    Github actions: clang-11 handling suboptimal.
Solution:   Separate step of installing clang-11. Get ubuntu release name
            dynamically. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7514)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci.yml

Patch 8.2.2176
Problem:    Crash with a sequence of fold commands.
Solution:   Bail out when there are no folds at all.  Add a test (Dominique
            Pellé) (closes #7515)
Files:      src/fold.c, src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.2177
Problem:    Pattern "^" does not match if the first character in the line is
            combining. (Rene Kita)
Solution:   Do accept a match at the start of the line. (closes #6963)
Files:      src/regexp_nfa.c, src/testdir/test_regexp_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.2178
Problem:    Python 3: non-utf8 character cannot be handled.
Solution:   Change the string decode. (Björn Linse, closes #1053)
Files:      src/if_py_both.h, src/if_python.c, src/if_python3.c,
            src/testdir/test_python3.vim, src/testdir/test_python2.vim

Patch 8.2.2179
Problem:    Vim9: crash when indexing a dict with a number.
Solution:   Add ISN_STOREINDEX. (closes #7513)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h,
            src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.2180
Problem:    Vim9: test for error after error is flaky.
Solution:   Wait for job to finish instead of a fixed delay.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2181
Problem:    Valgrind warnings for using uninitialized value.
Solution:   Do not use "start" or "end" unless there is a match.
Files:      src/regexp_nfa.c, src/regexp_bt.c

Patch 8.2.2182
Problem:    Vim9: value of 'magic' is still relevant.
Solution:   Always behave like 'magic' is on in Vim9 script (closes #7509)
Files:      src/option.c, src/proto/, src/arglist.c, src/buffer.c,
            src/cmdexpand.c, src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_getln.c,
            src/insexpand.c, src/normal.c, src/search.c, src/tag.c,
            src/structs.h, src/globals.h, src/ex_cmds.h,

Patch 8.2.2183
Problem:    Vim9: value of 'edcompatible' and 'gdefault' are used.
Solution:   Ignore these deprecated options in Vim9 script. (closes #7508)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2184
Problem:    Vim9: no error when using "2" for a line number.
Solution:   Give an error message if the line number is invalid. (closes #7492)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2185
Problem:    BufUnload is not triggered for the quickfix dummy buffer.
Solution:   Do trigger BufUnload. (Pontus Leitzler, closes #7518, closes #7517)
            Fix white space around "=".
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2186
Problem:    Vim9: error when using 'opfunc'.
Solution:   Do not expect a return value from 'opfunc'. (closes #7510)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/ops.c,

Patch 8.2.2187
Problem:    Python 3 test fails sometimes. (Christian Brabandt)
Solution:   Accept two SystemError messages.
Files:      src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.2188
Problem:    Vim9: crash when calling global function from :def function.
Solution:   Set the outer context.  Define the partial for the context on the
            original function. Use a refcount to keep track of which ufunc is
            using a dfunc. (closes #7525)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/proto/, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/structs.h, src/vim9.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2189
Problem:    Cannot repeat a command that uses the small delete register.
Solution:   Store the register name instead of the contents. (Christian
            Brabandt, closes #7527)
Files:      src/ops.c, src/register.c, src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.2190
Problem:    Vim9: crash when compiled with EXITFREE.
Solution:   Check that df_ufunc is not NULL.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2191
Problem:    Vim9: using wrong name with lambda in nested function.
Solution:   Copy the lambda name earlier. (closes #7525)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2192
Problem:    Codecov on github actions fails.
Solution:   Revert to codecov script. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7529)
Files:      Filelist, .github/workflows/ci.yml

Patch 8.2.2193
Problem:    Vim9: can change constant in :def function.
Solution:   Check if a variable is locked. (issue #7526)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2194
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use :const or :final at the script level.
Solution:   Support using :const and :final. (closes #7526)
Files:      src/vim.h, src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.2195
Problem:    Failing tests for :const.
Solution:   Add missing check for ASSIGN_FINAL.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2196
Problem:    :version output has extra spaces in compile and link command.
Solution:   Adjust QUOTESED. (closes #7505)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2197
Problem:    Assert arguments order reversed.
Solution:   Swap the arguments. (Christian Brabandt, closes #7531)
Files:      src/testdir/test_registers.vim

Patch 8.2.2198
Problem:    ml_get error when resizing window and using text property.
Solution:   Validate botline of the right window. (closes #7528)
Files:      src/move.c, src/proto/, src/textprop.c,

Patch 8.2.2199
Problem:    First write after setting 'eol' does not have NL added. (Tomáš
Solution:   Only use b_no_eol_lnum when doing a binary write. (closes #7535)
Files:      src/bufwrite.c, src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.2200
Problem:    Vim9: lambda without white space around -> is confusing.
Solution:   Require white space in a :def function. (issue #7503)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.2201
Problem:    Write file test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Force edit after setting 'fileformat'.
Files:      src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.2202
Problem:    Write file test still fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Set fileformat with the :edit command
Files:      src/testdir/test_writefile.vim

Patch 8.2.2203
Problem:    Moodle gift files are not recognized.
Solution:   Add a filetype pattern. (Delim Temizer)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2204
Problem:    Vim9: using -> both for method and lambda is confusing.
Solution:   Use => for lambda in :def function.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.2205
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when parsing lambda fails.
Solution:   Clear growarrays.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.2206
Problem:    :exe command line completion only works for first argument.
Solution:   Skip over text if more is following. (closes #7546)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.2207
Problem:    Illegal memory access if popup menu items are changed while the
            menu is visible. (Tomáš Janoušek)
Solution:   Make a copy of the text. (closes #7537)
Files:      src/popupmenu.c, src/testdir/test_popup.vim,

Patch 8.2.2208
Problem:    Vim9: after reloading a script variable index may be invalid.
Solution:   When the sequence number doesn't match give an error for using a
            script-local variable from a compiled function. (closes #7547)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/structs.h, src/errors.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.2209
Problem:    Vim9: return type of => lambda not parsed.
Solution:   Parse and use the return type.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/vim9type.c,
            src/proto/, src/vim9script.c, src/eval.c,

Patch 8.2.2210
Problem:    Vim9: allocating a type to set TTFLAG_BOOL_OK.
Solution:   Add t_number_bool.
Files:      src/globals.h, src/vim9type.c, src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2211
Problem:    MS-Windows: can't load Python dll if not in the path.
Solution:   Use the InstallPath registry entry. (Kelvin Lee, closes #7540)
Files:      src/if_python3.c

Patch 8.2.2212
Problem:    Vim9: lambda with => does not work at the script level.
Solution:   Make it work.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9type.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2213
Problem:    Checking white space around -> is not backwards compatible.
Solution:   Only check white space around =>.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.2214
Problem:    ":e#" does not give a warning for missing white space.
Solution:   Adjust the check for white space. (closes #7545)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2215
Problem:    Vim9: =expr not recognized in global command.
Solution:   Skip over pattern. (issue #7541)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2216
Problem:    Vim9: range with missing colon can be hard to spot.
Solution:   Include the start of the range in the error. (closes #7543)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.2217
Problem:    Vim9: command modifiers not restored in catch block.
Solution:   Restore command modifiers. (closes #7542)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2218
Problem:    Vim9: failure if passing more arguments to a lambda than expected.
Solution:   Only put expected arguments on the stack. (closes #7548)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2219
Problem:    Vim9: method call with expression not supported.
Solution:   Implement expr->(expr)().
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2220
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak when parsing nested parenthesis.
Solution:   Clear newargs.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.2221
Problem:    If <Down> is mapped on the command line 'wildchar' is inserted.
Solution:   Set KeyTyped when using 'wildchar'. (closes #7552)
Files:      src/cmdexpand.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.2222
Problem:    Vim9: cannot keep script variables when reloading.
Solution:   Add the "noclear" argument to :vim9script.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/structs.h, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/ex_cmds.h, src/ex_docmd.c,

Patch 8.2.2223
Problem:    Vim9: Reloading marks a :def function as deleted.
Solution:   Clear the function contents but keep the index.
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.2224
Problem:    Vim9: crash if script reloaded with different variable type.
Solution:   Check the type when accessing the variable.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9type.c,
            src/proto/, src/errors.h, src/evalvars.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2225
Problem:    Vim9: error when using :import in legacy script twice.
Solution:   Make it possible to redefine an import when reloading.
Files:      src/vim9script.c, src/proto/, src/structs.h,
            src/evalvars.c, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.2226
Problem:    Vim9: script test fails.
Solution:   Add missing change.
Files:      src/scriptfile.c

Patch 8.2.2227
Problem:    Vim9: recognizing lambda is too complicated.
Solution:   Call compile_lambda() and check for NOTDONE.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2228
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use ":e #" because # starts a comment.
Solution:   Support using %% instead of #.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2229
Problem:    build failure without the +eval feature.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.2230
Problem:    Vim9: insert completion runs into error.
Solution:   Insert colon before range. (closes #7556)
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2231
Problem:    When "--remote file" is used "file" is not reloaded.
Solution:   When a :drop command is used for a file that is already displayed
            in a window and it has not been changed, check if it needs to be
            reloaded. (closes #7560)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim

Patch 8.2.2232
Problem:    Compiler error for falling through into next case.
Solution:   Move FALLTHROUGH below the #endif
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.2233
Problem:    Cannot convert a byte index into a character index.
Solution:   Add charidx(). (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7561)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.2234
Problem:    Command line wildmenu test often fails with Unix GUI.
Solution:   Skip the test where it is expected to fail.
Files:      src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.2235
Problem:    Build failure with some Ruby versions.
Solution:   Adjust the code for Ruby 3.0. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7564)
Files:      ci/, src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.2236
Problem:    'scroll' option can change when setting the statusline or tabline
            but the option context is not updated.
Solution:   Update the script context when the scroll option is changed as a
            side effect. (Christian Brabandt, closes #7533)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/scriptfile.c,
            src/testdir/test_options.vim, src/vim.h, src/window.c

Patch 8.2.2237
Problem:    CI on Mac fails in sed command.
Solution:   Set LC_ALL to "C". (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7565)
Files:      .github/workflows/ci.yml

Patch 8.2.2238
Problem:    Vim9: cannot load a Vim9 script without the +eval feature.
Solution:   Support Vim9 script syntax without the +eval feature.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9script.c, src/globals.h, src/main.c,
            src/autocmd.c, src/buffer.c, src/structs.h, src/menu.c,
            src/scriptfile.c, src/usercmd.c, src/proto.h, src/errors.h

Patch 8.2.2239
Problem:    Vim9: concatenating lines with backslash is inconvenient.
Solution:   Support concatenating lines starting with '|', useful for
            :autocmd, :command, etc. (closes #6702)
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/scriptfile.c, src/vim9script.c,
            src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/proto/, src/userfunc.c, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.2240
Problem:    Clientserver test fails if full path is used.
Solution:   Ignore the path preceding the file name.
Files:      src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim

Patch 8.2.2241
Problem:    Build with Ruby and clang may fail.
Solution:   Adjust configure and sed script. (Ozaki Kiichi, closes #7566)
Files:      ci/, src/auto/configure, src/

Patch 8.2.2242
Problem:    Vim9: line continuation with bar does not work at script level.
Solution:   Check for Vim9 script.
Files:      src/structs.h, src/ex_docmd.c, src/userfunc.c, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.2243
Problem:    Crash when popup mask contains zeroes.
Solution:   Check boundaries properly. (closes #7569)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2244
Problem:    Crash when making the window width of the not-current window
Solution:   Make sure the window width is not negative. (closes #7568)
Files:      src/window.c, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2245
Problem:    Vim9: return value of winrestcmd() cannot be executed.
Solution:   Put colons before each range. (closes #7571)
Files:      src/evalwindow.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2246
Problem:    Cursor keys not recognized at the hit-Enter prompt after executing
            an external command.
Solution:   Change the codes for the extra cursor keys. (closes #7562)
            Tune the delays to avoid test flakiness.
Files:      runtime/doc/term.txt, src/term.c, src/testdir/test_terminal3.vim

Patch 8.2.2247
Problem:    VMS: various smaller problems.
Solution:   Fix VMS building and other problems. (Zoltan Arpadffy)
Files:      src/term.c, src/gui_gtk_vms.h, src/os_vms_conf.h, src/gui_x11.c,
            src/Make_vms.mms, src/macros.h, src/gui.h, src/os_unix.h

Patch 8.2.2248
Problem:    ASAN error on exit with GUI.
Solution:   Check the window still has lines. (Christian Brabandt,
            closes #7573)
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.2249
Problem:    Termcodes test is flaky when used over ssh with X forwarding.
Solution:   Set 'mousetime' to a larger value. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7576,
            closes #7563)
Files:      src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.2250
Problem:    Vim9: sublist is ambiguous.
Solution:   Require white space around the colon. (closes #7409)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.2251
Problem:    Test failures in legacy script.
Solution:   Check for Vim9 script.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.2252
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using lambda without return type in dict.
Solution:   Without a return type use t_unknown. (closes #7587)
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2253
Problem:    Vim9: expr test fails.
Solution:   Add missing assignment.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.2254
Problem:    Vim9: bool option type is number.
Solution:   Have get_option_value() return a different value for bool and
            number options. (closes #7583)
Files:      src/option.h, src/option.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c,
            src/if_mzsch.c, src/if_ruby.c, src/spell.c, src/typval.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,

Patch 8.2.2255 (after 8.2.2254)
Problem:    Tcl test fails.
Solution:   Change option handling.
Files:      src/if_tcl.c

Patch 8.2.2256
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use function( after line break in :def function.
Solution:   Check for "(" after "function". (closes #7581)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2257
Problem:    Vim9: using -> for lambda is ambiguous.
Solution:   Stop supporting ->, must use =>.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim,

Patch 8.2.2258
Problem:    Not all OCaml related files are detected.
Solution:   Update OCaml file type detection.  (Markus Mottl, closes #7590)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2259
Problem:    Test_Executable() fails when using chroot.
Solution:   Ignore the difference between "sbin" and "bin".
Files:      src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.2260
Problem:    Window resize test fails in very wide terminal.
Solution:   Resize using the 'columns' option.  (Vladimir Lomov, closes #7592)
Files:      src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2261
Problem:    Vim9: boolean option gets string type.
Solution:   Check for VAR_BOOL. (closes #7588)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2262
Problem:    Vim9: converting bool to string prefixes v:.
Solution:   Do not use the v: prefix.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim,

Patch 8.2.2263
Problem:    Vim9: compilation error with try-catch in skipped block.
Solution:   Do not bail out when generate_instr() returns NULL. (closes #7584)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2264
Problem:    Vim9: no error for mismatched :endfunc or :enddef.
Solution:   Check for the mismatch. (issue #7582)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2265
Problem:    Error message for missing endfunc/enddef is last line.
Solution:   Report the line where the function starts. (closes #7582)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2266
Problem:    Vim9: it can be hard to see where white space is missing.
Solution:   Mention the text where the error was seen. (closes #7580)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/eval.c, src/evalvars.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2267
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use unlet for a dict member.
Solution:   Pass GLV_NO_DECL to get_lval(). (closes #7585)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2268
Problem:    Vim9: list unpack seen as declaration.
Solution:   Check for "var". (closes #7594)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c, src/eval.c, src/vim.h,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2269
Problem:    Not all :hardcopy code covered by tests.
Solution:   Test more combinations. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7595)
Files:      src/testdir/test_hardcopy.vim

Patch 8.2.2270
Problem:    Warning for size_t to int conversion. (Randall W. Morris)
Solution:   Add a type cast.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2271
Problem:    ml_get error when changing hidden buffer in Python.
Solution:   Block updating folds. (closes #7598)
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_python3.vim

Patch 8.2.2272
Problem:    Vim9: extend() can violate the type of a variable.
Solution:   Add the type to the dictionary or list and check items against it.
            (closes #7593)
Files:      src/structs.h, src/evalvars.c, src/dict.c, src/list.c,
            src/vim9script.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2273
Problem:    Build failure.
Solution:   Add missing changes to header file.
Files:      src/vim9.h

Patch 8.2.2274
Problem:    badge for Travis is outdated.
Solution:   Update badge for move from to

Patch 8.2.2275
Problem:    CTRL-C not recognized in Mintty.
Solution:   Recognize the modifyOtherKeys code ending in "u". (Christian
            Brabandt, closes #7575)
Files:      src/ui.c

Patch 8.2.2276
Problem:    List of distributed files is outdated.
Solution:   Update the file list.  Minor comment updates.
Files:      Filelist, src/clipboard.c, src/fileio.c, src/option.c,
            src/screen.c, src/testdir/test_signals.vim,

Patch 8.2.2277
Problem:    Missing backslash.
Solution:   Add backslash.
Files:      Filelist

Patch 8.2.2278
Problem:    Falling back to old regexp engine can some patterns.
Solution:   Do not fall back once [[:lower:]] or [[:upper:]] is used.
            (Christian Brabandt, closes #7572)
Files:      src/regexp.c, src/regexp_nfa.c, src/testdir/test_regexp_utf8.vim

Patch 8.2.2279
Problem:    Vim9: memory leak with catch in skipped block.
Solution:   Free the pattern if not used.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2280
Problem:    Fuzzy matching doesn't give access to the scores.
Solution:   Return the scores with a third list. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #7596)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/search.c,

Patch 8.2.2281
Problem:    Vim9: compiled "wincmd" cannot be followed by bar.
Solution:   Check for bar after "wincmd". (closes #7599)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2282
Problem:    Length check mismatch with argument of strncmp(). (Christian
Solution:   Adjust length check.
Files:      src/ui.c

Patch 8.2.2283
Problem:    Vim9: crash when lambda has fewer arguments than expected.
Solution:   Don't check arguments when already failed. (closes #7606)
Files:      src/vim9type.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2284
Problem:    Vim9: cannot set an option to a boolean value.
Solution:   Check for VAR_BOOL. (closes #7603)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2285
Problem:    Vim9: cannot set an option to a false.
Solution:   For VAR_BOOL use string "0". (closes #7603)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2286
Problem:    Sort test fails when locale is Canadian English. (Neil H Watson)
Solution:   Expect a different sort order. (closes #7609)
Files:      src/testdir/test_sort.vim

Patch 8.2.2287
Problem:    Sort test fails when locale is French Canadian.
Solution:   Expect a different sort order. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7609)
Files:      src/testdir/test_sort.vim

Patch 8.2.2288
Problem:    Vim9: line break and comment not always skipped.
Solution:   Skip over white space and then line break more consistently.
            (closes #7610)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2289
Problem:    Vim9: 'cpo' can become empty.
Solution:   Use empty_option instead of an empty string.  Update quickfix
            buffer after restoring 'cpo'.  (closes #7608)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/syntax.c, src/eval.c, src/quickfix.c,
            src/evalbuffer.c, src/ex_eval.c, src/gui_motif.c, src/map.c,

Patch 8.2.2290
Problem:    Vim9: unlet of global variable cannot be compiled.
Solution:   Skip over variables that might be defined later. Give an error if
            a subscript is found. (closes #7585)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim.h,

Patch 8.2.2291
Problem:    Vim9: cannot use "null" for v:null.
Solution:   Support "null" like "true" and "false". (closes #7495)
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c,

Patch 8.2.2292
Problem:    Vim: expr test fails.
Solution:   Add missing part of "null" support.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.2293
Problem:    Build failure with Motif. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Use empty_option instead of empty_options.
Files:      src/gui_motif.c

Patch 8.2.2294
Problem:    VMS: a few remaining problems.
Solution:   Add VMS specific changes. Add Lua support. (Zoltan Arpadffy)
Files:      src/fileio.c, src/os_vms_conf.h, src/Make_vms.mms, src/macros.h,
            src/os_vms.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/gui_xmebw.c, src/os_unix.h

Patch 8.2.2295
Problem:    Incsearch does not detect empty pattern properly.
Solution:   Return magic state when skipping over a pattern. (Christian
            Brabandt, closes #7612, closes #6420)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_getln.c, src/globals.h,
            src/option.c, src/tag.c, src/proto/, src/regexp.c,
            src/search.c, src/structs.h, src/vim9compile.c,

Patch 8.2.2296
Problem:    Cannot use CTRL-N and CTRL-P in a popup menu.
Solution:   Use CTRL-N like <Down> and CTRL-P like <Up>. (closes #7614)
Files:      runtime/doc/popup.txt, src/popupwin.c,

Patch 8.2.2297
Problem:    Vim9: cannot set 'number' to a boolean value.
Solution:   Use tv_get_bool(). (closes #7615)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2298
Problem:    Vim9: comment right after "(" of function not recognized.
Solution:   Do not skip over white space before calling get_function_args().
            (closes #7613)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2299
Problem:    Vim9: invalid memory access making error message flaky.
Solution:   Do not check cmd_argt for CMD_USER. (issue #7467)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/errors.h,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2300
Problem:    Vim9: wrong order on type stack when using dict.
Solution:   Generate constants before a dict. (closes #7619)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2301
Problem:    Vim9: cannot unlet a dict or list item.
Solution:   Add ISN_UNLETINDEX.  Refactor assignment code to use for unlet.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9.h, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2302
Problem:    Vim9: using an option value may use uninitialized memory.
Solution:   Clear v_lock. (closes #7620)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2303
Problem:    Vim9: backtick expansion doesn't work for :foldopen.
Solution:   Do recognize backtick expansion. (closes #7621)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2304
Problem:    Vim9: no test for unletting an imported variable.
Solution:   Add a test.  Fix line number in error.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2305
Problem:    Vim9: "++var" and "--var" are silently accepted.
Solution:   Give an error message.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/eval.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2306
Problem:    Vim9: when using function reference type is not checked.
Solution:   When using a function reference lookup the type and check the
            argument types. (issue #7629)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/proto/, src/eval.c, src/structs.h,
            src/vim9type.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/evalvars.c, src/evalfunc.c,

Patch 8.2.2307
Problem:    A shell command in the vimrc causes terminal output.
Solution:   Do not call starttermcap() after a shell command if the termcap
            wasn't active before.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c

Patch 8.2.2308
Problem:    Vim9: no error when assigning lambda to funcref without return
Solution:   Default return value to "any". (closes #7629)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2309
Problem:    0o777 not recognized as octal.
Solution:   Use vim_isodigit(). (Ken Takata, closes #7633, closes #7631)
Files:      src/charset.c, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim

Patch 8.2.2310
Problem:    Vim9: winsaveview() return type is too generic.
Solution:   use dict<number> instead of dict<any>. (closes #7626)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2311
Problem:    Vim9: cannot assign to a variable that shadows a command modifier.
Solution:   Check for assignment after possible command modifier.
            (closes #7632)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/ex_docmd.c,

Patch 8.2.2312
Problem:    Build failure with Ruby 3.0 and 32 bits.
Solution:   Add #ifdef. (closes #7638)
Files:      src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.2313
Problem:    Vim9: using uninitialized field when parsing range. ":silent!" not
            respected when parsing range fails.
Solution:   Initialize ea.skip.  On pattern failure handle it like an error.
            (closes #7636)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2314
Problem:    Vim9: returning zero takes two instructions.
Solution:   Add ISN_RETURN_ZERO.
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2315
Problem:    Vim9: "enddef" as dict key misinterpreted as function end.
Solution:   Check for following colon. (closes #7640)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2316
Problem:    Vim9: cannot list a lambda function.
Solution:   Support the <lambda>9 notation, like :disassemble. (closes #7634)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2317
Problem:    Vim9: command modifier before list unpack doesn't work.
Solution:   Only recognize "[" directly after the name. (closes #7641)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2318
Problem:    Vim9: string and list index work differently.
Solution:   Make string index work like list index. (closes #7643)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c, src/list.c,
            src/proto/, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2319
Problem:    "exptype_T" can be read as "expected type".
Solution:   Rename to "exprtype_T", expression type.
Files:      src/eval.c, src/typval.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.2320
Problem:    Vim9: no error for comparing bool with string.
Solution:   Check for wrong types when comparing. (closes #7639)
Files:      src/typval.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2321
Problem:    Vim9: cannot nest closures.
Solution:   Add the nesting level to ISN_LOADOUTER and ISN_STOREOUTER.
            (closes #7150, closes #7635)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.2322
Problem:    Vim9: closure nested limiting to one level.
Solution:   Add outer_T.  Also make STOREOUTER work.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.2323
Problem:    Vim9: error when inferring type from empty dict/list.
Solution:   When the member is t_unknown use t_any. (closes #7009)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2324
Problem:    Not easy to get mark en cursor position by character count.
Solution:   Add functions that use character index. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #7648)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/eval.c,
            src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/, src/tag.c,
            src/testdir/test_cursor_func.vim, src/typval.c

Patch 8.2.2325
Problem:    Vim9: crash if map() changes the item type.
Solution:   Check that the item type is still OK. (closes #7652)
            Fix problem with mapnew() on range list.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/proto/, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2326
Problem:    Build error with +eval feature but without +spell.
Solution:   Adjust #ifdef. (John Marriott)
Files:      src/mbyte.c

Patch 8.2.2327
Problem:    Debugging code included.
Solution:   Remove the debugging code.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2328
Problem:    Some test files may not be deleted.
Solution:   Add a delete() call, correct name. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7654)
Files:      src/testdir/test_clientserver.vim,

Patch 8.2.2329
Problem:    Not all ways Vim can be started are tested.
Solution:   Add a test for different program names. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #7651)
Files:      src/testdir/test_startup.vim

Patch 8.2.2330
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using :trow in a not executed block.
Solution:   Don't generate the instruction when skipping. (closes #7659)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2331
Problem:    Vim9: wrong error when modifying dict declared with :final.
Solution:   Do not check for writable variable when an index follows.
            (closes #7657)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/structs.h, src/vim9script.c,
            src/proto/, src/evalvars.c,

Patch 8.2.2332
Problem:    Vim9: missing :endif not reported when using :windo.
Solution:   Pass a getline function to do_cmdline(). (closes #7650)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/structs.h, src/scriptfile.c,

Patch 8.2.2333
Problem:    Vim9: warning for uninitialized variable. (Tony Mechelynck)
Solution:   Initialize "res".
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2334
Problem:    Pascal-like filetypes not always detected.
Solution:   Improved Puppet, InstantFPC and Pascal detection. (Doug Kearns,
            closes #7662)
Files:      runtime/autoload/dist/ft.vim, runtime/filetype.vim,
            runtime/scripts.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2335
Problem:    Vim9: "silent return" does not restore command modifiers.
Solution:   Restore command modifiers before returning. (closes #7649)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_disassemble.vim

Patch 8.2.2336
Problem:    Vim9: it is not possible to extend a dictionary with different
            item types.
Solution:   Add extendnew(). (closes #7666)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/list.c, src/proto/, src/testdir/test_listdict.vim,

Patch 8.2.2337
Problem:    Configure test for GTK only says "no". (Harm te Hennepe)
Solution:   Hint that a -def package is needed. (closes #5229)
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2338
Problem:    Vim9: no error if using job_info() result wrongly.
Solution:   Adjust return type on number of arguments. (closes #7667)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/globals.h, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2339
Problem:    Cannot get the type of a value as a string.
Solution:   Add typename().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/vim9type.c, src/proto/,
            src/testdir/test_vimscript.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2340
Problem:    win_execute() unexpectedly returns number zero when failing.
Solution:   Return an empty string. (closes #7665)
Files:      src/evalwindow.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2341
Problem:    Expression command line completion shows variables but not
            functions after "g:". (Gary Johnson)
Solution:   Prefix "g:" when needed to a global function.
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/evalvars.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2342
Problem:    "char" functions return the wrong column in Insert mode when the
            cursor is beyond the end of the line.
Solution:   Compute the column correctly. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7669)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_cursor_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2343
Problem:    Vim9: return type of readfile() is any.
Solution:   Add readblob() so that readfile() can be expected to always
            return a list of strings. (closes #7671)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/filepath.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2344
Problem:    Using inclusive index for slice is not always desired.
Solution:   Add the slice() method, which has an exclusive index. (closes
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/proto/, src/list.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2345
Problem:    No focus events in a terminal.
Solution:   Add the t_fd and t_fe termcap entries and implement detecting
            focus events. (Hayaki Saito, Magnus Groß, closes #7673,
            closes #609, closes #5526)
Files:      runtime/doc/term.txt, src/optiondefs.h, src/term.c, src/term.h

Patch 8.2.2346
Problem:    Codecov reports every little coverage drop.
Solution:   Tolerate a 0.05% drop. Hide the appveyor config file. (Ozaki
            Kiichi, closes #7678)
Files:      .appveyor.yml, appveyor.yml, .codecov.yml

Patch 8.2.2347
Problem:    Build failure without GUI.
Solution:   Add #ifdef.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.2348 (after 8.2.2345)
Problem:    No check for modified files after focus gained. (Mathias Stearn)
Solution:   Call ui_focus_change().
Files:      src/term.c, src/ui.c

Patch 8.2.2349
Problem:    Vim9: cannot handle line break after parenthesis at line end.
Solution:   Skip over line break. (closes #7677)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2350
Problem:    Using "void" for no reason.
Solution:   Use "char *".
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.2351
Problem:    Vim9: error message for "throw" in function that was called with
Solution:   Do not throw the exception when not caught or displayed.
            (closes #7672)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2352
Problem:    If the focus lost/gained escape sequence is received twice it is
            not ignored. (Christ van Willegen)
Solution:   Adjust the logic to ignore the escape code.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.2353
Problem:    Sparql files are not detected.
Solution:   Add the sparql filetype.  (closes #7679)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2354
Problem:    Crash with a weird combination of autocommands.
Solution:   Increment b_nwindows when needed. (closes #7674)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/buffer.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2355
Problem:    Stray test failure on Appveyor.
Solution:   Finish insert command.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2356
Problem:    Vim9: ":put =expr" does not handle a list properly.
Solution:   Use the same logic as eval_to_string_eap(). (closes #7684)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/eval.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2357
Problem:    Vim9: crash when parsing function return type fails.
Solution:   Bail out and set return type to "unknown". (closes #7685)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2358
Problem:    Wrong #ifdef for use_xterm_like_mouse().
Solution:   Use FEAT_MOUSE_XTERM.
Files:      src/term.c

Patch 8.2.2359
Problem:    Strange test failure with MS-Windows.
Solution:   Skip the system() call for now.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2360
Problem:    Test leaves file behind.
Solution:   Delete the right file. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7689)
Files:      src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2361
Problem:    Vim9: no highlight for "s///gc" when using 'opfunc'.
Solution:   Reset 'lazyredraw' temporarily. (closes #7687)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c

Patch 8.2.2362
Problem:    Vim9: check of builtin function argument type is incomplete.
Solution:   Use need_type() instead of check_arg_type().
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/proto/, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/proto/, src/vim9type.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2363
Problem:    curpos() does not accept a string argument as before.
solution:   Make a string argument work again. (Yegappan Lakshmanan,
            closes #7690)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_cursor_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2364
Problem:    Vim9: line break in lambda accesses freed memory.
Solution:   Make a copy of the return type. (closes #7664)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2365
Problem:    Vim9: no check for map() changing item type at script level.
Solution:   Check the new value type.
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2366
Problem:    When using ":sleep" the cursor is always displayed.
Solution:   Do not display the cursor when using ":sleep!". (Jeremy Lerner,
            closes #7688)
Files:      runtime/doc/index.txt, runtime/doc/various.txt, src/ex_cmds.h,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/normal.c, src/proto/, src/term.c,
            src/testdir/Make_all.mak, src/testdir/test_sleep.vim

Patch 8.2.2367
Problem:    Test failures on some less often used systems.
Solution:   Adjust printf formats and types. (James McCoy, closes #7691)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/evalfunc.c, src/list.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2368
Problem:    Insufficient tests for setting options.
Solution:   Add a few tests. (Dominique Pellé, closes #7695)
Files:      src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.2369
Problem:    Vim9: functions return true/false but can't be used as bool.
Solution:   Add ret_number_bool(). (closes #7693)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2370
Problem:    Vim9: command fails in catch block.
Solution:   Reset force_abort and need_rethrow. (closes #7692)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2371
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using types in :for with unpack.
Solution:   Check for skip_var_list() failing. Pass include_type to
            skip_var_one(). Skip type when compiling. (closes #7694)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/evalvars.c,

Patch 8.2.2372 (after 8.2.2371)
Problem:    Confusing error message for wrong :let command.
Solution:   Only check for type in Vim9 script.
Files:      src/evalvars.c

Patch 8.2.2373
Problem:    Vim9: list assignment only accepts a number index.
Solution:   Accept "any" and do a runtime type check. (closes #7694)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2374
Problem:    Accessing uninitialized memory in test_undo.
Solution:   Do not look in typebuf.tb_buf if it is empty. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #7697)
Files:      src/edit.c

Patch 8.2.2375
Problem:    Test for RGB color skipped in the terminal.
Solution:   Run the GUI if possible.
Files:      src/testdir/test_highlight.vim

Patch 8.2.2376
Problem:    Vim9: crash when dividing by zero in compiled code using
Solution:   Call num_divide() and num_modulus(). (closes #7704)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2377
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using a range after another expression.
Solution:   Set the variable type to number. Fix using :put with a range and
            the "=" register. (closes #7706)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2378
Problem:    Vim9: no error message for dividing by zero.
Solution:   Give an error message. (issue #7704)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/eval.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2379
Problem:    Finding spell suggestions twice if 'spellsuggest' contains number.
Solution:   Only do internal suggestions once.  (closes #7713)
Files:      src/spellsuggest.c

Patch 8.2.2380
Problem:    Vim9: occasional crash when using try/catch and a timer.
Solution:   Save and restore "need_rethrow" when invoking a timer callback.
            (closes #7708)
Files:      src/time.c

Patch 8.2.2381
Problem:    Vim9: divide by zero does not abort expression execution.
Solution:   Use a "failed" flag. (issue #7704)
Files:      src/eval.c, src/proto/, src/evalvars.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/vim9.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2382 (after 8.2.2381)
Problem:    Build failure.
Solution:   Add missing changes.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2383
Problem:    Focus escape sequences are not named in ":set termcap" output.
Solution:   Add the names to the list. (closes #7718)
Files:      src/misc2.c

Patch 8.2.2384
Problem:    Turtle filetype not recognized.
Solution:   Add a rule to detect turtle files. (closes #7722)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2385
Problem:    "gj" and "gk" do not work correctly when inside a fold.
Solution:   Move check for folding. (closes #7724, closes #4095)
Files:      src/normal.c, src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.2386
Problem:    Vim9: crash when using ":silent! put".
Solution:   When ignoring an error for ":silent!" rewind the stack and skip
            ahead to restoring the cmdmod. (closes #7717)
Files:      src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2387
Problem:    Runtime type check does not mention argument index.
Solution:   Add ct_arg_idx. (closes #7720)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c,

Patch 8.2.2388
Problem:    No easy way to get the maximum or minimum number value.
Solution:   Add v:numbermax and v:numbermin.
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/vim.h, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim,

Patch 8.2.2389
Problem:    Test failure on a few systems.
Solution:   Avoid that "char" value is negative.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h

Patch 8.2.2390
Problem:    Vim9: using positive offset is unexpected.
Solution:   Use int8_T instead of char. (James McCoy)
Files:      src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2391
Problem:    Memory leak when creating a global function with closure.
Solution:   Create a separate partial for every instantiated function.
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2392
Problem:    Fennel filetype not recognized.
Solution:   Detect with pattern and hashbang. (Chinmay Dalal, closes #7729)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, runtime/scripts.vim,

Patch 8.2.2393
Problem:    Vim9: error message when script line starts with "[{".
Solution:   Do not give an error for checking for end of list.
Files:      src/dict.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2394
Problem:    Vim9: min() and max() return type is "any".
Solution:   Use return type "number". (closes #7728)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2395
Problem:    Vim9: error for wrong type may report wrong line number.
Solution:   Save and restore the line number when evaluating the expression.
            (closes #7727)
Files:      src/evalvars.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_assign.vim

Patch 8.2.2396
Problem:    Vim9: no white space allowed before "->".
Solution:   Allow for white space. (closes #7725)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/eval.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2397
Problem:    Vim9: "%%" not seen as alternate file name for commands with a
            buffer name argument.
Solution:   Recognize "%%" like "#". (closes #7732)
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2398 (after 8.2.2396)
Problem:    Method test fails.
Solution:   Adjust test for allowed white space.
Files:      src/testdir/test_method.vim

Patch 8.2.2399 (after 8.2.2385)
Problem:    Fold test fails in wide terminal.
Solution:   Adjust the test. (Dominique Pelle, closes #7731, closes #7739)
Files:      src/testdir/test_fold.vim

Patch 8.2.2400
Problem:    Vim9: compiled functions are not profiled.
Solution:   Add initial changes to profile compiled functions.  Fix that a
            script-local function was hard to debug.
Files:      runtime/doc/repeat.txt, src/vim9.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/vim9execute.c, src/userfunc.c, src/proto/,
            src/structs.h, src/vim9type.c, src/debugger.c, src/ex_cmds.h,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/profiler.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2401
Problem:    Build fails without +profiling feature.
Solution:   Add #ifdefs.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h, src/structs.h,

Patch 8.2.2402
Problem:    Some filetypes not detected.
Solution:   Detect Ruby Signature and Puppet related files. (Doug Kearns)
Files:      runtime/filetype.vim, src/testdir/test_filetype.vim

Patch 8.2.2403
Problem:    Vim9: profiling if/elseif/endif not correct.
Solution:   Add profile instructions.  Fix that "elseif" was wrong.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_profile.vim,

Patch 8.2.2404
Problem:    Vim9: profiling try/catch not correct.
Solution:   Add profile instructions.  Fix that "entry" did not rethrow an
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/testdir/test_profile.vim

Patch 8.2.2405
Problem:    Vim9: no need to allow white space before "(" for :def.
Solution:   Give an error for stray white space. (issue #7734)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2406
Problem:    Vim9: profiled :def function leaks memory.
Solution:   Delete the profiled instructions.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2407
Problem:    Old jumplist code is never used.
Solution:   Delete the dead code. (Yegappan Lakshmanan, closes #7740)
Files:      src/mark.c

Patch 8.2.2408
Problem:    MinGW: "--preprocessor" flag no longer supported.
Solution:   Remove the flag, use the defaults. (Christopher Wellons,
            closes #7741)
Files:      src/GvimExt/Make_ming.mak, src/Make_cyg_ming.mak

Patch 8.2.2409
Problem:    Vim9: profiling only works for one function.
Solution:   Select the right instructions when calling and returning.
            (closes #7743)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9execute.c, src/vim9.h,

Patch 8.2.2410
Problem:    Build failure without the +profiling feature.
Solution:   Add dummy argument to macro.
Files:      src/vim9.h

Patch 8.2.2411
Problem:    Profile test fails on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Do the profiling in a separate Vim command.
Files:      src/testdir/test_profile.vim

Patch 8.2.2412
Problem:    Not all fields in "cstack" are initialized which might cause a
Solution:   Use CLEAR_FIELD().
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c

Patch 8.2.2413
Problem:    Crash when using :all while using a cmdline window. (Zdenek Dohnal)
Solution:   Disallow :all from the cmdline window.
Files:      src/arglist.c, src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_arglist.vim

Patch 8.2.2414
Problem:    Using freed memory when closing the cmdline window.
Solution:   Check the window is still valid.
Files:      src/ex_getln.c

Patch 8.2.2415
Problem:    No way to check for the cmdwin feature, cmdline_hist is now always
Solution:   Add has('cmdwin') support. Skip arglist test on Windows
Files:      runtime/doc/cmdline.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim, src/testdir/test_arglist.vim,
            src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,
            src/testdir/test_normal.vim, src/testdir/test_tabpage.vim,
            src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2416
Problem:    May get stuck in command line window state.
Solution:   Reset "cmdwin_type" when editing buffer fails.  Make arglist test
            pass on MS-Windows.
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_arglist.vim

Patch 8.2.2417
Problem:    Condition stack values may be used when not set.
Solution:   Clear cs_script_var_len and cs_block_id just in case they get used
            later. (issue #7733)
Files:      src/ex_eval.c

Patch 8.2.2418
Problem:    Color not changed if ModeMsg highlight is set in InsertEnter
            autocmd event. (Paul Swanson)
Solution:   Call highlight_changed() after triggering InsertEnter.
            (closes #7751)
Files:      src/edit.c

Patch 8.2.2419
Problem:    Autocmd test was failing on MS-Windows with GUI.
Solution:   Remove stray feedkeys().
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2420
Problem:    Too many problems with using all autocommand events.
Solution:   Disallow defining an autocommand for all events.
Files:      src/autocmd.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim,
            src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim, src/testdir/test_window_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2421
Problem:    Double free when using autocommand with "argdel". (Houyunsong)
Solution:   Add the arglist_locked flag.
Files:      src/arglist.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2422
Problem:    Crash when deleting with line number out of range. (Houyunsong)
Solution:   Avoid using a negative line number.
Files:      src/normal.c, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim

Patch 8.2.2423 (after 8.2.2422)
Problem:    Missing error message.
Solution:   Add the error message.
Files:      src/errors.h

Patch 8.2.2424
Problem:    Some tests are known to cause an error with ASAN.
Solution:   Add CheckNotAsan.
Files:      src/testdir/check.vim, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,
            src/testdir/test_memory_usage.vim, src/testdir/test_ex_mode.vim

Patch 8.2.2425
Problem:    Cursor on invalid line with range and :substitute.
Solution:   Do not move the cursor when skipping commands. (closes #3434)
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_eval_stuff.vim

Patch 8.2.2426
Problem:    Allowing 'completefunc' to switch windows causes trouble.
Solution:   use "textwinlock" instead of "textlock".
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,

Patch 8.2.2427
Problem:    Can still switch windows for 'completefunc'.
Solution:   Also disallow switching windows for other completions.
Files:      src/insexpand.c, src/testdir/test_ins_complete.vim,

Patch 8.2.2428
Problem:    FocusGained does not work when 'ttymouse' is empty.
Solution:   Don't use the short mouse code if there is a longer matching code.
            (closes #7755)  Add a test.
Files:      src/term.c, src/testdir/test_termcodes.vim

Patch 8.2.2429
Problem:    :goto does not work correctly with text properties. (Sam McCall)
Solution:   Add a test. (Andrew Radev)  Also use the text property size when
            computing the remaining offset. (closes #5930)
Files:      src/memline.c, src/testdir/test_textprop.vim

Patch 8.2.2430
Problem:    :vimgrep expands wildcards twice.
Solution:   Do not expand wildcards a second time.
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/arglist.c, src/testdir/test_quickfix.vim

Patch 8.2.2431
Problem:    Warning for -fno-strength-reduce with Clang 11.
Solution:   Adjust check for clang version number.
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2432
Problem:    Libvterm tests are executed even when libtool doesn't work.
Solution:   Only run libvterm tests if /usr/bin/gcc exists.
Files:      src/Makefile

Patch 8.2.2433
Problem:    Opening cmdline window gives error in BufLeave autocommand.
Solution:   Reset cmdwin_type when triggering the autocommand.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim

Patch 8.2.2434
Problem:    Vim9: no error when compiling str2nr() with a number.
Solution:   Add argument type checks. (closes #7759)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/typval.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2435
Problem:    setline() gives an error for some types.
Solution:   Allow any type, convert each item to a string.
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, src/evalbuffer.c, src/typval.c,
            src/proto/, src/debugger.c, src/vim9execute.c,
            src/testdir/test_bufline.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2436
Problem:    Vim9 script test is a bit flaky.
Solution:   Wait longer for exit callback.
Files:      src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2437
Problem:    Deprecation warnings with default configuration.
Solution:   Add -Wno-deprecated-declarations.
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2438
Problem:    Out of bounds compiler warning.
Solution:   Increase the size of uf_name.
Files:      src/structs.h

Patch 8.2.2439
Problem:    Not easy to figure out what packages to get when installing Vim on
            a new Ubuntu system.
Solution:   Mention explicit commands that are easy to follow.
Files:      src/INSTALL

Patch 8.2.2440
Problem:    Documentation based on patches is outdated.
Solution:   Add changes to documentation in a patch.
Files:      runtime/doc/arabic.txt, runtime/doc/autocmd.txt,
            runtime/doc/change.txt, runtime/doc/channel.txt,
            runtime/doc/cmdline.txt, runtime/doc/debugger.txt,
            runtime/doc/develop.txt, runtime/doc/digraph.txt,
            runtime/doc/editing.txt, runtime/doc/eval.txt,
            runtime/doc/filetype.txt, runtime/doc/ft_sql.txt,
            runtime/doc/gui.txt, runtime/doc/gui_w32.txt,
            runtime/doc/gui_x11.txt, runtime/doc/hangulin.txt,
            runtime/doc/helphelp.txt, runtime/doc/help.txt,
            runtime/doc/if_lua.txt, runtime/doc/if_mzsch.txt,
            runtime/doc/if_tcl.txt, runtime/doc/indent.txt,
            runtime/doc/index.txt, runtime/doc/insert.txt,
            runtime/doc/intro.txt, runtime/doc/map.txt, runtime/doc/mbyte.txt,
            runtime/doc/message.txt, runtime/doc/mlang.txt,
            runtime/doc/motion.txt, runtime/doc/netbeans.txt,
            runtime/doc/options.txt, runtime/doc/os_dos.txt,
            runtime/doc/os_haiku.txt, runtime/doc/os_unix.txt,
            runtime/doc/os_vms.txt, runtime/doc/os_win32.txt,
            runtime/doc/pattern.txt, runtime/doc/pi_getscript.txt,
            runtime/doc/pi_logipat.txt, runtime/doc/pi_netrw.txt,
            runtime/doc/pi_tar.txt, runtime/doc/pi_vimball.txt,
            runtime/doc/pi_zip.txt, runtime/doc/popup.txt,
            runtime/doc/print.txt, runtime/doc/quickfix.txt,
            runtime/doc/quickref.txt, runtime/doc/recover.txt,
            runtime/doc/remote.txt, runtime/doc/repeat.txt,
            runtime/doc/rileft.txt, runtime/doc/sign.txt,
            runtime/doc/spell.txt, runtime/doc/starting.txt,
            runtime/doc/syntax.txt, runtime/doc/tabpage.txt,
            runtime/doc/tagsrch.txt, runtime/doc/terminal.txt,
            runtime/doc/term.txt, runtime/doc/testing.txt,
            runtime/doc/textprop.txt, runtime/doc/tips.txt,
            runtime/doc/todo.txt, runtime/doc/uganda.txt,
            runtime/doc/undo.txt, runtime/doc/usr_02.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_03.txt, runtime/doc/usr_04.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_05.txt, runtime/doc/usr_07.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_08.txt, runtime/doc/usr_10.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_11.txt, runtime/doc/usr_20.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_22.txt, runtime/doc/usr_23.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_24.txt, runtime/doc/usr_27.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_30.txt, runtime/doc/usr_31.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_40.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_42.txt, runtime/doc/usr_44.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_45.txt, runtime/doc/usr_46.txt,
            runtime/doc/usr_90.txt, runtime/doc/usr_toc.txt,
            runtime/doc/various.txt, runtime/doc/version5.txt,
            runtime/doc/version6.txt, runtime/doc/version7.txt,
            runtime/doc/version8.txt, runtime/doc/vi_diff.txt,
            runtime/doc/vim9.txt, runtime/doc/visual.txt,

Patch 8.2.2441
Problem:    Vim9: extend() does not give an error for a type mismatch.
Solution:   Check the type of the second argument. (closes #7760)
Files:      src/list.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2442
Problem:    Automatic GUI selection does not check for GTK 3.
Solution:   Make SKIP_GTK3 empty for automatic GUI support.  Set SKIP_GTK3 to
            YES when checking for GTK2.
Files:      src/, src/auto/configure

Patch 8.2.2443
Problem:    Vim9: no compile time error for wrong str2float argument.
Solution:   Check argument type. (closes #7759)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2444
Problem:    Vim9: compile error with combination of operator and list.
Solution:   Generate constants before parsing a list or dict. (closes #7757)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim

Patch 8.2.2445
Problem:    Vim9: no proper error for lambda missing return type.
Solution:   Check for this error. (closes #7758)
Files:      src/errors.h, src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2446
Problem:    Setting 'term' empty has different error if compiled with GUI.
Solution:   Insert "else". (closes #7766)
Files:      src/optionstr.c, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.2447
Problem:    'foldlevel' not applied to folds restored from session.
Solution:   Set 'foldlevel' after creating the folds. (closes #7767)
Files:      src/fold.c, src/testdir/test_mksession.vim

Patch 8.2.2448
Problem:    Compilation error with Ruby 3.0.
Solution:   Adjust #ifdefs and declaration. (Ken Takata, closes #7761)
Files:      src/if_ruby.c

Patch 8.2.2449
Problem:    Vim9: flatten() always changes the list type.
Solution:   Disallow using flatten() and add flattennew().
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/list.c, src/proto/, src/errors.h, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_flatten.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2450
Problem:    MS-Windows: ADS was not preserved if 'backupcopy' is "yes".
Solution:   Copy ADS before truncating the file. (Ken Takata, closes #7762)
Files:      src/bufwrite.c

Patch 8.2.2451
Problem:    MS-Windows: Extended Attributes not preserved.
Solution:   Preserve Extended Attributes when writing a file. (Ken Takata,
            closes #7765)
Files:      src/os_win32.c

Patch 8.2.2452
Problem:    No completion for the 'filetype' option.
Solution:   Add filetype completion. (Martin Tournoij, closes #7747)
Files:      src/option.c, src/optiondefs.h, src/testdir/test_options.vim

Patch 8.2.2453
Problem:    Vim9: a variable name with "->" in the next line doesn't work.
Solution:   Recognize a variable name by itself. (closes #7770)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_cmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2454
Problem:    Leading space can not be made visible.
Solution:   Add "lead:" to 'listchars'. (closes #7772)
Files:      runtime/doc/options.txt, src/drawline.c, src/globals.h,
            src/message.c, src/screen.c, src/testdir/test_listchars.vim

Patch 8.2.2455
Problem:    Vim9: key type that can be used for literal dict and indexing is
Solution:   Allow using number and bool as key for a literal dict. (#7771)
Files:      runtime/doc/vim9.txt, src/dict.c, src/eval.c, src/vim9compile.c,
            src/testdir/test_vim9_expr.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim,

Patch 8.2.2456
Problem:    Coverity warning for strcpy() into fixed size array.
Solution:   Add a type cast to hopefully silence the bogus warning.
Files:      src/userfunc.c

Patch 8.2.2457
Problem:    Coverity warns for memory leak.
Solution:   Free memory when out of memory.
Files:      src/if_cscope.c

Patch 8.2.2458
Problem:    Coverity warns for :retab using freed memory.
Solution:   Use the updated line pointer when moving text properties.
Files:      src/indent.c

Patch 8.2.2459
Problem:    Coverity reports dead code.
Solution:   Remove the dead code.
Files:      src/eval.c

Patch 8.2.2460
Problem:    Coverity warns for unused value.
Solution:   Do not reset the return value to OK.
Files:      src/vim9compile.c

Patch 8.2.2461
Problem:    Coverity warns for unchecked return value.
Solution:   Add "(void)" to avoid the warning.
Files:      src/vim9execute.c

Patch 8.2.2462
Problem:    Coverity warns for not checking for fseek() error.
Solution:   Give an error message if fseek() fails.
Files:      src/spellfile.c

Patch 8.2.2463
Problem:    Using :arglocal in an autocommand may use freed memory.
Solution:   Check if the arglist is locked.
Files:      src/arglist.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2464
Problem:    Using freed memory if window closed in autocommand. (houyunsong)
Solution:   Check the window still exists.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2465
Problem:    Using freed memory in :psearch. (houyunsong)
Solution:   Check the current window is still valid.  Fix flaky test.
Files:      src/search.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2466
Problem:    Max() and min() can give many error messages.
Solution:   Bail out at the first error. (closes #1039, closes #7778)
Files:      src/evalfunc.c, src/testdir/test_functions.vim

Patch 8.2.2467
Problem:    Script generated by :mkview changes alternate file.
Solution:   Only write :balt in the session file. (Harish Rajagopal,
            closes #7779)
Files:      src/session.c, src/testdir/test_mksession.vim

Patch 8.2.2468
Problem:    Not easy to get the full command name from a shortened one.
Solution:   Add fullcommand(). (Martin Tournoij, closes #7777)
Files:      runtime/doc/eval.txt, runtime/doc/usr_41.txt, src/evalfunc.c,
            src/ex_docmd.c, src/proto/,

Patch 8.2.2469
Problem:    Confusing error if :winsize has a wrong argument.
Solution:   Quote the argument in the error. (closes #2523)
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_excmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2470
Problem:    Popup_getoptions() does not get textprop from other tab.
Solution:   use win_valid_any_tab(). (closes #7786)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2471
Problem:    Popup_setoptions() does not set textprop in other tab.
Solution:   use win_valid_any_tab(). (closes #7788)
Files:      src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_popupwin.vim

Patch 8.2.2472
Problem:    Crash when using command line window in an autocommand.
Solution:   Save and restore au_new_curbuf.
Files:      src/ex_cmds.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2473
Problem:    Crash when leaving command line window triggers autocommand.
Solution:   Make sure not to close the current window or buffer.
Files:      src/ex_getln.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2474
Problem:    Using freed memory when window is closed by autocommand.
Solution:   Check the window pointer is still valid.
Files:      src/quickfix.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2475
Problem:    Autocommand tests hangs on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Skip one test.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2476
Problem:    Using freed memory when using an autocommand to split a window
            while a buffer is being closed.
Solution:   Disallow splitting when the buffer has b_locked_split set.
Files:      src/buffer.c, src/window.c, src/errors.h, src/structs.h,
            src/popupwin.c, src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2477
Problem:    Autocommand tests hang on MS-Windows.
Solution:   Skip a couple of tests.  Fix file name.
Files:      src/testdir/test_autocmd.vim

Patch 8.2.2478
Problem:    MS-Windows: backup files for plugins are loaded.
Solution:   Do not use the alternate file name for files ending in "~".
Files:      src/filepath.c

Patch 8.2.2479
Problem:    set/getbufline test fails without the job feature.
Solution:   Check whether the job feature is supported. (Dominique Pellé,
            closes #7790)
Files:      src/testdir/test_bufline.vim, src/testdir/test_vim9_builtin.vim

Patch 8.2.2480
Problem:    Vim9: some errors for white space do not show context.
Solution:   Include the text at the error.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/dict.c, src/list.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9script.c, src/vim9type.c

Patch 8.2.2481
Problem:    Vim9: confusing error when variable arguments have a default
Solution:   Give a specific error message. (closes #7793)
Files:      src/userfunc.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_func.vim

Patch 8.2.2482
Problem:    Build error.
Solution:   Add new error message.
Files:      src/errors.h

Patch 8.2.2483
Problem:    Vim9: type error for malformed expression.
Solution:   Check for end of command before checking type. (closes #7795)
Files:      src/vim9compile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2484
Problem:    Vim9: Cannot use a comment starting with #{ after an expression.
Solution:   Remove the check for "{" since #{ dictionaries are not supported.
Files:      src/ex_docmd.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2485
Problem:    When sourcing a script again the script version isn't reset.
Solution:   Set sn_version to one when sourcing a script again. Clear
            sn_save_cpo properly. (closes #7608)
Files:      src/scriptfile.c, src/testdir/test_vim9_script.vim

Patch 8.2.2486
Problem:    Vim9: some errors for white space do not show context.
Solution:   Include the text at the error.
Files:      src/errors.h, src/dict.c, src/list.c, src/userfunc.c,
            src/vim9compile.c, src/vim9type.c

Patch 8.2.2487
Problem:    Terminal shows garbage after double-wide character with a
            combining character. (Kyoichiro Yamada)
Solution:   Libvterm: do not add the width of the combining character to the
            glyph width. (closes #7801)
Files:      src/libvterm/src/state.c, src/testdir/test_terminal.vim,

Patch 8.2.2488
Problem:    json_encode() gives generic argument error.
Solution:   Mention the type that can't be encoded. (issue #7802)
Files:      src/json.c, src/errors.h, src/testdir/test_json.vim

Patch 8.2.2489
Problem:    current buffer is wrong after deletebufline() fails to delete a
            line in another buffer.
Solution:   Restore the current buffer.
Files:      src/evalbuffer.c, src/testdir/test_bufline.vim

Patch 8.2.2490
Problem:    'wrap' option is always reset when starting diff mode.
Solution:   Add the "followwrap" item in 'diffopt'. (Rick Howe, closes #7797)
Files:      runtime/doc/diff.txt, runtime/doc/options.txt, src/diff.c,

Patch 8.2.2491
Problem:    Popup window for text property may show in first screen line.
Solution:   If the text position is invisible do not show the popup window.