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Announcing VimConf 2017

Posted on 2017-08-04


  • Here’s VimConf 2017 date and venue!
  • Our CFP is going to be open shortly. Get ready for it!
  • We want you or your org to be interested in sponsoring
  • Tickets for audiences won’t be available yet 1

VimConf is the only and the first international Vim conference that has been running periodically by a Vim community. It had been running for 4 times, and in Tokyo, Japan, so far. We organize VimConf this year again. You may find it pretty much differently in this time.

photo from ryunix from VimConf 2016 last year

As described below, we finalized the VimConf date and venue. Go get some flight tickets to Tokyo, Japan!

What’s new in VimConf 2017

How international each VimConfs depended on the people who can help organizing this conference. In 2013 I organized so it was more international than others, such as all presentation slides have to be in English, and the web site was only in English. However there weren’t much English talks, nor interpreters/translators.

This time in VimConf 2017, we have dedicated person who help translating. There will be both Japanese and English talks, with all English or Vim script slides.

Sorry for people who’s native languages aren’t English nor Japanese; we don’t have resources to support other languages such as Chinese or Spanish yet.

However I personally think it won’t be a problem for you as long as you speak Vim script fluently; that’s the first citizen language there.

How to give a talk at VimConf 2017

CFP form will be available shortly. Please get ready what to talk there, while sharpening your vimrc and your fingers to operate your Vim.

Keep in touch with us by watching #vimconf and this vim-jp website.

How to attend VimConf 2017 as an audience

There’s an alternative way; you can participate without giving a talk as well. VimConf is for Vim beginners, professionals, core developers, Emacs users, and others.

There will be limited number of tickets available, so the easiest way to join VimConf may be to submit a talk proposal or become a sponsor; these info will be released shortly.

Keep in touch with us by watching #vimconf

Written by ujihisa on 2017-08-04


  1. that’s me, assuming I don’t get sick on that day