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VimConf 2017 Speakers

Posted on 2017-10-12

We are happy to announce speakers in VimConf 2017.

Note: not ordered

Name Title Time Languages
Fatih Arslan The Past and Future of Vim-go 45min English
Hayabusa Vim, Me and Community 60min Japanese
SENOO Ken Vim and Compatibility 30min English
daisuzu How ordinary Vim user contributed to Vim 25min Japanese
Shougo neosnippet.vim + deoppet.nvim 30min Japanese
Hiroki Kokubun Creating your lovely color scheme 30min Japanese
t9md vim-mode-plus: The most ambitious vim emulator in the world 30min English
Λlisue You've been Super Viman. After this talk, you could say you are Super Viman 2 -- Life with gina.vim 20min Japanese
Masataka Kuwabara The new syntax highlighter for Vim 20min Japanese

English talks will be translated to japanese. Also japanese talks will be translated to english.

We are in continue selling tickets. Please see Peatix for the details.