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pi_gzip.txt   For Vim version 9.0.  Last change: 2019 May 05

                  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL    by Bram Moolenaar

Editing compressed files with Vim               gzip bzip2 compress

1. Autocommands                 gzip-autocmd

The functionality mentioned here is a standard-plugin.
This plugin is only available if 'compatible' is not set.
You can avoid loading this plugin by setting the "loaded_gzip" variable:
        :let loaded_gzip = 1

1. Autocommands                                         gzip-autocmd

The plugin installs autocommands to intercept reading and writing of files
with these extensions:

        extension       compression
        *.Z             compress (Lempel-Ziv)
        *.gz            gzip
        *.bz2           bzip2
        *.lzma          lzma
        *.xz            xz
        *.lz            lzip
        *.zst           zstd

That's actually the only thing you need to know.  There are no options.

After decompressing a file, the filetype will be detected again.  This will
make a file like "foo.c.gz" get the "c" filetype.

If you have 'patchmode' set, it will be appended after the extension for
compression.  Thus editing the patchmode file will not give you the automatic
decompression.  You have to rename the file if you want this.