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os_qnx.txt    For Vim version 9.1.  Last change: 2005 Mar 29

                  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL    by Julian Kinraid

                                                        QNX qnx

1. General                      qnx-general
2. Compiling Vim                qnx-compiling
3. Terminal support             qnx-terminal
4. Photon GUI                   photon-gui
5. Photon fonts                 photon-fonts
6. Bugs & things To Do


1. General                                              qnx-general

Vim on QNX behaves much like other unix versions. os_unix.txt

2. Compiling Vim                                        qnx-compiling

Vim can be compiled using the standard configure/make approach.  If you want to
compile for X11, pass the --with-x option to configure.  Otherwise, running
./configure without any arguments or passing --enable-gui=photon, will compile
vim with the Photon gui support.  Run ./configure --help , to find out other
features you can enable/disable.

3. Terminal support                                     qnx-terminal

Vim has support for the mouse and clipboard in a pterm, if those options
are compiled in, which they are normally.

The options that affect mouse support are 'mouse' and 'ttymouse'.  When
using the mouse, only simple left and right mouse clicking/dragging is
supported.  If you hold down shift, ctrl, or alt while using the mouse, pterm
will handle the mouse itself.  It will make a selection, separate from what
vim's doing.

When the mouse is in use, you can press Alt-RightMouse to open the pterm menu.
To turn the mouse off in vim, set the mouse option to nothing, set mouse=

4. Photon GUI                                           photon-gui

To start the gui for vim, you need to run either gvim or vim -g, otherwise
the terminal version will run.  For more info - gui-x11-start

Supported features:
        :browse command                                 :browse
        :confirm command                                :confirm
        Cursor blinking                                 'guicursor'
        Menus, popup menus and menu priorities          :menu
        Toolbar                                         gui-toolbar
        Font selector (:set guifont=*)                  photon-fonts
        Mouse focus                                     'mousefocus'
        Mouse hide                                      'mousehide'
        Mouse cursor shapes                             'mouseshape'
        Clipboard                                       gui-clipboard

Unfinished features:
        Various international support, such as Farsi & Hebrew support,
        different encodings, etc.

        This help file

Unsupported features:
        Find & Replace window                           :promptfind
        Tearoff menus

        Other things which I can't think of so I can't list them

5. Fonts                                                photon-fonts

You set fonts in the gui with the guifont option
        :set guifont=Lucida\ Terminal

The font must be a monospace font, and any spaces in the font name must be
escaped with a '\'.  The default font used is PC Terminal, size 8.  Using
'*' as the font name will open a standard Photon font selector where you can
select a font.

Following the name, you can include optional settings to control the size and
style of the font, each setting separated by a ':'.  Not all fonts support the
various styles.

The options are,
    s{size}     Set the size of the font to {size}
    b           Bold style
    a           Use antialiasing
    i           Italic style


Set the font to monospace size 10 with antialiasing
        :set guifont=monospace:s10:a

Set the font to Courier size 12, with bold and italics
        :set guifont=Courier:s12:b:i

Select a font with the requester
        :set guifont=*

6. Bugs & things To Do

Known problems:
        - Vim hangs sometimes when running an external program.  Workaround:
          put this line in your vimrc file:
                set noguipty

        - Still a slight problem with menu highlighting.
        - When using phditto/phinows/etc., if you are using a font that
          doesn't support the bold attribute, when vim attempts to draw
          bold text it will be all messed up.
        - The cursor can sometimes be hard to see.
        - A number of minor problems that can fixed. :)

        - Improve multi-language support.
        - Options for setting the fonts used in the menu and toolbar.
        - Find & Replace dialog.
        - The clientserver features.
        - Maybe tearoff menus.

        - Replace usage of fork() with spawn() when launching external