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Looking for companies sponsoring VimConf 2018

Posted on 2018-06-07

[UPDATED] 2018-10-01

The form was closed.

[UPDATED] 2018-08-22

The form will be closed at 2018-10-01.

[UPDATED] 2018-06-15

We are now accepting sponsors for VimConf 2018! If you wish to participate, please submit the form below.

VimConf is the only and the first international Vim conference that has been running periodically by a Vim community. It had been running for 5 times, and in Tokyo, Japan, so far. We organize VimConf this year again.

It’ll be in the end of Nov 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. In this year the very famous Vim developers will give a talk, including mattn. We have dedicated staff who translate all the Japanese/English talks into English/Japanese there. There will be both Japanese and English talks, with all English or Vim script slides.


The sponsor plans for VimConf 2018:

  • Bronze plan: JPY 100,000 (JPY 108,000 incl. tax)
    • Company or product logo on the pamphlet and website
  • Silver plan: JPY 250,000 (JPY 270,000 incl. tax), estimated limit: 8 companies
    • Besides above, you can distribute your own pamphlet and/or novelties
      • VimConf reception staff will give them to participants along with VimConf pamphlet.
    • A ticket for 1 person
  • Gold plan: JPY 500,000 (JPY 540,000 incl. tax), estimated limit: 4 companies
    • Besides above, you can give a short talk at the official after party
    • A ticket for 1 person by total, same as Silver plan
  • Platinum plan: JPY 1,000,000 (JPY 1,080,000 incl. tax), estimated limit: 2 companies
    • Besides above, you can give a short talk such as for recruiting as a main session
    • Tickets for 2 people by total, including one more ticket than Gold plan

We’ll start opening shortly. See and #vimconf for further information!

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in.